If You Don’t Trust Search Engines (Build Your Own).

I want to share with you all something I cover in my Masters Class. I’m posting this because I feel it is important so here we go….
Right now savy Marketers are setting up traps and here is how that is being done. Let’s say I create a single page website and all you see is a blank text box where you can type in anything you want to search for. This looks and feels just like it would if you were to jump on Google or Bing and look up something on the web but instead of it being Google or Bing, its actually one person trying to zero in on what it is you want to see. They have built their own version of a mini search engine and it only cranks out answers that their business can solve. There are ways to get people to these sites and we cover some of those in my Masters Class.
If you rely on search engines to bring you web traffic then you are in competition with millions based on rankings, but if you create your own version of a search engine, then people will be open to trying it just to see the different type of answers they would be getting vs using the traditional ones because they are cluttered with PAID Ads and people know this.
{For Example} – Let’s say you go to my single page site and you type in “I need to sell my house because I have to move out of state”…..OK now after they type that in what happens is you start building content that only targets that one specific search, you have the people enter their email as their password so they can have access to the search tool and that is how you stay in contact with them, you send them house relocating info that only YOU provide….see how that works? You built your own version of a search engine but the only answers your prospect will see are ones sent out by your business.
You create your own version of a search engine but only your companies replies is what they will be exposed to. You can create several links to deliver this information to the prospect so it caters to how they want to learn, if they only want to watch a short video, send them to a short video, if they like reading a blog, send them to the best blog you have on that topic they searched for. Control what they see and inform them only with your content.


Your single page website can be something as simple as this.

You have now single handedly put yourself right in front of someone and their biggest “Real Time” problem and because you are the one who keeps making contact with them vie email when it comes to that particular problem, you are now looked at as a person who is either an expert on the topic, or you are the right person at the right time in this persons life to come and save the day all because you can build replies around their searches. If you already have content that answers some of their questions, you might need to update it to make it look and feel more important than what your older content might be saying about that specific topic.
This is happening so much that SEO people are using this to try and get clients from other SEO people and here is how that gets done. You set up your single page website search browser and then you target people who are interested in SEO. You then have people come to your site and ask any question they want about SEO and then from there you only send them info that applies to their search and you hammer them with nothing but updated and really convincing content.
When you show a strong authority in a certain niche, people will start to think you can help them, more so than the SEO person who is helping them right now because all you did was have them tell you their biggest concerns on your search engine page and you “feed their need” until they decide to pick your business to go with. In a sense, you are telling people what they need to hear in order to drive them into making a decision, trust me, there is a lot of indecisive people out there, your job is to help them make up their mind by using your content.


We only accept 25 people per class.

A lot of people don’t trust big search engines, they feel that all the results they are getting are from big companies who paid a lot of money for Ad Words to get ranking spots and because of that, they positioned themselves to be an answer for you but only because they paid for access to you vs you seeking them out specifically.
Setting up your search engine page will allow you to find out exactly what people need to see or hear from you “Right Now”, it makes convincing people a lot less stressful because all you have to do now is not be Google or Bing, just be a person and reach out to the people who take the time to use your page vs just letting an auto responder do all that for you.
People like it when connections are made vs being ignored and an auto responder is not personal, its just a tool marketers use to try and not lose a prospect because they are too busy to answer a phone or reply with a text to someone who is using their product.
In order to get this off the ground and get it working, you will actually have to contact people and talk to them (go figure) and that level of interest from you will be a nice surprise to the new prospect and because they are being treated differently, they think differently about you and your answers.download
This makes targeting people a lot more personal and it also is starting to become a huge trend with SEO people who are out looking for clients. We cover this in my class and you can do this for any industry too. If you ever wanted to get very precise and targeted searches for your business, this is how you do it. You first find out what people want “Right Now” and then you build content to cater to it in “Real Time” This bombards the person searching on your site with nothing but solutions to their searches and because it tailor made to fit their specific search vs being a bunch of search result ads on Google.
Adding in (Personal Touch) is a savvy way marketers can make emotional connections with strangers online to find out what it is they need to see for information “Right Now” in order to make a business or purchasing decision. This level of targeted marketing is going on right now and people are trying to figure out how to set this up because all the search queries a person puts in on your site will only produce answers that YOUR business can solve.


Personal Touch means “HEY….Give me a call” How many of you market to prospects this way? or do you try and let your funnels and emails do all that for you?

