I had to cut a student from my program this morning. (Find out Why).

I had a very long chat with a student today and its one of those chats some people really need to have with their guru/mentor, here is how it went.
I have a guy in my program, after 5 weeks he still hasn’t done much work at all. He has a lot of excuses and he always tells me that he is in this thing for the long haul (Meaning) he is willing to wok day and night 7 days a week to get his goals accomplished.
Well……its been 5 weeks and nothing has been done! I could keep this guy in my program and continue to make money from him from but… (That’s not what my mentor trained me to do).don-t-be-a-fake-just-be-yourself-1c
So today instead of enrolling this guy back into my program again, I told him that the Entrepreneurial lifestyle is not meant for him. We talked for 2 hours and he pleaded with me to allow him to stay in the classes. I can’t lie to him, he isn’t made for this type of life at all.
There are too many sacrifices and things you need to do in order to give yourself a chance and not working at all means that this guys has fallen right back into old habits.
I have a huge problem with this type of behavior. I see it way too much in other programs and people just ignore it….I don’t!
I promised my mentor when he died that I would do the right thing in life and to me, this guy’s habits and level of fear is just too much to conquer and he doesn’t understand that he is trying to be something he is not. His level of self awareness is terrible and he doesn’t have the characteristics of someone who can carve their own path in life. He only gets motivated when he is around me or when he is at a seminar and that fire burns out really quick once he is home by himself and has to depend on discipline to get things done.
In my Meet The Mentor program, we work! I don’t pump you full of excitement and rah rah stuff and then tell you that you can be the next millionaire business person. Instead, I pump you full of useful information that can help you especially when it comes to social media stuff and I rely on your work ethic to prove to me that you understand the work.images-2
In the last year I have failed over 127 people in my program……Only 6 have passed it! The classes are not hard, but people make them hard because they refuse to do the work and then blame the world as to why they can’t get ahead in life….much like this guys is doing.
This guy who I removed from my program today was telling me that his week was very busy…..so I called him wife to get the truth! Hi wife told me that he had a poker night with the guys on Sunday night, he went to a party at a buddies house for his birthday on Friday and ended up staying the night because he was drunk. Then I found out that this guy was watching Netflix for 6 hours on Wednesday so he could get caught up on his favorite show.
Ok folks…..you tell me! Is this guy 100% dedicated to changing his life and making more progress? or is he just another one of those people who got excited in life because they saw someone else doing some cool shit in life so they now believe they can go and do the same thing…..you know anyone who fits this profile?
I call these people victims of “Seminar Sickness” This is why I hate motivational speakers, they don’t teach you anything, they just pump you full of belief and they never let you know that the real world could care less how much excitement you have in your life. The real world wants to see your talents, your skills, your efforts, your tenacity Vs just being motivated because someone told you that “YOU CAN DO IT”pic667784
I pride myself on being very honest with people and many times I get to be the bad guy in life to some people because I cut people off really fast when I see how their habits dictate their poor performances each day and only feed into their insecurity’s.
I love working and helping people, but I also like to see people with GUTS. I know changing your life is scary and so is learning new skills but if you want what you say you do, then doing the work and getting past your fears is something that has to be happening or else you’ll be another victim of self sabotage.
My Masters Class sold out this past week. I am excited to being all this new information to the people in my program. It’s a good feeling in life when you can educate people on things and you get to see the look in their eye when they understand it and can use it for personal gains. When you see someone becoming more and more confident, I look at that as giving people (NEW POWER).
I like seeing people win in life, I like seeing people overcome fears and bad habits, but I 100% refuse to work with anyone who settles into a comfort zone or who makes excuses for why they can’t seem to get the work done needed to create new opportunities for themselves.12543125_217600881915580_789778492_n
I never knew that Netflix and Poker nights were the secret to achieving your goals in your business…..Who knew! Today’s phone call was needed with this student. I can’t help people if they don’t do the work. That tells me all I need to know about how much your goals in life are important to you.
When you watch Netflix vs chasing your dreams, you already made your life decision and how you want it to look like. Faking that you are motivated to do more will not get the job done at all, you actually have to be accountable to learning new things and applying them vs Binge watching some show.


