My First Time Speaking at a Seminar.

I was 19 years old when I spoke on stage at the Amway World Headquarters. I was an up and coming new Amway distributor and for the first time in my life I had a room full of people waiting to hear what I had to
I will never forget the lesson I taught that day on stage and I want to share a little piece of it with you all here today so here it goes.
I stood up in front of the room and I asked everyone this “If you could make money doing what you love and are passionate about, what would your job be”?
{Lady #1} – I would be a Chef
{Lady #2} – I would own a Horse Training place.
{Gentlemen #1} – I would own my own Bed and Breakfast.
{Gentlemen #2} – I would like to make money teaching kids how to farm.
Now here is the real kicker, none of these people do any of these things as a way to earn income. They all do something other than what they said they would like to do.
Do you see a problem here? Not everyone is happy in life because they have settled into a job that isn’t their first love. Keep in mind some of these people pleaded with me from the audience saying that they love their job but some truths are not being told here.
You don’t love your job, you love your paycheck and maybe some of the co-workers you are around daily but that’s about it. If you didn’t pick what you do for a living as your first choice, then you are not where you want to be and over time don’t you think that does something to you as a person?
Don’t you think that chips away a little bit year after year at your confidence because when you don’t go after things that give you fulfillment, you lose the ambition to even try anything at all.the-biggest-blow-in-difficult-situations-is-losing-self-confidence
This is what happens to a lot of people and over time your drive to seek out any new opportunities just dies off completely because you have settled in on the idea that “This is as good as it gets” so you sell out to that idea and you live the rest of your life just coasting through the years without ever making any real attempts at creating the change that you say you wanted in life.
I see people who say “I love what I do for a living” but then on Friday mornings they are posting on Facebook that they are so happy that its Friday because they just need a break from that really hard job they love so much.
It is one thing to be tired or burned out at work after a long week, but when you see people saying the same things week after week, you know they love their weekly paycheck and not the job anymore because time away from the job is now more important to them than ever.
Just think about it, brand new high school or even elementary school teachers will tell you “I can’t wait for school to start so I can meet my new students” Then after about one semester, that tone changes a lot and looks more like this. “I need a vacation, my head hurts just thinking about grading papers tonight”
You know what a (I Love My Job) teacher would say instead? “I get to grade papers tonight, looks like a long night of me and a bottle of wine till these things get done” #WishMeLuck
You see how one comment is about escaping the dreadful workplace and the other is more engaging because its what you really enjoy? That is because when you are new to a job and you now have a steady paycheck its always exciting, but when its not something you LOVE like you say it is, then the passion burns out and that right there could be the very moment that your brain decides “Hey, were going to sabotage ourselves today and start dwelling on problems Vs looking for opportunities” It can happen that quick!dont-settle
This mental shift in people usually starts once they feel that they are being underpaid for what they do. Once that idea starts creeping into your head you have two choices.
#1. Do something about it and grow beyond where you are at.
#2. Dwell on it and settle for less than what your potential is.
This was just a small segment of what I said that day in Ada Michigan. I was very excited to even have the chance to speak there but it was all worth it because it lead me to where I am today.

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