SEO Means Nothing Without The Knowledge of How it Works Now.

Wake up folks….for those of you rushing to sign up for click funnels or click bait, or instant lead generating programs listen up. When someone shows you examples of ads they created and they tell you to (Use this one) and then you do what happens? Does your business blow up over night and all of the sudden you have more leads than you can handle?….the answer is NO!
Way too many people are buying into this idea that if you just make your landing pages look a certain way then all types of new traffic will come your way. This is bullshit! and here’s why.seo-has-changed-forever-1-638
These people are not telling all about the behind the scenes work they do to get new traffic and conversions. They sell you on this stuff because they make money at it, but they only tell you half the story. I’ve sat back and watched people read copy writing books, and advertising books and hit up all the seminars and they do all the same things the instructors tell them to do and yet they get very little results so how come?
Because it takes a lot more than just placing a new ad up that looks a certain way. If you notice a lot of people’s landing pages all look identical. You have some info after the title, then you have contact links and even an opt-in option for their email or other information and thats it….so how can someone tell you that their version is much better? Its not the design, its not the colors, its not the text so what it is really? If you copy someone’s idea to the exact detail and it still doesn’t perform for you like it does for them……don’t you think there is something going on here?…There is!
If you have even bought into click funnels or anything else that promises you non stop leads and it didn’t work for you, there is a reason for that! If everyone could just switch their ads over to look like the successful ones, then everyone who places ads anywhere would see a massive change in their business results right? but that’s not happening so why is that?face-of-seo
If someone tells you to do This, This, and This….and you do but it doesn’t work, doesn’t that make you think that you did something wrong? Wanna know what you will be told? You will be told it takes time to build this up and you have to just stick with it LOL……little do people realize that the instructors are gaming the system and not telling anyone.
When you are able to make a system work for you, you owe it to people to tell them the truth about how you got that to work for you. Don’t just tell people that if you place a certain looking ad online, and use certain words that it will convert better when in fact people do that all the time and they get nothing out of it so there is much more to converting online traffic than just what your ad says on it or how it looks.
This is why I get pissed at guru’s for not telling the whole truth about web traffic converting. This game is not for the weak folks, and when you fall for Fast & Easy instructions, keep in mind that SEO is far from Easy or Fun so just keep that in mind.
If you want details on this stuff then join me for the Masters Class because I will blow the lid off of some things and you will see SEO and ranking online in a much different way.
Most guru’s or people who teach this kind of stuff have an advantage over you that they never even mention. I’ll explain all of that in the class. It’s time people knew about this stuff and I’ll teach it because I know people won’t go digging for this type of info because it will take about 2 years like it did me so I’ll bring it to you in the class room!
The SEO game is complex folks. You don’t have to be the biggest name on the web to make money or make a difference. Its time you were sold the truth vs a pipe dream. Learn how to system works, then go out and try to make it work in your favor.masters-class-pic

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