If You Don’t Trust Search Engines (Build Your Own).

I want to share with you all something I cover in my Masters Class. I’m posting this because I feel it is important so here we go….
Right now savy Marketers are setting up traps and here is how that is being done. Let’s say I create a single page website and all you see is a blank text box where you can type in anything you want to search for. This looks and feels just like it would if you were to jump on Google or Bing and look up something on the web but instead of it being Google or Bing, its actually one person trying to zero in on what it is you want to see. They have built their own version of a mini search engine and it only cranks out answers that their business can solve. There are ways to get people to these sites and we cover some of those in my Masters Class.
If you rely on search engines to bring you web traffic then you are in competition with millions based on rankings, but if you create your own version of a search engine, then people will be open to trying it just to see the different type of answers they would be getting vs using the traditional ones because they are cluttered with PAID Ads and people know this.
{For Example} – Let’s say you go to my single page site and you type in “I need to sell my house because I have to move out of state”…..OK now after they type that in what happens is you start building content that only targets that one specific search, you have the people enter their email as their password so they can have access to the search tool and that is how you stay in contact with them, you send them house relocating info that only YOU provide….see how that works? You built your own version of a search engine but the only answers your prospect will see are ones sent out by your business.
You create your own version of a search engine but only your companies replies is what they will be exposed to. You can create several links to deliver this information to the prospect so it caters to how they want to learn, if they only want to watch a short video, send them to a short video, if they like reading a blog, send them to the best blog you have on that topic they searched for. Control what they see and inform them only with your content.


Your single page website can be something as simple as this.

You have now single handedly put yourself right in front of someone and their biggest “Real Time” problem and because you are the one who keeps making contact with them vie email when it comes to that particular problem, you are now looked at as a person who is either an expert on the topic, or you are the right person at the right time in this persons life to come and save the day all because you can build replies around their searches. If you already have content that answers some of their questions, you might need to update it to make it look and feel more important than what your older content might be saying about that specific topic.
This is happening so much that SEO people are using this to try and get clients from other SEO people and here is how that gets done. You set up your single page website search browser and then you target people who are interested in SEO. You then have people come to your site and ask any question they want about SEO and then from there you only send them info that applies to their search and you hammer them with nothing but updated and really convincing content.
When you show a strong authority in a certain niche, people will start to think you can help them, more so than the SEO person who is helping them right now because all you did was have them tell you their biggest concerns on your search engine page and you “feed their need” until they decide to pick your business to go with. In a sense, you are telling people what they need to hear in order to drive them into making a decision, trust me, there is a lot of indecisive people out there, your job is to help them make up their mind by using your content.


We only accept 25 people per class.

A lot of people don’t trust big search engines, they feel that all the results they are getting are from big companies who paid a lot of money for Ad Words to get ranking spots and because of that, they positioned themselves to be an answer for you but only because they paid for access to you vs you seeking them out specifically.
Setting up your search engine page will allow you to find out exactly what people need to see or hear from you “Right Now”, it makes convincing people a lot less stressful because all you have to do now is not be Google or Bing, just be a person and reach out to the people who take the time to use your page vs just letting an auto responder do all that for you.
People like it when connections are made vs being ignored and an auto responder is not personal, its just a tool marketers use to try and not lose a prospect because they are too busy to answer a phone or reply with a text to someone who is using their product.
In order to get this off the ground and get it working, you will actually have to contact people and talk to them (go figure) and that level of interest from you will be a nice surprise to the new prospect and because they are being treated differently, they think differently about you and your answers.download
This makes targeting people a lot more personal and it also is starting to become a huge trend with SEO people who are out looking for clients. We cover this in my class and you can do this for any industry too. If you ever wanted to get very precise and targeted searches for your business, this is how you do it. You first find out what people want “Right Now” and then you build content to cater to it in “Real Time” This bombards the person searching on your site with nothing but solutions to their searches and because it tailor made to fit their specific search vs being a bunch of search result ads on Google.
Adding in (Personal Touch) is a savvy way marketers can make emotional connections with strangers online to find out what it is they need to see for information “Right Now” in order to make a business or purchasing decision. This level of targeted marketing is going on right now and people are trying to figure out how to set this up because all the search queries a person puts in on your site will only produce answers that YOUR business can solve.


