Register For The Accountability Class & Receive a FREE BOOK!

In order to qualify for the FREE BOOK, you’ll need to have your deposit down for registration before November 30th. If you have no idea what the Accountability Class is or what it offers, you can Watch the video for that here:
The deposit is $100.00 and that secures your spot in the class. The remaining balance is due before Christmas Day because I will need a few extra days to get everyone set up after the holidays are over.
Start off 2017 in a new way. No more new years resolutions folks! It’s time to learn how to break old habits that are not doing you any good.
You can Register with your Deposit to the PayPal Account that is setup for the class. Visit and use this email to get registered:
Once PayPal notifies me that you are registered, I will contact you and let you know and then add your name to the class list. I have 10 registered early already and I am going to go ahead and give them a FREE COPY of my book as well just because they didn’t waste time registering until later.
I have bigger prizes planned for the Winter Class, new trophies to reveal and more but the bad news is, you can’t win anything unless you register!


Get Your Signed Copy By Registering Early!

**I will be signing the books before I send them out to you!
Michael Opolski
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