These New Facebook Ads Are Going To Kick Ass!

Facebook has some new ads that just became available yesterday. Facebook is creating a new “Collection Ad” this is on their API which is their (super secret background platform). This new ad product just came out late yesterday and most haven’t heard anything about it so I’ll give you the shortened version of what is going on with these new ads.

What that ad can now do vs older ones is, it will allow e-commerce ads to put up to 50 items on each ad. These new ads will dominate once they are ready so be on the look out for them.

This ad is in the background of Facebook’s API, if you have no idea what I just said its because you don’t have a special Facebook account that allows you access to those things….(Oh wait, you didn’t know that actually existed?)maxresdefault

Did your guru forget to tell you about the secret shit Facebook gives people of status?….you might want to start asking more questions because influencers on Facebook get perks most people don’t and you need to understand this and how bias Facebook is towards celebrities and people of influence on the web especially in the area’s of E-Commerce. Trust me its a massive advantage and yet no Guru talks about it to their students…..that’s a shame, I consider that lying to people if you don’t disclose all the truths about how ads are done on Facebook.

E-Commerce guru’s have access to things most regular people don’t so the next time you see someone telling you how to do your Facebook ads, ask them if they are getting their info from the background of the API or is this information that regular everyday people can have access to? CALL THEM OUT!

Here is how these ads work. These new ads will allow you to showcase 50 different items all on the ad and it has built in call-to-action steps for them as well. Even if the product was different varieties you can still post up to 50 separate items on these new ads. E-Commerce people are going to love these!

Facebook is doing this to compete with Google and Amazon in the E-Commerce realm. These new ads will be perfect for someone who sells more than just one thing from their business or store front online. These new ads are now available so if you get a chance to check in on those and see how they look, you will see how effective they can be for someone looking to sell things on Facebook.

Getting “Likes” on your posts on Facebook is not an SEO Ranking factor at all. People need to realize that Facebook’s algorithm hates SEO and doesn’t rank you for it like Google or Bing does. If you are chasing after “Likes” on your posts, you have no idea how Facebook works now and maybe its time to be updated because the new changes happened just days ago.

Social Rankings don’t work unless you have a brand that is being searched online and it needs to be searched for on FACEBOOK vs it being searched for on Google or Bing or even Youtube and there are ways to set that up and convert the traffic.

Social Signal for ranking is something we cover in detail on my Masters Class. How you post on search engines vs Facebook needs to vary, if you have no idea where to even start, I have a great place for you to learn all this stuff and our next class starts in a couple of weeks.

Registration Opens on April 15th, Class Starts on May 1st. Only 25 seats per class and I have 4 spots take up so far in the May Class so register early and reserve your seat today!FBCoverA.jpg

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.


