People Play The Victim in Life Rather Than Becoming The Victor!

I keep seeing posts from people talking about not being able to afford where they live anymore, I see comments like “I can’t believe I have to work two jobs just to pay rent
Stop and think for a second. Before you post on social media, have you ever once mentioned to the world what you are doing to improve your income situation?
I see tons of people complaining about not having any money but yet they do nothing about it. I hate to tell people this but prices in real estate will keep going up for a while and if you are scary of being priced out of an area……do something about
Who said you had to make shit income your whole life? What is it you are doing TODAY to make sure you have a chance to make more income later on down the road?
You see all kinds of complaining, but you never see people say “I am working on my first $100k year“. How come no one talks like that? sorry folks but you need money to get by in life and as things get more expensive you are raise your money game up to match it, or you get left behind and play the role of the victim in life.
There is way too many ways to make income now in this world to ever say you can’t make ends meet, if you are still not making ends meet then you need to check what it is you are doing for income and decide if its your life’s passion, or if you are only there for the weekly paycheck.
Don’t sell out to the idea of a weekly (Safe & Secure) paycheck. Industries are changing all the time, and if you are not changing right along with the times, you will be forgotten. Its time to be accountable to learning about money folks. If you struggle with money now and you are doing nothing to fix it, then you will have this same problem until you die!stop-complaining-and-do-something-shut-up-rise-up-grow-up-and-show-up-see-you-at-the-top
Get educated and be smart with your money otherwise you will always lose in the game of life. Residual Bills call for residual income and if you don’t understand that, then there is no hope for you.
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