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How to Convert More Traffic on Social Media.

Most people when you ask them “What’s the #1 thing you target as a marketer for your business on Social Media?” The vast majority of them will tell you “Keywords”. That’s not a bad answer, but its also the only one many of them have. Outside of Keywords, a lot of people are struggling to find ways to get people’s attention to their content on Social Media so I hope this blog helps those of you out who are struggling right now. Let’s begin!
People are creatures of habit and many of them are emotional first, and logical second. You can take advantage of people as a marketer by posting ads only to those people who’s Facebook status goes from (in a Relationship) to (Single).  Keep in mind, this is just one tactic, but one that is overlooked by most people. (Did you think of this idea before reading this blog today?).
When someone has that status change happen in their life, they can be vulnerable to ads that promise to make them feel better, even if its just for a little while.
{For Example}. If I owned a Spa, I would send all the newly single females on Facebook my ad and create a title that says……
“Eliminating Life Stress is Just A Click Away”We have a discounted Spa package that would be perfect for someone like you. Click the video link below to see what awaits you at Opolski Spa.


HA HA, this is not real, I don’t own a Spa, but you get the point!

There is a very good chance I will get some sales from an ad like that because I am targeting people during an emotional state and many of them just want an “Escape”. People spend money to make themselves feel better or to try and cope with life sometimes.
Impulse shopping happens a lot more when people are under duress. These behavioral patterns in people don’t expire right away, if anything they last a lifetime so figuring out how people pattern their life is key to being an effective marketer online especially for Social Media and Google Ranking stats.


Women who are newly single will also go out with their girlfriends and “SPLURGE” to get over a relationship break up.

This is how Real Estate Wholesalers try to make their money. They only send marketing pieces to struggling homes owners in the hopes of buying their home from them because its about to go to foreclosure or it is late on taxes etc, etc. When you capture people in an emotional state, many times you can be just what they were looking for and all you had to do was present what you are offering to them at the right time.
Marketing on Social Media and learning how to rank on Google is a science. I stopped targeting set keywords or phrases 2 years ago and I started to look more into people’s habits and what they click on the most. I changed my strategies and it got me ranked on Google’s first page.
In my Masters Class I show what changes I made and how they impacted my results. I tried very hard to rank for certain keywords like everyone else does and it costed a shit load of money and it never happened for me that way. I got bitter about that outcome so I studied a lot about how this ranking stuff all works and once I figured that out, it made my advertising and marketing efforts a lot easier because I was able to learn how to track people’s clicking patterns and buying habits.sofg
Once you figure those out, it becomes a game of you doing a lot of A/B split testing on ads, articles, and even video content. SEO favors those who make the end user the happiest and what makes people happy?……learn their habits and patterns and you’ll know the answers to that question.
If you are interested in how this all gets done, I teach how to do this in my Masters Classes. Its not a secret, its not some rare thing only special people know about. It’s just a lot of new knowledge combined with some different methods of delivering your content to the masses.
My March class is all SOLD OUT!, but Registration for the April Class opens up on March 11th. If there was ever a time to learn SEO, that time is now. My class packs in a ton of stuff in a one month class.sold-out
We not only cover Google algorithms and how to rank well, but we also go into detail on how to do things the why Google wants you to, and we also dive into how other search engines want you to perform as well. They all work differently from each other so how you post content on them all matters.

Is Your Content on Google Relevant?

53% of all online traffic is gobbled up by 6-7 social media sites. When people ask me “Where Should I Post”?…..I can’t help but wonder if they are that out of tune with reality because if you own a business and you have no idea where to place your marketing content, then you need to do some serious home work and figure this stuff out.

Every 7-8 seconds, someone is getting on their phone and looking stuff up. How much content do you have floating around right now with your brand name on it that is actually relevant and worth reading or watching?


