Avoid Using This Networking Tactic, It Will “Kill” Your Credibility.

Social media is great! a lot of people use it to learn things and reconnect with long lost friends or relatives. Then, you have a group of people out there who seem to use social media as a way to try and get attention when they haven’t done enough to earn it the right way…..let me explain.
People have a sneaky way of trying to look more important than they actually are on social media. This usually happens after they read a new book or attend a weekend seminar and so now they have some kind of new energy about them and they make attempts at trying to look or sound as if they are so much busier than they have ever been in their life.
You never see posts like this from them, but all of the sudden they are now getting a lot of attention?….WHY?, just because they got back from a motivational weekend? Let me show you a tactic people use and see if you can recognize anyone who has used this in the past. If you see this being done, start calling people out on it.Don-t-be-fooled-People-aren-t-who-they-Post-to-be
You ever see someone post this….
“Hey everyone, I have been getting a lot of people asking about my program lately so here is a video link that talks all about it in detail, contact me for details once you watch it”
OK, you see that post? its a lie! no one is asking “YOU” about anything. This is a tactic that people will use to try and get some type of attention to their brand when they are desperate. If they were speaking the truth here is how that would actually look.
“Hey everyone, I have been getting a lot of people asking about my program lately so I’ll drop a link for those people and for anyone else interested in the things that I teach…Here you go (Tag Person), (Tag Person), (Tag Person).
The people you are tagging should be the ones who have been asking about you and your program, that is…..if they actually exist.
This is a credibility thing and when you actually add names to your list of interested people, it shows you are not lying and it allows other people to look at those who are interested in you and from there people start making decisions as to whether or not those people’s opinions matter.
Why should you care?……If I posted that I have people asking me about my program, it shows that I am in demand, from there I show people who is actually interested in my content by tagging their names. This allows other people on Facebook to look at those people and see if they are kind of like them. If you are similar to these people then guess what?…..maybe you would like some of the information that I offer because you and these other people have a lot in common so instead of just saying “I have people asking me about”…….instead of saying that, BACK IT UP!b82e6d92c587c0743d6aeaffcdcc4e41
Leave tagged names for others so people can see what kind of crowd you are attracting matters. It builds trust and I myself have done this. I posted a while back about one of my classes. I hash tagged some names in that post and then I got some texts from people on Facebook saying “I saw your post and I am friends with (Tagged Person) , we are buddies on Facebook so I figured if they liked your class, then maybe I should look into it.
This is how I have found most of my students on Facebook. I post things and tag people who actually took my classes and did the work, from there it shows that some “Action” has been going on and maybe people who see that post will come take a look at what I have to offer. Credibility sells itself. Be honest and you will naturally attract more people.
See how that looks now? when you actually have people asking about your content, put their names down and tag them. Behind the scenes I send people links if they have shown any interest in content that I have produced. I contact those people directly vs announcing on social media that I am in such great demand from people. Go look at these people’s Facebook feed’s. If their page looks no different than usual, then how is it that they are now getting all kinds of attention when what they have been posting hasn’t changed at all?
This is what people fail to learn, when you try tactics like this, it shows desperation. You can tell who actually deserves new traffic and attention because you will notice on their pages an increase in activity or you will notice them trying new things which could contribute to new people actually being interested in them.
If you see posts like that from people, go see if they have made major changes to how they have been posting over the past few weeks, if its the exact same, CALL THEM OUT! you don’t all of the sudden become in demand if you don’t change how you get attention.53854431
This tactic is being used a lot on social media, it can be presented in many ways, here are a few.
#1. “Hey guys, I have had people asking to see more of my artwork so here is a link for that”
#2. “WOW”, people have been asking me about my new book because they heard it was really good from other people, this link will take you to my page on amazon”
#3. There has been a lot of people asking me about how I get free leads for real estate, I’ll drop a link for a video so you can see just how I do this”
Those three examples are ways to deliver the same pitch, but with just different wording. You can do this for any industry and it is being used a lot because people just don’t know how to gather in the right amount of attention to their brand. When things get tough and your views are not going well, this is a tactic that a lot of people rely on to get some kind of quick gratification and its a bad idea to try and prop yourself up like that when you haven’t earned it.
This is a common tactic used by business owners, its (weak sauce) is what it is so the next time you see this type of a post from someone, call them out! because people who are in demand don’t have time to post about how much demand there is for them, they are too busy getting back to those demanding people to even have time for posting that type of thing.
Don’t be so starved for attention that you have to use tactics like this to feel better about yourself, try earning attention with your work ethic and knowledge, its a lot more rewarding!


