You Don’t Need Motivation, You Need a Backbone!

If real estate people or even sales people in general called leads and followed up as much as they did posting motivational meme’s and posts, they would have more deals than they could handle.
Motivation doesn’t do you any good people….taking action does!
I just talked to a guy who said he is pumped because he saw a motivational speaker. I asked him “Why are you pumped”? the guy said it was because he feels like he has been missing out on his potential and this motivational person kind of woke him up.pic667784
Here is the problem I am not telling you folks. This guy has said the same things for 3 years now. This guy went to a seminar, got all pumped up and then months later was doing nothing in his business so I asked why. He said its because sometimes he gets down on himself and because of that he loses focus and then ultimately he stops working so hard and he loses all his momentum.
I told him that Motivation is not what you need, you need a freaking backbone! “He said Excuse me”? I said you heard me clearly! Listen when you get all pumped up and motivated from a seminar what happens to you? You get thrown out into the real work to go out and do real work. That real work may include calling strange people, doing followup a lot, meeting people face to face, handling objections and more. When you rely on MOTIVATION it dies off after a few weeks and then your “mindset” and your “Habits will have to take over once that happens and if it doesn’t what do you do?……go out looking for more motivation again!
It’s not motivation that causes people to have breakthroughs in their business, its discipline. When all the hype of a motivational speaker wears off you have to rely on things that actually matter in life such as your skills, your ability to communicate, your ability to market and brand yourself and more.
Don’t get excited about paying money to go see a motivational speaker, get excited about learning from people who will teach you the things you need to know once the motivation runs out.635948016651584516-218963830_today-motivation
Look at people who make New Years Resolutions year after year. They do this because after a few weeks they quit on their goals and go all year building up guilt so by the time the holidays come around again they feel the need to say something and tell the world that they will be making some changes in their life this upcoming year and they will even go as far as saying this in their message “Its time for a change” but months after saying all of this, they are still right where they were months ago because their motivation wore off.
Listen people, its not Motivation that propels you into action! its not. What makes you actually take steps forward and do the work is “CONFIDENCE” and you only get that if you are developing new skills and gaining new knowledge that will allow you a much better chance at seeing new life results. I have watched people spend thousands over the years on Motivational seminars and still to this day they haven’t reached their goals and the reason for this is?…….they ran out of motivation!
If you pay to go see motivational speakers over and over again, then you have a problem with commitment to the work involved with producing real change. You lack the confidence to do it consistently otherwise you would’t be wasting time and money trying to get motivated all over again to go after what you say is important to you in life.
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