What Do You Want To Be Known For?

Do you know anyone who leases an exotic car every year and uses that car as a Branding Tool? This seems to be a big thing on Instagram now.
I will never post a picture of a check or a car or anything like that ever again on social media. That’s not what I want to be known for or linked to. I did that a year ago and the results were not good.
When I bought my BMW a year ago, I set that as a year long goal and once I finally hit that goal, I posted my check that helped pay for it “all cash” and all I received for the most part was shit from people telling me that BMW’s are crap and they break all the time and they are expensive to repair (Nice Friends I Have) so now I keep my personal life stuff off Facebook.

bmw nono

I Will Never Post Like This Again on Social Media. It Brought Me Nothing But Problems!

If I buy something nice or brand new, I seriously doubt people care so I’ll stick to just posting educational content and video game highlights on my feed along with music stuff and maybe some humor tossed in there from time to time.
When you post things like cars or checks, it brings you all the wrong attention. No one gave a rats ass about my program or book, but once I started posting checks I was all of the sudden “The Man”
I don’t want that type of attention and not from those type of people. I learned a hard lesson last year. I ended up trying to train 130 people last year in my program who were fake people and not real grinders at all and because of that terrible experience, I revamped my program and changed how I brand myself.
My job is not to show people my checks and make them think I am hot shit. My job is to make people realize that I know a lot of things about social media that a lot of people don’t because I put in the work to learn all that. I value education and hard work over shiny things any day. 


Don’t Be This Person!

I don’t place any value on showing people how well I can do my job or how much money I can make in a year. None of that matters to me because its not a benchmark for success. Half the people I coach make more money than I do anyway so its not my personal success that draws people to my classes, its the education that I offer that no one else teaches. I value things  like “Teaching people valuable content” or “Helping them gain confidence with new skills”. I want to be known for the value I can bring people vs the stuff I can buy.
No one signs up for my classes because I paid cash for a BMW a year ago, they don’t even ask about it. All people care about is “Can you give me new information that will allow me better leverage in my niche” and my answer to that question is YES!FBCoverB
Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

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