I have had people ask about this class Masters Class. Contact me on Facebook and I’ll give you their names so you can ask them why they were interested and then you can see if they signed up or not and find out why! (Credibility Matters)

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Meet The Mentor: Do You Suffer From Excusitis?

I have a test I use on students. It’s a social media test and it gauges how much time you waste time posting things that do you no good. I don’t tell students that I do this but its part of their training when they are in my program.
I’ll break it down so you can see how this works. Most of my students suffer from bad habits, one of them is “Excusitis” this happens a lot because people get side tracked with bullshit drama in their life vs working on building their business.7-steps-to-get-beyond-excuses-5-638
Today I had to let a student go……yup, it was bad! Let me show you what their past week looked like and then you can see how bad it gets. This person told me they couldn’t get everything done for the week because they were too busy with “WORK”, then after it was time to hand in the work for the week this guy got defensive and lashed out at me because I was holding him to a higher standard of accountability (which is why he signed up for the program) .You can decide whether or not they deserve a second chance.
Monday 13th – Gets into an argument on Facebook about president Trump Online. The feed goes 27 comments deep and lasted longer than 2 hours.  Student tells me he head no time for a blog or a video that day because he was tied up with work.
Tuesday 14th – Tells me they can’t post a quick shout out video for followers on instagram because they are too busy……later (same day) they posted on Instagram but it was about over priced car service repairs from a place they just had work done. They had time to bitch but not time to promote?
Wednesday 15th – Spends the day cleaning the garage, yup that was it, nothing else for the day.
Thursday 16th – Watched March Madness, posted about scores and never posted a blog or video for the day.
Friday 17th – Watched College Basketball again, went to lunch with buddies, took pics of that, came back home.
Here is his reply to me for kicking out of the program.
“You know Mike, not everyone wants to work as hard as you do” I don’t spend my whole day working, I have a life to ya know and what good is working if you can’t enjoy life at all? You need to realize that people can’t life up to impossible standards that you set, no wonder so many people fail your classes”.
Nice message….he sounds like someone who was given tasks that were impossible to complete. Ladies and Gentlemen if I asked you to post a video each day on Instagram for the week, would that be a hard thing to accomplish? You only get 1:00 of recording time so would it be a lot to ask for maybe….6-7 minutes of video week from you so people can see and hear about your business more? That is what this argument was about and it shouldn’t have happened but things like this happen all the time in my classes because people have a big problem with following through on things and they have a lot of fear they refuse to get past.Blog-Article-two-photo-Are-your-excuses-more-important-than-your-dreams
The work I assign in my classes is easy on purpose, that too is a test. If you complain about class work, then you’ll never do what’s expected of you out in the real world when no one’s watching you. Every student who has failed my program did so because they didn’t do the work and tried to lie their way out of it.
If they were honest about messing up, I would still work with them because part of gaining progress means that you identify with the crappy habits you still hold onto. You can’t break habits that you are not aware of. Being honest with yourself is part of the program and how you grow as a business owner.
Now I could be a total asshole and post his text messages that show him having excuses vs him being all rough and tough. It’s very sad to me that I have people who sign up to get better at something and all they do is complain when being instructed and the worst part is they bring it on themselves by not doing the work and falling into comfort zones.
I bet if I was Tony Robbins and I asked this guy to post a video on Instagram he would do it. Part of the reason people fight me is because they think I don’t know what I am talking about so when they fail a task, they blame me which is a habit they have developed over time and they have kind of perfected it because its so quick to come out anytime a problem comes up. It’s called “Excusitis”6e13ef4240d377e4c6eb09e87f4e869c
The reason I bring this test up is because this is what people do without even thinking twice about it. They pay money for a class to develop new skills and gain new knowledge and then they turn around do screw off.
Being side tracked is a huge problem with people and what’s worse is when you assign them work that they say they need help with but then they don’t do it. They procrastinate until the last minute to get anything done and then try to lie to get out of being in trouble.
Being in business for yourself is not a game, its a real world battle for positioning in life. You either work hard to grow, or you work hard to keep yourself occupied with things that don’t matter. I’m real big on people keeping their word so be careful around me because if you promise to do something I will actually believe you until your work ethic shows me otherwise and if that happens, I’ll never trust you or work with you again!
It’s hard to find honest and credible people these days! Work hard and try and be one of those people. Believe me you will stand out if you do.FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

People Love Seminars, Too Bad They Treat Them Like Rock Concerts.