Personal Touch means “HEY….Give me a call” How many of you market to prospects this way? or do you try and let your funnels and emails do all that for you?

It looks and feels just like any search engine except, it only cranks out answers that are provided by your business so its actually trapping people with your content in a savvy way vs shoving it down their throats with spam ads. As long as they keep putting in questions on your page, you’ll keep sending out answers for them.
Keep in mind, if people are getting an email from you because of this webpage, its because people opted in with their email to gain access to it and that only happens when people are not convinced Google or Bing is helping them.
People are out looking for ways to get answers without being attacked by all the big companies and their ads so if you create a place where it feels safe and easy to use, then don’t be shocked if you start gathering up new clients because of this method, People are out seeking for a reliable source to help them, if you can becomce that source, you win!reliable
P.S If you don’t have a lot of content on the web yet don’t worry, the second a person enters a search query into your personal search engine, then what you do is take their questions and build content that answers all of them, then you send them a nice email that puts that content directly in front of them and because it has their name on it and its tailor made to their specific questions, they will look at it differently and see it as a solution vs just a spammy email from a marketer.
We’ll cover this in depth in the Masters Class! Social Media Influencer “Gary Vaynerchuk” set up one of these type of pages a while back and it let him know what type of content he needed to make in real time based on the amount of searches he was getting on his search engine looking page. Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t the only person doing this tactic. This is how you find out what people need to hear in real time and then you go off and create content that caters to it and Boom……you have a niche audience to build content around vs you trying to think of things to come up with that people might want to read or watch for content so you can gain a following or subscribers.
Doing it this way allows you to know exactly what people need to see or hear and instead of being an ad that pops up for people to click on, you can be a person who actually reaches out to people, makes contact, and possibly closes a business deal….what business owner wouldn’t want that?
Let the consumer do the work, you just fill in the blanks and give them the answers they need, people like it when you acknowledge them so if anyone uses your search bar webpage, go say Hi!
You have their attention at that moment, don’t lose it by being just like everyone else and let your auto responders categorize them, actually reach out and let them know you have information that can help them with their search vs just having to rely on Paid or Sponsored ads that people don’t want to click on anyway.
The Masters Class is sold out for the month of June. Registration for the July Class opens up on June 3rd. The classes are one month long, we meet once every Saturday for four straight weeks, we do live chat and Q&A after each lesson and we cover a lot of topics.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this Masters Class.

#1. SEO – You either do it or you pay for it.

#2. Marketing – What are you good at, and what are you willing to do?

#3. Social Media – The Rules and New Direction. This is the class lesson that has the most “SHOCK VALUE” to students.

#4. Branding – Who Are You? Why should anyone care?

#5. Learning to do Proper Research Online – Be Savvy!

#6. Time Management – Be a Productive Person, Not Busy. You will be exposed to some online tools you can use and more.

#7. Getting Away From Comfort Zones – You Wanna Grow Right?

#8. “Find The Niche” (I’ll explain this in class).

See you all in class!
Miichael Opolski

Masters Class Poster AD
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Meet The Mentor: There is no Such Thing as “Content Marketing”

The term “Content Marketing” is used a lot of people. I even say it from time to time but when you dig down deeper into what that actually means, you will find out that content is not what we create as marketers for our businesses, if anything its much more important than just content creation.

There is no such thing as “Content Marketing” what you should be saying is I am a “Trust Builder”, becoming a reliable and trusted source for people is what creates awareness and sales. You can create content all day and all night and still not reach an audience because of how its delivered. How many of you write blogs and get terrible views for them? This is for you people, Let’s get into this a bit.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbUAAAAJGUyOGMyMzI2LTI4NzEtNDc1ZC1hMmRjLWQ4NDExNzU0YjhiNw

Let’s get into a topic that not many people like to actually engage in…POLITICS, Let’s say its the election season, we have a Democratic candidate and a Republican going head to head. You like neither one of them but you feel obligated to vote and are undecided so…..who gets your vote on Election day?

What if you are not a Democrat or a Republican? How would you go out and reach people as a candidate or as a “Content Creator” for them?

Here’s how you set this up, go in and start making a Facebook ad, don’t actually make an ad but start the process and start typing in what you want to create an ad for, once you pick a niche, a few other examples of related topics will pop up. Some of those topics will have nothing to do with your niche at all……but don’t panic!