It looks and feels just like any search engine except, it only cranks out answers that are provided by your business so its actually trapping people with your content in a savvy way vs shoving it down their throats with spam ads. As long as they keep putting in questions on your page, you’ll keep sending out answers for them.
Keep in mind, if people are getting an email from you because of this webpage, its because people opted in with their email to gain access to it and that only happens when people are not convinced Google or Bing is helping them.
People are out looking for ways to get answers without being attacked by all the big companies and their ads so if you create a place where it feels safe and easy to use, then don’t be shocked if you start gathering up new clients because of this method, People are out seeking for a reliable source to help them, if you can becomce that source, you win!reliable
P.S If you don’t have a lot of content on the web yet don’t worry, the second a person enters a search query into your personal search engine, then what you do is take their questions and build content that answers all of them, then you send them a nice email that puts that content directly in front of them and because it has their name on it and its tailor made to their specific questions, they will look at it differently and see it as a solution vs just a spammy email from a marketer.
We’ll cover this in depth in the Masters Class! Social Media Influencer “Gary Vaynerchuk” set up one of these type of pages a while back and it let him know what type of content he needed to make in real time based on the amount of searches he was getting on his search engine looking page. Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t the only person doing this tactic. This is how you find out what people need to hear in real time and then you go off and create content that caters to it and Boom……you have a niche audience to build content around vs you trying to think of things to come up with that people might want to read or watch for content so you can gain a following or subscribers.
Doing it this way allows you to know exactly what people need to see or hear and instead of being an ad that pops up for people to click on, you can be a person who actually reaches out to people, makes contact, and possibly closes a business deal….what business owner wouldn’t want that?
Let the consumer do the work, you just fill in the blanks and give them the answers they need, people like it when you acknowledge them so if anyone uses your search bar webpage, go say Hi!
You have their attention at that moment, don’t lose it by being just like everyone else and let your auto responders categorize them, actually reach out and let them know you have information that can help them with their search vs just having to rely on Paid or Sponsored ads that people don’t want to click on anyway.
The Masters Class is sold out for the month of June. Registration for the July Class opens up on June 3rd. The classes are one month long, we meet once every Saturday for four straight weeks, we do live chat and Q&A after each lesson and we cover a lot of topics.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this Masters Class.

#1. SEO – You either do it or you pay for it.

#2. Marketing – What are you good at, and what are you willing to do?

#3. Social Media – The Rules and New Direction. This is the class lesson that has the most “SHOCK VALUE” to students.

#4. Branding – Who Are You? Why should anyone care?

#5. Learning to do Proper Research Online – Be Savvy!

#6. Time Management – Be a Productive Person, Not Busy. You will be exposed to some online tools you can use and more.

#7. Getting Away From Comfort Zones – You Wanna Grow Right?

#8. “Find The Niche” (I’ll explain this in class).

See you all in class!
Miichael Opolski

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Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

You Can’t Knock The Hustle, There is Always Work To Be Done!

I had a guy named Franklin reach out to me on Facebook and he tells me that I’ll never understand what operating a real business is like. I laughed at him and said “Oh really”?
Here is what he said……“Michael you work too much”, you are always busy and always working and that is not how successful people operate”.
{ME} – You sound like one of those hype men at a seminar, what are you trying to get me into?….Forex?…..Click Funnels?….which is it?….Diabetic Test Strip Selling?
{Franklin} – When you work a lot in a business, the business owns you vs you owning it.
{ME} Oh boy here we go!, you sound like one of those know it all, motivational speakers so let me shatter your pitch so you can stop doing this to people because what you are suggesting is just not accurate. Even if you have workers and everything outsources in your business, you still have to pay attention to it every single day. What are your people doing? is everyone being productive? are numbers dropping? what’s the ROI on marketing this month?
So you are telling me that you ignore all of that and just sit back and collect money?…I call bullshit. I know people who make $200k a month on autopilot with rentals and not one of them sits on their ass. They don’t have to show up to a job, but they still have a lot of responsibilities to the business. If anything, you are a silent, full time baby sitter to your business. Telling people that they are not a real business owner just because they still work is just plain stupid and not a good idea either.
{Franklin} – I guess you don’t understand the “Lap Top Lifestyle”
{ME} – Oh here we go! “Laptop Lifestyle”?…Oh you mean sit back and make money on your laptop all day and then do nothing else…is that what you mean? I work from home so Yes, I know what that term implies vs what it should really mean.
{Franklin} – You are wasting time on building a traditional business. If you don’t have systems, then you are a worker vs a true business owner.
{ME} – HA HA, are you done now believing this crap? Grant Cardone is worth $400 Million…..works everyday! Gary Vaynerchuk is worth $150 Million, works everyday. Tony Robbins, worth about 1 Billion, works everyday. All of these guys have systems and people who work for them and not one of them sits on their ass all day doing nothing so are they doing it all wrong too?images (2)
{Franklin} – They work only because they love what they do.
{Me} – And that’s why I work everyday. I’m not one of those people who can just sit around all day and rely on a system to keep bringing me in money each month, I need to be busy or else I freak out, besides I have this feeling you are bias because you sound like one of those brand new people who just got started with click funnels and you are brainwashed into thinking that if you work hard enough, you can make ton of money and just open your laptop everyday and check your new bank balance?….is that what you think?
{Franklin} – Why is that stupid? and yes, I am actually a part of a TEAM who teaches this stuff. If you haven’t been to one of their events, then you really don’t know what this is all about.
{Me} – Oh yes I do actually in fact, I’ve asked to speak at their events and they won’t return my calls. This is an area that I excel in so here we go. Click funnel webpages are being targeted by search engines now so its much harder and much more expensive to convert traffic from that type of set up. Your teachers won’t tell you this because they want you paying a monthly membership fee to them and that is all they want from you so in the end, you got suckered into a business model that you feel will make you rich really fast and then once that happens, you can sit back and enjoy the money until you die.
{Franklin} – Have you ever done this type of business before?
{Me} – Nope, but I have students in my program who are and they tried to get me into it (much like you are) and once I explained to them all the work involved with that, they seemed kind of angry.
{Franklin} – Why would they be angry?
{Me} – Because its not as great as they make it sound. Landing pages and Doorways pages are now hated by search engines. This update was implemented on March 8th and it was called the “FRED” update.
{Franklin} – So what you are telling me is that my teachers are lying to me? That’s not nice to say, where is your proof?
{Me} – They are doing the typical seminar guru bullshit, they get you all hyped up and then only show you the basics. Once you start “NOT” making money, their go to phrase will be “It takes time to get these ads to convert”. The truth is, it only takes a few minutes to get a new page to start getting responses, it doesn’t take long at all but they will tell it does so that you don’t quit the program. Go ask your teacher about ranking signals and algorithm changes and see if they have a ton of knowledge to dump on you, otherwise they are just selling you another system that they say can’t be denied.
If they can’t answer any of the ranking signal questions then you are being sold a system that is not based on telling people 100% the truth and that is because your teachers don’t even know about the new changes so they just teach you how to saturate the market with targeted ads and in their minds as long as you get tons and tons of traffic to your pages it won’t matter because eventually some of that traffic will convert.

