Accountability (Masters Class) is Coming Soon.

People pay good money to go to the same seminars as many other people do but if you put 500 people in a room and show them all techniques to improve… come only a small fraction of those people ever see any results?
Is it really just a matter of application and work ethic? or does talent and your ability to communicate your message seem to be what you struggle with?
I am almost done with the lesson plans for my Masters Class coming this March. I myself have been to over 100 seminars in my life. I always took notes and I always listened and when I look around the room at these type of events, many times I see people not paying attention and tuning out.master
My class will not allow you to do that! You will have to be in class on time and participate in the lessons as they happen “LIVE”. I am setting up my program like this because this is what is severely lacking in many training programs…(The Interaction).
You may have the same knowledge as 10k other people, but how you distribute your content and how you relate to people is a key factor when you are marketing for new business.
My Masters Class is going to be some very in depth training. This is stuff that my mentor Glen did with me and most of this stuff is not material you see being taught because its not politically correct, for example….
What if you are someone with a physical appearance issue? I mean a serious issue where it impairs how you look and speak. What if you are cross eyed or have a speech problem? Do you think people will even notice? if they do, can you redirect their attention on your message vs what you look or sounds like?
This takes talent folks. I was a 5’5″ DJ talking as an MC on stages all over the country and I make a lot of money at that job because I was talented in my delivery. When I spoke, people listened and for being a short guy with no hair, that isn’t easy to so unless you have a commanding presence about you.


This Needs To Be You! You Need To Be Heard.

Many people who are handicapped who are public speakers had to overcome this setback in life. They overcame it because their message and the delivery of that message was so strong, that people started to look at them as a source of intelligence or strength vs someone with a disability.
The fact of the matter is this, many of you out there all have the same training as your fellow business pals, the problem is some of them either have more money than you or more talent than you and that is why they have better results than you. If we all go and learn the same methods to practice then we should all see the same results right?
Understanding who you are matters folks. Self awareness matters because you have to produce content on social media in a way that relates to you as a person but also speaks to others at the same time, once again this takes talent.self-awareness
I have a unique ability as a performer my whole life. Stage presence is a skill. I can teach this skill set and many more to people, especially those who have a hard time relaying their message out on social media and getting people to take them serious.
My Masters Class is not going to be for a lot of people. It takes a strong person mentally to go through this type of training because you will have to set aside personal insecurities to have any chance at succeeding in this class.
More details on this coming soon….

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