What you are seeing is the search results that best rank well with your niche you picked. Here are some details on this. Let’s say you are an undecided voter but you love monster trucks and shooting guns. If I was a content creator for one of the candidates, I would put them in a monster truck, and then show pics of them skeet shooting or hunting just so I can get them to become more relatable to YOU!….stay with me.


People choose “Emotions” over “Logic” many times.

If I hate politics and I don’t really want to see any posts about it then how do I even decide who I vote for?…..the one who gets my attention the best in real time based on my real world interactions thats who. If I love guns, then I’ll be a little bias towards someone else who also loves guns or who is just around them. I’ll form an opinion about that person based on their interests that are similar to mine and Poof……that’s who I am voting for.

Some of you are saying “That’s stupid Mike”, actually its not because this is how most people actually vote and make decisions in life. They vote for the candidate who they feel relates to them the most or who will at least do a good enough job to make things go in favor of people just like you or me so that is how the choices are being made by people, they use EMOTIONS.

Most people don’t study any real topics like the economy or healthcare reform so instead they base their choices in life strictly off of who makes an emotional connection with them in “REAL TIME”…..sales and marketing works the exact same way.

Using politics is just an example, but people make purchasing decisions all the time because the “Randomness” of your content is just enough of an eye opener to get someone’s attention because it relates to things that people actually want to engage with.

When I tell people that getting attention online is a science, it really is. Find out what makes people take notice and then target them with content related to that as a lead in, it works amazing. its-science-funny-pic

I get people to find me online for all my businesses because I can target many things outside of my individual niche. I’ve been a DJ, I’ve been on Radio, I’ve been a speaker on stage at Amway World Head Quarters, I own a video game channel, I’ve bought and sold real estate in multiple states without leaving my home, I’m a published author, and more.

I’ve done some cool stuff in life let’s just say that and when I can attract people to my content who also like those type of things, I can get people to notice me and more of what I do a lot easier vs me trying to ram Mentor Lessons down people’s throats non stop or harrassing people with direct mail to sell me their property. Here is an example of how this worked for me in real life….

I bought a house in Texas last year and resold it to a developer all in the same week because some lady from Montana saw that I was a music DJ for years and her son is also a DJ so she called me to talk about that more than we ever talked about her selling her house that was in Probate. It wasn’t luck that she found me, I post my music online because I want people to actually listen to it.

When this lady did a background check on me, she didn’t look for anything related to real estate at all, she was out poking around looking for something we had in common and being a mobile DJ was the one thing that got me a deal with her.

I was trust worthy to her not because I have bought and sold houses before, but because I share a same interest as her son…….sounds stupid huh?, it’s not because she made a decision to sell her house to me all because I loved music in a way that her son did. It had nothing to do with my ability to buy her home at all, it was all done because of an emotional connection I was able to make based on my own personal interests that I engage in.

May 7th

Class Starts on June 3rd.

In my Masters Class, I show people how I create content that gets more attention than a normal blog entry. I call this “Spiking The Algorithm”. Many of you have seen me do this a few times because I always post my blog stats when I do that. There is a reason I can pull that off when I want to. It’s a combination of good timing and well thought out research. I’ll show the new students how I do this process in the class and show you why my numbers are always spike when I attempt this.

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Do You Want to Get Better Results as an Online Marketer?

The battle for attention online is an ongoing battle that every marketer must face. There are so many tips and tactics being sold to people and all of them promise the best results. Piecing together a strategy can be frustrating.

Do you really want to get better results as a marketer? Stop doing what everyone else is doing, stop trying to copy someone else’s life or pattern. The opportunity you have right now is to be that person who creates something that would be missed if you were gone tomorrow.


How Much Content is Out There With Your Name On It?

Most marketers do terrible because they are tryin to copy other people’s success principles vs creating some of their own. Why else do you think so many methods of teaching sales and marketing to people?…..because people figured out that there is no ONE WAY to accomplish anything so you might as well try to be the best version of YOU vs relying on being a carbon copy of some person who says “Just do what I do”
What you create for content needs to be yours, it needs to be unique. Way too many people look at others and think “If I could just be good like them” You can, just do it in your own way and if the masses do not like what you have to say or produce……welcome to reality folks, there is no promise of anything in this world, you have to earn your stripes in life just like everyone else.