How many of you have ever been to a seminar? I was a seminar junkie when I was younger and I always loved traveling to them and learning new things. Over the years I started to notice a trend with people who went to these events. They treat these things like tailgating at a rock concert.
You see people coming in all excited, they can’t wait for the show to start and then after a few days of being home, the high energy and vibe you were engaged in is all gone so what do you do?……get tickets to the next event so you can go ROCK OUT once again.

I will never forget one of the best speakers I ever heard, it was at a comedy show in Chicago at the Rosemont Theatre. I went to go see George Carlin that night and the guy who opened for him was a comedian who played guitar and sang parody songs on stage. He comes out, doesn’t say a word for like 10 seconds, then he blurts out “ARE YOU READY TO ROCK”?……..The place goes nuts, everyone is screaming and then he softly says “Then why are you at a comedy show”?


Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont Illinois

That was how he opened his bit and people laughed but I think I was the only person in the audience who thought to myself “Holy Shit” Seminar people have the same mindset, they come in with expectations of one thing but end up finding out its something else. Once they get to an event, after a few hours they start tuning out, playing on their phone, and they stop taking notes. The whole excitement of the moment has now worn off after a little bit and that is where most people fail at these events.
As soon as one thing comes up at that event that isn’t super awsome in their eyes, they tune out and start going back to old habits. It’s weird that a comedy show would be used almost 20 years later as a place where I got the idea to start looking into seminar behavior more but here it is.
You know something interesting? You see all these seminars coming out with these “All Star” line ups. So here is the question. Out of all the speakers…..who is the most right? Who’s advice do you take, how come there isn’t just one theme and they all target that? I don’t like “All Star” lineups for any seminar because its a Guru tactic to take advantage of other people’s fame and center it around you. This tactic has been around forever.
Guru’s will do this because if they add in famous speakers to their line up, all the followers of those people will not connect with YOU if you are hosting the event and in return that turns into a hell of a lot of web traffic that YOU don’t have to pay for, it will naturally flow to you.
The intent is nice and they want you to believe its all for you, but in the end its a self promoting expose of non stop people promoting their brand and personal philosophy’s. This is why a lot of people at seminars never end up doing any of the work that gets taught at those things. They get pulled in so many directions emotionally and end up losing track of what one person said because someone else said something cooler or wiser or worse, they end up falling asleep of paying attention to their phone.1st day
Very soon you will start seeing a lot of “Marketing Seminars” popping now because of all the changes happening to search engines. Smart guru’s are already on top of this. Social Media Influencer’s are jumping all over this as well and everyone and their mom is going to tell you how “THEY” made something work for them. Your job is to take notes and try out everything you hear from that weekend and hope it all works out for you.
Most of it will be good content, and you will fail a lot when you try most of it, but eventually something that you try out brand new will stick and then you have yet another building tool to add to your arsenal in life. The problem is people burn out before they get a chance to test out all those new ideas. Seminars are not personal and that is what people need more of, believe me I’ve been to enough seminars myself to see that this is a problem.
A large portion of people who attend seminars only do so because they want to be closer to a certain speaker or maybe get a picture taken with them so they can gain some status on social media in some way. These people are “Seminar Groupies” and much like people who go to rock concerts and follow a certain band around, these seminar people go to all the events and most of them only go to be “SEEN”, vs actually being a student.
They will take notes and show proof they are a hard worker but after a few days of being home away from the hype of a seminar, reality sets in and then you find out what people are made of in terms of their work habits and real intentions. They buy all the books and attend all the events, but do half the work, or none at all.
Much like a rock concert, most people after a seminar just want to get home and sleep in their bed and wake up the next day with some of that fire burning inside them but much like a rock concert, the fun and the excitement fades and that is why seminars are not for everyone, only the disciplined.burnout-600x600
I sat through SEO and Copy Writing seminars all last year. Those are not super exciting events but I noticed something, not one of the speakers said the same thing. If I sat back and looked at it as a whole. I had 37 different speakers telling me to do 37 different things. No wonder people can’t ever seem to get value from seminars most of the time, they have too much information overload and think they can do all of it, but end up doing none of it.
This is why I created Meet The Mentor a few years ago. I realized that most people don’t want to spend time in seminars, or pay thousands of dollars to go to a weekend event and stay in a hotel when they would rather stay at home and just get the information that way. I went to over 100 seminars in my life and I saw a huge demand for this type of training that Meet The Mentor does.
Why go to a weekend event when you already know that you don’t do the work afterwards anyway? People have convinced themselves that if they don’t go to seminars then they will not be seen as a hustler in life or a leader.
It’s about education and actually doing work folks and not about just being seen or trying to increase your popularity on social media! I’ve seen way too many people pay tons of money to sit for a weekend in a place where they pump you full content and you literally retain 5% of the information you just sat through and once you get home from an event like that you will apply an even lesser percentage because the hype and excitement wears off pretty quick.
I stayed in hotels and I did all that stuff too but I know its not the best platform for most people to actually learn especially when it comes to paying attention to details. I know a seminar is not the best setting for most people to learn from because if anything, its too much information too soon and they get overwhelmed by it and then get intimidated by the work load.

