Social Media is not Bad or Full of Drama….People Are!

People many times say social media is nothing but drama and its a waste of time. I hate to be the bad guy here but here is the truth. This was always here folks, Instagram, and places like Twitter just gave us all a voice to use and for many…..they used it alright!

You are not getting nasty people on your social media because of social media, you are dealing with people for who they really are and platforms like Facebook allow you to see who people really are in life because they can react or respond in real time to your posts.

The real world isn’t always pretty, there is a lot of assholes in the world, and a lot of stupid and bitter people as well. I use social media to build my brands. I stay away from drama, unless I really feel like engaging in it at that time.wm4ea

People will say DRAMA is not necessary but actually it is. Drama is a form of communication for people, many times yelling or insulting someone is all they know what to do because its their first impulse AS A HUMAN to react that way. Its not social media’s fault people are assholes, they are they way already. Social media just exposes us to that type of behavior more so than what we are used to.

Do what I do….unfollow or block the stupid people! Its just click of a button and it works great! If you hate social media or the people who are on it, then you are still surrounding yourself with idiots which exposes you as a person who can’t let shitty friends go all because you have some history with them. I say if they are shitty to you on social media…..cut them loose, they made their choice for you!


Don’t Blame Facebook….Blame Who You Engage With, You Pick And Chose Who is on Your Friends List Right?

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