How Often Do You Engage With Your Followers/Audience?

The problem with ranking on Google’s first page is that everyone is just Blue text or Purple text depending on what your screen looks like after you click on something but overall, you can be ranked 2nd or 8th and you still look like all the rest of the other results so whats makes you stand out or what makes you get more clicks than the next person?
Converting traffic is where the science is, ranking is great and all, but when your drop rates are high, that’s not a good sign that your ranking is helping you as much as you think it might be.
When the conversions are low, it means people don’t like your content so they click off of it and go find some where else to get fulfillment. We are in a different game now with social media. It’s evolving into a new phase. Engagement is more important now than Keywords.
If you can create engagement, then you can change how people feel about you and your content especially at that moment when their first discover you and are judging you based on just what they see in the first few
I was able to double my web traffic numbers from last year just with Organic Content. I like creating my own content vs using a template system because then people know that its actually my words in those blogs and not some pre-written out text that promises to covert well for you.
Google likes Keywords and Ads, but what it also likes is if people actually enjoy you and your content. Getting repeat visitors is a good sign that you are making an impression with an audience. Google will reward you if you are also consistent in creating content that is new and being engaged with.freelancer-social-platform-engagement-chart
You can’t rely on programs or someone else’s products to rank you long term. With all the changes happening, it will be much harder and much more expensive now to pay for Keywords so the best solution for that is to learn the science of how to create engagement and how to create a sense of community around what it is that you do.
You have to plant seeds in many places to see how well your content performs on different platforms. Different people use different platforms and each platform works in its own way so being ranked isn’t what people should be excited about, they should be excited about adding value to their audience and that only happens when you pay attention to what they crave for when it comes to information.
Growing a community on social media is like growing a garden. You water plants in a garden so they grow, you pay attention to your audience and deliver content they want to engage with and then you start to build a community. Much like a garden, you need to replant or re-seed every once in a while and that means you putting out brand new content that is relavent for the times we now live in.


Pay Attention to Your Audience, and Watch it Grow!

Its a lot of responsibility to handle once you build a community around what you do, most people only post on Social Media because they want people to buy their stuff or use their service. What value do you add to people’s lives is the question you should be asking yourself as a business person these days.
When was the last time you offered a free E-book, or better yet, offered to sit “Live” on camera and talk to people in real time and answer questions about things that relate to your business? Just putting our ads or posts isn’t going to build you much of a following, you need to be seen and heard by your audience. Engage with people more often and you will see growth.
Engagement folks…..learn this!

Getting Ranked on Google’s First Page Takes Work…Not Money! (I Have Proof)

There is a bias out in the world and that bias is, people who are out seeking for the fast and easy ways in life to become successful and they will latch onto any presenter or program that promises amazing results. I had a couple of students who failed my course, recently they got started in some type of training program with another guy…..I know the guy!
My former students ranted and raved about how amazing this guys presentation was and how much they looked forward to learning from him. The bias here is, they will always run to the man or women who promises easy solutions for their problems which makes me wonder why they signed up for my class because I promote WORK, vs what’s EASY.

When you are actively out looking for a non challenge, that tells me a lot about your confidence, but yet these students were all excited and talked all kinds of hype for this new class they are in.


My New Masters Class Will Outline How I Got Ranked and How You Can Use The Same Ideas to Rank as Well.

OK… this is the exact same wording they used when they found me online and registered with me so to me, they were all excited and couldn’t wait to get started. The problem is, this is going to be more of the same with these people because if they quit my class, they will most likely quit this other guys class too once they start facing any challenges that are harder than what their expectations were.
So I called the guy up who runs the program and asked him how things are going. He tells me that he has a great group of people and a few he is really worried about. Guess who are the ones he is worried about?….Yup, my two former students.
I let the cat out of the bag and told the guy “Hey just so you know, those two people quit my class because the work was too intense for them”google-ranking
The guy says to me “Really”……so what did you have them doing that was so hard?….I told him “They needed to say Hi to their followers each day on instagram and get a blog out as well”.
The guy says….“Thats It”?, and I said “Yeah, pretty much”. They quit because they didn’t like having to do things every single day in their business but yet the program I had them on was a plan to break through Google’s algorithm for FREE so they could rank better.

The guy then says to me “WHAT?.…you can’t rank on Google without paying for it! I said “Yes you can, but it takes work. The guy then tells me that there is no way that is possible so I show him my rankings on the first page of Google and he says “How did you do this?…..I told him “I work everyday, thats it” I don’t look at making a 45 second instagram video as hard work or as some type of annoying activity, I look at that as a way to get people to see me or hear me because I want my message heard.


I am Ranked Twice actually on Google’s first page. This can happen for people, but it takes work!