What ends up happening is, they will try some new ideas, fail at a few and then quit working hard after that. It’s instant burnout! When the hype of a weekend event doesn’t match up to how things are in real life, it hits people hard and most can’t handle the disappointment.


If The Data is Good, Then The Hype Lasts Long After The Event is Over. People Will Praise a Speaker and Their Presentation, but Then Turn Around and do None of The Work.

People want the knowledge alright, but having to sit through a weekend and take notes is not very appealing to many people and that is why most people who attend seminars never do anything with the information they just learned….because they were tuning out during the event.
I watched a famous speaker recently online at an event. The people in the front row were not even paying attention. They were on their phones and not even looking up. It’s people like that who never create breakthrough’s.
When I created Meet The Mentor, the goal was to take out that seminar feel and make it more like a group gathering. We are in the 3rd week of the Masters Class and so far not one person has giving me any issues.masters class blue
In my Accountability Classes I get people who fight with me all the time because they don’t want to do certain things like “Post an Instagram Video” or “Actually be in the videos they post” so they argue about it and its gets them nowhere.
The Masters Class people are a different breed. They are a hungry bunch of people who are starving for more knowledge. this group I have right now is loaded with stars. These people came to the class not only prepared, but they also come in with an open mind because when you get a room full of alpha males and females…..it can get intense sometimes.
My hats off to the people in the class right now. Not only are they doing well in the class and taking good notes, but they are also doing the work “NOW” vs waiting for some magical day to come along where they all of the sudden work like a person who wants to go somewhere in life.
Meet The Mentor is a program for those people who have been to seminars and have not seen any changes in their business. “Seminar Sickness” is real folks, sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need hence why the classes we host are so small. Don’t get overwhelmed by 100 people telling you to do 100 different things. Instead learn the information that would be presented at those events but then have it delivered to you in a way that makes more sense because you can actually talk to the host directly on camera.
When I host these Masters Classes, students are “Live” with me online and they can ask questions at anytime. Having that type of “Live” interaction is important to people because many times they need clarification on things and by them asking questions in real time ,that helps them learn better because they are getting instant responses vs just relying on speakers notes.FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

What Do You Want To Be Known For?

Do you know anyone who leases an exotic car every year and uses that car as a Branding Tool? This seems to be a big thing on Instagram now.
I will never post a picture of a check or a car or anything like that ever again on social media. That’s not what I want to be known for or linked to. I did that a year ago and the results were not good.
When I bought my BMW a year ago, I set that as a year long goal and once I finally hit that goal, I posted my check that helped pay for it “all cash” and all I received for the most part was shit from people telling me that BMW’s are crap and they break all the time and they are expensive to repair (Nice Friends I Have) so now I keep my personal life stuff off Facebook.

bmw nono

I Will Never Post Like This Again on Social Media. It Brought Me Nothing But Problems!

