These New Facebook Ads Are Going To Kick Ass!

Facebook has some new ads that just became available yesterday. Facebook is creating a new “Collection Ad” this is on their API which is their (super secret background platform). This new ad product just came out late yesterday and most haven’t heard anything about it so I’ll give you the shortened version of what is going on with these new ads.

What that ad can now do vs older ones is, it will allow e-commerce ads to put up to 50 items on each ad. These new ads will dominate once they are ready so be on the look out for them.

This ad is in the background of Facebook’s API, if you have no idea what I just said its because you don’t have a special Facebook account that allows you access to those things….(Oh wait, you didn’t know that actually existed?)maxresdefault

Did your guru forget to tell you about the secret shit Facebook gives people of status?….you might want to start asking more questions because influencers on Facebook get perks most people don’t and you need to understand this and how bias Facebook is towards celebrities and people of influence on the web especially in the area’s of E-Commerce. Trust me its a massive advantage and yet no Guru talks about it to their students…..that’s a shame, I consider that lying to people if you don’t disclose all the truths about how ads are done on Facebook.

E-Commerce guru’s have access to things most regular people don’t so the next time you see someone telling you how to do your Facebook ads, ask them if they are getting their info from the background of the API or is this information that regular everyday people can have access to? CALL THEM OUT!

Here is how these ads work. These new ads will allow you to showcase 50 different items all on the ad and it has built in call-to-action steps for them as well. Even if the product was different varieties you can still post up to 50 separate items on these new ads. E-Commerce people are going to love these!

Facebook is doing this to compete with Google and Amazon in the E-Commerce realm. These new ads will be perfect for someone who sells more than just one thing from their business or store front online. These new ads are now available so if you get a chance to check in on those and see how they look, you will see how effective they can be for someone looking to sell things on Facebook.

Getting “Likes” on your posts on Facebook is not an SEO Ranking factor at all. People need to realize that Facebook’s algorithm hates SEO and doesn’t rank you for it like Google or Bing does. If you are chasing after “Likes” on your posts, you have no idea how Facebook works now and maybe its time to be updated because the new changes happened just days ago.

Social Rankings don’t work unless you have a brand that is being searched online and it needs to be searched for on FACEBOOK vs it being searched for on Google or Bing or even Youtube and there are ways to set that up and convert the traffic.

Social Signal for ranking is something we cover in detail on my Masters Class. How you post on search engines vs Facebook needs to vary, if you have no idea where to even start, I have a great place for you to learn all this stuff and our next class starts in a couple of weeks.

Registration Opens on April 15th, Class Starts on May 1st. Only 25 seats per class and I have 4 spots take up so far in the May Class so register early and reserve your seat today!FBCoverA.jpg

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.


13 Problems You Face as a Marketer on Facebook.

My Masters Class has a lesson that talks about Facebook and how much you rely on it as a business owner vs how much it actually performs for you each month. A lot of people are being romanced by something called “Vanity Metrics” and we’ll get into that in just a moment.
Here is what I show students and then I have them respond to. Those reasons list below are why marketers are leaving Facebook. Keep in mind, this is not about people quitting Facebook over people being stupid or rude.
These are actual concerns written out by marketers who are trying to expand their brand on Facebook and who have spent a ton of money doing so and saw no results.
Here is the list I present to the class.
#1. Facebook requires that you cater to your audience, rather than allowing you to shape your audience.
#2. Facebook takes traffic away from your business website.
#3. Facebook possesses too much control over content and marketing.
#4. Facebook is constantly changing its approach and algorithm, meaning that there is no single best way to engage.
#5. Facebook delivers a form of information that is not useful for your audience or customers.
#6. There isn’t enough actionable data to assess Facebook’s ROI.
Facebook does not allow for an integrated marketing effort.
#7. Facebook is deceptive.
#8. Facebook is full of click bait, memes, and other crap.
#9. Facebook punishes organic posts and non-paid content.
#10. Most people are trained to ignore sponsored posts on Facebook; they automatically tune out marketing efforts.
#11. Facebook fan numbers are misleading.
#12. Facebook fans actually consisted of fake profiles.
#13. Facebook connects your business with people you don’t actually want to market to.
Facebook has the most users out of any platform but it doesn’t mean its the best place to build your brand (Seriously). Don’t be bias and fall for “Vanity Metrics” if what you are doing for advertising on Facebook isn’t bringing you results every 30 days, then what you are relying on isn’t working.vanity
Facebook is huge and all, but its also not fair and it is very bias when it comes to its algorithm and even if you spend a ton of money on ads, there is no promise of any business coming your way. Just go ask all those click funnel people out there right now posting $5 a day ads and getting no conversions. (I have these people in my classes and they wonder why their sales are bad. I show them why their numbers are so shitty and then they wonder why they never learn this stuff in the training they signed up for). #RudeAwakening
It takes more than just relying on Facebook connections and ads to get a brand built. It takes engaging people, and most of you don’t even talk to half the people on your friends list so ask yourself this……Are you using Facebook the right way as a business owner?
People say they love it for their business, but when I ask for results they don’t have any so what’s to love about it ? Don’t be romanced by popularity that brings you zero business. Most of you have tons of Facebook friends and you never talk to any of those people so how effective are you really at networking? The people are there for you each day to reach out to and you just sit there waiting for what exactly?
This Facebook lesson in my Masters Class has to be one of the biggest eye openers for people because in this class some people found out for the first time how rigged the game is. I’ll show you how the game is being played out and maybe after that lesson, some of you will have a much better idea of how to use social media for personal gain in your business. It’s not about how many friends you have that’s for sure.FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

