These New Facebook Ads Are Going To Kick Ass!

Facebook has some new ads that just became available yesterday. Facebook is creating a new “Collection Ad” this is on their API which is their (super secret background platform). This new ad product just came out late yesterday and most haven’t heard anything about it so I’ll give you the shortened version of what is going on with these new ads.

What that ad can now do vs older ones is, it will allow e-commerce ads to put up to 50 items on each ad. These new ads will dominate once they are ready so be on the look out for them.

This ad is in the background of Facebook’s API, if you have no idea what I just said its because you don’t have a special Facebook account that allows you access to those things….(Oh wait, you didn’t know that actually existed?)maxresdefault

Did your guru forget to tell you about the secret shit Facebook gives people of status?….you might want to start asking more questions because influencers on Facebook get perks most people don’t and you need to understand this and how bias Facebook is towards celebrities and people of influence on the web especially in the area’s of E-Commerce. Trust me its a massive advantage and yet no Guru talks about it to their students…..that’s a shame, I consider that lying to people if you don’t disclose all the truths about how ads are done on Facebook.

E-Commerce guru’s have access to things most regular people don’t so the next time you see someone telling you how to do your Facebook ads, ask them if they are getting their info from the background of the API or is this information that regular everyday people can have access to? CALL THEM OUT!

Here is how these ads work. These new ads will allow you to showcase 50 different items all on the ad and it has built in call-to-action steps for them as well. Even if the product was different varieties you can still post up to 50 separate items on these new ads. E-Commerce people are going to love these!

Facebook is doing this to compete with Google and Amazon in the E-Commerce realm. These new ads will be perfect for someone who sells more than just one thing from their business or store front online. These new ads are now available so if you get a chance to check in on those and see how they look, you will see how effective they can be for someone looking to sell things on Facebook.

Getting “Likes” on your posts on Facebook is not an SEO Ranking factor at all. People need to realize that Facebook’s algorithm hates SEO and doesn’t rank you for it like Google or Bing does. If you are chasing after “Likes” on your posts, you have no idea how Facebook works now and maybe its time to be updated because the new changes happened just days ago.

Social Rankings don’t work unless you have a brand that is being searched online and it needs to be searched for on FACEBOOK vs it being searched for on Google or Bing or even Youtube and there are ways to set that up and convert the traffic.

Social Signal for ranking is something we cover in detail on my Masters Class. How you post on search engines vs Facebook needs to vary, if you have no idea where to even start, I have a great place for you to learn all this stuff and our next class starts in a couple of weeks.

Registration Opens on April 15th, Class Starts on May 1st. Only 25 seats per class and I have 4 spots take up so far in the May Class so register early and reserve your seat today!FBCoverA.jpg

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.


Lead Generation is a Science.

I’ve got real estate buddies who have burned through a lot of money in direct mail and advertising lately. Some of them make a great living and yet they never look to other ways of gathering up leads for their business.
They see what I do and they stay distant because they know what I do is WORK! What I do each day is not sexy, or appealing because I have to actually put in a real effort each day to create relevant content that people will engage with and that google will rank me for.
I tell my students all the time that if you don’t have 15 methods of lead generation working for you, then you are not serious about growth and you are simply hanging on to things that got some moderate success. I know guys who make just over $130k a year doing real estate flips and assignments, they don’t push any harder to get more leads because they can consistently make that $130k a year by just sticking to what they do
The problem is, when marketing starts to get hard again, and leads are tough to come by…..what’s their solution? wait it out?…..try more of the same tactics? or how about spreading yourself across the web more so traffic can find you much easier?….NAH!
I talk to people daily and the #1 complaint I get is “Lack of Leads” but yet when I ask How are you going to fixing that”? I get no response. Keep in mind these are people who spend money on seminars, and books and they take all the selfie’s with all the right people but yet, they work ethic sucks and once google changes algorithms again, they will be in even worse shape when it comes to mining for leads.leads
I had 3 millionaires in my Fall class, all 3 of them said they are at a point they can’t get past. They either spend more money to keep things even keel, or they venture out and learn some new ways to get new leads coming to them. so they joined my class in the hopes of learning new things BUT….After 4 weeks in my class, all of them quit because they saw no value in doing a video or writing a blog so I Asked them….“What is your goal? why are you in my class?
They told me “I want to rank on Google better”……when I tell people to do video’s or blogs, there is a reason for it. I know Google’s algorithm like the back of my hand and because of that info, I know what Google needs to see from you in order to improve your online ranking. I understand the science Vs the bullshit most SEO places are selling you these days and yet, people still fight with me about how this gets done.