This is stupid because the more unconverted traffic you are getting, the worse your ad ranks overall and then it gets “Ghosted” by search engines which means its not even seen anymore so then it under performs and when that happens you are told to try new keywords and make new ads which means?……spend more money!


Pages like this are now hated by Google….Just so you know!

{Franklin} – So then I should just quit?
{Me} – Nope, instead actually get educated about what it is you are doing. Stop relying on keywords and only what your teachers are telling you. My information comes from the people directly at Google. I somehow doubt your teacher knows the SEO laws like I do because only 47 people sat in on that last Google SEO update video and I didn’t see any guru’s names in that chat room so unless they are pals with the people at Google, then they don’t know this material.
{Franklin} – So you are calling them liars?
{Me} – Technically…..YES! because I can go onto their sites and see just exactly how they are making their money. I can see what keywords they use the most and how. I can also see what links trace back to them. This is not something rare, if you understand SEO at all you can trace people’s work. Your guru isn’t telling you the whole truth about how this all works and here you are sitting online telling people “If you work in your business you don’t own it, it owns you”, but yet here you are not even knowing the complete story about what it is you are actually being sold on. Most of your Guru’s are manipulating the system and in my Masters Class, I show people just how they do this.
{Franklin} – I’m still new at this sales funnel thing so I’m just getting things going now.
{Me} – How long have you been involved with this?
{Franklin} – about 6 months now.
{ME} – That’s not being new anymore so after 6 months, what I just told you is something you never hard before?
{Franklin} – That’s all news to me and if it was actually important, I would think these people would know all about it.
{ME} – You need a new teacher or guru to follow who will be more honest with you about all of this because this click funnel method is something that caters to people who don’t like work so they do this in the hopes that it makes them enough money to the point where they can buy back their time. I don’t care what type of business you have, as the owner, you don’t have days off. As much as you don’t want to believe that you still are accountable to a lot of things and this whole “Laptop Lifestyle” bullshit pitch that you are falling for is more work than they are selling you on.
{Franklin} – Well, I’m not quitting because I believe what I am doing is going to work.
{Me} – You can have all the belief you want, but if you don’t fully understand how something works in real time, then all the hope in the world won’t fix that. What if I told you that Google will hate anything you post that doesn’t cater to the users query?
{Franklin} What do you mean?wmt1
{Me} – Google wants your webpages to answer a users question with just one page! Click Funnels are designed to take you from one page to another and then to another. That is called “Doorway Pages” and when you have those, Google redirects incoming traffic for those search queries that you would be getting, and it transfers them to a page with a higher “Authority Score” this means that Google see’s their webpages as a much better source of information.
This gets done without you knowing and the result of this is you not getting any converted traffic so what will you do once that happens?……make new ads and spend more money so for a guy who seems to think that I work too hard in my businesses, you sir still don’t have all the facts about what it is you are even trying to do. Before you start lecturing people about how they should be running their business, you might want to learn how yours even works before you start doing something like that.
{Franklin} – Ok Mr. Know It All….
{ME} – No reason to get defensive just because someone pointed out that your seminar guru isn’t telling you all the details. I’m not lying about any of this. I don’t think you like what I had to say because it goes against everything you are being taught right now and I’m here to tell you the truth. No business owner sits on their ass all day and just makes money on auto pilot, behind the scenes those people are working but not telling you. Its a status thing they sell to people because that is how you get butts in the seats at an event, trust me I use to say the same shit back when I was in Network Marketing. I said whatever I had to in order to get people to just show up.
A real business owner always looks for new growth and that doesn’t happen sitting around doing nothing all day. Stop thinking that there is some magical finish line of money waiting for you. There is always going to be work that needs to be done and it will be work that only YOU can do so get it out of your head that one day you will suddenly just have enough money to ignore your business 100%., If billionaires still work, then you will still be working, just in a different capacity! I would stop looking forward to that, and focus in more on actually understanding what it is that you are trying to do because you are not very well informed on how opt-in pages are now looked at.
{Franklin} – I just looked you up online and I see a ton of your content that talks about this stuff so you must actually know this huh?
{Me} – Why do people have a hard time believing that some people actually do research?Yes I do know this stuff, and it makes no sense to get your hopes up on any business opportunity unless you fully understand what you are up against. I have pals who make money on click funnels so it does work BUT, they are not sitting around all day doing nothing, so don’t think that you will someday be doing that. If you own any business, there is always work to be done vs thinking that your laptop will just make you money to the point where you sit on your ass all the time.digital-strategy-dont-believe-the-hype-it-always-depends-on-research-14-638
{Franklin} – My teacher lives the laptop lifestyle, he can go and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.
{ME} – Really? is that why he has all these events booked he is speaking at? because he is financially free? If it was me, I wouldn’t be speaking to anyone, I’d be out fishing, or traveling vs any of what he is doing. Your guru teaches you how to live a laptop lifestyle, but yet here is working like crazy to try and get his brand more recognition? How can you not see that? He’s not sitting around relying on his systems or laptop is he?, so what makes you believe you will be doing less than what he is once the money starts to pour in?
{Franklin} – I was told that once you set things up, it runs itself.
{ME} – Oh my god Franklin that doesn’t mean you stop paying attention to the business, if anything you have to be the one who is the most involved! Franklin if you want a lifestyle that welcomes in more money then you have to realize that you just signed up to become a much more accountable person, not just with work priorities but also with money management and future growth.
This life is hard, being your own boss is hard, and it takes a shit load of work to make it all come together and then STAY TOGETHER! If you want to really stand out and impress people, don’t go around telling them to work hard so they can be lazy someday. Instead show everyone how much of a beast you are and how much hustle you have because that will attract more attention than you just telling people that you will be rich really fast and then not have to do anything. Smart people know better!
{Franklin} – I hated you when we first started to chat, after a while I see that you not trying to be mean but you are trying to just make me aware of somethings and thats cool.
{Me} –  Franklin, I always end up looking like the bad guy because I have the details that most people don’t pay attention to. Those details matter especially when you are trying to gain quality traffic online for your business. Like I said, Click Funnels can work, but you need to know all about them or else it becomes an expensive hobby vs a business that can rely on steady income each month.
This blog was posted so that people can see that behind the scenes I have people who will argue with me but this is their way of asking questions. I don’t expect people to understand it but this sometimes is how people get past their fears, if they have to be defensive I am ok with that but if I shows them facts about something and they still argue, well then they are just bias.
Over the last 20 years I have noticed a lot of people getting all amped up for the chance to make easy money online and they are not being told how hard it is to build that up. I understand that people have to motive others at a seminar with best case scenario’s, but people need to know all the truth’s about how money is actually made online because what a lot of guru’s don’t tell you is…..they use their fame to increase traffic and there are ways to do that and seminars is just one of them.
They will show you the steps they took to get things up and going, but no one will show you all the tricks of the trade. I almost called Meet The Mentor something else, I was going to call it “The Anti-Guru Zone” because a lot of my content is based on a lot of the things that seminars leave out. I sit in on events, I take notes, and I start outlining all the things they are not telling the audience but they should be.
I then write a blog or do a Podcast on some of that content but for the most part I teach a lot of the deeper content inside the classes I host. After 20 years of watching seminars evolve and how they get set up, I made sure that my program never turned into one of those platforms. This guy Franklin is a good guy. He’s passionate and fired up, but at the same time he is scared because after 6 months of work, he has no money coming into his funnels and part of the reason he got defensive with me was so he could pull information out of me (Smart Move). 
I recognize this tactic in a lot of people. Sometimes its the only way they know how to ask for help. I am not an SEO know it all, but I do know whats going on right now, I have changed how I create content because of the new changes and it has worked well. My goal for Meet The Mentor is to just be straight with people. Be Honest, Try New Things, Work Hard, and Move On!
I get a lot of people like Franklin in my classes. They get started in something new and after a while it doesn’t work like they thought it should so they try to see if its them, or if they need more information that will allow them to grow in new ways. A lot of the classes we have are based around lead generation, branding, social media marketing, and networking. There is a lot that gets covered in the Meet The Mentor classes band I am not bias to any one industry, I look for missing pieces in all areas.
Whether its a network marketing seminar, or a copy writing meet up, or an SEO master mind group, I do a ton of research on what’s being taught to people and what important things are being left out. That is what Meet The Mentor was built on, so seeing chats like the one I had with Franklin happen very often. I like sharing some of them because I know there are people out there who can relate to this type of dialogue.
Its real life in action and sometimes its not pretty, but that’s where communication skills comes in. Franklin could have taken off and said “Eat Shit”….but he didn’t. What you see here is a shortened version of our chat. (believe me it was a long chat). I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got something out of this because behind the scenes folks, personal development is not fun, its hard, there will be conflict and doubt and fear and more. I get it because I use to do the same things 20 years ago, now I work to train people how to break those ideas and habits because I know how to move on from all that crap.
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Did You Know?