The Term PPV (Pay Per View) Has a New Meaning.

PPV is something that some of us really enjoy. Whether its a UFC PPV, or a Boxing Fight, people have always been willing to pay money for access to things they value. That PPV world is about to get a whole lot bigger and some of you might not like what you are about to read.
GQ magazine is just one of many companies that will be forcing you to pay every time you want to read their articles if you are not a subscriber to their site.
They require their subscribers to not have ad blockers running, this ensures advertisers on their site that they will get the maximum exposure they want.
If you are not a subscriber but want to read one of their articles without seeing ads, you will have to pay a fee to make that happen. I am already seeing blogs where they don’t want followers, they want paid subscribers.
This would be like me charging people a monthly fee just to have access to read my content. Do not be shocked if this becomes a normal thing.
Forbes is working on this as well for their site. In the future you will be paying for access to content to most major companies websites. You’ll have a virtual piggy bank on the site that you put money in and as long as their is money in it, you can browse their content.
This is an attempt to control viewers and also save their asses. They are losing so much money on advertising these days that they had to come up with something to offset the losses……this is what they have come up with so far.
Do not be shocked if you have to pay 50 cents per article you read from now on on certain sites. A lot of companies like this idea because they know people are loyal to certain things and information sources is one of those.small-wages_645x400
People only go to 1-2 main websites for all their knowledge. Much like the news, some people only watch one channel or network and they are bias to that so online sites are now starting to capitalize on that bias.
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Mentors: Do You Get Social Media Texts Like This?