13 Problems You Face as a Marketer on Facebook.

My Masters Class has a lesson that talks about Facebook and how much you rely on it as a business owner vs how much it actually performs for you each month. A lot of people are being romanced by something called “Vanity Metrics” and we’ll get into that in just a moment.
Here is what I show students and then I have them respond to. Those reasons list below are why marketers are leaving Facebook. Keep in mind, this is not about people quitting Facebook over people being stupid or rude.
These are actual concerns written out by marketers who are trying to expand their brand on Facebook and who have spent a ton of money doing so and saw no results.
Here is the list I present to the class.
#1. Facebook requires that you cater to your audience, rather than allowing you to shape your audience.
#2. Facebook takes traffic away from your business website.
#3. Facebook possesses too much control over content and marketing.
#4. Facebook is constantly changing its approach and algorithm, meaning that there is no single best way to engage.
#5. Facebook delivers a form of information that is not useful for your audience or customers.
#6. There isn’t enough actionable data to assess Facebook’s ROI.
Facebook does not allow for an integrated marketing effort.
#7. Facebook is deceptive.
#8. Facebook is full of click bait, memes, and other crap.
#9. Facebook punishes organic posts and non-paid content.
#10. Most people are trained to ignore sponsored posts on Facebook; they automatically tune out marketing efforts.
#11. Facebook fan numbers are misleading.
#12. Facebook fans actually consisted of fake profiles.
#13. Facebook connects your business with people you don’t actually want to market to.
Facebook has the most users out of any platform but it doesn’t mean its the best place to build your brand (Seriously). Don’t be bias and fall for “Vanity Metrics” if what you are doing for advertising on Facebook isn’t bringing you results every 30 days, then what you are relying on isn’t working.vanity
Facebook is huge and all, but its also not fair and it is very bias when it comes to its algorithm and even if you spend a ton of money on ads, there is no promise of any business coming your way. Just go ask all those click funnel people out there right now posting $5 a day ads and getting no conversions. (I have these people in my classes and they wonder why their sales are bad. I show them why their numbers are so shitty and then they wonder why they never learn this stuff in the training they signed up for). #RudeAwakening
It takes more than just relying on Facebook connections and ads to get a brand built. It takes engaging people, and most of you don’t even talk to half the people on your friends list so ask yourself this……Are you using Facebook the right way as a business owner?
People say they love it for their business, but when I ask for results they don’t have any so what’s to love about it ? Don’t be romanced by popularity that brings you zero business. Most of you have tons of Facebook friends and you never talk to any of those people so how effective are you really at networking? The people are there for you each day to reach out to and you just sit there waiting for what exactly?
This Facebook lesson in my Masters Class has to be one of the biggest eye openers for people because in this class some people found out for the first time how rigged the game is. I’ll show you how the game is being played out and maybe after that lesson, some of you will have a much better idea of how to use social media for personal gain in your business. It’s not about how many friends you have that’s for sure.FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Are You Frustrated and Missing Targets With Social Media Marketing? (Here’s a Good Reason Why).

One of the biggest issues business owners face is their ability to gain exposure for their brand. Its a competitive world out there but it doesn’t help at all when you are relying on a platform to do certain things for you and its failing you, even after you have spent money for the service.Today I am talking about Facebook ads.
Facebook ads are not accurate at all. People will get some decent results from just one ad, and they will say “Yup works great”…not even close. If you look at the number of people you actually reach who want to see your ad, its not good! Most people have no idea how much your ads are targeting people who do not qualify at all for the content you are hoping people will see.
Look what I just got on my feed today (3.13.2017). I don’t want to see this and I have no interest at all in Judaism. Who decided that for me? What could I have possibly clicked on to trigger that?….NOTHING!
facebook accuracy

REALLY Facebook?… I like Judaism Now?

For those of you in my Masters Class, you know the real truth about Facebook ads and organic reach. This should not come as a shock to any of you who attend my classes. Half the crap you get targeted for is things you don’t search for but yet Facebook tells you that your reach for your ads is (X) amount of people….yeah, its mostly people who could care less about your ad….thanks for that!
I have added these up and I have had more than 30 ads from people on my feed just this weekend and not one of them I have any interest in at all. Facebook’s algorithm is fucking up, what’s going to be sent to me next?….“How to master underwater basket weaving”?

I cancel these ads out, but new ones keep coming and its for categories I have no interest in at all. Good job Facebook, your engineers need a pay raise for how accurate these ads target people who actually want to see this type of content.


Where is the Option for “People Who Actually Have An Interest in” (Insert Topic). Where is that at? In this day and age of technology we can’t have that?