I am ranked for more than one Keyword for what I do. I accomplished this by staying consistent with content creation vs always reaching for my wallet to try and get better SEO.

The real issue is this…..TIME. If people don’t get 500 phone calls from their very first blog post they freak out and say it doesn’t work all because they have been conditioned to get an instant response mainly due to direct mail tactics that were exposed to them. The real estate business is all about timing and speed and when you start running out of leads, your speed comes to a screeching halt unless you of course toss more money into that form of advertising. Why in the world would I teach something if it doesn’t work? My methods work because its science based vs popularity or money spent based and in return I rank better than most because I feed Google exactly what it needs
Last year I had over 38k unique new visitors on my blog last year. That is 38k people I did not have to chase after and those people shared some of my content and over a few months time, it blew up even bigger.
As of today, none of those people are ranked on Google, they spend ass loads of money on ads and more but they can’t seem to crack the code and when I tried to teach it to them, they said I was full of shit and can take my class and shove it.
You see folks, behind the scenes I deal with a lot, I don’t post too much about these terrible things on Facebook because there is just too much to tell and that would waste my time. In the end, I am ranked on more than one page multiple times for many keywords. This is my wheel house folks, I don’t buy into the seminar rhetoric when it comes to performance on google. I just simply do the work and apply the science to the algorithms and that triggers things to go my way. knowledge is leverage in a system that requires you to spend money on ad space and
You can either keep spending tons of money on what I call (Hope and a Prayer Marketing) or you can start speaking the same language as Google does and get them on your side when it comes to ranking your content better online.
Do you want to pay for attention?….or do you want to attract it naturally? I offered my Masters Class to these guys and all of them said No!……today they are running around trying to find leads and going back to older methods as well because their pipeline has dried up and they have no money to piss away this month on the things they have been doing to they are at a complete stand still because they didn’t set themselves up in advance by doing the work ahead of time.
In my classes we don’t teach theory, we teach the science behind what Google wants you to do. Guru’s aren’t offering you that because they don’t know this stuff, they only know SEO and the stuff on the surface. Dig deeper folks, it allows you to win more for less cost…….but its work so I’m sure most will stay away and go off and buy some program that automates things for you and promises great ROI for your SEO efforts.masters-class-pic
You can’t beat the science, it was written in code for a reason!

How You Say Things Matters….

Naura Hayden is a published author who wrote the book “Astro-Logical Love”, the book did terrible and was no longer available in print after that happened.
10 years later she comes out with the same book but instead re-titles it and reintroduces it to the market place.
She re-names the book “How to Satisfy a Women Every Time and Have Her Beg For More”, and then added at the bottom she puts in bold print….“New and Updated”. The book went on to sell over 2 million copies because it did one thing, it catered to the demand of the masses. In her first book it says things in the description like “Learn about yourself and your loved one”…….sounds nice right….sounds nice and safe and spiritual almost right?books
The book didn’t change its content, not at all, but think of the message on the cover. When people see Astro-Logical Love, they think about the love of astrology or horoscopes and things like that. Little do they know that it could talk about how you can rock the world in the bedroom but because of the wording, it doesn’t meet the demand of the people. Her new book description starts out like this….“Naura Hayden makes sex seem sacred and fun, an intensely intimate experience that we should strive to enjoy to the fullest.”
What you post isn’t as important as “HOW YOU POST” What you say and what you project with your wording has an affect on people. Changing some wording on certain things can really change your results.20b11ed3c8071f4fba506dc0889efe2e
How often do you reintroduce your content to the world, but do it in a way where its not just copying and pasting a link that is old and just resurfacing it again.
Naura Hayden didn’t lie in her descriptions, she only changed the language to fit a certain demographic. 50 Shades of Grey comes to mind right? Ever hear the saying “Sex Sells?” She changed the perception of the book by taking a out of a spiritual realm and more into a raunchy realm. So if there is a massive audience for a certain type of “LANGUAGE”, then cater to it and see if that new delivery system brings you better results.
Do you know what language or habits your target audience has? Learn how to find that out in our new class coming this March.accountability-class-master-class-ad