I have the best chats with people on social media sometimes. Usually everyday I get a few trolls who come after me and I actually respond to most of them. I don’t do this to defend myself or anything, I do this for research.
As a person who has a mentorship program, it is my job to try and understand human behavior to a certain degree. I have to recognize patterns and habits with people so that I can start to mold the newer version of them in effective ways through various training.
One of the hardest things I deal with daily is mean people or just angry people who like to try and cut you down or degrade anything you have ever posted on social media. I post a lot of content that is meant to educate people. I always liked it when  I stumbled upon something cool that interested me and I learned from it so in return I like to try and do that for people out there who are just like me. My hope is they gravitate to my content because is something they can relate to or maybe use and gain from it in some way.maxresdefault (1)
What I am about to show you was a back and forth Facebook text that went of for a few minutes. This guy called me out on my SEO stuff and I had no problem handling him. I hope you can understand that people get defensive when you tell them that they are not doing certain things right and because of that, their business will be impacted. Keep in mind that this guy came to me and started asking questions. I know he was testing me which is fine, my info comes from the people at Google and who do the testing for them so fire away bitches!
{Facebook Hater} – I’m thinking you need to go back to school because your info about SEO is wrong 100% and I have proof with my numbers. I’ll show you my ad word campaigns and how well they do. You are trying to mislead people you fuck!
{ME} – What if I told you that Google doesn’t really focus on Keywords for rankings signals and that anyone who chases after keywords still is already behind the shift that just happened with the algorithms back in February?
{Facebook Hater} – “OK Mike Whatever, my numbers are good for PPC LOL, Nice try! I’m converting awsome right now”
{Me} – You only see what the performing metrics show you, you can’t factor in all the traffic that you lost because your bounce rate is high or because you are not in line with the new guideline and google penalized you for it……how do you track that if you don’t even know about it? Do you realize you could be converting even better and at a lower cost if you knew how to look for the recent changes? For example….if you use your main Keyword in the title of your post or ad….that no longer matters at all for ranking with that keyword (did you know this). It’s not a ranking signal as much you think it is. So I’m guessing you title all your Facebook ads with the top keywords and then you just cross your fingers?
{Facebook Hater}WHAT?download
{ME} – If you don’t know the new rules and make the corrections then Google takes traffic that you would normally get and redirects it to pages that convert better than yours for the same KEYWORDS you are buying. Why is this happening?….because your content is too much like everything out there, its not well written and it doesn’t answer questions well enough and its just plain boring and Google see’s that so they take traffic and give it to someone else who performs a little better than you even if its Organic Content vs Paid.
{Facebook Hater} – You are full of shit, who even tells you this stuff LOL?
{ME} – The guys who constantly test the algorithms told me! you want their names? John Mueller and Gary Illyes they are the Webmasters and Trends Analysts at Google so go start some beef with them. When you rank online for a keyword, the algorithm programs traffic to flow your way BUT…only at a certain percentage (for example) If you are ranked on Google’s first page, you will get let’s say…. 4% of all the incoming traffic for that particular keyword based on your current ranking, out of that 4% traffic, the algorithm starts to go to work and then once you hit your 4% limit, all that extra traffic pouring in goes somewhere else because?…..someone on the first page converts better than you and whats really sucks is, they might even rank lower than you OUCH!
The algorithm decides whether or not the users search was a good fit for your site or someone else’s, if you rank higher than someone else but their content is better than yours…..guess what? you will be skipped and you will never know it! The new algorithm doesn’t favor just keywords like you think, it favors “User Experience” and “Quality” and how do you measure that? You can look at “Time spent on page” as a metric but do you really know whats going on with that person who didn’t click on things the way you wanted them to?
{Facebook Hater} – I have metrics I check daily that show me results. You are talking like you know something that I don’t.
{ME} – Those numbers only show you converted and performing traffic, yes I get it. Show me all the traffic you lost and where it went? Show me why you lost it. How much better is the person ranked ahead of you or below you and by how much? How much more keyword density do they have that allows them to stay ahead of you on the first page?….Do you know how to look for that? There is more I can ramble off about ranking signals but we can start here.
{Facebook Hater} – You are stupid, my numbers are good and I haven’t had any changes in my stats. I rank well and my business is thriving.
{ME} – would you like to see the results of an audit? because the new changes just happened and the new algorithm now works in “Real Time” so the effects will start happening anytime now.
{Facebook Hater} – how can you audit me? that sounds illegal?
{ME} – I can track what URL’s are linked to you and how they got there and how well they rank. I can see how much you use in paid marketing vs organic. I can see what keywords you are bias to and only use. I can see holes in your SEO game simply by checking your links and how big of an “Authority” score you have overall. According to my findings, you spend a shit load of money on ads, you have no organic content going out and you rely only on PPC and Facebook Ads……Am I right on that or am I way off?
{Facebook Hater} – I’m guessing that you just broke the law and got my information from some illegal source. I’m going to look into you and find out how shady you really are you fucking asshole!
{ME} – If you want, I can teach you how to get this information because it can be done pretty easy and very legally actually. You do however have to pay attention and actually learn somethings because this is technical work. If you are willing to learn I can show you how to get this info about your competitors vs being angry with me thinking that I am full of shit. Why do you think I post what I do? I did my research, I sat in seminars and classes and took notes for years on this so remind me again how much time you spent on learning all this? This is how I get my Content Ranked. I find holes in people’s SEO game and I take traffic away from them.Its called being savvy.
{Facebook Hater} – Fuck You, I’m not learning shit from you!Fuck_you.jpg
You see folks, I deal with a lot of interesting people during the day time. I have this type of chat online with people pretty much everyday. I get called names, I get threatened but I have to realize that there are just some people in this world who are set in their ways and its never going to change.
In terms of this whole keyword and ranking mindset, let me see if I can paint the picture inside your head. You bid on PPC Ads and you use AdWords Campaigns to get traffic to your websites. You base this decision on which keywords not only are the most popular, but that also convert the best (according to your metrics).
From there you sit back every month and monitor how well each keyword does, if one falls short, you can throw more money at it and increase your bid ratio or you can say “Piss on it” and then focus on the other keywords or maybe try out some new ones.
Am I getting this right? is this how people think when it comes to getting attention online for their brand? Sorry but that was cool last year…Yup, way back in 2016 that was cool!, we’ve moved on from that in case you did know.
Algorithms changed, ranking factors changed, Barrier for entry for Google’s first page has changed and this means “You” need to change because you could be paying for keywords every month like clock work and business as usual but never realize how badly you are not getting traffic anymore because of these changes.barrier-679x350
Your KPI’s can’t measure what you aren’t doing.
I know most business owners don’t know their real numbers because that would take getting an audit of all your sites and traffic sources and that would cost thousands of dollars so no one pays for those except major companies so they just rely on Google stats and the things they feel are important.
Sitting back each month relying on all that BIG DATA you are collecting is not going to help you. You need to look deeper, these changes will catch up to those who rely entirely on Paid ads for web traffic. I’m seeing it already. I already have guru’s emailing me telling me about this great new thing they will be presenting...(Click Funnels) SMH.
When Guru’s start recycling old ideas and pitching them to their followers, you know numbers are not consistent because they need to do things like this to drive new traffic because what they rely on is not giving them what they need.
Those tactics they are showing you are not new, just the bullshit pitch they developed for it is!
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

