Does The Olympics Inspire You?

I keep seeing people talking about how great the olympics is, and how great it feels to watch OTHER people go after their dreams in life. People get emotional when watching the olympics because you get to see hard work and sacrifice play out in the real world “LIVE” on TV.
If people invested as much time into themselves as they do watching others on TV achieve their dreams, America would be a lot better off. We don’t have dreamers anymore!
Most people right now if you asked them are not chasing after anything! No goals, no dreams, usually its just a weekly paycheck and a steady job to keep them happy but they are not actually happy, they are in
Nothing worse than watching people get excited for others when they achieve their dreams in life and then turn around and not be inspired to go out and do the same thing. The olympics can make you emotional, you will feel the anquish a little bit of what those athletes had to go through just to have a chance to see if their dreams could come true.
If the olympics can’t inspire you to take action in your life, then I don’t know what could. I truly believe that people simply do not have confidence in themselves these days and because of that, they sit at home watching others do great things in life Vs it having be them who is doing the great things.
This is why reality TV is so big, you can sit and watch people who have a better life than you and follow along with them with each passing episode. Why waste your life on watching what other people can do with their life? Why not go out and see what you are made of?
Chances are when the olympics are over the people who got caught up in the emotions of the games will still do nothing the following Monday morning to change their life because it takes a special person to actually follow through with their dreams each day and most people just don’t have the confidence to take that on.
I saw a post earlier that said “I am inspired by the athletes, what a great Olympics so far“……but yet that same person has no plan to actually take any action in their life on anything so I guess the emotions of the olympic’s games weren’t enough to move them to take action after all.chase_your_dreams_by_brianrodak-d53piz7
Dreams are real people, you have them in your head for a reason and if you are not chasing your dreams everyday, slowly they will eventually die and you will lose sight of them all together. So here is the big question of the day…..
Will you wake up today with the idea in mind that today you are going to get closer to your dreams?……or are you just going to work because its Wednesday and you have to?

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