Don’t Beg For Business Leads, Go Out and Earn Them!

Watching sales people beg for leads is sad. Its not a good opening for a post when you say….”Just in case you all forgot, I sell cars“…..or whatever it is you sell.This only happens when someone sells a product or a service and they see other people getting business done more so than they are. When you toss out a phrase such as “In case you all forgot” it shows a massive lack of impact on your part. If people love what you do and the level you perform at, then you won’t have to beg for new leads because people will naturally be drawn to do and you can do this in several ways.


Don’t Beg for Business, Go and Earn it.

The problem is that anyone who begs for leads on social media is a person who isn’t working hard enough to build their name brand out to the masses. When your daily routine involves you telling people NOT to forget about you ask yourself this question…..
When was the last time you did something to get people to remember you?” Do you produce content daily that attracts potential customers or do you just rely on old methods that are obviously not working out for you? How many of you have a daily blog? How about a Podcast? you see that right there is two ways to gather up leads for FREE but no one likes doing those things because its actual work.
Listen, the people on social media know what you do for a living, no one forgot anything, its not a secret what your job is. Chances are if your sales funnel is not full of people and no one close to you is calling for your help then chances are the people on social media don’t think to highly of you or the job you do so they are not sending you any leads or asking you any questions about how you can help them.


No….Your Work Ethic is to Blame!

As a business person/ sales person, it is your job to add value to peoples live’s and not turn into a begger who is asking for help only because you are not doing your job each day when it comes to prospecting.
Be an industry leader instead of a begger, it shows you have your shit together a lot better to people. If you look needy then it tells people that you are not busy for a reason. When you have to beg for help to get business leads on social media, it makes me wonder just how many lead generating methods those people use per day?… guess is less than 4 and out of those 4 methods they might actively engage in one method per week consistently if they are really motivated to do something.
Don’t be a begger, be a producer. Leadership doesn’t happen when you can’t think for yourself and solve your most basic problems as a sales professional. If you have no leads, its all your fault!362_fix
If you need help with lead generation and commitment then I invite you to register for the Meet The Mentor Winter Accountability Class that starts on January 1st. This class will keep you honest in your day to day efforts when it comes to lead generation and more. Start off 2017 in a much better position by surrounding yourself with a program that will hold you accountable to new growth.
It’s time to stop begging for leads on social media, its time to start learning how to bring people to you!

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

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I Understand Affiliate Marketing, But Don’t Be Rude!