The Guru’s Are at it Again! (SMH)

It never gets old watching people recycle old ideas or methods and then reintroduce them to the masses as something brand new and never before seen because that is going on right now. I remember a few years ago I got an email and it said “If you want to discover this hidden niche for real estate deals, click here”.
So I click on it and after 15 minutes of a bullshit video, I finally get told what it was…..Bidding on HUD houses online and flipping them to cash buyers…..That’s not new, but how they sold it was. The presentation was well thought out but in the end it still wasn’t anything new but yet guru’s found a way to sell this and people buy it every time.
Everyone in real estate start paying attention. Because of the recent trending going on from Click Funnel guru’s, The Real Estate guru’s are now taking click funnels and implementing them in to their real estate practice and they are selling it as the latest and greatest thing…..sorry guru’s, you are already late to this party! This is not a secret, this is not new, this is just another way for guru’s to try and get you to sign up for something they are promoting and selling…..typical bullshit!
Sales funnels have been around forever folks. When you add in today’s technology and toss in some graphs and a fucking slide show, people all of the sudden think its brand new and they must be a part of it….its a hoax! and its meant to sell you on “THEIR AGENDA” otherwise I wouldn’t have click funnel people in my classes right now pissed off after what I just showed them last Saturday about this method. When people get the full truth about things, it kind of opens their eyes a bit.maxresdefault
I just did a class last Saturday on click funnels and how that math even works and how people even come to conclusions on what it considered a (Quality Lead) as it comes through the funnel. If you have a real estate guru trying to tell you that they know a way to get the very best leads and close the biggest deals….I’ll save you the seminar time and the opt-in, don’t bother, they are now promoting click funnels which is a version of landing pages.
So be on the look out for something like…. “Mr. Moore’s Click Funnel, Fast Track, Lead Generating System.” It worked for my millionaire buddies so it will work for you too….sign here!
I hate that this crap is being pushed onto people as if its some new thing when its not. I just wrote a blog the other day talking about this very topic. I don’t like it when a guru takes other people’s results, especially only top producers results and then turns around and uses those as a benchmark for what “YOU” should be learning or doing in your business. I hate to say this folks but the only business metrics that matter are “YOURS”
This is why people quit programs. They get told what they should be doing vs being taught what they are actually qualified to do. I see people try so hard to be good at direct mail but they run out of money after a while so that method can’t work for them….but the guru keeps pushing it vs working with that person on other methods that they could be good at. If anything this is a gateway for the guru to sell you a brand new shiny box that has all the details in it for the low price of….let’s say $997.00….you know typical guru bullshit.

seminar presenter

Sales Funnels Are Not New, But They Are Being Sold Like They Are.