Take for example some of my blogs. In a few of those, I get angry about stuff because its real. I’ll bitch about something and then break down how I plan to fix it. Most of my mentor students who register for my classes are people who like the harsh honesty I use in my blogs.


Do you attract like minded people?

This shows people I am just like them, I hate when things don’t work as they are planned, but I also give ideas on how to get past those obstacles and people seem to gravitate to that and this is how I have been able to build not only trust with people, but also get the point across that I am my own person and not many people talk like I do so “IT STANDS OUT”! which is exactly what I want it to do.
Think about it. If you copy cat someone, people can sit back and say “yup, I’ve heard that before, heard that, seen that, heard that too” they start to tune out because its nothing new to be exposed to, It has lost its impact and if all you know how to do is copy someone, then you can’t think of ways on your own to fix this issue.
So bascially if you copy cat, you bring no “WOW” factor at all to the table. You are predictable and lame vs inspiring and pursuasive.
The problem is, too many people are insecure with who they are and they won’t put their own flare on their content, they try too hard to be more like a guru they admire vs trying to stand out on their own.
If you want to create metrics that matter for YOU, then you need to become the best version of YOU vs trying too hard to force being something you are not and it starts with the content you produce for your brand. Don’t copy other people’s example just because it worked for them because of it doesn’t work out for you like it did for them, what happens after that?$100.00
Most people quit or lose interest and then move on, some people fight and hang on to force it some more but eventualy burn out. Learn how to make YOU stand out because anything less, is just copying others and hoping you strike lightining in a bottle like they did. So much for being unique these days, the only thing being taught to people is “Follow my secrets” or “Follow my system” vs “Let’s find out what the hell you can even do first”
If you lack talent and your guru doesn’t, then teaching you how to copy cat their systems is a total waste of time! You actually have to be good at things and have talent to pull in results and most guru’s don’t tell you that because it sounds mean.
The work that gets recognized is the work that no one else is doing or can do. People are not out looking for the same thing all the time, they need to be distracted by something that isn’t just like everything else out there….is that You?

Learn seom Local SEO tactics that can help you gain exposure online and even help your brand get ranked on Google’s first page. This is a one day class and it will run about 2 hours. I don’t teach what I haven’t already done myself and continue to do to this day.

My rankings last because I know this game, I’ll teach it to you!

This class is only available on Saturdays and I will be doing these each and every Saturday in Private with people who are wanting to learn this material.

You can register with me personally by texting me on Facebook and letting me know you would like to register.

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

13 Problems You Face as a Marketer on Facebook.

My Masters Class has a lesson that talks about Facebook and how much you rely on it as a business owner vs how much it actually performs for you each month. A lot of people are being romanced by something called “Vanity Metrics” and we’ll get into that in just a moment.
Here is what I show students and then I have them respond to. Those reasons list below are why marketers are leaving Facebook. Keep in mind, this is not about people quitting Facebook over people being stupid or rude.
These are actual concerns written out by marketers who are trying to expand their brand on Facebook and who have spent a ton of money doing so and saw no results.
Here is the list I present to the class.
#1. Facebook requires that you cater to your audience, rather than allowing you to shape your audience.
#2. Facebook takes traffic away from your business website.
#3. Facebook possesses too much control over content and marketing.
#4. Facebook is constantly changing its approach and algorithm, meaning that there is no single best way to engage.
#5. Facebook delivers a form of information that is not useful for your audience or customers.
#6. There isn’t enough actionable data to assess Facebook’s ROI.
Facebook does not allow for an integrated marketing effort.
#7. Facebook is deceptive.
#8. Facebook is full of click bait, memes, and other crap.
#9. Facebook punishes organic posts and non-paid content.
#10. Most people are trained to ignore sponsored posts on Facebook; they automatically tune out marketing efforts.
#11. Facebook fan numbers are misleading.
#12. Facebook fans actually consisted of fake profiles.
#13. Facebook connects your business with people you don’t actually want to market to.
Facebook has the most users out of any platform but it doesn’t mean its the best place to build your brand (Seriously). Don’t be bias and fall for “Vanity Metrics” if what you are doing for advertising on Facebook isn’t bringing you results every 30 days, then what you are relying on isn’t working.vanity
Facebook is huge and all, but its also not fair and it is very bias when it comes to its algorithm and even if you spend a ton of money on ads, there is no promise of any business coming your way. Just go ask all those click funnel people out there right now posting $5 a day ads and getting no conversions. (I have these people in my classes and they wonder why their sales are bad. I show them why their numbers are so shitty and then they wonder why they never learn this stuff in the training they signed up for). #RudeAwakening
It takes more than just relying on Facebook connections and ads to get a brand built. It takes engaging people, and most of you don’t even talk to half the people on your friends list so ask yourself this……Are you using Facebook the right way as a business owner?
People say they love it for their business, but when I ask for results they don’t have any so what’s to love about it ? Don’t be romanced by popularity that brings you zero business. Most of you have tons of Facebook friends and you never talk to any of those people so how effective are you really at networking? The people are there for you each day to reach out to and you just sit there waiting for what exactly?
This Facebook lesson in my Masters Class has to be one of the biggest eye openers for people because in this class some people found out for the first time how rigged the game is. I’ll show you how the game is being played out and maybe after that lesson, some of you will have a much better idea of how to use social media for personal gain in your business. It’s not about how many friends you have that’s for sure.FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Mentors: Do You Get Social Media Texts Like This?