If I buy something nice or brand new, I seriously doubt people care so I’ll stick to just posting educational content and video game highlights on my feed along with music stuff and maybe some humor tossed in there from time to time.
When you post things like cars or checks, it brings you all the wrong attention. No one gave a rats ass about my program or book, but once I started posting checks I was all of the sudden “The Man”
I don’t want that type of attention and not from those type of people. I learned a hard lesson last year. I ended up trying to train 130 people last year in my program who were fake people and not real grinders at all and because of that terrible experience, I revamped my program and changed how I brand myself.
My job is not to show people my checks and make them think I am hot shit. My job is to make people realize that I know a lot of things about social media that a lot of people don’t because I put in the work to learn all that. I value education and hard work over shiny things any day. 


Don’t Be This Person!

I don’t place any value on showing people how well I can do my job or how much money I can make in a year. None of that matters to me because its not a benchmark for success. Half the people I coach make more money than I do anyway so its not my personal success that draws people to my classes, its the education that I offer that no one else teaches. I value things  like “Teaching people valuable content” or “Helping them gain confidence with new skills”. I want to be known for the value I can bring people vs the stuff I can buy.
No one signs up for my classes because I paid cash for a BMW a year ago, they don’t even ask about it. All people care about is “Can you give me new information that will allow me better leverage in my niche” and my answer to that question is YES!FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Meet The Mentor Presents: “Behind The Scenes” (Double Standards)

I find certain human behavior to be interesting. A lot of people live in denial and its scary to watch it play out in real life. Behind the scenes in my program I get told a lot of things by people. They tell me they are hard working and goal setters but when it comes time to being accountable to that, those very same people fall apart within a few weeks.wannabe
The topic today is “Double Standards” You say something that you feel strongly about and it may even be honest but when you do that as a mentor sometimes you are told that you are mean for saying that, but if someone Like Gary Vaynerchuk says it, then its considered a “Golden Nugget”?
I bring this up because I had a student who I told to “Suck it up” when it came to doing “Live” video on Facebook or Instagram and they told me that was rude and just down right mean…….So I check their feed and it has a video where they are doing Q&A with Gary and someone asks “Gary your a Dad…So What would you tell some little girl named Mischa who makes a Youtube video and tries hard to do good but she gets no views and then thinks “Nobody Likes Me”?….Gary answers back with….“Mischa step up your fucking game”
You can watch that exact part @ 58:20  of this video. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPKzoah6A4c
The former student commented on the video saying, “Gary speaks the truth” Keep in mind this is coming from a 42 years old male who told me his daughter meant everything to him and after 3 weeks in my program he quit and wouldn’t return emails because he hated having to post a youtube video or anything on Instagram for his business because he has insecurities he can’t get past.
I told him to hire someone to do his videos for him, he told me no and said he’ll get it that when it matters….well when the hell is that going to be?
There is something wrong with people and I think it should be investigated. I get people in my program who love Tony Robbins, and Grant Cardone, but yet the second you put them to work, they crumble and they start complaining that things are uncomfortable for them because “It’s New”, but yet they cheer for these guys and say “Right On” anytime they mention hustle, working hard or tenacity.images (2)
It’s ok for Gary to say “Mischa step up your fucking game” but yet when someone actually tells you to “Grow Up” in real life and start doing the work that Gary Vaynerchuk talks about that you say you love so much, you can’t handle it.
This is a reality I have to deal with in every class I host. I have a lot of people who are wannabe’s and they are finding out the hard way that they are just admirers of people Like Gary vs trying to be someone who actually takes their advice.
This is how “Seminar Groupies” live their life. They cling to a person they admire, and buy all their books and courses and then do none of the work and wonder why things don’t change. One of my very first students was that 42 year old male. To this day he hasn’t posted a video or a blog or anything, but here he is commenting on a Gary V video showing his support for the grinders and hustlers of the world.3D_michaelopolski
To me that means you have a broken brain. You’re a fan of success principles, but you are too scared to actually live by them. I know what their problem is…They need a copy of “Embrace The Grind”

Is Your Guru Using You and Not Telling You? (Truth Exposed).

A lot of people post on social media but most don’t post anything that gets them any “Likes”, “Shares” or even “Comments”. This matters if you own a business and are trying to sell a product or service to people. If you can’t get people’s attention, then your online visibility gets effected in more ways than you can imagine. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the things we cover in my Masters Class.
(What Seminar Guru’s Won’t Tell You).
I unfold a lot of social media tips and ranking tactics that Guru’s never tell their students so I hope you like this one I have for you today and believe me, there is more than just this little bit of information out there for you to learn and take advantage of so enjoy this blog because some of you might be shocked to learn this information today.
Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm favors people and ranks them well for being someone who does “LIVE” video streams. This is a guru hidden SEO tactic. Let me show you how this gets set up….(read my pitch below)


Notice The Last One….Time Decay! The More “Live” You Are, The Better You Score.