A simple sales funnel should look something like this:

  • Attract – to attract visitors to the landing page through paid search, paid social, organic,
  • Convert – to convert visitors into leads by offering a free trial on the landing page.
  • Nurture – to nurture leads by using email auto responders.
  • Close – to close qualified leads by following up with a call.

This is what they will show you in a seminar. Seems nice, only about what…..4 things to really keep an eye on right? How bad could the real truth be you ask?

The REAL CLICK FUNNEL LAYOUT ….Looks like this.
Traffic Quality, Site Performance,Site Copy,Site Structure,Conversion Page Effectiveness, Persons Intent, Strength of offer, Follow on Nurturing, Pricing,Lead Routing,Sales Follow Up Time, Product features,Match Comparisons Between persons Intent and Product Features, Budget Cycle Timing…..”oh wait, I forgot to add in a bunch of other ones but I think you get the point.”
Click Funnels are not the greatest thing ever invented, not even close! It’s a marketing tactic that you use to over saturate targeted traffic with emotional based ads that have “Trigger Word” in them and you run those until those people who you are targeting finally cave in and buy from you.
It’s not science at all really, its all based on impulse and you only target specific data and that data isn’t even accurate so your CTR (Click Through Rate) will be very low because of that, but the guru’s will tell you that so much traffic will be coming in, it won’t matter….Umm…yes it does jackass.calculating-click-through-rate
Google redirects web traffic away from sites or Funnel Sites that can’t convert at a certain percentage and when your CTR or Bounce rate is not good, it actually does matter. Maybe you should learn how this stuff all works now because low ranking pages that have a high bounce rate will not convert traffic at all and the more you flood it with bad leads that don’t convert, the worse it gets for you.
The guru’s justify this by saying “You’ll have so much traffic it will eventually convert enough to the point where you won’t need to care”. Ummm, Yes I should care. If I don’t care about my bounce rates, then its going to cost me more money to convert traffic so once again sleazeball guru….It Does Matter! Maybe you should learn SEO before you start launching seminars….Hmmm maybe?
When your bounce rate is high, the search engines will take that “Qualified” traffic that is coming in and send it to other site because those pages better answer users questions than what your ad does so then it becomes a constant battle of changing out keywords, and spending money all because your numbers are never consistent…..did your guru explain all this to you yet? When you do the things they say and you get shitty results…its your fault just so you know.


Guru’s will tell you to have your sites Mobile Friendly….so what happens when people put “AD Blockers” on?. How are you getting past those? Like I said, you can’t measure metrics you can’t see.

The guru will tell you (no worries) if you are not converting  on your funnels that this just takes time……No it doesn’t. A well written landing page or funnel can get a lead in a few hours. A brand new webpage doesn’t take weeks or months to be indexed into search engines either, it takes a few hours. Like I said, guru’s are at it again. So if you start getting click funnel ads or emails from people inviting you to take part in this amazing experience.
Read my blog first before you wet your pants in excitement over click funnels and how much they will change your life. The Blog is here:
You have to know how they work and what is being taught is not good enough and part of that is the instructors don’t know the new changes with search engines so they just shove this down people’s throats in the hopes of selling truck loads of this new and powerful system they invented.
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no brand new sales methods that are in play here. This is just people renaming things and putting their own spin on it and calling it the greatest thing out there. This is how sales evolves over time. Who can you get to buy into your narrative enough to sell it and create a market for it?
Go ask your Click Funnel expert if doing a 301 Redirect is a good idea when you are swapping out old URL’s for new ones. Ask them that, if they have no clue what you are talking about… just found yourself a bullshit artist selling you repackaged methods  with a 2017 twist on it. Enjoy the hunt!, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of these people!happyhunting-medium
“Sales Funnels” or “Click Funnels”nothing more than a lead generating method, its not special!….it’s just work! You can read the blog post I write a few days ago that talks about this very topic. Here it is –
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

There is No Such Thing as B2B or B2C, There is Only P2P (Person to Person).