Right now the internet is going insane with Affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what that is, that is when you get paid money for directing traffic to someone else’s business and products. It’s basically like getting paid referral fee’s monthly for getting people to buy stuff or sign up for other people’s programs.
I’m already working my butt off to build up my own Meet The Mentor brand. I spend most of my days building up and promoting my brand while I work with people in my accountability classes. In the next few months right after the new year you are going to see a massive explosion of affiliate marketing groups who will try and get you to come to their events and then learn how to sell other people’s stuff. The whole “Make money from home doing nothing” sales pitch will become very popular. This is how it will be pitched to the public
* Make money on auto pilot.
* Easy Work, you can do this in your spare time.
* Sit on the beach making money from your laptop.
* Build residual income fast!
I understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing and I have friends who make some money doing this but when you have your own businesses, why would you go out of your way to promote someone else’s material? What if you sold the exact type of training or had a similar product? I have been literally hammered this year by people wanting me to sign up for things this year. Little do these people know that I know what they are doing.
No one ever came to talk to me about advice or about business stuff EVER! but once people have a money making opportunity, they come running my way really fast. One guy told me “Pass this onto your base of people“…….and that was it! that was his whole sales pitch. He basically is telling me to advertise things for him to my group of followers so that he can get paid for possible referrals.affiliate-marketing
First off, this is not the best way to pitch me on anything. Don’t forget that I teach people sales tactics and how to close people so when I get prospected like this, that’s the worst attempt you can ever do. I’m a savvy person who is smart and who has their own agenda in life. If you plan to get my attention on anything, you better bring your a game and plan to meet with me one on one personally or else its not happening.
I spent many years of my life trying to get people into my network marketing business, I understand how to recruit and prospect people very well so for those people out their trying to build their dreams in life by doing mass amounts of affiliate marketing do yourself a favor, learn how to pitch people much better.
What turns me off in 2 seconds is anyone who says “Want to make easy money“……that right there will get me to ignore you! I don’t like fast or easy money, I like to actually work for what I deserve and sitting back collecting checks for redirecting people to websites is very similar to “Click Bait Ads“.
Everyone has an opportunity for me to make money it seems nowadays, I do how ever find it interesting that they ask me these things and completely disregard the fact that I have my owns products and my own classes to sell and promote. If I wanted to give my energy to building someone else’s business up, I would go get a 9 to 5 job and do it that way.
Its hard for me to promote anyone else’s things because I simply don’t use them. One guy is trying to get me to direct people to his content so he can sign up people and train them as business owners…….Umm……What the hell do you think Meet The Mentor is? This guy came out and asked me to promote his buddies training program. I told him “What about my training program?”…..he said “Oh….well, if you have people who don’t like yours, send them over to this guys stuff because its really good?.


Why would I promote someone else’s business other than my own? 

Ok…..if you say something like this to me, I’ll pretty much forget you exist. Did you see how the guy redirected the conversation to only fit his narrative? This guy didn’t care that I spent 19 years planning my program out. He didn’t care that I busted my ass in life to put this program together at all, he just tells me to send over people who would like to get some business training.
This to me would be like me asking y real estate agents pals to refer their clients over to my new friend who is also an agent. Would that be rude of me to do to try and take business away from my agent pals by asking them to take their potential business leads and just send them over to another agent to go work with?
Doesn’t seem like I am saying to my friends that they are not good enough so its better that they send the leads they have over to my new buddy who will pay me for the leads if he gets them?
The guy tells me that his buddy teaches social media stuff…….I said “So do I“…….the guy then says, “Yeah but this guy really knows his stuff“……I said “Well I am ranked on google’s first page twice and I spent no money to get that done so I work on teaching people how to do that with content marketing” I also said “I show people how to beat the bias algorithms that google sets up so you don’t have to spend money all the time to get quality attention” I said….does your buddy teach that?.
The guy who I was talking to didn’t even care what I said and ignored me, he was so hung up on getting a referral fee that he totally ignored the fact that I spend a lot of time working with people everyday in their business so that they can make things work for themselves Vs getting all excited about building up someone else’s platform.affiliate-marketing-programs-focus-cpa-715x402
If people want me to promote their products and services then here is what you do instead if you want my attention. Host a seminar or weekend retreat and invite me in to speak to your group of people and I will have no problem promoting your stuff as long as I get to speak to people in person on a stage. I am 100% more effective in life if I can be in front of people when I speak.
I can deliver powerful messages and also inspire people to take action but if you want me promoting something other than my own products, I’m going to have to be paid in advance for a speaking fee and then we can talk about building a relationship where we promote one another. I have no problem flying out to your event either as long as I have a notice ahead of time for the location and date of the event.
I’m not interested in making monthly income by sending people to other businesses that teach things that I am teaching, that just makes no sense and its very rude of people to ask me to do that when they know I work hard every day to promote Meet The Mentor and what it can offer people.
I’m not hard to find, contact me at the links below for speaking arrangements.
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Do You Know How To Play The “SEO” Game Organically?