The biggest problem with Facebook Ads?…if your ad can’t find you people worth a damn, it just tosses your ad into the 18+ category so now anyone with a freaking pulse will now see your stuff….and yet they don’t want to. Facebook needs to fix this NOW!
Ads should be targeted like this.
Male or Female
Also have it to where the user manually types in 10 topics they are actually interested in. I’ll do my top 10 and show you what it could look like.
#1. Business
#2. Sales
#3. Education
#4. Social Media
#5. SEO
#6. Marketing
#7. Video Games
#8. Sports, NFL Football , NBA Basketball, UFC, (Be Specific) Nothing worse than being someone who hates a sport and you get ads from them saying “Hey come join us for this weeks game”
#9. Food/Culinary
#10. Music
If I see ads for these categories, I will not get pissed and I will more than likely stop and see what they are.
The whole “Search by Income” is bullshit, how many people are saying that they are CEO’s of a business and they are not making any money? TONS. I just did a blog about Fake business owners on social media.

I hope Facebook doesn’t see that and factor those fake people in as above average income people because there is no way Facebook can find out your annual income so why have it as a factor for ads? is Facebook doing your annual taxes now too? You don’t think that people don’t LIE on that if asked “Household Income”…seriously? People say they are business owners on Facebook and CEO’s and yet they make no income so there ya go! When you target 45 year old males who make $100k a year or more….how do you know what they make? What if their ass just got fired last weekend and now they are broke?target-income-ranges-in-facebook-ads

Another big issue is this “Purchase Behavior” pattern that people like to cling to. Targeting people’s purchase behavior?…..WHY? What if someone was impulsive with their money and they got divorced and no longer can spend like that? What if they lost their job? What if they just filed for bankruptcy? Are they still a qualified person at that point because their past behavior says so? This falls into the category of “People are creatures of habit and that never changes”…..Oh yes it does, when the bill collectors start calling!

Every 18+ person on Facebook doesn’t qualify to see every ad, but Facebook puts it in front of them anyway and people rely for and pay for that as a service?…..I would think people would want to pay for accuracy vs just plain exposure to random people who could careless about what you have to say or sell.


Purchase Behavior….so that never changes?

I know a lot of people rely on social media for their business exposure but when you have crappy search criteria to choose from, it makes it hard to actually reach people who “WANT” to actually see what it is you are posting. The key to effective marketing is not to saturate a certain area with your ads (like people’s news feeds). The key is to bring people in contact with things they actually have a general interest in so why doesn’t Facebook have users fill that out so ads are better targeted? Because the more (Misses) you have, the more ads you need to buy and in the end its always about the money!

Learn to be a lot more effective with ads and social media in general with our Masters Class. We not only talk about social media in detail, but we also cover areas that can allow you to be more effective as a marketer, but without having to spend as much money to get the attention.April 9th

If you get crappy ads sent to your Facebook feed (Let me see them) comment on this blog or contact me so I can get the screen shot from you. If I use your picture in one of my videos, I’ll contact you and let you know. I’ll backlink you to it!

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.






Is Your Guru Using You and Not Telling You? (Truth Exposed).

A lot of people post on social media but most don’t post anything that gets them any “Likes”, “Shares” or even “Comments”. This matters if you own a business and are trying to sell a product or service to people. If you can’t get people’s attention, then your online visibility gets effected in more ways than you can imagine. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the things we cover in my Masters Class.
(What Seminar Guru’s Won’t Tell You).
I unfold a lot of social media tips and ranking tactics that Guru’s never tell their students so I hope you like this one I have for you today and believe me, there is more than just this little bit of information out there for you to learn and take advantage of so enjoy this blog because some of you might be shocked to learn this information today.
Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm favors people and ranks them well for being someone who does “LIVE” video streams. This is a guru hidden SEO tactic. Let me show you how this gets set up….(read my pitch below)


Notice The Last One….Time Decay! The More “Live” You Are, The Better You Score.

