If You Have Talent You Will Make Money! (Stop Whining).

I like how people come from the mindset that WEALTH should be evenly distributed among everyone. I strongly disagree and here’s way. Some people don;t belong having money because they are careless with it. This is why we have poor people in this country.
We live in the U.S. We have access to internet and many other resources. A 13 year old kid can start a Youtube Channel and eventually turn it into a business if he/she is talented enough and thats the thing people are the most butt hurt about in life…..they are not talented.download
I hate to be the bad guy in life but there is a reason we have poor people, middle class, and even rich people in this country, It’s by design. I work with several self made millionaires. None of these people were top of their class in high school but they are very rich today because they used talents that they have and learned how to turn it into money.
Imagine if tomorrow your boss says “You’re Fired! and after that moment you are now 100% responsible for making money with your abilities and savvy vs just punching a time clock and doing the same job everyday like robot. If most people were faced with that challenge in life, most would fail and there is a reason for it…TALENT!
We don’t need income redistribution in this country, what we need is more people to not be little bitches in life and actually stand up for what it is they want vs always relying on people telling them what they can or cannot do.
If you want better healthcare…..find a way to make more money! If you lack a decent amount of money in your life….FIX IT! Everyday you pick and choose to either get better with money or you choose to know nothing about it or how to grow it.images
If you hear some one talk about “Income Distribution” go ahead and ask that person what their plans are for the future…..The won’t have any. They are relying on other people to do well so hat they can have it a little better in life. Sorry but Darwin had it right. Life is about survival of the fittest.
If you can compete with people then you will be left behind in the world and thats just a fact of life. Technology and commerce moves way too fast now to slow down and wait for people who do not want to commit themselves to personal development.
I just had a person quit my accountability class this past week. Keep in mind that all the people who register for my class are people who are chasing after a better life and they want to be successful in business but the problem is very real.
These people are finding out that it takes talent to get momentum going. If you lack skills, you will lack execution in your efforts. Don’t wish that money was just handed to you because someone out there in the world can produce results that you can’t. That’s like having every minor league baseball player make the pro’s just because everyone should have a fair chance……No they shouldn’t!a27ccb119c27e0163c4f4b8231b85d91
Just like in real life only the good people get to play and win. That’s why there is starters and bench players. People are starters on sports teams because they have talent that the rest of the players do not have and with that comes money, fame, and more. It makes no sense to try and steal someone else’s outcomes in life just because they can produce more than you.
If you lack money in your persona life then my only question to you is….”What are you doing about it? Are you working on developing your skills so that you can become more valuable to the world? Are you actively working on your habits, and discovering new knowledge that will allow you to make progress in your life rather than whining that things are just not fair?
Waiting for the government to just hand you out some money is not a solid plan for your future. Its shows that you have no plan and that you rely on others to try and take care of you when in fact it should be you doing that so why aren’t you?
Grow some guts in life and go out and shape your future the way you want it to go, vs whining that life isn’t fair. If you want income redistribution it means you don’t know the first thing about creating your own income because you simply refuse to put in the work involved that comes along with those type of changes.

Google AdWords isn’t the only way to advertise on the web (Did You Know This)?

I just got attacked on Facebook by someone who paid for an ad to be run talking about Google AdWords and how you can use it to get ahead of your competitors, so I commented on it. I told the readers that you don’t need to rely on Google Ad words especially if you are flat broke and just starting out in business. All I ever see from ads is them telling you that you have to spend money on ads in order to be effective in marketing……this is not true!

I got attacked because people thought I was trolling this guys ad but in fact I was letting people know that SEO has changed. It’s not all about Keywords anymore. How the Hell did I get ranked on Google’s first page #2 and #5 without ever using paid ads?….14606297_10210687905179379_3501891377213934631_n

I accomplished that because I know the game the algorithms play and its too bad people don’t pay attention to it because it will cost you a shit load of money in paid ads in the long run. It helps to pay attention to Social Media and how it works. Google Ad Words is not as amazing as people think it is especially if you are competing for keywords that other people out rank you on already.

SEO is about one thing folks…..ATTENTION! if you figure out how to get attention with your content vs having to try and pay for attention, you can rank just fine as long as you are doing the work.seo-has-changed

I don’t have a massive following, I don’t have tons of subscribers and none of that even matters because I know how to drive people to my content. Once you figure that out, you don’t need to pay for ads as much as the next person because you have content that is worth engaging.

Open your eyes people! There is more than one way to get your business popular on the web! I’m doing a presentation on Nov 2nd talking about how I did this. Most people will ignore it because their guru told them to spend money on advertising so they will just stick with that vs listening to some common sense about how social media actually works. Google doesn’t lie!, I’m ranked twice on the first page and it took me no money to do it!