I wasn’t going to post this because I kept this information only for my Master Class students but its such a big problem that it needs to be paid attention to. This blog post is not bullshit, and its not a game. A lot is going on right now with SEO and algorithms on all platforms. People are already behind on a lot of the new changes so I hope this post helps some of you better understand what it is that you are doing.
This might scare some of you affiliate marketers out there who use funnel sites to capture leads.
On March 8th, Google did an update called “FRED” This new update was created to target “Quality” sites for ranking. When they started testing sites that had a lot of traffic, they noticed something and its disturbing. Google won’t even mention they did this update but its very real so pay read this carefully.
95% of the high traffic sites that were tested were Affiliate Sites, and Ad Sense Sites. These pages had spun content which means they didn’t write it themselves, it was a created template that someone else made for them and there was duplicate ad pages like this all over the web. When people try to pass that off as their own work, Google knows this. You are not Sneaky! There is a term for this and its called “Thin Content”thin-content
How do you get caught? When you post online, your pictures and even your layouts are coded, so is the location of your URL. When your pages are the same codes as millions of others and all of you post the same spun content from new ads, it now matters more than ever NOT TO DO THAT, because Google will kill off any credible traffic to those pages once you are found out.
When seminar people tell you “Use these keywords and use our scripts” what that tells Google is you are creating copy cats by the millions and that kills the quality of those type of ads or posts. Guru’s will show you their income from those ads and how well they performed but they won’t tell you how shitty the conversions were and they don’t care either because they have enough money to make new ads that will make up some losses.
Ever wonder why ads convert so badly?…..thats why, and its about to get worse for people who use those as ways to get web traffic to a purchasing site……Hold onto your butts!Avoid_Thin_Content
Barry Shwartz at SEO Round Table tested this new FRED update because people were wondering if their “Links” were effected by this new update. He tested somethings and found that the quality of the content on the sites he tested was crap. They pretty much were in place to guide a person to yet another site or to another opt-in page (sound familiar anyone?).
When you take a template script that is provided by a program and you change the wording out it still doesn’t matter, you are still posting on a preset platform which is coded a set way.