This is How You Win With SEO in 2017.

When was the last time you posted something on behalf of your business? Forget about automating your stuff, when was the last time you put time and energy into something and posted it online for people to see?
Black Hat SEO’s will try to boost their page views by creating multiple pages of the same content or they wil try to copy a high ranking piece of content and then use it as their own. This is a pretty common tactic, but its not looked at favorably by Google at all, take a look https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66359?hl=en
Spammy sites and repeat offenders will more than likely get canned from Google—or at least dropped to the bottom of the barrel in search rankings. Do you copy other people’s work  and then change the words to make it your own?….Google see’s you doing that just so you know!
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you Automate all your marketing, Google tracks you as a person who is lazy and not willing to post in “Real Time” on current events or topics that are trending. You can automate most programs to post for you based on high traffic times on certain social media platforms. What good does it do if you post at those times, but your content is stale or just a repeat of someone else’s? How original is your content that you have going out daily? You might not think about this but automating all your stuff makes it sounds so nice and efficient, but you are killing your online ranking for being someone who won’t put the work in the right way.

When you automate your marketing, you are relying on pre-made templates that will post all by themselves. You didn’t write them, and you sure as hell don’t know if they will rank well either because you would rather buy program or system that automates everything for you vs you actually being engaging on a daily basis. Some programs let you piece things together but overall you are not crating the content, you are just hand selecting pre-made options for you and not being original at all.


Google’s Penguin Update Tracks Spam. Is what you are putting out Considered Spam?…or is it actual content people want to read and engage with?

If you and 5000 other people all use the same exact program and you rely on automation…..who wins the ranking battle if you are all using the same templates?…….who wins folks…..tell me! if you are a copy cat of 4,999 other people doing the exact same methods….how does Google decide who wins the ranking battle? If you can’t answer that, then you need to learn about SEO because that one question alone just cost you a shit load of money for not knowing the answer.

The answer is…None of you! When Google crawls your web pages and see’s duplicate forms of content creation, they block it, they just ghost it out from search queries and kick you to the curb. Today, Google likes web sources that provide new and relative content consistently. If you sit back and let a program write ads or articles for you, you are hoping ti catches firs because someone told you it will convert well for SEO.


This is what you’ll see if you are exactly like everyone else!

What happens when SEO rules change? does your program change how it works to coincide with the new rules? Does it update itself every two weeks? if not then you are already behind and auto posting for just keywords alone will not get you ranked anymore. You actually have to separate yourself now from the pack and have better or more creative answers for people so that when Google see’s you gaining more engagement they rank you better for that.
If you know someone who automates their shit and still ranks and gets all kinds of business let me just tell you that there is more behind the scenes stuff that they are doing (but not telling you). I audited a real estate guru’s websites last night. 80% of all his marketing is PAID form and not Organic. This is the single most expensive way to brand yourself and when you teach people to do the exact same thing, you are sending people to their grave because unless you have tons of money, you won’t have the impact that this guru does for online exposure.download
Its not the program that ranks these people, its their paid Facebook ads, combined with PPC ads, and more. If you take away all the money they are spending and just have them use that program that promises everything for them, they will fail because those programs only are good for about a few weeks and then the coding for it stays the same so if its coded to rank for certain keywords and those set keywords are no longer valid, then you are automating content for keywords that are no longer good and you’ll never know it because you are sold on the idea that if its a high ranking keyword, then it must be good for business….sorry but SEO changed this year and ranking is not all about keyword selection, its much more than that now!
I don’t chase keywords, I chase after people’s buying and clicking habits. If you understand what that means, then you’ll know that you don’t need those automated programs to rely on because you already know how to market to people and you know where to find them too.
Don’t buy programs that promise you the world, go buy education and learn about 2017 SEO. It could save you a butt load of money long term and its better to know what you are doing vs buying new programs all the time hoping for massive change. Learn SEO tactics that work in 2017 by registering for our Masters Classes we host every month.masters-class-pic

There is a Reason Why Most Real Estate “Wholesalers” Never Make Any Money.

