If You Don’t Trust Search Engines (Build Your Own).

I want to share with you all something I cover in my Masters Class. I’m posting this because I feel it is important so here we go….
Right now savy Marketers are setting up traps and here is how that is being done. Let’s say I create a single page website and all you see is a blank text box where you can type in anything you want to search for. This looks and feels just like it would if you were to jump on Google or Bing and look up something on the web but instead of it being Google or Bing, its actually one person trying to zero in on what it is you want to see. They have built their own version of a mini search engine and it only cranks out answers that their business can solve. There are ways to get people to these sites and we cover some of those in my Masters Class.
If you rely on search engines to bring you web traffic then you are in competition with millions based on rankings, but if you create your own version of a search engine, then people will be open to trying it just to see the different type of answers they would be getting vs using the traditional ones because they are cluttered with PAID Ads and people know this.
{For Example} – Let’s say you go to my single page site and you type in “I need to sell my house because I have to move out of state”…..OK now after they type that in what happens is you start building content that only targets that one specific search, you have the people enter their email as their password so they can have access to the search tool and that is how you stay in contact with them, you send them house relocating info that only YOU provide….see how that works? You built your own version of a search engine but the only answers your prospect will see are ones sent out by your business.
You create your own version of a search engine but only your companies replies is what they will be exposed to. You can create several links to deliver this information to the prospect so it caters to how they want to learn, if they only want to watch a short video, send them to a short video, if they like reading a blog, send them to the best blog you have on that topic they searched for. Control what they see and inform them only with your content.


Your single page website can be something as simple as this.

You have now single handedly put yourself right in front of someone and their biggest “Real Time” problem and because you are the one who keeps making contact with them vie email when it comes to that particular problem, you are now looked at as a person who is either an expert on the topic, or you are the right person at the right time in this persons life to come and save the day all because you can build replies around their searches. If you already have content that answers some of their questions, you might need to update it to make it look and feel more important than what your older content might be saying about that specific topic.
This is happening so much that SEO people are using this to try and get clients from other SEO people and here is how that gets done. You set up your single page website search browser and then you target people who are interested in SEO. You then have people come to your site and ask any question they want about SEO and then from there you only send them info that applies to their search and you hammer them with nothing but updated and really convincing content.
When you show a strong authority in a certain niche, people will start to think you can help them, more so than the SEO person who is helping them right now because all you did was have them tell you their biggest concerns on your search engine page and you “feed their need” until they decide to pick your business to go with. In a sense, you are telling people what they need to hear in order to drive them into making a decision, trust me, there is a lot of indecisive people out there, your job is to help them make up their mind by using your content.


We only accept 25 people per class.

A lot of people don’t trust big search engines, they feel that all the results they are getting are from big companies who paid a lot of money for Ad Words to get ranking spots and because of that, they positioned themselves to be an answer for you but only because they paid for access to you vs you seeking them out specifically.
Setting up your search engine page will allow you to find out exactly what people need to see or hear from you “Right Now”, it makes convincing people a lot less stressful because all you have to do now is not be Google or Bing, just be a person and reach out to the people who take the time to use your page vs just letting an auto responder do all that for you.
People like it when connections are made vs being ignored and an auto responder is not personal, its just a tool marketers use to try and not lose a prospect because they are too busy to answer a phone or reply with a text to someone who is using their product.
In order to get this off the ground and get it working, you will actually have to contact people and talk to them (go figure) and that level of interest from you will be a nice surprise to the new prospect and because they are being treated differently, they think differently about you and your answers.download
This makes targeting people a lot more personal and it also is starting to become a huge trend with SEO people who are out looking for clients. We cover this in my class and you can do this for any industry too. If you ever wanted to get very precise and targeted searches for your business, this is how you do it. You first find out what people want “Right Now” and then you build content to cater to it in “Real Time” This bombards the person searching on your site with nothing but solutions to their searches and because it tailor made to fit their specific search vs being a bunch of search result ads on Google.
Adding in (Personal Touch) is a savvy way marketers can make emotional connections with strangers online to find out what it is they need to see for information “Right Now” in order to make a business or purchasing decision. This level of targeted marketing is going on right now and people are trying to figure out how to set this up because all the search queries a person puts in on your site will only produce answers that YOUR business can solve.


Personal Touch means “HEY….Give me a call” How many of you market to prospects this way? or do you try and let your funnels and emails do all that for you?

It looks and feels just like any search engine except, it only cranks out answers that are provided by your business so its actually trapping people with your content in a savvy way vs shoving it down their throats with spam ads. As long as they keep putting in questions on your page, you’ll keep sending out answers for them.
Keep in mind, if people are getting an email from you because of this webpage, its because people opted in with their email to gain access to it and that only happens when people are not convinced Google or Bing is helping them.
People are out looking for ways to get answers without being attacked by all the big companies and their ads so if you create a place where it feels safe and easy to use, then don’t be shocked if you start gathering up new clients because of this method, People are out seeking for a reliable source to help them, if you can becomce that source, you win!reliable
P.S If you don’t have a lot of content on the web yet don’t worry, the second a person enters a search query into your personal search engine, then what you do is take their questions and build content that answers all of them, then you send them a nice email that puts that content directly in front of them and because it has their name on it and its tailor made to their specific questions, they will look at it differently and see it as a solution vs just a spammy email from a marketer.
We’ll cover this in depth in the Masters Class! Social Media Influencer “Gary Vaynerchuk” set up one of these type of pages a while back and it let him know what type of content he needed to make in real time based on the amount of searches he was getting on his search engine looking page. Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t the only person doing this tactic. This is how you find out what people need to hear in real time and then you go off and create content that caters to it and Boom……you have a niche audience to build content around vs you trying to think of things to come up with that people might want to read or watch for content so you can gain a following or subscribers.
Doing it this way allows you to know exactly what people need to see or hear and instead of being an ad that pops up for people to click on, you can be a person who actually reaches out to people, makes contact, and possibly closes a business deal….what business owner wouldn’t want that?
Let the consumer do the work, you just fill in the blanks and give them the answers they need, people like it when you acknowledge them so if anyone uses your search bar webpage, go say Hi!
You have their attention at that moment, don’t lose it by being just like everyone else and let your auto responders categorize them, actually reach out and let them know you have information that can help them with their search vs just having to rely on Paid or Sponsored ads that people don’t want to click on anyway.
The Masters Class is sold out for the month of June. Registration for the July Class opens up on June 3rd. The classes are one month long, we meet once every Saturday for four straight weeks, we do live chat and Q&A after each lesson and we cover a lot of topics.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this Masters Class.