Google’s new algorithm is out hunting your content right now. If you copy cat others and use templates, you will start losing the “GOOD” web traffic because Google hates sites that just drive traffic and hardly ever convert (like most all click funnel pages).


Time to be a good content creator or be “Ghosted” = (Not Visible)

Why does this matter? if you use affiliate pages and click funnels and you get a million hits, and out of those million hits, 96% drop off and do nothing, that tells Google your site is crap and you are most likely impulsing them with a targeted ad and for that Google thinks it should be ignored so they cut off “useful” traffic to your pages and redirects it to someone else’s who converts better because the content is original and its detailed. Google will do this without telling you so when your ad starts to suck and convert like shit…..now you know why and by the way, this kills your SEO long term so whats the only solution?
Spend more money and create more ads the same way until you get caught again and then rinse and repeat. Its a sess pool of money spending and it never ends. I hope they tell you this stuff in those weekend seminars that you are attending. Don’t be bias to Vanity Numbers and Vanity Metrics. Getting 1 million hits on your site isn’t impressive when you convert 3% of that or less to the next page.download
Google hates this because they believe if a user types in a search query then it should only take ONE PAGE to answer their question. The more you send a user from page to page or link to link and toss nothing but opt-in pages at them, Google attacks your traffic flow so the only way to offset that is to hope to god that you get enough traffic that converts to make some money so you can make new ads that will make up some difference in lost traffic.
If your mentors are not telling you about these SEO changes, then they are sending you on a wild goose chase of spending more money than you ever should all because they themselves do not know this stuff.
In the end, you sign up for their stuff, and buy into their programs because they tell you its easy and a for sure thing and then they show you pictures of their nice car and that convinced you to believe that click funnels is the best option for you.
Oh don’t get me wrong they can work…..but you better have money to keep it going especially now that ranking changes have happened and Google is now targeting those sites you rely on so much.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you have no idea what I just posted about…..you are behind and already being passed by you competitors…enjoy the ride folks, its just starting!


Quality means your pages are “In Depth” with detail. If you rely only on Opt-In or Landing Pages then your pages are considered “Thin Content” Hope your guru tells you this before you sign up.

In the end folks, if someone is telling you that funnels is the best thing on earth, tell them no thanks, you have better things to do with your money because those things are solely dependent on how often you update and run new ads (IN REAL TIME) and for those of you who are broke or have a limited budget and you signed up for this stuff because you thought it was going to bring you RICHES, you’ll get eaten alive by those who can outspend you and that is the game you are in for that niche….have fun!
I’m not naming names but some famous Youtube people who use click funnels and promote them need to start being honest with the people who go to their events and start telling people this information because click funnels are the worst sites to put on the web, they convert like crap and you have to rely on non stop incoming traffic to even keep that afloat and that all costs more than they teach you it does.

consistent, compelling content

Sorry!…but this is what Google wants from you!

My information comes directly from the testers at Google. I didn’t see any guru’s at the events or meetups that I attended so there is no way for them to know this info unless they were there.

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Do You Think You Are Being Lied To About Social Media Metrics?

When you see a social media company post some stats from their platform, people tend to just believe what they see at first glance and never question those numbers. What happens if those numbers are not really the truth? Would it bother you?, and would it effect how you decide how you plan out a strategy for your businesses marketing efforts? If so then you are going to love this bit of information.
There is something called “Headline Data”. Companies use this to get you to believe certain things so here is one example of how you may have been mislead.


There is a Strategy for This? Of Course There is, this is Copywriting 101

Google announced that 60% of (Google+) users sign in daily. This is a lie! I’m up to date on what’s happening in the world of social media and last time I looked…Google+ wasn’t used as much as a lot of other sites, but their services sure are used a shit load so that stat seemed a bit odd to me. Google was asked “What is Google+ anyway”?….Google responded with “Google+ isn’t a social media site….It’s a Layer”
HUH?…..a layer?…..a layer as in a page of my personal searches and collections of pictures and videos that don’t mean shit and is a waste of time?….Oh ok, nice! So this means their metric of telling you that 60% of Google+ users are actually on Google+ is a flat out lie. They are instead using services in which Google provides. No one uses that platform nearly as much as they do Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. That is what people are using the most of actually and Google+ is not where they log in from most of the time. (Think Apps Instead).
If these people are using Google Services so much……How many can there be really?


That’s a lot of Services!

Here is the truth…..60% of those people use Google services daily such as……YOUTUBE, GOOGLE EARTH, POWER POINT, and More. This 60% sign in Metric is not only a lie, but its not even close to the real metric because Google has multiple services and that is how they collected the data vs actually looking at how many people actually sign in onto just Google+ by itself each day. It’s not the same thing!
Why should you care?, because if you think people are signing in daily, then you could be under the impression that those people are spending a lot of time in a place they actually aren’t. So what happens when you market to a space where no one is actually at?….bad results! YAY….We love Metrics!


