If You “Walk The Walk” Then Your Confidence & Results Will Grow.

Here is some behind the scenes stuff that happens in my life. Every month I get deposits into my bank account from book sales worldwide and other things I have built up over time. I’ll get emails such as this telling me to be on the look out for some money coming soon. My book is one of 7 ways I generate revenue for myself each month.kdp
Whenever I sell music or anything else I have created, I get email notices and when those emails pop up, it reminds you of all the work it took just to get those things to even happen.
I want the Accountability Class Members to know that I not only teach certain things but I also walk the walk. I don’t host Accountability Classes a few times a year just because I think its trendy. I do the classes because I am confident that I can help people by actually showing them how to do the work that I show them in the class.
I do these classes because I can lead by example. Being accountable is such a rare thing these days, I take great pride in knowing that I developed an elite work ethic from all the years of mentor training I had.lead-by-example
I found out last year that posting my checks and new purchases was the wrong way to get attention for my program. I learned that I only attracted superficial people to my inner circle and so I stopped posting money and other material things and then instead started posting my work progress each week and that started to really hit home with people because I was doing everything that I was teaching and making it work.
I told people that you can get on the first page of Google without paying for ads and I proved it. I told people that you can drive thousands of new people to your business with blogging and I proved that too. I am a firm believer that as a mentor you should not only set the example for people, but also show them that this is part of your life. My lifestyle is based on constant growth so if I am not working towards reaching new heights, then I have no reason to be teaching any class to anyone!
My book has “Spiked” this month which means it’s selling more copies than usual which tells me that people are taking full of advantage of my Promo Code being stuck on Create Space.new-ad-youtube
The Promo Code is NARUNQN2……USE IT!, because I have no idea how long my Promo Code will be stuck so grab a copy of my book for 50% off while you can.
Here is the Link for Create Space – The Promo Code only works on this site: https://www.createspace.com/5967492
Follow Meet The Mentor on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FOpolski

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