Haters Are Everywhere!

You now when people are not well in the head when you see them bashing on someone like Tony Robbins. The second any one person creates wealth for themselves, they instantly turn into a bad person? I must have missed that meeting because if you know Tony Robbin’s life story, the guy deserves every penny he has ever made and will ever create for himself.tony_robbins_idea_lab_2_new_pano_52396
I was just in a Facebook group and there was some people bashing Tony Robbins only because he posted an ad letting people know about an event he is doing soon. I’ve seen Tony Robbins before, the guy is fantastic and very brilliant.
It seems that if you make a lot of money in this world then people will just naturally hate on you because of what?…..jealousy perhaps?, I don’t get it and I don’t want to even try. If I meet someone who is rich or even better WEALTHY, I get excited because that person has a story to tell and I bet its not a pretty one either.
I like stories that talk about how hard your journey was and all the crap you overcame to see things to the end. I like people who have those type of stories to share for sure. Success has a rough road to take, not many can handle that road but for the ones who can, they usually have a pretty amazing story behind the scenes.
Most successful people I know earned their way in life, it wasn’t handed to them and no matter who you are, it seems like you are demonized if you do really well in life financially. One guy said “Oh must be nice to be him”……..Well at one point it wasn’t so nice to be Tony Robbins!, he had to kick, scratch, claw, and fight his way through a lot of things that would have defeated a less focused person.
Instead of bashing Tony Robbins, why not go learn about his life story and learn why he does what he does for a living. The guy was out teaching and helping people back when he was broke, and he’s still doing it today and has a net worth of just about a billion dollars so its not about the money for him, the money is simply a reward for being excellent at something you do in life that is all.
Try being excellent at something in life and then go see if it pays you more than what you currently making and if so, does that mean you are not deserving? or does it mean you created enough value to enough people to allow yourself more income opportunities and at new levels?haters-quote-1
If you bash people like him, then you are just a bitter person in life who has no confidence to go after your own dreams. Don’t hate on people who can tough it out when the odds are stacked against them in life. Tony Robbins was flat broke once but he didn’t stay in that life because he stood for something and that something brought enough value to enough people to make him very successful.
What are you trying to be excellent at today so new doorways can be opened for you?

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