Sorry, But You Have Been Telling a Lie.

Headline Data is a marketing tactic folks, this is how search engines get you to increase your levels of activity on their platform. They make you feel like things are awsome and toss out stats and then you believe them without ever checking so then you are relying on data that is going to be inaccurate.
This sadly enough is how many people base their decisions on where they place their ads. They check keywords and ranking values, then they look at competition levels and see if their is enough people in that group to consider jumping into the fray of marketers trying to get those people’s attention and this is all based on metrics provided by the same people who lied about their users actual daily usage and where it gets spent the most.
If people really wanted to target certain groups or a specific demographic so their marketing content would reach them easier, they would be spending time figuring out how that gets done vs relying on info that is sending you on a wild goose chase.
Not all data is what you think it is…..Be Savvy!FBCoverB

Is Facebook Overtaking Google?

Facebook is overtaking Google?…Nope! not even close, only if you are counting traffic from social sites like Buzzfeed or Vox Vs traffic coming in from searches like Jim’s Plumbing or Tony’s Bakery. Stupid news feeds dominate Facebook in case you didn’t know so where is all the engagement folks?……on those feeds, and not on your ads.
Facebook shows users numbers and tells people they have the most traffic coming into their platform……they sure do….for bullshit drama and for marketers to come in and buy up ad space…that is who those people are and where all that concentrated traffic is coming from.Google-Adwords-Vs.-Facebook-Ads-e-Intelligence-Infographic1
There are more people buying ads on Facebook than there are people clicking on them. Facebook just downgraded people’s visibility yet again on your content that you post so something tells me that this is being done to force people top pay to be seen which means…BUY MORE ADS!
The overall traffic that “Search Results” send is still coming from Google. Social Media sites like Facebook get mixed up with other platforms because of the whole Facebook Ads thing. When people go online and search for stuff, they are not going to Facebook and typing in search queries….REALLY? who does that? They are either using a search engine like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yelp, or an App to find things online, they are not coming to Facebook to look for stuff.
When you look up stuff to purchase like a new video game, or a new set of tires, do you hop on Facebook and start looking for tire companies or video game stores?….Nope! and Facebook hates that so this is why they are turning more into a search engine now vs staying just a social media site.Facebook-vs-Google-Plus
Overtime, Facebook will be its own version of a search engine and it will control how its users can function within their platform even more so than they already do. Most people want more than just one option for exposure and Facebook knows this so this is why Facebook is working hard to give you all the coolest gadgets and gizmos like “Facebook Live” so that you don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.
You’ll need to go to other sites and post content because millions of people are already shifting around to other places because after a while, people get bored of the same thing or just bored of Facebook in general and this is why the App market is so crazy. More than 2/3rds of all web searches are done from Apps……not on Facebook.
Facebook has the most users and because of that people automatically think they are the #1 place to post ads for your business. What if you posted on a few other sites and got a much greater return? are you being bias to Facebook because you have (numbers envy).

Think of it like this….you get a million hits a month on Facebook Ads but only 60 sales for your efforts, but if you post somewhere else and get only 5k views but 60 sales……where was your time and money better spent? Don’t be bias just because of a large user base folks. Think about all the millions of people who are on Facebook each day not doing a damn thing except wasting time and screwing off?…….Millions!


You Should Be Posting All Over Anyway! Don’t Be Bias to Just One or Two Places.

Don’t think that just because Facebook has a ton of people that they are out looking for your ads. When people use Google, they are actively searching for something, on Facebook they could be fucking off on Facebook Live talking to pals or they could be playing a game for all we know so think about that when you are trying to get people’s attention.
Do you want to be where people are searching for stuff?….or do you want to be posting where people are arguing about President Trump and this past election and other drama? Do you ever think about these things or are you just hoping that the numbers game will magically go in your favor because Facebook tells you that for a certain amount of money you will reach a certain amount of people which we all know is a lie anyway.
Facebook only allows you your full amount of people if your Facebook Ads are 100% spot on according to their posting guidelines and if its not…..they will do something called “Ghosting” to your ad which means instead of 2500 people seeing your ad, now only 450 will see it and it will be people of low quality who don’t really match your search criteria at all. Facebook has something called The 20% Rule. Obey that rule and your ads will be fine.

The Facebook 20% Text Rule Fully Explained

  • The 20% text policy does NOT apply to pictures of products that include text on the actual product.
  • Photos of products in real situations or photos of products with a background ARE allowed.
  • Images that are zoomed in on logos or images with text overlay are NOT allowed.
  • Images that are clearly edited to include text on the product as a loophole to the 20% text rule are NOT allowed.
So if you think about it, it’s not very accurate to obey this 20% rule and then just toss out ads to a mass of people blind just because they are aged 26-65 and are a male who makes $50k a year or more…..so what? what if your ad promotes a product that none of those people have any interest in? Facebook doesn’t care, if you are alive and breathing, they’ll show you someone’s ad as long as you fit some of the search criteria. I myself get Real Estate training ads all the time and I have zero interest in that.
I only get those because I work in Real Estate and I chat daily on Facebook with others who are also in real estate. Facebook see’s that and so by default they send me all types of real estate training ads. I hate that and yet people think their ads are being sent to people who really want to be bothered by an ad popping up on their page just because someone targeted a certain age bracket.
Most of the engagement going on Facebook is not people looking for a business to purchase items or a service from, they go searching for that on Apps and Google mostly and yet people are convinced Facebook is crushing Google somehow just because they have more users on their platform. Don’t be bias with numbers envy folks, look deeper than that!Google-AdWords-vs-Facebook-Ads
People are very closed minded when it comes to spreading their business around on the web. They only think about the top 5 or 6 social media sites to be on and they stick with that. In 2007 BackLinks was a great thing for SEO so everyone focused on Link building and then it eventually became very spammy.
Fast forward to today in 2017 and instead of Links being the best thing for SEO, now “Quality Content” and “User Experience” are the two top factors so not only has it changed, but now people are expected to change along with that and if they don’t their SEO will suffer. Google still dominates in terms of where people are doing the most searching but overtime that will even out over many platforms and it won’t be just Google and Facebook battling it out. It will be places like DuckDuckGo and many others.

