This Blog has 666 Words in it….Are You Brave Enough to Read it?

When the Winter Accountability Class starts, I will be doing something called “Behind The Scenes” videos. What this will be is a sample video of how I operate within the Meet The Mentor program with students. In these “Behind The Scenes” presentations I will be showing you some of the things that I show students in private. This will give you a chance to be a fly on the wall and watch me work as I walk you through a lesson the same way I do people in my classesdownload-1
I will teach the lesson as if you (the audience) was sitting across from me at the kitchen table. These videos are meant to be teaching tools for new people but they are also meant to be Promo videos for my program so people can see how I work. I am going to change how I do each one and base it on past students who I have worked with.
Some of the words I will use might be softer in tone and be more polite or appealing to the ear but then I will also have some where I might have to swear and say some things that could offend people. I am doing this because this is what people want to see. People want to know “What the hell goes on in that class anyway
When you are in my class, if you reach out to me all the time I will have no problem talking on the phone with you or even doing a Skype chat, and these talks could go on for hours…..most of them do! This is what I would want to see if I was interested in a person’s program. I would want some behind the scenes access to spy on the program to see what exactly goes on. This is about as real life as I can get. I will do my best to stay in character on these videos because I really want people to see what its like to work with me.
The goal with these new videos is to give people an idea that there is real value in what Accountability Class has to offer someone. Every person is unique and every person can develop their own Flow Pattern in life. Hopefully with these videos I will be able to reach some new people who are out looking for some answers in their business.


“Behind The Scenes” Video Series Coming Soon….

I am going to present the very first one “LIVE” and I would like to invite everyone in for that presentation to kick start this new video series off with some momentum. I will most likely do the “Live” broadcast on my video game channel just because I am already set up to record on that platform. (I will let you know for sure when I set a date for this so don’t worry.
These videos are 100% roll playing folks. I am going to be acting but teaching at the same time in these videos. I will not be answering questions during these videos but instead try to act out how it looks when I work with someone one on one. I want to do this because I know people want help, but they are not seeking any of it because of fear and insecurity and many other things.
Hopefully these videos will help bring down some defensive walls in people and allow them to open up just enough to finally reach out and become accountable to creating new habits and new results for themselves.
Contact me if this is something you would like to attend as these are recorded “Live“. I will be sending out the link for the channel once I set up the lessons.

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