Everyone take a look at this Ad for a second……looky
I posted this ad just 2 days ago. I made this ad at home, I did not pay for it at all. I just made this and decided to post it on social media for people to see. I did the yellow stripe in the middle to get your eyes on my ad (I Hope it worked).
But here is the thing. My ad is getting a few hundred views and anytime I get to that number without paying for it, Facebook hammers me with (You should boost your post updates). Right now this posted ad has 371 people reached in just 2 days organically.
Facebook tells me that I can Boost my post for $5.00. With that $5.00,  I can reach 1,100 more people “Maybe” according to Facebook. I don’t like maybe! So what I do is I make sure I post my content and send it out at certain times during the day and I also watch to see if anything trending is taking over social media. If that happens then I need to be engaging in online activity because the web is busier than normal for that day.
When I post on those days I do what is called “Spiking the Algorithm” This is when you take a day or two and just get hammered with new visitors and views for your content all because you timed it right. If you play the social media game by the rules you can win more times than not. The problem is the rules require you to do research and actually do the work. Most people would rather just spend money on the hopes that someone will see their add just because Facebook told them 1,100 people may or may not see it.


This is What “Spiking The Algorithm” Looks Like

I have over 370 views on this AD in just over a 2 days time. The ad is getting views, its getting attention organically because I know how to get attention for my content and that is the name of the game. If you can get attention without paying for it, you can have an advantage over many people when it comes to standing out.   
Once I “Spiked The Algorithm” organically, my ad continued to get views just like my blogs do when I spike the algorithm on a set day. The picture below is what the picture right above it looked like just a few hours later. Notice how in the picture above the October 9th date is way ahead of the October 19th date. Now go and look at the Picture that is updated. Notice how the two dates are now identical? that means that when I posted my ad or blog, I did it in a way where a lot of FREE traffic would pick up on it. This is not anything brand new, its just work!


This is Organic Traffic Views for Back to Back weeks for My Blog. My normal weekly numbers are about 276 views.Spiking The algorithm gets you to have jumps like this.

When you post content as things are happening on the web, you are hoping people will stumble upon your stuff and come check you out! If they don’t then you feel as if your posting efforts have been wasted…..Not True! posting can’t promise you any results, but HOW you post and WHEN you post actually could change the results for you.
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Do You Speak Like A Professional?

The length of your language is proportional to the level of your thinking…or is it?
If a business person says to you “I haven’t been selling a lot of products lately and I’m not sure what do to do“, How would you give them advice?
{Example Answers}
#1. You can reply like this = “In order to increase stock turnover you need to optimize your shelf margins“. The business person could then say “Ok this person speaks my kind of language” and that many times can lead you to getting a sale vs not.
#2. Or you can answer like this = “In order to move more products, let’s make your product cheaper so that more people can afford it and buy it“.
Which one sounds more polished and refined? The answers both mean the exact same thing but they sound very different from each other when it comes out of a person’s mouth. People disguise shit with long words all the time. They doctor things up.
This is part of the “GAME” that most people never understand when they are out on the real world trying to get attention or close a deal.images
You need to speak a certain way in front of people sometimes in order for them to take you seriously. Sales people close deals because they are smart and skilled enough to put a customer at ease well enough for them to sign a contract or to purchase an item or service from you and they do this with the language they use.
This lesson and many others are going to be part of my “Predator Marketing” Podcast. Guru’s will sell you programs no problem, but unless you are lacking common sense, you will not pick up on the behavior that you have to display while in front of a camera or a potential customer and guru’s won’t take the time to teach it either so you are on your own and for most people that means You’re screwed!
If you don’t know how to mesh well into the business world, you will get eaten alive by it. There are a lot of hungry people out there in the world who want success as much as you say you do but the only difference between them and you could be what you are doing right now!how-hiring-managers-can-interview-like-a-pro-35-638
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