Never believe 100% what you see or hear. Do some research and learn what some truths are because once you start figuring things out, its not so nice and pretty….for example, In 2012 Google came out and told everyone that you shouldn’t buy Links or Pay for Link sharing…..well……what they are not telling people is that they were rewarding websites that did this so that was 100% a LIE!….nice huh? welcome to the real world of SEO folks, its nasty!


I don’t buy into Facebook’s Ad Reach at all. Once again they want you to think just because they have the most people on their platform doesn’t mean you will get the most exposure. Advertising isn’t a numbers game, its an effectiveness game.

Today, Google looks at a searches “Intent”, what are you specifically looking for and if you have a site that can answer questions fast and easy, then you can win the ranking battle….but you still have to have some talent when it comes to creating content that people actually want to engage with and there are ways to figure that all out in our Masters Class.
This is I why I tell people they need to sit down and learn some harsh truths about this SEO stuff because as a business person/marketer for my brand and products, knowing what I know now about SEO has helped me grow bigger and for way less money because my content is ranking more than ever and that only started happening when I became a student of this crazy world of SEO and ranking online.
In the end, post your content all over and never rely on one set place to be your saving grace in life. If someone comes out with a better version of Facebook in a few years, will your bias change again? or will you not care because you don’t rely entirely on one site for all your traffic to convert. This isn’t about Google Vs Facebook anymore, its much bigger than that but these two are still the top platforms so far! Instead of worrying about being effective on the biggest platforms, why not focus on where you can be effective at all?
I register more people for my classes with my free blogs than I do anything else and that goes against everyone’s advice for how I should be getting new students…..sorry, but I operate where I am most effective consistently and if that is away from Facebook….so be it! I’ll take success wherever it decides to come from each month. FBCoverB

Are You on Target With Your Keyword Research?

Is your Keyword Research what you think it is? Just so you know, these numbers in the picture below do not represent how often that keyword or term is actually searched…(did you know this?).
Google does this thing where they put keywords into “Buckets” These numbers are rough estimates. Right now Google Ad Words is Conflating Volume of related Keywords HUH?…The hell does that even mean Mike?….I’ll explain.
Take these keywords for example…..
Phoenix Flowers
Phoenix Flower Market
Flowers Phoenix
Ok…you see those 3 search terms?…..If those terms get roughly the same amount of estimated traffic in a month, Google then treats those terms or phrases as exactly the same or (puts them in a Bucket)….what does this mean? you are being looked at as duplicate content and it cancels out your effectiveness for exposure for those specific keywords and the best part of it all?
You are paying each month for this to happen when you run your PPC Ads and Google won’t tell you this is going on so now you have to deal with your KPI’s going up and down and being unstable because you are too much like most other sources for the exact same keywords. You may not notice it all too much in your monthly stats, thats because Google already funnels out what it needs to each month because it cuts off the amount of traffic you can get based on your ranking position anyway.
Google is also hiding a lot of high volume searches inside some of their keyword planner tools. Look at this picture. That picture shows no results for “Fitness Tracking Tools”, Ok do you see that picture?..(sorry screen grab is blurry)…at the bottom it says “No Ideas Were Returned For Your Query”……OK…..no problem…..no worries at all…….so did FitBit fall off the planet or can I not find that anymore? Thanks Google, you’re a big help!

fitness tracking tools

No Ideas Were Returned For Your Query?…..LIARS!

Google is going through a lot of weird stuff right now folks because they are being threatened by an onslaught of brand new search engines who want to make the user experience more fair and enjoyable and that trend is picking up speed in the tech community. This is a really good time to start paying very close attention to what’s going on because SEO is in for a wild ride this year! We talk about this and many other topics in our Masters Class for business owners. This is content you will not want to miss.
The only true way to know the actual real numbers for PPC is to SPEND MONEY, BUY ADS…. That is how you gain your access to the real time data. The FREE Keyword tools are not accurate like you think they are.


Here are some good Keyword tools to use:

#1. Semrush https://www.semrush.com/

#2. Keywordtool.io – http://keywordtool.io/

#3. Similarweb –  https://www.similarweb.com/

#4. Ubersuggest – https://ubersuggest.io/


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Learn Organic SEO From Meet The Mentor.

Your click through rate (CTR) makes up 5% of Google’s overall ranking criteria. Your “Content Quality” or “Domain Authority” makes up 20% of your overall ranking and that is the biggest percentage out of any category with Anchor Text and External Backlinks coming in 2nd place with 18%.