There is no such thing as B2B or B2C marketing. It can’t be anything more than P2P. Person to Person. Companies do not order products, people do. Someone has to either make a purchase order based on logic, or emotion. A business doesn’t decide anything, a person does.
Perfect example of this….I use to DJ in night clubs, sometimes when a big sporting event was coming to town, the club managers would get together and “GUESS” how much extra booze they needed to buy for that week. They looked at old numbers from previous events and started to guess what would be a safe amount of purchase. Notice whats going on here?


So you are saying that human emotions have nothing to do with this process? 

They are emotional because the club will be busier than normal so they want to make sure they make as much as they can so logically they will play it safe and just go by the old numbers that they used from prior events. This was stupid because the event was the Super Bowl and the club ended up running out of certain things and it was all the result of Emotional thinking and when they made that liquor order, it was done with Emotions and not logic so its people within companies who order products but not the companies themselves.
It is not logical to look at old numbers and say “Yes that’s how well we will do this time around” instead the logical thing to do would be “Let’s buy what we did last time but add on extra because we have learned creative ways since then to bring in people from the event so we’ll sell it all for sure”. Logical thinkers see opportunity. If a major event is coming to town and you don’t get chances like this very often to pack your club, you better take full advantage vs restricting your efforts based on old data and just thinking that you should play it safe because stats show you what you believe you can do.
None of my club managers ever talked liked that, none of them were really qualified for the job, hence why I left that industry! Saying that you just want to keep things the same as last time tells me that you have no plan for new growth at all and that is a really bad sign of a terrible manager and leader.b2b
I see a lot of keynote speakers talking about B2B relationships online….Umm….who the hell do you build those with? (People), not the company. You reach out to important people associated with a company, then you link your name and your content to them and use their fame and their online authority to boost your own brand and its awareness.
That is how B2B is done. You can do this by hosting people on a Podcast or a video, or you can do guest blogging but B2B is not something secret. Can you build relationships with important people who run companies?. That’s what B2B really is.
How come keynote speakers are not saying that? It takes 2 seconds to blurt that out vs trying to confuse people with all types of data that is total bullshit. Learn how to communicate with people that’s all.
There is a lot of confusion going on right now with marketers where they feel they have to act a certain way to do certain things to get B2B business. This is the wrong mindset to have.
I get content ranked all the time on Google because I know what people want to look up Vs what I think they should be forced to read. When people read my blogs, they should be happy that they learned something after reading it. That’s my intent and Keep in mind that all marketing is done by people and people make decisions based on Logic or Emotions.


Look at all that B2B going on….Looks a lot like people engaging!

Don’t target businesses, target the people who work at the business. Don’t try to reach out to Coca Cola and expect much of a reply. Get on Linkedin, start Googling the company directory until you find someone you can relate to and build a relationship with.
Most B2B marketing is done by way of emails or spamming the shit out of people. When was the last time you called an actual phone number of a company and asked to speak to someone or meet for lunch? That’s how effective so called B2B is done. Anyone can send a damn email or post, but not everyone can make a lasting impression with people.
If you can create content that triggers either Emotions or Logic, then you’ll get the attention you seek for your brand. People buy things based on Emotion and then justify those purchases with their form of Logic. You have to effect people first before any company decided to buy anything from anyone. Understanding human emotions is vital to your success no matter who you are trying to reach with your message.
Forget about B2B or B2C…..its all about Person to Person! I don’t walk around saying “Hi, My name is Meet The Mentor”. I’m not a business, I’m a person who owns a business that associates with people as a human being vs as a company or an entity.
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

Are You One of Those Fake Entrepreneurs on Social Media?