I have the best chats with people on social media sometimes. Usually everyday I get a few trolls who come after me and I actually respond to most of them. I don’t do this to defend myself or anything, I do this for research.
As a person who has a mentorship program, it is my job to try and understand human behavior to a certain degree. I have to recognize patterns and habits with people so that I can start to mold the newer version of them in effective ways through various training.
One of the hardest things I deal with daily is mean people or just angry people who like to try and cut you down or degrade anything you have ever posted on social media. I post a lot of content that is meant to educate people. I always liked it when  I stumbled upon something cool that interested me and I learned from it so in return I like to try and do that for people out there who are just like me. My hope is they gravitate to my content because is something they can relate to or maybe use and gain from it in some way.maxresdefault (1)
What I am about to show you was a back and forth Facebook text that went of for a few minutes. This guy called me out on my SEO stuff and I had no problem handling him. I hope you can understand that people get defensive when you tell them that they are not doing certain things right and because of that, their business will be impacted. Keep in mind that this guy came to me and started asking questions. I know he was testing me which is fine, my info comes from the people at Google and who do the testing for them so fire away bitches!
{Facebook Hater} – I’m thinking you need to go back to school because your info about SEO is wrong 100% and I have proof with my numbers. I’ll show you my ad word campaigns and how well they do. You are trying to mislead people you fuck!
{ME} – What if I told you that Google doesn’t really focus on Keywords for rankings signals and that anyone who chases after keywords still is already behind the shift that just happened with the algorithms back in February?
{Facebook Hater} – “OK Mike Whatever, my numbers are good for PPC LOL, Nice try! I’m converting awsome right now”
{Me} – You only see what the performing metrics show you, you can’t factor in all the traffic that you lost because your bounce rate is high or because you are not in line with the new guideline and google penalized you for it……how do you track that if you don’t even know about it? Do you realize you could be converting even better and at a lower cost if you knew how to look for the recent changes? For example….if you use your main Keyword in the title of your post or ad….that no longer matters at all for ranking with that keyword (did you know this). It’s not a ranking signal as much you think it is. So I’m guessing you title all your Facebook ads with the top keywords and then you just cross your fingers?
{Facebook Hater}WHAT?download
{ME} – If you don’t know the new rules and make the corrections then Google takes traffic that you would normally get and redirects it to pages that convert better than yours for the same KEYWORDS you are buying. Why is this happening?….because your content is too much like everything out there, its not well written and it doesn’t answer questions well enough and its just plain boring and Google see’s that so they take traffic and give it to someone else who performs a little better than you even if its Organic Content vs Paid.
{Facebook Hater} – You are full of shit, who even tells you this stuff LOL?
{ME} – The guys who constantly test the algorithms told me! you want their names? John Mueller and Gary Illyes they are the Webmasters and Trends Analysts at Google so go start some beef with them. When you rank online for a keyword, the algorithm programs traffic to flow your way BUT…only at a certain percentage (for example) If you are ranked on Google’s first page, you will get let’s say…. 4% of all the incoming traffic for that particular keyword based on your current ranking, out of that 4% traffic, the algorithm starts to go to work and then once you hit your 4% limit, all that extra traffic pouring in goes somewhere else because?…..someone on the first page converts better than you and whats really sucks is, they might even rank lower than you OUCH!
The algorithm decides whether or not the users search was a good fit for your site or someone else’s, if you rank higher than someone else but their content is better than yours…..guess what? you will be skipped and you will never know it! The new algorithm doesn’t favor just keywords like you think, it favors “User Experience” and “Quality” and how do you measure that? You can look at “Time spent on page” as a metric but do you really know whats going on with that person who didn’t click on things the way you wanted them to?
{Facebook Hater} – I have metrics I check daily that show me results. You are talking like you know something that I don’t.