Hey folks this is Michael Opolski with Meet The Mentor and today at 3pm I will be going “Live” to answer questions about my classes and how to win the Accountability class trophy. Meet me “LIVE” on Facebook for a quick Q&A Session and I’d be happy to help you out with all your questions and concerns. Stream goes “Live” @3pm. See You There!
OK…now that sounds like a nice and thoughtful message, and it is, but there is also very good reason I want you all to meet me “LIVE”. I want Facebook to see that people like me and if it happens enough, Facebook allows my posts to be seen by more people because I add value to the platform in some way.
If you see influencer’s or guru’s offering “FREE LIVE” meet ups….now you know why> Facebook knows people are afraid of doing “Live” video. Not many are even good at it so this is why “Live” broadcasts get more exposure and get more ranking value in search engines…..“Because its hard to do”


This should piss some people off! (If you didn’t know these stats already)

I remember telling people in my classes that if you are afraid of doing video….kiss you ass goodbye online because ranking factors that matter most, are the ones that no one wants to do and streaming a live video does a lot of good for you in terms of ranking.
No guru mentions this in their seminars, or Q & A Sessions so I’ll tell it to you here. They need you to show up because it adds value to their “Social Ranking” score. There is a ranking factor with all search engines and that one category is “Social Mentions”. If an influencer can get you to tune in for a few minutes or tweet out a hashtag on their behalf, you fell right into their trap. 


Post Often, But Make It Quality, and Make Sure It is Something You Can Get Exposure For. (Hint: Post Something You Think Will Be Shared By Others)

They have no problem inviting you into their streams because they “Need You” Vs it being them “Care so Much”. You have to understand the world we now live in. There is a constant battle for people’s attention online and when you lack skills such as being good at “Live” video, your rankings, exposure and your conversions will be hurt.
Smart Guru’s and Influencer’s know these little rules….did you? I use them when I can. I personally like recording my videos instead of doing “Live” just in case I screw up I can go back and edit it but “Live” video (in case you didn’t know) is a big ranking factor for you especially on Facebook right now.hqdefault
Why do you think Facebook pushed people to do “Live” video only on their platform? They are bias to their services and when you use only those, they reward you. Knowing how all of these platforms works is a good idea because Youtube doesn’t convert the same as Facebook and Instagram doesn’t convert the same as Snapchat so you have to understand how each platform is built and how it it operating right now in 2017.
I have a whole section in the Masters Class that is all about what Guru’s don’t tell you. Using “Live” streams is a way people increase their “Social Mentions” for organic rankings to go along with their paid stuff.
If you add the two together, its insanely strong, but you have to do it right otherwise they cancel each other out. If you do too much paid advertising and zero organic, algorithms (Especially Google’s) will not rank it as high as it could be if it was supported by other content.

April 9th

Learn About These Tips and More in Our Masters Class.

Is Facebook Overtaking Google?

Facebook is overtaking Google?…Nope! not even close, only if you are counting traffic from social sites like Buzzfeed or Vox Vs traffic coming in from searches like Jim’s Plumbing or Tony’s Bakery. Stupid news feeds dominate Facebook in case you didn’t know so where is all the engagement folks?……on those feeds, and not on your ads.
Facebook shows users numbers and tells people they have the most traffic coming into their platform……they sure do….for bullshit drama and for marketers to come in and buy up ad space…that is who those people are and where all that concentrated traffic is coming from.Google-Adwords-Vs.-Facebook-Ads-e-Intelligence-Infographic1
There are more people buying ads on Facebook than there are people clicking on them. Facebook just downgraded people’s visibility yet again on your content that you post so something tells me that this is being done to force people top pay to be seen which means…BUY MORE ADS!
The overall traffic that “Search Results” send is still coming from Google. Social Media sites like Facebook get mixed up with other platforms because of the whole Facebook Ads thing. When people go online and search for stuff, they are not going to Facebook and typing in search queries….REALLY? who does that? They are either using a search engine like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yelp, or an App to find things online, they are not coming to Facebook to look for stuff.
When you look up stuff to purchase like a new video game, or a new set of tires, do you hop on Facebook and start looking for tire companies or video game stores?….Nope! and Facebook hates that so this is why they are turning more into a search engine now vs staying just a social media site.Facebook-vs-Google-Plus
Overtime, Facebook will be its own version of a search engine and it will control how its users can function within their platform even more so than they already do. Most people want more than just one option for exposure and Facebook knows this so this is why Facebook is working hard to give you all the coolest gadgets and gizmos like “Facebook Live” so that you don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.
You’ll need to go to other sites and post content because millions of people are already shifting around to other places because after a while, people get bored of the same thing or just bored of Facebook in general and this is why the App market is so crazy. More than 2/3rds of all web searches are done from Apps……not on Facebook.
Facebook has the most users and because of that people automatically think they are the #1 place to post ads for your business. What if you posted on a few other sites and got a much greater return? are you being bias to Facebook because you have (numbers envy).

