If You Lack Confidence, You Could Be a Hater!

One of the biggest problems I face in my classes is personal confidence with people. It seems like when I talk to people in private, they have this huge dislike for people who are better than they are in any way.
Whether you are confident, good looking, or even rich, I have student who just hate on people only because someone else has a better life than they do but they are too scared to even try to go out and create that new life. They say they want it……but let their personal setbacks hold them down.haters-750x375
If you are confident, people see you as cocky or an asshole.
If you are motivated, people see you as a spazz.
If you are good looking, people will say your looks got you to where you are in life.
It’s nothing but hate thoughts. Out of all the people I have worked with I would have to say that self confidence is the biggest problem with people. This is the main reason why people do not take any action on their goals, they are either too afraid to fail, or too afraid to be made fun of by people. so once again, they lack confidence!
When you don’t like yourself all that much, things start to happen to you like, depression, weight gain, fatigue, no motivation. I deal with this type behavior all the time. People today do not think very highly of themselves and it shows in their day to day activities.images
Watch very closely to how people post on social media. What do they usually bring up? Do they talk about all the new things they are accomplishing? or do they post only when something bad happens or stresses them out? occasionally you will get a funny post from these people but overall they never post about their personal progress enough because their isn’t anything to report and this is why people are stuck in life.
When you go out of your way to avoid your goals in life, then you live with regret and bitterness. THAT is when the mindset of hating on people starts to really take shape. If you can’t do the work, then you must hate on the ones who can?
I guess people successful and confident is now a bad thing in life? I see this type of mentality so much it makes me wonder how bad it really is out in the world. if 90% of my students fall into this category, then how’s the rest of the planet looking these days?
You need to be self confident in life to break through tough time and obstacles. Don’t cut down people who appear overly confident, it may be the one thing that keeps them going each day vs quitting on their dreams like most people seem to be doing.masters-class-pic

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