For all you “We Buy Houses” people out there, the keywords you are trying to go after are so high in cost that you would have to spend a small fortune just to have any chance at any Adwords campaigns working for you consistently.seo-2016-webinar-500x410

Most of you don’t want to hear that you will be spending over $1000 a month like its nothing on Adwords just to compete and thats not to win, that’s just to compete. The guru’s I work with dump tens of thousands of dollars monthly into the keywords they want….can you keep up with that pace? if not then you stand no chance so be smart, and find other ways first to get discovered before you empty your wallet just because some guru told you to do that.

If you can’t spend the money on Adword Campaigns then you need to listen to the presentation I am doing on November 2nd because social media is changing and people don’t seem to be paying attention all too much. Its not about who spends the most on ads, its about who gets the most attention and just because you are ranked #1 on google, that doesn’t mean people will always click on you first, online searches are getting much more in depth now when it comes to people selecting things after a search.

I launched Meet The Mentor 18 months ago, I’m in the same grouping as any self help/guru/teacher/mentor is in. I have a lot of competition but I also know that my niche is not being taught by anyone so that alone makes me stand out. Show me a guru who will call you at home or give you his personal phone number so that you can talk about the issues you are facing vs being redirected to a module, or a past coaching call the was recorded weeks ago. Will your guru talk to you as your problem is happening?…..didn’t think so! and for many of you, that is what you need. You need more personal attention.1df0fdf7-ea6c-453d-8dd1-f49826bd32b3

I actually pay attention to the people in my classes daily! most guru’s don’t even want to meet the people who sign up for their courses otherwise they would be online daily doing Q&A’s with their base of followers which they are not. My classes are very personal and they hold you accountable in a way a business person should be held accountable and that is why my classes fill up, because people want to be worked with, not just taught especially when it comes to figuring out how to be more effective with their marketing efforts.


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Vine is Going to Die! (Say Your Last Goodbye While You Can).

Well you can say goodbye to yet another social media platform soon. Twitter just announced it will be dropping the VINE section of its business ending a 3 year run for the platform.download

I tell people all the time to be on the look out for changes to Social Media because your marketing efforts can and will be effected by these changes.

Twitter stock is down 23% in 2016, and 38% in the past 12 months. Maybe that has something to do with it but no matter what, change is coming.

Always have your eyes and ears open for changes going on in the social media realm. Everyday there are new things being developed and that really puts the pressure on business owners because they need to be current with what platforms are being used the most by consumers.

With VINE going away soon, it makes you wonder what those people who have a massive following are going to do? They better start making plans now because this is really happening soon!

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Do You Want To Get Better At Social Media Marketing? (For FREE?)

I would like to invite people who are interested in getting more efficient with their Social Media marketing efforts organically to a FREE Presentation on November 2nd @ 7pm EST. Many people in business and sales are not natural born advertisers or marketers so do you think you have what it takes to become more effective than you are now? bias

The web is changing as we know it. Social Media is evolving and many people are not aware of the impacts those could have on their marketing efforts. Keep in mind that what is cool and hip today, could be useless by this time next year so keep an open mind when it comes to how you market and what methods you fall in love with.

The presentation will be broadcast “Live” on a Twitch TV Channel and the link for it is right here:https://www.twitch.tv/competition_sports

I own this channel. If you log in and “Follow” my channel, you will get notified when I am online so you can tune in for FREE anytime to any of my broadcasts.This is one of my Video Game channelsI use to broadcast video game competitions.

I can use this channel for anything I want so this allows me to invite more people in for FREE to the presentation and it also gives me a chance to chat in real time with the viewers as well. This presentation is being setup on Skype for a group of real estate investors and business owners in Trenton, New Jersey but I want to open it up to everyone.

You can RSVP with me at the following links below. Just contact me by way of private message or friend request.

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“Embrace The Grind” Has Achieved a 5 Star Rating from Amazon. (A+ Reviews)

This month has been a very good month for book sales. I’m not sure if it was the discount I did or what but I sold more copies of my book this month than all other ones combined so things are starting to pick up.3d_michaelopolski
If you get through the book be sure to leave your reviews on Amazon’s website. The more reviews I get the more people seem to think that the book is worth while or something…..IT IS!
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– Michael Opolski
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Ladies! What Kind of Man Turns You On?

What type of man turns you on? Do you like the rugged outdoor type? Do you like the business professional type? Are you a women who likes her man to be romantic? Do you want your man to treat you like a scene from “50 Shades of Grey“?

