Do You Want to Learn More About “Free Lead Generation”?

leads-adI will be doing a “Live” presentation on SKYPE next Wednesday November 2nd @ 7pm EST. The “Live” part was only going to be for the people in Trenton New Jersey but I have a way I can open it up for others to see it if they want to.
I can record on one of my Twitch.TV Channels and have people tune in there. That channel I can use is a backup one that I only use for things like this.
If you are interested in attending this “Live” presentation, let me know so I can set the channel up for people to chat with me in real time as I speak.
We can do a Q&A session afterwards, but you can also chat with others who are also a part of the stream.
Michael Opolski

You can get my book “Embrace The Grind” at a 50% OFF Discount by using the Promo Code listed below.3D_michaelopolski
The Promo Code is NARUNQN2……USE IT!, because I have no idea how long my Promo Code will be stuck so grab a copy of my book for 50% OFF while you can.
Here is the Link for Create Space – The Promo Code only works on this site:
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