I have had students who failed my classes simply because they psyched themselves out mentally. Social media is not hard work, its just consistent work and for most people, being consistent in their business is just too much to ask so now its either, learn this stuff, or struggle big time with getting traffic to your content.
At the end of our chat, the guy told me that he is interested in my class. I told him not to even sign up unless his work ethic can pave the way for him because you will work in my class but the cool thing is, your work ethic will be your winning leverage tool for Google Vs it being your wallet. If you are not afraid to work each day, then I welcome you into the class anytime.
The lesson here is this folks. My former students quit my program because this guy promised them easier and faster results but yet, his ass isn’t ranked on Google at all so I have no idea what he is teaching these people but it must be cool enough to lure quitters to him because I don’t sell fantasy to people, I only offer up to share with people the work that it takes to get ranked for FREE.fbcovera
Most people run away from the work in my classes, for those that stay, they win!

Meet The Mentor Audio Blog #3 – Gaming Metrics 101: Make The Rules Work in Your Favor


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Accountability (Masters Class) – Presented By Michael Opolski


Here is the Intro Video for my Masters Class. I will be launching these on March 1st. These classes are advanced and if you plan to register, plan in taking notes and having a lot of Q&A after each lesson.

This class is all about how to get your content ranked on google for FREE without having to buy PPC Ads of any kind or without having to spend tons of money on Keywords.

There is a science to ranking, and I’m going to be the science teacher because I got the results I was looking for so now its time to show others how its done. Remember…..this is work, the information I will share with you works, but only if you do!

Registration Starts on Feb 11th.

Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Music Producer, Blogger, & Author.

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Gaming Metrics: 101 – Make The Rules Work in Your Favor.

A Metric is a measuring system that quantifies a Trends, Dynamics, or Characteristics.
What is “Gaming Metrics” exactly? This is when you can take data that works against you and make it work to your advantage. In my Masters Class we are going to talk about “Gaming Metrics” and how to use Google’s Algorithm rules to your advantage.
Here’s an example of how this has been done in the past. Maserati and Rolls Royce stopped selling their cars at car shows because the perception was that “Those were the really expensive cars” so they wore that label and it affected sales.47008534-maserati-wallpaper
So they looked at their terrible sales numbers and found a way to take advantage of people’s logic. Instead of selling their cars at auto shows, they instead started selling them at Yacht sales and Private airplane sales. Doing this made their $200k-$1 million dollar cars seem cheap standing next to $15 million dollar boats and $35 million dollar private jets. They changed the perception of VALUE by putting their product in a place that it would be more appreciated. The Metric used against Maserati and Rolls Royce was that they were always the most pricey option at any event, so the metric was poor sales results and a poor public perception.
Change the perception and you change the Value.
You ever see someone argue and then one person makes a really good point and then the person they are arguing with says “You know, you have a good point”…..when that is said, it changes the metric of the conversation. If you can get the person you are fighting with to agree with you on things, then you change their perception and ultimately their decision making which is exactly what Maserati and Rolls Royce did to perfection.rolls_royce_phatom_coupe_aviator_collection-wide
This is exactly how you beat Google folks. You give them VALUE. You do this by posting by their guidelines, and staying current with your content. It is not just a matter of posting content daily, you have to post things correctly or else you don’t earn Affinity Score points from Google.
You can manipulate Google’s algorithm and change its perception about you as a content creator, all you have to do is change your perception about Social Media and how its used and start playing by the new rules that are set up.


Affinity Scoring

Most people are sold on Keywords, they are dead set on believing that Keywords is how you get ranked on Google…..It’s not! The Algorithms are different now, SEO is not what people think it is. You can take your monthly numbers and say “This keyword performs well and these ones don’t” well over time, those keywords are going to become more expensive soon so now your metrics are going to be all messed up and for most marketers who use Google Ads Words, the only solution they know of is?… throw more money at it or offer up higher bids for certain keywords and then cross their fingers.
What if Google changed the game and said Keywords are nice and all, but we really like people who do this……..and then you find out its not about keywords at all and you had your heart set on just that all because the majority of people fell into the exact same advertising trap. Google did a really good job of convincing people that you had to pay money in order to make it onto their first page for an online search. People were told that they can own the market or dominate it if they out bid people for certain keywords that relates to their business.
in real estate the top keywords are “Sell My House Fast”“We Buy Houses”“Sell House Fast Cash”“Stop Foreclosure”“Home Buyers”. Now if a million people all create content and they all use the same keywords such as the examples shown above……who wins the ranking battle? Is it the person who spends the most on their cost per bid? or is it something else?
If only the highest spending people win the Google first page battle every time, then there would be no reason for people to post anything at all on the web to promote their business  it would be a lost cause.perception
Much like the perception of Rolls Royce being too expensive, your perception of being ranked on Google could be clouded by what you have been exposed to so far from guru’s at seminars. If you could get ranked on Google’s first page, simply by “Gaming The Metrics” then you can set yourself up really nice for long term exposure that won’t cost you a ton of money because you will have earned it.
Here’s some hard truth. No one on earth is an SEO expert, you can’t be because of how fast the changes happen now. You can be savvy at best, but that just means you are anal about details and you stay on top of the changes because you are nerdy like that (That’s Me).
Social Media is powerful ladies and gentlemen. You can create so many possibilities for yourself with it if you just understand how to make it work for you based on the rules that are currently in place vs relying on what has been said for years now.