#1. SEO – You either do it or you pay for it.

#2. Marketing – What are you good at, and what are you willing to do?

#3. Social Media – The Rules and New Direction. This is the class lesson that has the most “SHOCK VALUE” to students.

#4. Branding – Who Are You? Why should anyone care?

#5. Learning to do Proper Research Online – Be Savvy!

#6. Time Management – Be a Productive Person, Not Busy. You will be exposed to some online tools you can use and more.

#7. Getting Away From Comfort Zones – You Wanna Grow Right?

#8. “Find The Niche” (I’ll explain this in class).

See you all in class!
Miichael Opolski

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Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

When is The Best Time to Send Emails So They Will Get Opened More?

I’m going to toss out a test for you all. This is something I do in the Masters Class. Keep in mind, I know the harsh truth about SEO and Ranking Factors so I already know the answer to this question.
What’s the best time of day to send out an email?
12am -3am
12pm -3pm
Keep in mind you can go search google and other search engines and get stats and all kinds of numbers but I have the real truth so all I am looking for is what your answer would be for this question if you had to answer it on the spot.duplicate-emails


These results are all separate test results. I can pull up another set from 10 more tests and do the exact same thing and it will have different numbers because why? It doesn’t matter when you post. What matters is WHAT you post and WHO you are sending it to. I can’t help it if no one reads your content. Go find some readers who actually like the subject matter that you create. Who are you sending emails to anyway? How about your blogs?

Time of day and metrics measured all depends on what you sell, who your customer base is that you are targeting, and if you are even a recognizable brand name and if not, people might not be so quick to jump on your content the second you send it out so time of day means NOTHING. People convince themselves that this is important. The Super Star Ranking Metrics people who test this stuff tell you its not even in the top 10 for consideration in terms of how to be effective with your content, but people are selling these ideas at seminars because it makes them look smart because their independant study on only a few companies (or just their own) told them so.

if you go down the road to the next seminar, they will be teaching you completely different times to post so if you hit up two seminars in one day, you are already hating life because of the lying that’s going on. No one should care what anyone’s study has to say…..you should only care what your monthly audits of your content are telling you and the problem is most people do not check their monthly progress and then they wonder why they are not consistent with growth.

Nobody isn’t reading your newsletter, blogs or even emails because they aren’t being put out on a certain day or at a set time. They aren’t reading it because they don’t care simple as that. People try way to hard to be liked and when you send out content and no one reads it….it means you didn’t get it in front of the right people and it could also be terribly written and not make a connection with anybody.


If People enjoy what you send them they open it, no matter time of day it is.

Do you think Hollywood screen writers need any talent to sell a movie script?……Ok, so what makes you any different? If you have talent, you have readers. It has nothing to do with the time of day you send anything out.

People come and go at different times so how well do you know your audience really? If you knew the core of your audience was people who worked 3rd shift because your business revolved around a product that catered to late night workers, would posting something mid afternoon be a good idea when these people are asleep? What if 2am was a prime time to post for what you have to sell? Doesn’t that sound logical? It’s not! as good as that just sounded…its bullshit.

People check messages and emails based entirely on who the sender is. If you get an email from a business saying “Hey here’s our weekly newsletter” what do think most people would do?…..they will say “Oh great, I’ll get to that when I can”.

Wait What?…..you sent it right as they were waking up and some seminar douche bag told you that if you post emails at 10am like one of the examples in this picture does then your open rate will be skyhigh because his test said so. WTF happened?


So 10am is #1 on one test but its the worst time on another?..Umm…OK! (look Top Right, and Bottom Left Examples for Those Numbers Folks)

People actually believe this stuff and they post by these test results even though the test results are not based on their market, their product, or how effective their brand name is at all so they post blindly everyday at set times and they even do it early in the day because then they feel the person on the other end can get the email sooner and then they could also enjoy it with their morning coffee….How’s that going for ya?

Yup, this is real life folks. Stop depending on set times and days to post, just get to work and post content. The more quality content you provide the better. Don’t just post a ton of garbage on the web either, there is already plenty of that. Make sure that what you are sending out is good. Don’t be bias to your own work, have someone tell you what they think who isn’t a friend or school buddy. Get an opinion from someone who makes money doing what you are trying to do. I bet you’ll come to find out they don’t post at set times everyday like the seminar people are blabbing about.

If you build a brand name people can trust and look forward to, your emails, texts, and even ads get opened a lot faster because you earned it be creating a brand that speaks to people vs relying on gimmicks and time zones to achieve your goals.

In closing “When is the best time to actually send an email so it actually gets opened?…..As soon as you can type one up, that’s when”! GET TO WORK!


We cover SEO, Emails, Networking and More in Our Masters Class. Registration Opens March 11th for our April Class. (Limit 25 People Per Class)

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.