Meet The Mentor is a mentorship program that offers different things to business owners. One of the things I think that Meet The Mentor specializes in is, how to get attention for FREE to your brand with “Content Marketing”.
Meet The Mentor was created from a FREE blog and has grown in size for three straight years because of those efforts. When I work with people in my programs, I mostly work with people who have a hard time getting attention to their brand or who can’t seem to be good at lead generation so for the most part, those are the main area’s I work with people on but that is not all that I do in this program.Fake People
I’ve been around a lot of places folks. I have 7 income streams that I have built for myself and they all took a ton of work to get built so I teach people things based on what actually works vs what a seminar will try and sell you on. I’m very honest with people. If you lack talent in a certain area, someone has to tell you. Mentors are not your pals, they are your teachers who are willing to do the dirty work with you and that can’t happen unless we are honest with each other 100% from day one.
I’m going to change my Facebook profile bio to “Academy Award Winning Actor”. Let me show you why. These are examples of actual people who came into the Meet The Mentor program. Each one of these people said the following…..
Student #1 – I’m a Real Estate Developer
Student #2 – I’m a Life Coach

Student #3 – I’m a Real Estate Investor.


I Would Like to Thank The Academy….SMH

Here’s the status of all three of those people in real life actually.
Student #1Knows nothing about real estate, hasn’t developed anything ever, hasn’t even flipped a house or sold a parcel of land in their life….but their a developer alright! They have been a (so-called) developer for 4 years too…..this is a scary level of denial.
Student #2This person doesn’t have their life together at all, this person works an entry level job, has a degree in a field they don’t even work in, has a business that produces no income each month and is going through a divorce and personal bankruptcy right now….yup, they should be posting that they are life coach alright! This story with this person is this. They admire Tony Robbins and want to be like him. They pretty much think that if they copy some of Tony’s stuff and make it sound like their own, then they can make a living doing that. I told this person you have to actually study and develop skills over many years and actually build a business like Tony did vs just posting on a Facebook banner that you are something that you are not qualified to be yet. (They Quit my class because I didn’t feed into their fake life”)….bye bye.
Student #3Never used private or personal money in their life to invest into a project of any kind that paid them a return so where’s the investing part?. If you are an investor, what do you invest in? Magic, and Invisible inventory? This person really angered me because they wear this super huge watch and it sparkles like crazy and its a fake. He bought it at a stand at a mall and uses that prop as a symbol of him looking like a successful guy who is just all kinds of savvy and making all kinds of deals happen. I kicked him out of the program for not being serious about personal development. Personal development is either a part of your lifestyle or you are trying to fake it like this guy does.
This is a problem on Social media. Way too many people think they are business person when they still have a 9 to 5. Unless you live off your business and it pays your bills, you should not be allowed to post that you are anything except what pays your bills.Fake
If your job is a cashier and your paychecks pay the bills and your business just sits there and does nothing each month, you are not a business owner, you have a hobby and a full time job! HUGE DIFFERENCE!
There is too many fake entrepreneurs out there and what sucks is for people like me who work and train people in area’s like SEO or social media for business growth.
I am finding out more and more with each class that I am not actually working with success hungry, business minded people. I’m working with people who think they are something that they are not and it shows in their work ethic and habits and its very common in my classes.
Student #1 has been trying to wholesale or flip a house for 17 months and still hasn’t done one deal yet….but they are a developer WTF? The only thing they are developing is a false sense of what WORK and what real success actually looks like.
My mentor Glen always told me that you can’t say you are anything until you have made a living from it for at least 6 months. Anything I post for my bio on social media means I get paid from it. As soon as my book came out and I started seeing monthly sales come in, I added “Published Author” to my list of accomplishments in life.3D_michaelopolski
If I end up making money someday in something new, I’ll add that but I don’t post things that paint a picture of someone who I am not. I was a DJ/radio guy for 17 years, I’ve been in sales my whole life. I actually own my own video game channel and you can come see me “Live” most nights.
I actually have invested in real estate all over the country and bought and sold land and actual houses. I like to only tell people about what I actually have real world experience in vs what I think I might be someday. It kind of adds to the whole credibility thing.
If you don’t live off your business, change your profile on social media because you are lying to people and what’s worse id that when I talk to many of these people about their business, they don’t have much to say because they are not die hard students of their niche, they are wannabe’s with excuses as to why they can’t move forward!

This is a nasty trend and its not going away. Once people get out of a weekend seminar, they start getting Facebook profile artwork made so people can see they are now in business for themselves. Don’t jump the gun folks. I’ve interviewed people for my program and they didn’t know the first thing about their niche but they post all over that they are an expert in it.


Don’t sign up for these classes if you are a “FAKE Business Owner”. You won’t be able to handle the information.