{ME} – Those numbers only show you converted and performing traffic, yes I get it. Show me all the traffic you lost and where it went? Show me why you lost it. How much better is the person ranked ahead of you or below you and by how much? How much more keyword density do they have that allows them to stay ahead of you on the first page?….Do you know how to look for that? There is more I can ramble off about ranking signals but we can start here.
{Facebook Hater} – You are stupid, my numbers are good and I haven’t had any changes in my stats. I rank well and my business is thriving.
{ME} – would you like to see the results of an audit? because the new changes just happened and the new algorithm now works in “Real Time” so the effects will start happening anytime now.
{Facebook Hater} – how can you audit me? that sounds illegal?
{ME} – I can track what URL’s are linked to you and how they got there and how well they rank. I can see how much you use in paid marketing vs organic. I can see what keywords you are bias to and only use. I can see holes in your SEO game simply by checking your links and how big of an “Authority” score you have overall. According to my findings, you spend a shit load of money on ads, you have no organic content going out and you rely only on PPC and Facebook Ads……Am I right on that or am I way off?
{Facebook Hater} – I’m guessing that you just broke the law and got my information from some illegal source. I’m going to look into you and find out how shady you really are you fucking asshole!
{ME} – If you want, I can teach you how to get this information because it can be done pretty easy and very legally actually. You do however have to pay attention and actually learn somethings because this is technical work. If you are willing to learn I can show you how to get this info about your competitors vs being angry with me thinking that I am full of shit. Why do you think I post what I do? I did my research, I sat in seminars and classes and took notes for years on this so remind me again how much time you spent on learning all this? This is how I get my Content Ranked. I find holes in people’s SEO game and I take traffic away from them.Its called being savvy.
{Facebook Hater} – Fuck You, I’m not learning shit from you!Fuck_you.jpg
You see folks, I deal with a lot of interesting people during the day time. I have this type of chat online with people pretty much everyday. I get called names, I get threatened but I have to realize that there are just some people in this world who are set in their ways and its never going to change.
In terms of this whole keyword and ranking mindset, let me see if I can paint the picture inside your head. You bid on PPC Ads and you use AdWords Campaigns to get traffic to your websites. You base this decision on which keywords not only are the most popular, but that also convert the best (according to your metrics).
From there you sit back every month and monitor how well each keyword does, if one falls short, you can throw more money at it and increase your bid ratio or you can say “Piss on it” and then focus on the other keywords or maybe try out some new ones.
Am I getting this right? is this how people think when it comes to getting attention online for their brand? Sorry but that was cool last year…Yup, way back in 2016 that was cool!, we’ve moved on from that in case you did know.
Algorithms changed, ranking factors changed, Barrier for entry for Google’s first page has changed and this means “You” need to change because you could be paying for keywords every month like clock work and business as usual but never realize how badly you are not getting traffic anymore because of these changes.barrier-679x350
Your KPI’s can’t measure what you aren’t doing.
I know most business owners don’t know their real numbers because that would take getting an audit of all your sites and traffic sources and that would cost thousands of dollars so no one pays for those except major companies so they just rely on Google stats and the things they feel are important.
Sitting back each month relying on all that BIG DATA you are collecting is not going to help you. You need to look deeper, these changes will catch up to those who rely entirely on Paid ads for web traffic. I’m seeing it already. I already have guru’s emailing me telling me about this great new thing they will be presenting...(Click Funnels) SMH.
When Guru’s start recycling old ideas and pitching them to their followers, you know numbers are not consistent because they need to do things like this to drive new traffic because what they rely on is not giving them what they need.
Those tactics they are showing you are not new, just the bullshit pitch they developed for it is!
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Are You Frustrated and Missing Targets With Social Media Marketing? (Here’s a Good Reason Why).