In my Meet The Mentor program I work with a lot of different types of people. Some are people who are just getting started in business and they are trying to get a stable thing going. Some of my students are seasoned pro’s who just want to learn more about social media and how to save money on advertising and marketing techniques. Overall I see patterns in people, especially in certain niche’s too.
For example, take Real Estate people. They are sales people, many times self motivated people, and I started noticing a big problem in that niche when it comes to the new person who is trying their hand at being a Real Estate Wholesaler.
The #1 problem I have in my classes when it comes to working with real estate people is this…They ask too many questions to things that they themselves could figure out on their own and they ask these questions way too much and they end up wasting time because of it vs ever taking any action. Here is what that looks like behind the scenes.
1. Is anyone doing bandit signs? How much do you pay and are they any good to use?
2. Is anyone using (so and so Program) I want to try it out but not sure if its good.
3. Has anyone tried to do Flyers or postcards vs letters? if so how much do you pay and does it work well?
OK stop it!…..there is way more than just these 3 examples but notice a pattern here? all this time of asking questions, these people could be going out and actually do the work. NEWSFLASH, you will try a ton of stuff and most of it will fail, keep trying and then try some new methods, once those fail, go back to the old methods again and try them once again.


How Resourceful Are You When it Comes to Figuring Things Out?

Do this for several years and if you end up making a living from that then you are in luck because that is what it actually takes…sorry but (Spoiler Alert). How resourceful are you as a business owner? can you figure things out that are simple like “Are postcards any good to use”……..Umm, I don’t know, why don’t you test that method and see how it works for you and then report back to everyone that it was either a success or a total failure like the rest.
Don’t sit around waiting for people to give you the “Green Light” on something because what will happen is, you won’t take action on anything until you see someone else has success with it first and that will have to be done recently or else you won’t take action at all. Once you see someone make money on a method you want to try, it now gives you hope that it can work for you….but the question is “Will you actually do the work, or sit around waiting fore the next excuse to surface”?
Anytime I see someone close a real estate deal, all I ever see is people asking that person “How did you get the lead”? if the person says “I used yellow letters for Probate leads”, Once they say that, people on that feed or in that Facebook group will say…”You know I’ve been wanting to look into that, so it works good huh”?.92d811887351152e055e3e577d8a84595be75761e70383a3d7958449700a4c8a
I hate seeing that because I know those people are lying. If you were serious about wanting to look into something, you would have already done it vs waiting for someone else to do good first and then you start believing in that method a bit more.
I see it all the time and I have to deal with it in my classes. There is way too much “Analysis Paralysis” going on with people. Do yourself a favor and become a student of the game. Try new things, revisit old methods, but not matter what, don’t stop working because when you do, you waste time asking all sorts of questions when in fact you could be doing the research to find out the answers on your own.images-2
Why are out looking for validation and a green light from someone else so that you can take action today in your business?.
That’s not a business owner mindset, that’s the mindset of a person who has a hobby and they are acting like its a real business. Hobbies are something you tinker around with, a business is something you engage in fully everyday until it gets you to your goals.

Meet The Mentor Presents: “Proof of Action”