Think of it like this….you get a million hits a month on Facebook Ads but only 60 sales for your efforts, but if you post somewhere else and get only 5k views but 60 sales……where was your time and money better spent? Don’t be bias just because of a large user base folks. Think about all the millions of people who are on Facebook each day not doing a damn thing except wasting time and screwing off?…….Millions!


You Should Be Posting All Over Anyway! Don’t Be Bias to Just One or Two Places.

Don’t think that just because Facebook has a ton of people that they are out looking for your ads. When people use Google, they are actively searching for something, on Facebook they could be fucking off on Facebook Live talking to pals or they could be playing a game for all we know so think about that when you are trying to get people’s attention.
Do you want to be where people are searching for stuff?….or do you want to be posting where people are arguing about President Trump and this past election and other drama? Do you ever think about these things or are you just hoping that the numbers game will magically go in your favor because Facebook tells you that for a certain amount of money you will reach a certain amount of people which we all know is a lie anyway.
Facebook only allows you your full amount of people if your Facebook Ads are 100% spot on according to their posting guidelines and if its not…..they will do something called “Ghosting” to your ad which means instead of 2500 people seeing your ad, now only 450 will see it and it will be people of low quality who don’t really match your search criteria at all. Facebook has something called The 20% Rule. Obey that rule and your ads will be fine.

The Facebook 20% Text Rule Fully Explained

  • The 20% text policy does NOT apply to pictures of products that include text on the actual product.
  • Photos of products in real situations or photos of products with a background ARE allowed.
  • Images that are zoomed in on logos or images with text overlay are NOT allowed.
  • Images that are clearly edited to include text on the product as a loophole to the 20% text rule are NOT allowed.
So if you think about it, it’s not very accurate to obey this 20% rule and then just toss out ads to a mass of people blind just because they are aged 26-65 and are a male who makes $50k a year or more… what? what if your ad promotes a product that none of those people have any interest in? Facebook doesn’t care, if you are alive and breathing, they’ll show you someone’s ad as long as you fit some of the search criteria. I myself get Real Estate training ads all the time and I have zero interest in that.
I only get those because I work in Real Estate and I chat daily on Facebook with others who are also in real estate. Facebook see’s that and so by default they send me all types of real estate training ads. I hate that and yet people think their ads are being sent to people who really want to be bothered by an ad popping up on their page just because someone targeted a certain age bracket.
Most of the engagement going on Facebook is not people looking for a business to purchase items or a service from, they go searching for that on Apps and Google mostly and yet people are convinced Facebook is crushing Google somehow just because they have more users on their platform. Don’t be bias with numbers envy folks, look deeper than that!Google-AdWords-vs-Facebook-Ads
People are very closed minded when it comes to spreading their business around on the web. They only think about the top 5 or 6 social media sites to be on and they stick with that. In 2007 BackLinks was a great thing for SEO so everyone focused on Link building and then it eventually became very spammy.
Fast forward to today in 2017 and instead of Links being the best thing for SEO, now “Quality Content” and “User Experience” are the two top factors so not only has it changed, but now people are expected to change along with that and if they don’t their SEO will suffer. Google still dominates in terms of where people are doing the most searching but overtime that will even out over many platforms and it won’t be just Google and Facebook battling it out. It will be places like DuckDuckGo and many others.