One of the biggest issues business owners face is their ability to gain exposure for their brand. Its a competitive world out there but it doesn’t help at all when you are relying on a platform to do certain things for you and its failing you, even after you have spent money for the service.Today I am talking about Facebook ads.
Facebook ads are not accurate at all. People will get some decent results from just one ad, and they will say “Yup works great”…not even close. If you look at the number of people you actually reach who want to see your ad, its not good! Most people have no idea how much your ads are targeting people who do not qualify at all for the content you are hoping people will see.
Look what I just got on my feed today (3.13.2017). I don’t want to see this and I have no interest at all in Judaism. Who decided that for me? What could I have possibly clicked on to trigger that?….NOTHING!
facebook accuracy

REALLY Facebook?…..so I like Judaism Now?

For those of you in my Masters Class, you know the real truth about Facebook ads and organic reach. This should not come as a shock to any of you who attend my classes. Half the crap you get targeted for is things you don’t search for but yet Facebook tells you that your reach for your ads is (X) amount of people….yeah, its mostly people who could care less about your ad….thanks for that!
I have added these up and I have had more than 30 ads from people on my feed just this weekend and not one of them I have any interest in at all. Facebook’s algorithm is fucking up, what’s going to be sent to me next?….“How to master underwater basket weaving”?

I cancel these ads out, but new ones keep coming and its for categories I have no interest in at all. Good job Facebook, your engineers need a pay raise for how accurate these ads target people who actually want to see this type of content.


Where is the Option for “People Who Actually Have An Interest in” (Insert Topic). Where is that at? In this day and age of technology we can’t have that?

The biggest problem with Facebook Ads?…if your ad can’t find you people worth a damn, it just tosses your ad into the 18+ category so now anyone with a freaking pulse will now see your stuff….and yet they don’t want to. Facebook needs to fix this NOW!
Ads should be targeted like this.
Male or Female
Also have it to where the user manually types in 10 topics they are actually interested in. I’ll do my top 10 and show you what it could look like.
#1. Business
#2. Sales
#3. Education
#4. Social Media
#5. SEO
#6. Marketing
#7. Video Games
#8. Sports, NFL Football , NBA Basketball, UFC, (Be Specific) Nothing worse than being someone who hates a sport and you get ads from them saying “Hey come join us for this weeks game”
#9. Food/Culinary
#10. Music
If I see ads for these categories, I will not get pissed and I will more than likely stop and see what they are.
The whole “Search by Income” is bullshit, how many people are saying that they are CEO’s of a business and they are not making any money? TONS. I just did a blog about Fake business owners on social media.

I hope Facebook doesn’t see that and factor those fake people in as above average income people because there is no way Facebook can find out your annual income so why have it as a factor for ads? is Facebook doing your annual taxes now too? You don’t think that people don’t LIE on that if asked “Household Income”…seriously? People say they are business owners on Facebook and CEO’s and yet they make no income so there ya go! When you target 45 year old males who make $100k a year or more….how do you know what they make? What if their ass just got fired last weekend and now they are broke?target-income-ranges-in-facebook-ads

Another big issue is this “Purchase Behavior” pattern that people like to cling to. Targeting people’s purchase behavior?…..WHY? What if someone was impulsive with their money and they got divorced and no longer can spend like that? What if they lost their job? What if they just filed for bankruptcy? Are they still a qualified person at that point because their past behavior says so? This falls into the category of “People are creatures of habit and that never changes”…..Oh yes it does, when the bill collectors start calling!

Every 18+ person on Facebook doesn’t qualify to see every ad, but Facebook puts it in front of them anyway and people rely for and pay for that as a service?…..I would think people would want to pay for accuracy vs just plain exposure to random people who could careless about what you have to say or sell.


Purchase Behavior….so that never changes?

I know a lot of people rely on social media for their business exposure but when you have crappy search criteria to choose from, it makes it hard to actually reach people who “WANT” to actually see what it is you are posting. The key to effective marketing is not to saturate a certain area with your ads (like people’s news feeds). The key is to bring people in contact with things they actually have a general interest in so why doesn’t Facebook have users fill that out so ads are better targeted? Because the more (Misses) you have, the more ads you need to buy and in the end its always about the money!