These are Ranking Factors For 2017

Do you see how important it is to create content that people actually want to engage with vs just slamming them with a bunch of “Targeted” ads that don’t convert much anyway. Here’s some news you might not know…..
One of the top click funnel sites on the web gets around 1.2 million visitors a month. Wanna know what percentage of that traffic leaves and does nothing?…….76.5%. The people behind that site don’t care because it makes them money but you know who should care?…The newbie person starting out who doesn’t have $10k a month to piss away on ads. When you start doing click funnels, you are either making money and spending it mostly on keeping the funnels moving or you are struggling because your traffic flow sucks…because you ran out of money!.
This means that on that site, out of 1.2 million visitors, three quarters of all incoming traffic did nothing and left. That means Google will kill off quality traffic to that site and re-direct it because that page is not getting a lot of conversions for the amount of traffic it is pulling in.
Even if you are making money off of just 25% of the traffic coming in, that is now how you build brand recognition long term with SEO. That is how you impulse and hustle people because you target their weak spots or you track their clicks online and see they wanted to learn more about the niche that you are in or the products you might carry so you now target them non stop with funnels and emails until they cave. That’s not building a brand, that is bugging people until they finally cave in. There is a HUGE different especially long term.
This means you need to make a new funnels and new pages and do this all over again because Google killed off your good flowing traffic because you are saturating people with nothing but impulsive ads based on those “Targeted” searches that are not so accurate to begin with. Just because someone is a Male aged 28-65 doesn’t mean they want to see your ad. This method of attention getting is based solely on a numbers game of bombarding people with content ads who fit a certain profile and it matches what you are selling.google-spam
Too bad the training for these things never tell you about the rules Google wants you to obey. They only teach you the “MONEY STUFF” which is dumb because you can’t make money long term online unless you understand how the systems work on search engines. Seminars only teach you the PAID ways to SEO, never mind all the Organic or FREE ways to drive traffic. If your idea is to spend mass amounts of money to get attention to your pages….good luck to you! It will cost you a fortune to get up and going regardless of what people’s testimonials say. Unless you are a ROCKSTAR at SEO, you will struggle with creating ads that convert long term…you just will.


You will be told that none of this matters by instructors because as long as you keep creating new funnels, money will come in and all will be well, but it also costs money to open new funnels so did you happen to mention that to your students at all? This is why people quit things like this because they get sold on (Quick & Easy Money) but then learn that there is more to it than what is being taught.

russel pic

Look At That Bounce Rate…76.05%..look Close.

The average page views for that site was 1.2 views…..thats it!, The average time spent on page was 1:03. If anyone ever tells you that the key to making more sales and getting more traffic is by simply saturating people with your crap……you need a new teacher. This is the #1 reason why people who use click funnels can’t make money long term. Google kills their pages after a while because all it does is re-route people from one page to another and then to another trying to get them to opt-in somewhere.

bounce rate.PNG

WHAT?….70% is Disappointing?…You Don’t Say! So how bad is 76.05%?

That’s not how Google wants you to do it. If you add up the CTR, and the “Authority” that makes up more than 25% of your SEO ranking ability right there and we are just getting started. The more traffic you gain and the less it converts, the more it hurts your “Authority” which means people are not finding what they intended to find by clicking on your link and because of that happening all the time you will end up spending money non stop on re- creating new funnels just to keep up with all the ones that are going bad and that is not being taught at seminars anywhere.
I can just imagine once people learn this they will be pissed to find out that quality content wins over spam ads all day now and because no one told them this, they are now forced to spend money on rebuilding SEO over and over vs just adding to it the right way over time. Your guru most likely has money and buys tons of ads but won’t tell you that is their secret to keeping their funnels alive and kicking.
Google wants you to make contact with a person, answers their questions, and then give them ONE location to make a purchase of some kind. When you have people going from one opt-in page to the next because they aren’t motivated just yet to follow through on anything, what that tells google is that you didn’t help them at all and now you are trying to steer them all over until you finally do and Google see’s that as cheating or leading people on.download (2)
Google wants quality, when you rely on click funnels, over time they die off because traffic will flow from one to another because of conversion rates. After a while if you pages or funnels don’t convert at a certain percentage, google takes traffic away from those URL’s and gives that incoming traffic to the sites who are better suited for handling the end users search query.
I know of some people who make a shit load of money using click funnels, but they don’t teach their students the truth about how much money and time it takes to make those things run well for more than just a few weeks. One of my buddy’s really doesn’t care because he is making money hand over fist with this system. I told him to never call me again once I heard he only wanted to recruit people to fill his pipeline so he can benefit.
Folks, keep this in mind. If I decide to teach a group of people ways to make money online and I get all of them to mention my name or backlink to me, I benefit more than they will because the more activity they do associated with my name, the more organic ranking I gain from google by having people know me and mention me online.quote-Chanakya-the-biggest-guru-mantra-is-never-share-your-46159
This is a dirty secret a lot of guru’s use and I talk all about it in the Masters Class. Social mentions online matter for SEO folks. I hope your guru or coach or mentor is telling you all this info because its kind of important when it comes to how much it costs to keep your name relevant online when it comes to content. You either pay for your ranking and rely on money for it, or you build a community based on knowledge and trust because that doesn’t cost you a thing except time for when you create the content that brings them in.
There is a lot of fast ways to make money online folks, but make sure you are being told all truths about ranking and how to get the right type of attention online for what it is you produce because if you just blast people with ads and create no organic content at all, Google will hate you for that and that is why it cost so much to keep funnels going and converting. I hope someone told you this.FBCoverB