In my classes I have a method I use with students and I want to share it on Facebook because I think its a good method and I have had great success with it over the last 2 years in my classes.
The method is called “Did You Know?”, its part of my “Proof of Taking Action” lessons.
What this is all about is, let’s say I want you to research how to set up your own (Meet Up Groups). You and I talked during our weekly recap session and you liked the idea that doing something like this would be good for your business so you wanted to know more about it and see what its all about.joinmeetup-1
From there I assign you next weeks assignment sheet and on there it will say “You have to report back to me twice this week about something new you learned while researching meet up groups” when you contact me you have to say to me “Did you know”, and then from their the lesson begins. The student should be able to teach me something they learned and if not, then it gets really awkward for them very fast!
What this method does is, it holds the student accountable to doing the research and it makes them teach you something so that you know they are learning and feeding that brain of theirs in their off time.
I have some of my students teach me SEO each week just to make sure I know that they are understanding what it is they are learning.
I hold people to a high standard in my classes, being accountable to constant growth is very hard for a lot of people. They think they want a bigger and brighter future, but once they see the work involved many of them go running for the hills. Try this with yourself and see if you are able to teach somebody something new this week all because you did some solid research.research
I like this method a lot because what ends up happening is, me and the student start having intelligent conversations about topics they once were intimidated by and this naturally builds up their confidence and that allows them to engage with that method more often because its (Not So Scary Anymore).
In my classes, I work directly with each person. Some people show me a ton of effort, and most show me jack shit! I give a ton of time to those who show the most effort and promise. I can’t force people to do research that will eventually help them, they have to want that more than I want it for them!
We do some kickass things in the Meet The Mentor Program!fbcoverb

3 High Ranking SEO Tactics That GURU’s Are Using, But Not Telling You About.

SEO Masters Class (Guru Tricks & Tactics)
Once you have a decent sized customer email list (1000-5000 people) take a good chunk of money and invest it into what is called “Thank You Tactics” Here is how it works and how it relates to SEO ranking points for Guru’s. See if you can catch this the next time it comes your way.
Let’s say I create a program called (Flipping Houses for Virgo’s). After a while I end up making some money with it, enough to invest back into marketing at least. From there I will invest a good amount such as $5k-$10k into these “Thank You Tactics” and here is how the process goes so it can come back to you in the form of high ranking SEO points.
Anyone who bought from me or did business with me in anyway will receive a personalized email, and a thank you card in the mail. This catches people off guard, but its a nice gesture. Now that you have people’s emotions running high because you sent them something nice out of the blue, that is when you turn on the charm and kick the living  SEO out of them and here is how you do that so you can earn really fast SEO ranking points.social-media-facebook2_400x400
On that Thank You card mention that you will offer them the best discount for your next product or service BUT…….but, they must first visit my site at http://www.virgoflippingwithmike.website (Not a Real Site By The Way) But once you get there, enter your email address and you will be sent a discount code that is only “FOR YOU”! Once you get your code, click on that and see how big your instant discount will be. Once you discover your discount you will get an extra CODE sent to you that you can pass out but it will only activate if passed onto someone on Twitter! You must give it away on Twitter or else it won’t activate.
Here’s the catch, everyone who visits the website is now a high converting visitor to the webpage. People are also putting in their email address to get their discount code so that also counts as engagement points. When they get their extra code and Tweet that out with your BRAND NAME attached to it, that counts as a (Social Mention) and (Branded SEO). That right there covers three of the main SEO ranking criteria all with just an email and a mailed out thank you card tactic.search-engine-ranking-factors
Three Ranking Signals were covered in that one marketing attempt.
#1. Visitors Search by Brand name to Main Site. Ranking Signal=(Branded SEO Searches)…Check!
#2. Engagement From Visitors. Ranking Signal=(Opt-In with Email)…..Check!
#3. Visitors Share content for you. Ranking Signal=(Social Mention+Share)…Double Check!
Once you set that trap and people fall into it, its the fastest way to get instant credibility on Google’s search engine, but it doesn’t stop there.
Remember this can all be done by just following the 5 steps below.
#1. Send them Thank You Card and personalized email to your email list.
#2. Offer discounts, and a pathway to action.
#3. Get traffic steered towards your Main website (HUB).
#4. Get people to click on things (opt-In).
#5. Get your content shared by having people pass out discount codes on Twitter and have them mention its fir your Brand.
There are a lot of tricks that Guru’s are not telling you about that actually matter to the newbie person who is just starting out. There is a lot of missing information that is not being told to people about how some Guru’s are ranking well. They will tell you its because of their own program they use or their buddies program they are endorsing or affiliates with.google-ranking-factors
There are a ton of tricks of the trade when it comes to ranking tactics. I’m pulling back the curtain on how many guru’s are doing it, and how you can bust them when they do. The SEO game has some unfair advantages hidden within it and I’ll explain a lot of those to you in my class because you have to know the truth about what you are really up against when it comes to the ranking and SEO game.
The reason I say that this is a tactic that no Guru ever mentions to their followers or students is because you can’t pull that tactic off unless you are kind of (POPULAR) or at least have a decent sized following so what you do is, you take that following and you get them to take action by setting up a (Call-To-Action) trap, and that trap is the marketing campaign I explained in this blog.
The next time your Guru tells you that you need to do direct mail, ask them if this is what they had in mind because this tactic is used once you gain a little bit of fame. It’s a (Turning Point) tactic, and its effective only after you have a loyal following you can rely on for fast conversions.
There are many other tactics and methods I will be covering in my Masters Classes. This is some good info to know folks, you could end up using these tactics yourself someday and believe me…..they work! In the end you win because you can create new sales to cover the cost of doing this campaign, you will attract new potential customers from twitter, you will gain SEO points big time and social shares as well.masters-class-pic