No matter what your taste in men is, the one true fact that remains is that I was able to get women to click on this blog just by posting a title that appealed to their impulses. I know it sounds like a dirty trick but you might want to continue reading this blog so that you understand why I did this. There is some great information in the next few sentences alone.

This is actually a lesson in gathering info on people and gathering leads online so pay attention. Do any of you remember back in the day on Facebook where you would see these ads pop up on your feed and they said “Take this quiz and find out who on your friends list has a Crush on you


These guys made a killing and people fell for these quizzes/Surveys all the time!

The people who were behind these ads made a ton of money from them. They did these and people clicked on them daily. They were able to gather up so many email addresses that they had a never ending list to market to. This is a dirty trick advertisers use to collect data on people. We are heading into a new area of Social Media soon where Google Ad Word campaigns won’t matter as much because we will be transitioning into a more “Personal Economy“.

What this means is, people will still search on google for stuff but they will really pay more attention to what their friends and family have to say for example. If you look up a apartment mover service online because you need to move and you google search it and it shows you a bunch of results. Now comes the question “Which page do you even click on first?


Who Will You Trust With Your Online Searches?….Google? or Your family and friends?

In the future it won’t be all about what people are first exposed to which is what Google Keyword buyers rely on. They rely heavily on being at or near Google’s first page of search results. Too bad that won’t be as effective after a while because later on people will see that someone in their social circle used a service or bought a product but neither of those searches came up as being ranked #1 or #2 on google. In people’s minds they say to themselves “if its good enough for their pals, then its good enough for them“.

This is a reality we need to look at because its already happening. Companies are working on Apps that will aide in your searches even further. When you search on google and if you have any friends in your social network that have bought the same thing you are looking at then you will get a message saying….

“Hey we noticed your friend Brian bought this same massive TV that you are looking at, click here and see what he said about it. From there you will click on the link because you care about Brian’s opinion because he is your buddy from high school. So you click the link and you see that Brian said “This TV Fucking Rocks…Just spend the money and buy it


Your Buddy Says “Just Fucking Buy It” 

Now if one of my buddies left a message like that, I’m sold! I don’t need a salesmen, I just need a cart so I can take it home. Think about this ladies and gentlemen. I steered you into this blog today because I catered to a certain type of mindset. Advertisers are now getting smarter. They know people want to make “Smart” purchases and they want to have “Positive” experiences when they visit places such as the Dentist or a Lawyer if they need one.

People today cherish their friends and families opinions more so than reviews on a website or even testimonies from strangers. People have a tendency to always ask those closets to them for opinions on things and that is not going to change anytime soon. Look at it this way, I clicked on a link from a retailer because they said my buddy shopped with them and it was awsome.

They gave me an emotional reason to come and check them out so I did and guess where I bought the TV?……Yup, from there store because they appealed to my emotions and thought to themselves “If Michael see’s that his buddy bought the TV he is looking at on our website, maybe we can toss this pop up at him and maybe he will click on it? Now this story I am telling you about the TV is just a lesson.

I already have a projector at my place and its 150″ so I don’t need a TV but guess how I found out about which type of projector to buy?….I asked my nerd friends who all stream on Twitch TV. Forget Google or Adwords, in the future people will be so connected that they will depend more on personal opinions from inner circle people and acquaintances that Google ad words will just become an expensive way to be ignored some more in the future. Why do you think Facebook Groups even exist? It’s because people value others opinions who they kind of know through social media.


Be Ready to become a Referral for anything you buy!

In the future you will be asked by stores if it is ok to post your purchase on their site for reviews and if you say yes then they will use that on anyone who knows you anytime your friends and family browse that stores or social media websites. Keep in mind that another way to get info from you is to offer you MONEY for it.

If you give a company a review or your email address in return they can tell you that if your friends and family buy something from them and it comes in as a referral from you, then you too will get to reap benefits as long as you “Enter Email Address Here” So in the end you will be a mini advertiser for any brand that you buy from now on. This is what we can expect to see happen as we evolve more and more into the Social Media world.helperblogger-com-silver

I have no idea how many women will click on this blog just because maybe they thought there would be a bunch of hot men pics to look at or some really interesting questions to look forward to but NO!……Sorry, I just wanted you to know that when you click on those Facebook quizzes, someone like me is getting your info and now I can market to you anytime I have a product or service that fits your personality, your hobbies, and your desires.

I am doing a “Live” presentation talking about this type of advertising because its already happening. Learn to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Social Media and learn to be effective at getting attention and improving your lead generation efforts for your business.


Contact me at the links below if you would like to attend this FREE Presentation.


I am not collecting your data with this blog, but what I am doing is trying to make you all aware that whatever you are emotionally attached to, marketers are finding these things out about you everyday that you click on random tests or quizzes or even surveys.

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