You Need More Than Passion to Become Great!

I keep seeing videos from Gary Vaynerchuk and it shows random people walking up to him while he is trying to eat or have a meeting with people and all these keep bugging him keep saying the same things over and over.
The #1 thing I see is the complete lack of confidence. People ask Gary “What should I do?”……You should get to work and stop worrying about what other people are doing or thinking.b72c0f6bf5b58af8a1e1cd7bb952e20a
Being a business owner means you believe in yourself and what it is you are about to go and do for income. If you suck at sales, then don’t go out and try to sell stuff. If you are terrible about being accountable to growth, don’t be a business owner.
It blows my mind that people today are so beat up by life and they refuse to let themselves ever see their own potential all because of FEAR! Watching these people come up to Gary V all the time makes me wonder Where is your confidence? I’m seeing adults who are in their 40’s asking Gary V “What should I do“?
If you are 40 and you have no idea what you want to do in life then you haven’t spent much time figuring out what brings you fulfillment and investigating to see if that is something that pushes you to take action each day.
If you have no motivation when you get up each day, then you are not chasing after anything that excites you. As a business owner you should be excited about the “Unknown” instead of being afraid of it. You could (Over Time) develop new knowledge and skills that will allow your life to change for the better.


Don’t Ask People to “Follow” you on social media unless you are confident in what you are doing.

Carving your own path out in life is hard, but it will be next to impossible if you don’t put your head down, believe in yourself, and go out and make things happen because you have the guts to show the world that you can indeed do more in life and your potential is much greater than what people have seen so far.
If you don’t believe in yourself and what you are doing, then you are just out trying to be something you are not and that means you need to keep looking for your passion in life. Motivation is not what you are out looking for folks. If you want your goals to happen in life, you should naturally have motivation simply because the goals you set are important to you.
You can’t get past the “Motivation” stage unless you actually have real world “Skills” that will help you get closer to your goals. If you are wanting to be a successful business person and you don’t develop the right skill sets, then you are just going to be one of those people who is only motivated when you are around people doing better than you and your inspiration that you gain while around those people will reinvigorate you but it won’t last.dont-follow-passion
What makes the fire within last is having the knowledge and skills to perform at new and higher levels in life. When you know you can do better in life by actually doing some work, then you are way better off than the millions of people out there thinking that they just need to be motivated long enough to stick with whatever it is they are trying to build or create for a business income.
If you are one of those people who has passion but you lack certain skills, then I invite you into the next class I will be hosting on January 1st 2017. That will be the start of the Winter Accountability Class. For details and info on the class, watch the video link provided here: 
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