Never believe 100% what you see or hear. Do some research and learn what some truths are because once you start figuring things out, its not so nice and pretty….for example, In 2012 Google came out and told everyone that you shouldn’t buy Links or Pay for Link sharing…..well……what they are not telling people is that they were rewarding websites that did this so that was 100% a LIE!….nice huh? welcome to the real world of SEO folks, its nasty!


I don’t buy into Facebook’s Ad Reach at all. Once again they want you to think just because they have the most people on their platform doesn’t mean you will get the most exposure. Advertising isn’t a numbers game, its an effectiveness game.

Today, Google looks at a searches “Intent”, what are you specifically looking for and if you have a site that can answer questions fast and easy, then you can win the ranking battle….but you still have to have some talent when it comes to creating content that people actually want to engage with and there are ways to figure that all out in our Masters Class.
This is I why I tell people they need to sit down and learn some harsh truths about this SEO stuff because as a business person/marketer for my brand and products, knowing what I know now about SEO has helped me grow bigger and for way less money because my content is ranking more than ever and that only started happening when I became a student of this crazy world of SEO and ranking online.
In the end, post your content all over and never rely on one set place to be your saving grace in life. If someone comes out with a better version of Facebook in a few years, will your bias change again? or will you not care because you don’t rely entirely on one site for all your traffic to convert. This isn’t about Google Vs Facebook anymore, its much bigger than that but these two are still the top platforms so far! Instead of worrying about being effective on the biggest platforms, why not focus on where you can be effective at all?
I register more people for my classes with my free blogs than I do anything else and that goes against everyone’s advice for how I should be getting new students…..sorry, but I operate where I am most effective consistently and if that is away from Facebook….so be it! I’ll take success wherever it decides to come from each month. FBCoverB

Worry About Adding Value Vs Adding Subscribers (It Pays Better).

I will never subscribe to you on any social media platform unless I actually engage with your content. That only seems fair to me. Way too many people are caught up with their numbers and subscribers that they are not focusing in on creating more VALUE. I have almost zero followers for most my channels (Do you see me freaking out at all?…No!)
When it comes to friends and business colleagues, not many of them follow my content at all but I get thousands of views a month for my content so I don’t really have loyal following  per say, but I do have a ton of onlookers who try to evaluate whether or not to follow me based on what I produce for content.
They take what I post about and use it as their own on their social media posts. They won’t subscribe, but they’ll use my lessons as their own to make it look & sound as if they did the research SMH.mq1
If I can’t get you to subscribe to my channels, I won’t cry about it, but I also won’t subscribe to you just because we are pals on social media. I did this in the past just to be nice but then you look and find out that none of those people who you are helping out by subscribing will even look at your stuff so why be nice to them just because? I don’t work that way!
You need to earn my attention just like a real customer and if you can do that, then I’ll have no problem watching your videos or reading your articles or even subscribing if I think you are good.
I have people ask me to follow them or subscribe to their channels, but they don’t do the same in return so why should I honor their request? I’m not a good backlink for you because I’ll never go and watch your stuff. I’m too busy creating my own!

The problem for me is this, nobody is creating enough new content for me to even enjoy. It’s all the same stuff over and over and its not consistent at all. It looks like this……“Hey it’s me and I’m driving”, just want to say work hard and believe in yourself“….or “Hey everyone I’m working today”….ok so what? teach me something, add value to what it is that you are doing. Show me a problem you beat today, show me how you overcame an objection from a client. Give me a real reason to even care.


Are You Doing Any Of These?, or Are You Lame and Predictable?