Only 25 People Per Class. These Will Be Held Every Month!

Stop “WISHING” For Things, Start Earning Them Instead.

People say the word “WISH” a lot. It looks very much like this.
#1. I wish I could afford that.
#2. I wish that was cheaper so I could get it.
#3. Why does everything have to be so expensive, I wish this was on sale.
Do you see a problem here? This is defeated self talk right here. People who talk like this are putting limits on themselves solely based on their current situation. If you can’t afford something right now, whats stopping you from affording it in the near future?wpid-1428487130343
Do you not have plans to grow? is life as good as its going to get for you? How come you don’t ever say “I’m going to set some goals and go purchase the things I really want in life” How come most people can’t talk like that?……because it means they would have to be accountable to those words and today, people are less accountable than ever before. People will work their ass off for a paycheck at a job, but they will spend zero time working on themselves so they can see what their full potential looks like.
Gone are the days of the solid work ethic. I’m not talking about working hard at a job and coming home exhausted everyday because that is just a routine. I’m talking about the extra effort you can put in to better your situation in life. Do you lack money for things?….WHY? is it because you don’t like pushing yourself to new heights? or is it because you are self defeated already and just want to hold onto what you currently have and hope for the best?
Be very aware of the language you use folks. Many people have no idea but they talk themselves out of progress all the time and a lot of that terrible self talk comes from fear and lack of useful knowledge that can build up confidence in them to create a new sense of action.
If something is too expensive right now, do you wait for it to go on sale? or do you go right after it because you have the ability to create a solution for that problem? The real issue here is that people are relying on just one income source to solve all their money problems.stop-wishing-start-doing-1403528197gk8n4
Think about this, most people have a car payment, rent or a mortgage, insurance, food, gas, electric, phone, cable, internet, and more. All of these problems here cost money, most of these are things people can’t avoid but yet people seem to think that their one source of income (Their Job) will provide more than enough funds to cover all of these expenses or more. If that is not the case, how are you going to solve that lack of income issue? Will you work a 2nd job part time? or will you develop new skills that will put you in a position to get ahead on your finances?
Think about how many problems you have each year that cost money, now take a look at all the money options you have right now to solve all of those. If your only source of income is a 9 to 5 job, then you are a slave to that wage because if you outspend what you are worth on paper, that is how you fall into debt and instead of shrinking down your goals in life to match your income, why not grow your income to match the things you really want to accomplish?masters-class-pic
Self defeated people are the ones who don’t take the time or effort to get ahead. When you settle for just a job in life, you missed out on a whole world full of opportunities and that is where that whole “Wish” mentality comes from. It only happens because you were taught how to work for a living and settle in life vs create a living and creating a life.
In this day and age, that’s a tough spot to be in because the world moves faster than ever before so you can either skill up, take action and see results or you can get left behind!

Accountability Class (Google Ranking Update).

This Just In….
Today  (1.29.2017)...I reached the #2 spot on Google’s first page. I am also ranked #7 on the first page as well. Most of my new content is outperforming my content I posted just a month ago. Last month I was ranked still because of a post I had from several months
Since last week, I have bumped those posts off the first page and I have replaced them with recent post all from this month. My post from yesterday got me ranked up to the #2 spot today.
This was all done without paying for ads or keywords. This was all done because I post daily and I understand the algorithms on both Facebook and Google. This can be taught, the question is….“Will people do the work needed to get ranked themselves”?.
I had a student recently get ranked on Google’s first page. They did it by taking my Accountability Class. This new Masters Class I am hosting will show you the science behind how this gets done.
You can rank on Google’s first page by understanding social media rules better than the next person. What I do is work, this is not a push button system that promises to get you amazing results just by signing up… actually have to put effort and some time into this for it to workout for you.fbcovera
Being ranked #2 and #7 “Organically” is powerful. I pretty much can stay there as long as I stay consistent. Many of these other places ranking along side me paid to get onto the page. I did it by gaming the system because knowing certain details about how things work, makes all the difference in the world when it comes to gaining exposure on Google’s Search Engine.
Join me in the Masters Class and learn the steps it takes to get your content ranked better on search engines without having to rely on ads or programs to get you there. You can do this on your own, if you are willing to be accountable to the work involved with the process.