Will Facebook’s Algorithm Changes Hurt Your Business?


IF you want more attention for your videos here is how you do it. Post only on Facebook and only use Facebook’s Streaming service. Don’t record a Youtube video and then post it on Facebook, they will limit the amount of exposure it gets.

I just tested this for a week and let me tell you what happened. I made a video with Facebook’s streaming service called (BeLive). I also recorded the exact same presentation on a separate program I had running as well.facebook-algorithm

Once I finished the Facebook recording, it showed I had 34 views already before it was even finished uploading?…..how can people watch it, if its still uploading? its as if Facebook’s algorithm was already feeding me views even though my video wasn’t done yet. I had nobody watching me on Facebook when I recorded it so I know my viewer count is ZERO for that video so how does someone gain 34 views as the damn video is uploading? You can’t even watch it until its all done so this is some fuckery going on for sure.

***YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO I TESTED THIS WITH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSHUT5PWnd8&t=483s

Anyway….I took the very same video but this time copied it from Youtube and pasted it onto my page…….NOT ONE VIEW, not one comment or like or anything, but when its posted from Facebook’s program, I can get views even before the video exists?

I’m telling you all this because I teach SEO Algorithm stuff in my classes and its a serious concern for my students when they hear about these things from me for the first time. Facebook is being bias in terms of what gets seen and what gets “Ghosted” on their platform. You and I can’t bitch about a thing because, Its their platform so they make the rules. All we can do is follow the rules and stay with that.download

From now on, I will make duplicate copies of all my videos just for SEO and distribution reasons but overall, your are fucked unless you start only using Facebook’s program now. They will block views to your other stuff if you don’t. In the last 2 weeks, I tested multiple videos and not one of my Youtube videos got any views, but my other ones got hundreds…….how come its so unbalanced now?, I’ll tell you why and this is exactly what all platforms and search engines are now doing.

If you want to control a massive user base of people, you do things like this to control their daily user habits, this allows you to better design an algorithm for your platform because you better understand the people who are on it and what they do every hour.

This helps advertising in a big way because Facebook sells ads based on Meta Data and what better way to collect accurate data, than to make people fall in line with set rules and guidelines to follow.facebook-algorithm

I did see this coming, and I warned people months ago about this but it seems like those changes are going on right now so be on alert and learn the rules so you can adjust how you create and post content daily.

Upload Facebook Live or BeLive videos ONLY on Facebook, anything else pasted from another source will not be given a fair chance at all, unless you paid for Boosting or you pay for an ad to bring in traffic to your post. Organic content on Facebook is almost dead 100%, If you rely on Facebook to get your brand out to the masses, you better find ways to get around their rules because they are blocking people from seeing you.

Remember how I keep saying that ranking on search engines is a science?…..it is, and if you want to learn these rules and how to make them work for you, contact me about my next SEO Masters Class, this stuff isn’t going away so you might as well learn it sooner than later.masters-class-pic

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