If you pay close enough attention, look at my posts daily on Facebook, What do they do?. They educate people. Most of the things I post is information that people don’t know about. I know this because I know what I see in people based on what they post. You can tell who is internet savvy and who is not so I do my best to post things that people have no idea about because to me that adds VALUE to my brand and what I teach in my classes.
I see my stats people, I know people are reading my posts, but they are not engaging with them which tells me, I am a silent library for them and they pop in daily to get some new info and then they pop right back out. I call these people “The Lurkers”community-participation-pyramid
If people can learn from my posts, articles or videos, then I am doing my job correctly vs boring people with life updates and the same old stories as the day before. Go back and watch all the posts you have done in the last month. Did you impress yourself? did you learn anything at all from your own videos? Are you boring and lack charisma? Are you repetitive? Would you sign up for your stuff based on what you produce?
I’m bias as hell folks and here is how! I like seeing effort DAILY! I like to see people making good videos and writing great content. It shows pride and real effort on their part vs always relying on a do-it-yourself program or automated system that says it will magically bring you tons of new business for you. I like the real grinders in life, you know the ones. The people who show up everyday vs just once a week.
I’m not all caught up in just the money either folks. I don’t care if you are a Billionaire or a newbie just starting out, if you don’t post daily on behalf of your business, it tells me you are up to your ass end in overhead debt when it comes to advertising and marketing methods. All these FREE tools on the web and nobody uses them to their advantage?…..OK.
So why blog or post everyday?…..hmmm…I don’t know, let’s take a look and see if its even worth our time, here we go!download-1
Last year I was able to attract 36k brand new unique visitors to the Meet The Mentor Brand from a FREE Blog. That might not seem like a ton of people to you but let me finish and I’ll show you why numbers are misleading many times. Its not quantity that matters folks, its the quality of the people you get attention from so here is the layout.
Out of those 36k people, many of them follow me on my blog or on Instagram. Today My Masters Class officially starts and because I stayed consistent all last year with FREE content daily, I have 25 brand new people registered for that Masters Class today. Big Deal…So What Mike, Why should we even care?…hold on, I’m getting to that.
All those people were found because I gave them something first. I either gave them a tip on marketing or I showed them a way to get FREE leads or whatever. No matter what it was that I did, I got people to take notice of what I am doing. I have killer info folks, I study hardcore and I deliver content that not many people even teach so my niche is? I have something to offer than no one else really takes the time to teach.

I don’t just talk about SEO and how to do it, I show my results and I post my rankings from Google for all to see just so that there is no debate about whether or not I know what I am talking about. I’ve been ranked on Google’s first page for 2 years, I know what I am doing compared to what others are trying to sell you.


This picture was from yesterday! I think I understand how to get ranked on Google pretty well!

None of those 36k people would have even looked my way if I slacked off or relied on other things to do the work for me like what most automated programs produce for people. Here is why this matters folks….. My Masters Class is Sold Out! I only take 25 people per class. The class fee is $699.00 per person so multiply that by 25 people and that is what I created for myself in terms of brand new income this month just for this one class from a FREE blog. All I did was put in the work folks.
I didn’t bitch when my blog views were shitty, I didn’t bitch when no one subscribed to me. I just kept adding value and it paid off after about 6 months. I had people text me in private on Facebook questioning me about the income I make from my FREE marketing efforts LOL…..go ahead and keep thinking that this is all a waste of time because every month, these classes will be full and none of it would have happened with out my blog.
Do you still think blogging daily is stupid and a waste of time? I’m going to build a six figure business from a FREE blog. SEO is not about how rich you are, or how much in ads you spend, its about how smart and effective you are. Poor people can rank on Google’s first page so why can’t you? My job is to show people that SEO is more in depth than they are being taught at seminars and at coaching clinics.sold-out
In those things, they only teach you the surface information. If you wanna test the validity of your mentor or SEO teacher, ask them if its a good idea to do a 301 Redirect if you plan to create new content for your niche or if you are better off using a Rel Canonical instead because once your content is outdated, search engines will downgrade it and not look at it as a good source of information anymore especially if the content is dated and is no longer valid.
This matters especially if you are trying to do Landing or Lead Pages to convert new incoming traffic. That method is a constant battle of split testing different headlines and Opt in forms….but the seminar instructors won’t tell you how much time and money that will cost, they will only focus on showing you the basics so you can try and go out and make some money.
If your master mind teacher can answer that, then you have a top level teacher, and if they can’t answer it, then you are learning from someone who is teaching you a system that is soley based on the amount of money you can contribute  and its all based on paid ads and keywords AND….they are making money off of you in the process….how nice!