Learn to be a lot more effective with ads and social media in general with our Masters Class. We not only talk about social media in detail, but we also cover areas that can allow you to be more effective as a marketer, but without having to spend as much money to get the attention.April 9th

If you get crappy ads sent to your Facebook feed (Let me see them) comment on this blog or contact me so I can get the screen shot from you. If I use your picture in one of my videos, I’ll contact you and let you know. I’ll backlink you to it!

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.






There is No Such Thing as B2B or B2C, There is Only P2P (Person to Person).

There is no such thing as B2B or B2C marketing. It can’t be anything more than P2P. Person to Person. Companies do not order products, people do. Someone has to either make a purchase order based on logic, or emotion. A business doesn’t decide anything, a person does.
Perfect example of this….I use to DJ in night clubs, sometimes when a big sporting event was coming to town, the club managers would get together and “GUESS” how much extra booze they needed to buy for that week. They looked at old numbers from previous events and started to guess what would be a safe amount of purchase. Notice whats going on here?


So you are saying that human emotions have nothing to do with this process? 

They are emotional because the club will be busier than normal so they want to make sure they make as much as they can so logically they will play it safe and just go by the old numbers that they used from prior events. This was stupid because the event was the Super Bowl and the club ended up running out of certain things and it was all the result of Emotional thinking and when they made that liquor order, it was done with Emotions and not logic so its people within companies who order products but not the companies themselves.
It is not logical to look at old numbers and say “Yes that’s how well we will do this time around” instead the logical thing to do would be “Let’s buy what we did last time but add on extra because we have learned creative ways since then to bring in people from the event so we’ll sell it all for sure”. Logical thinkers see opportunity. If a major event is coming to town and you don’t get chances like this very often to pack your club, you better take full advantage vs restricting your efforts based on old data and just thinking that you should play it safe because stats show you what you believe you can do.
None of my club managers ever talked liked that, none of them were really qualified for the job, hence why I left that industry! Saying that you just want to keep things the same as last time tells me that you have no plan for new growth at all and that is a really bad sign of a terrible manager and leader.b2b
I see a lot of keynote speakers talking about B2B relationships online….Umm….who the hell do you build those with? (People), not the company. You reach out to important people associated with a company, then you link your name and your content to them and use their fame and their online authority to boost your own brand and its awareness.
That is how B2B is done. You can do this by hosting people on a Podcast or a video, or you can do guest blogging but B2B is not something secret. Can you build relationships with important people who run companies?. That’s what B2B really is.
How come keynote speakers are not saying that? It takes 2 seconds to blurt that out vs trying to confuse people with all types of data that is total bullshit. Learn how to communicate with people that’s all.
There is a lot of confusion going on right now with marketers where they feel they have to act a certain way to do certain things to get B2B business. This is the wrong mindset to have.
I get content ranked all the time on Google because I know what people want to look up Vs what I think they should be forced to read. When people read my blogs, they should be happy that they learned something after reading it. That’s my intent and Keep in mind that all marketing is done by people and people make decisions based on Logic or Emotions.


Look at all that B2B going on….Looks a lot like people engaging!

Don’t target businesses, target the people who work at the business. Don’t try to reach out to Coca Cola and expect much of a reply. Get on Linkedin, start Googling the company directory until you find someone you can relate to and build a relationship with.
Most B2B marketing is done by way of emails or spamming the shit out of people. When was the last time you called an actual phone number of a company and asked to speak to someone or meet for lunch? That’s how effective so called B2B is done. Anyone can send a damn email or post, but not everyone can make a lasting impression with people.
If you can create content that triggers either Emotions or Logic, then you’ll get the attention you seek for your brand. People buy things based on Emotion and then justify those purchases with their form of Logic. You have to effect people first before any company decided to buy anything from anyone. Understanding human emotions is vital to your success no matter who you are trying to reach with your message.
Forget about B2B or B2C…..its all about Person to Person! I don’t walk around saying “Hi, My name is Meet The Mentor”. I’m not a business, I’m a person who owns a business that associates with people as a human being vs as a company or an entity.
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.