BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Sanders Will Support Clinton! (So Pathetic).

“I am not voting for Hillary Clinton, I am Voting against Donald Trump“….OK Bernie, whatever makes you sleep better at night. Bernie Sanders talked mad shit about Hillary Clinton for an entire year and now he supports her?……WOW! so now Bernie expects all his followers to just ship and join the Clinton team? Good Luck with that Bernie.13510924_10208850250480927_5118979531103569036_n
You fired up a bunch of people for an entire year only to turn to the dark side and support the very person who you say is the problem in this country. Typical politician, if they can’t win with their own agenda, then they will vote to keep the same shitty ones in place.
Sorry! but if Trump lost to Ted Cruz and wasn’t the GOP nominee, he wouldn’t vote for Clinton or Cruz, he would actually stand by his word and not support either because he means what he says about them not being a wise choice unlike Bernie says. If Bernie meant everything he said about Clinton, then there is no way in the world you should cave in and vote for her, It makes no sense unless you are getting something out of this?
The racist and bigotry comments are all Bernie has on Trump and nobody really cares anymore because its such old news and anyone with half a brain knows Trump isn’t racist so that story is not even effective anymore.
Bernie’s followers have no idea what to do right now because they are watching their so called leader do what politicians do, they talk mad game for a whole year, and then cry when they lose and then go off and support the people who they just trashed on National TV…..”These are the puppets you all hate but keep voting for
Bernie is voting against Trump so this now means that he is turning around on his words after all this time and is now trying to elect a woman who he tried to get his followers to hate since last year because of her terrible track record and her loyalty to big money donors.?….makes sense Bernie, I’m sure your followers will see that Clinton is the smart choice after a year of you bashing her. Good Luck selling that to your followers Bernie! What are you going to say “I didn’t mean it” HA HA . #WeakSauce #PoliticiansAllCaveIn #LeadersDontTurnTheirBacksOnWhatTheyStandFor

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