I offered a FREE video talking this past week about the truths about (click funnels) and only one person commented about it so that tells me that there is a ton of people out there posting blind and all wrong on social media, but they won’t take the time to learn how to do it right, and then people wonder why they can’t get new leads all the time for their business?…especially FREE ones. All it takes is a consistent effort folks. I’ll never subscribe to people who half ass things. Are you worth subscribing to? Are you really showing your best stuff to the world?


I had ONE person who was interested in this content. That tells me a lot!

Will Facebook’s Algorithm Changes Hurt Your Business?


IF you want more attention for your videos here is how you do it. Post only on Facebook and only use Facebook’s Streaming service. Don’t record a Youtube video and then post it on Facebook, they will limit the amount of exposure it gets.

I just tested this for a week and let me tell you what happened. I made a video with Facebook’s streaming service called (BeLive). I also recorded the exact same presentation on a separate program I had running as well.facebook-algorithm

Once I finished the Facebook recording, it showed I had 34 views already before it was even finished uploading?… can people watch it, if its still uploading? its as if Facebook’s algorithm was already feeding me views even though my video wasn’t done yet. I had nobody watching me on Facebook when I recorded it so I know my viewer count is ZERO for that video so how does someone gain 34 views as the damn video is uploading? You can’t even watch it until its all done so this is some fuckery going on for sure.


Anyway….I took the very same video but this time copied it from Youtube and pasted it onto my page…….NOT ONE VIEW, not one comment or like or anything, but when its posted from Facebook’s program, I can get views even before the video exists?

I’m telling you all this because I teach SEO Algorithm stuff in my classes and its a serious concern for my students when they hear about these things from me for the first time. Facebook is being bias in terms of what gets seen and what gets “Ghosted” on their platform. You and I can’t bitch about a thing because, Its their platform so they make the rules. All we can do is follow the rules and stay with

From now on, I will make duplicate copies of all my videos just for SEO and distribution reasons but overall, your are fucked unless you start only using Facebook’s program now. They will block views to your other stuff if you don’t. In the last 2 weeks, I tested multiple videos and not one of my Youtube videos got any views, but my other ones got hundreds…….how come its so unbalanced now?, I’ll tell you why and this is exactly what all platforms and search engines are now doing.

If you want to control a massive user base of people, you do things like this to control their daily user habits, this allows you to better design an algorithm for your platform because you better understand the people who are on it and what they do every hour.

This helps advertising in a big way because Facebook sells ads based on Meta Data and what better way to collect accurate data, than to make people fall in line with set rules and guidelines to follow.facebook-algorithm

I did see this coming, and I warned people months ago about this but it seems like those changes are going on right now so be on alert and learn the rules so you can adjust how you create and post content daily.

Upload Facebook Live or BeLive videos ONLY on Facebook, anything else pasted from another source will not be given a fair chance at all, unless you paid for Boosting or you pay for an ad to bring in traffic to your post. Organic content on Facebook is almost dead 100%, If you rely on Facebook to get your brand out to the masses, you better find ways to get around their rules because they are blocking people from seeing you.

Remember how I keep saying that ranking on search engines is a science?… is, and if you want to learn these rules and how to make them work for you, contact me about my next SEO Masters Class, this stuff isn’t going away so you might as well learn it sooner than later.masters-class-pic

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