Don’t Ignore The People Who Give Your Content Attention.

We now live in a world where people advertise their business daily on the web, This is done in many ways. You can post a blog, or post a video but one thing really stands out that I noticed in many of the students I work with in my Accountability Classes and that one thing is the “Nurturing of the prospect

Anytime someone reads your content or watches your video, that means they chose YOU over anyone else to listen to. YOU got their attention and made them take action and when they do….how do you handle it? When people leave comments on your posts, how often do you engage with those people? Even if the comments are negative, do you respond personally to those people?…..You should!

In this day and age, people rely on their auto responders and default messages to handle that for them. When that happens, people can see that they are not important. If the human being who created the content won’t respond in person, the why bother putting out the content in the first place?


People want to be talked to by a person, not an auto responder message that is generic!

This is a topic that really stands out because a lot of people fail at this process. You put out content to get people’s attention, then you have to nurture that lead and see if there will be any business done with that person. None of that happens unless you do follow up really well. I pay close attention to people who respond to my content. I look for people who took the time to write out a response and I do not overlook anyone.

Sending a preset message back to these people is rude. It shows you don’t care and won’t take time to even talk to these people. You are too busy to talk to someone who decided they are not too busy for you or your content and this is how you pay them back…..with auto responding messages that are generic. This happens a lot and it needs to be addressed because nurturing leads is something people do not do. They want attention for their content, but once they get it, they don’t know how to do proper follow up.

People want you to talk to them, pay attention to them, and when you rely on auto responding methods, its no wonder people have low conversion rates for their efforts. If you have a blog, or some type of video content that you produce, keep in mind that no one has to stop what they are doing and take the time to digest your content…..but they did!

Your followers deserve much better than this, even if the person who comments is not a follower, they deserve to be attended to because they chose YOU and your content over any one else’s and you need to understand that that Social Media actually has a “SOCIAL” part to it. Go and see if anyone has commented on your content lately, if so…..go say something to them and let them know their time and their comments mattered.


Here is how auto responders make people feel when they get them.

If you can’t take a few minutes out of your day to write up an original piece of material to say thanks to your followers or to acknowledge the people who engage in your content, then you shouldn’t be in business. There comes a time and a place where you actually have to go out and make an effort to show people that you care.

Auto responders do not make people feel good, they know what it is and a personal message from YOU doesn’t take very long to write and if that is something you haven’t thought about doing, then you are distancing yourself from the people who engage in your content the most. Don’t do that because these are the people who will pass on or spread the word about you and what you are doing. I think that is worth paying attention to don’t you think?

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