Join a “Live” Recording of the Audio Book “Embrace The Grind” Narrated by Michael Opolski.

Join me for a casual night of learning as I read through my book “Embrace The Grind” Live on Twitch TV.
These Special Edition Podcasts are being recorded so I can have my audio version of my book all done but at the same time I will do a Q&A session after each episode.
I will do one chapter per episode and once I am done reading, we will start the Q&A portion. For those of you who wish to attend these readings, you must let me know in advance.


Join Me “Live” on Twitch TV.

I plan to set up a nice casual vibe on Twitch TV and stream my Podcast “Live” for each chapter. I will not be answering questions at all until I am completely done with the chapter. If you would like a copy of the audio book, I will have those available as soon as I can get all the recordings edited.
This was only going to be for Accountability Class Students, but I thought I would open this up to anyone who is interested in personal growth and being a business owner.
These readings will be live and unrehearsed, I will be recording the audio “Live”, but will not be recording the Q&A portion of the Podcast.
These Podcast episodes would be a great thing for anyone who is interested in taking future classes from Meet The Mentor. All new classes will launch starting in March.
If you were to ever take an accountability class like mine, you should attend these Podcasts because it details a lot of things that I do in my classes.
**Comment if you plan to attend one of the chapters or more.

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

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