These 2 Global Companies Are Using Content Marketing. (Why Aren’t You?)

When you think of Content Marketing, the first thing people think is “Oh You Mean Writing Blogs”? Not many people really grasp the idea of how big content marketing actually is or the various ways you can use it. Whether you like videos or pictures or free downloads, there is something for everyone out there and its your job as a marketer to offer it to your customer base and potential customers as well.
The Marriott Global Creative & Content Studio…ever hear of that? It’s the name of the Marriott Hotel chains content marketing division. This departments goal is to be the world leader in information on travel and lodging for the whole world.
Companies this big are building their own media companies because they know how important “Content Marketing” will be in the next few years for their brands and its survival.
If Red Bull, Marriott and many others are doing this and you are not, then what is it that you know that they don’t because these companies are investing millions into this aspect of business and most people I know don’t even post a blog or a video more than once a week and then they wonder why things are not going so well.
Back in February, Google rolled out some changes. These changes have been affecting a lot of people’s websites and their rankings. The new rules of SEO have been slowly coming out bit by bit. When you ignore the changes, you become less effective as a brand and it makes it a lot harder for people to even find you on search engines.
Red Bull now has “Redbull TV” its an extreme sports type of network and its dedicated to the adrenaline junkies of the world. Whether its mountain climbers, Skateboarder, Skydivers, or even Motorcross Fans, Redbull TV keeps that niche market entertained with their very own TV network now and just think, its just an extension of the brand itself and its a form of “Content Marketing” that their fans or subscriber base can engage with more personally everyday. They started out as a tiny company trying to tell people that if you drink this liquid, you’ll be up for days WOO
Redbull has mastered “Content Marketing”. I sat and listened to a lady this weekend who worked for them for 6 years on their social media stuff and advertising. The ideas that these companies have are right on point with what the demand is going to be later on down the road from consumers.
The writing is already on the wall. Content creators (The Good Ones) will be the ones who do the best because they live the actual daily lifestyle of content creation and as fast as things are moving right now, its only going to get faster and when you don’t adapt to the changes and make it part of your lifestyle or routine, you’ll be left behind very fast wondering what in the world just happened and it can happen really quick.

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