Hey folks this is Michael Opolski with Meet The Mentor and today at 3pm I will be going “Live” to answer questions about my classes and how to win the Accountability class trophy. Meet me “LIVE” on Facebook for a quick Q&A Session and I’d be happy to help you out with all your questions and concerns. Stream goes “Live” @3pm. See You There!
OK…now that sounds like a nice and thoughtful message, and it is, but there is also very good reason I want you all to meet me “LIVE”. I want Facebook to see that people like me and if it happens enough, Facebook allows my posts to be seen by more people because I add value to the platform in some way.
If you see influencer’s or guru’s offering “FREE LIVE” meet ups….now you know why> Facebook knows people are afraid of doing “Live” video. Not many are even good at it so this is why “Live” broadcasts get more exposure and get more ranking value in search engines…..“Because its hard to do”


This should piss some people off! (If you didn’t know these stats already)

I remember telling people in my classes that if you are afraid of doing video….kiss you ass goodbye online because ranking factors that matter most, are the ones that no one wants to do and streaming a live video does a lot of good for you in terms of ranking.
No guru mentions this in their seminars, or Q & A Sessions so I’ll tell it to you here. They need you to show up because it adds value to their “Social Ranking” score. There is a ranking factor with all search engines and that one category is “Social Mentions”. If an influencer can get you to tune in for a few minutes or tweet out a hashtag on their behalf, you fell right into their trap. 


Post Often, But Make It Quality, and Make Sure It is Something You Can Get Exposure For. (Hint: Post Something You Think Will Be Shared By Others)

They have no problem inviting you into their streams because they “Need You” Vs it being them “Care so Much”. You have to understand the world we now live in. There is a constant battle for people’s attention online and when you lack skills such as being good at “Live” video, your rankings, exposure and your conversions will be hurt.
Smart Guru’s and Influencer’s know these little rules….did you? I use them when I can. I personally like recording my videos instead of doing “Live” just in case I screw up I can go back and edit it but “Live” video (in case you didn’t know) is a big ranking factor for you especially on Facebook right now.hqdefault
Why do you think Facebook pushed people to do “Live” video only on their platform? They are bias to their services and when you use only those, they reward you. Knowing how all of these platforms works is a good idea because Youtube doesn’t convert the same as Facebook and Instagram doesn’t convert the same as Snapchat so you have to understand how each platform is built and how it it operating right now in 2017.
I have a whole section in the Masters Class that is all about what Guru’s don’t tell you. Using “Live” streams is a way people increase their “Social Mentions” for organic rankings to go along with their paid stuff.
If you add the two together, its insanely strong, but you have to do it right otherwise they cancel each other out. If you do too much paid advertising and zero organic, algorithms (Especially Google’s) will not rank it as high as it could be if it was supported by other content.

April 9th

Learn About These Tips and More in Our Masters Class.

3 Ways to Register For Our Accountability Class.

Accountability Class registration opens today. Only 30 people per class. There are 3 ways to register. You can register and do the class on your won, or you can register and have the chance to work directly with me one on one at any time of the day (I don’t care if its 3am on a Tuesday either). These classes were the most popular program that I have ran to date.

You can build up a huge body of work in the 10 week class for your business. We cover Blogging, Link Building, Content Creation, Networking, Getting Attention Online, Ranking on Google and More.

**These are not the same as the MASTERS CLASS. This is a lot easier than that class so make sure you know the difference between the two courses. Here is the difference!

Masters Classis for people who already have a business they live off of but want to increase performance and results. This class is not for people who lack motivation to dominate their space. If you lack confidence, do not take this class, it will only make you more mad and you won’t be able to keep up with the work. This is the best class I host and its all because of the intense detail this class goes into on everything.

Accountability Class is for struggling business owners or brand new business owner who want to get more attention to their brand through social media efforts. This class is good for those who don’t have a huge marketing budget to work with yet.16602948_10208615501609395_7254582726090951656_n

Accountability Class Starts = April 1st

Masters Class Starts = April 9th.


Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.