Pre-Registration Begins in August. Class starts September 18th.

Pre-Registration Begins in August. Class starts September 18th. There will be new options available for registration. Video talking about that is coming soon.

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Pre-Registration Begins in August. Class starts September 18th

Pre-Registration Begins in August. Class starts September 18th. There will be new options available for registration. Video talking about that is coming soon.

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Are Your Blogs Suffering?

I’m watching people spend hundreds of dollars on websites and blogs…..I see people saying “I was told this is the best way to go”
OK so you were told that but you didn’t investigate that idea at all did you? I am going to make some people cry because I can show you how to get your blog tons of traffic for FREE, the problem is no one wants to do the work to set that up.
I keep seeing people signing up for template systems that pretty much do the work for you! Good luck with that people because you and everyone else using the same template style will all trend equally in google’s algorithm. There is nothing that seperates you from anyone else and those templates only trend so well so how are you going to fix that?grumpy-cat
I know people who use template style blogs and they do alright with it…..for now! just wait till the algorithms shift again and even more people use the same program that you do.
think about this. let’s say 400 people in your country all sign up for Investor Carrot. Now out of those 400 who will win? who will be seen more than anyone else if all 400 use the exact same platform and templates?….I’m waiting for an answer and I don’t expect to get one because here is what people are being sold on.
You are being told that you will convert better and get way more leads with a template based set up. Now for those of you who bought that program and you live out in the middle of nowhere, you are alright for now because no one else is in your area but just wait till others start moving in on your area and start using the same keywords and templates as you do because then your scoring will drop and then you will have to really compete for business.get-most-out-of-competition
How many people are using template based blogging and you are not getting any leads from it at all? Here’s a better question. How much did you spend to get that program and how much have you made back in return?
If you struggle with your blog or getting leads from it, then you have a content problem. If you write a blog that is just like everyone else’s you will have a much harder time standing out. I can go right now and click on people’s blogs and they all look identical, they used the same layout from investor carrot and its a carbon copy of other people’s in the area so how do you expect to trend better or get more leads than the next person?
Listen I did this for 2 years, I spent no money doing this and now I have no issue getting traffic to my blogs. If you write blogs for investor carrot and you paid for that service, what happens when you get no views on your content and no deals closed?
Do you get upset that you spent money on a program that promised results? or do you get moving and create some noise? I can show people who to build a blog for FREE but it does take work but my method is built to last because if I get low numbers for my blog, I don’t get sad or angry because I spent money on it, instead because I did this all for FREE, if I have an off day what can I do?
I can go out and get traffic TODAY! and I can do this in many forms. If you want more attention to your business by way of using a FREE blog, then I would like to see you register for the Fall Accountability Class, I can’t ever imagine paying for a blog, your ability to be seen to the world all depends on you and your content, and not what someone trying to sell you a template system has to say!
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3 Ways I Get “Free Traffic” For My Blog.

If you are a blogger, the one thing you want is readers. If you have been writing a blog for your business there are some ways you can gain FREE traffic to your blog and I would like to share those ideas with you here.

#1 TWITTER: When I write a blog I want as many people to see it as possible BUT I also want a bunch of people to actually read it so how do I increase my chances of getting more readers on Twitter? What I do is sit down and I will search for people on Twitter doing the following. Instead of typing in a person’s name, I will do a search like this (#blogger).

#blogger is what I type in and then before you hit the search button some options will pop up for you. If you see at the bottom of the list before you search it will say “All people with #blogger in their name” Once you hit SEARCH, then a list of people will pop up and they will all be bloggers.twitter-logo

The next thing you do is “Follow Them” and then send them as message asking them to check out your blog but you have to do it in a certain way, don’t just come out and say “Follow My Blog” and then leave the URL for it. How you set this up is, you ask the blogger a question.

One question I use is this “How long have you been blogging” Seems simple enough right? From there I want a response back, and if I don’t get one?….I move on and keep going but if they do respond then I get to know them a bit, and then I ask them for their “Opinion” on one of my blogs. People like to be asked for their opinions so use that as a way to get new eyes on your content. My goal for this is to reach out to 25 people or “Bloggers” a day on Twitter.

#2Human Beings: Yup I said it! go out and talk to people and ask if they read any blogs and if so….what types do they read? How I do this is I will go out to where “READERS” are. This means book stores, and coffee places. Its weird to just walk up to someone and say “HEY LOOK AT MY BLOG PLEASE” so how do you even get this going?p2p_000

When I am looking for people to read my content, first of all I believe in my content and because of that, I have no problem telling people about it. My blogs are informative and are great to read so now I need to let others know this. What I do is I will walk up by someone and just strike up a conversation with them and it goes just like this.


Hey do you use social media a lot“? if they so no…….RUN! just go and don’t even bother, but if they say yes and seem open and friendly then follow up with this question, “Do you have a big following anywhere at all or“…….yup…..I end on the word or. I want to say it so it sounds drawn out like I am waiting for them to intervene and say “Yeah I have a ton of followers“……and then I wait for which APP or platform they  tell me they are on. I don’t care which ones they are on. I just want to know if they have a ton of people who follow them and why.

If they are in anyway relatable to me meaning, they are in business for themselves, or if they are in sales, then I will ask them to do a quick “Follow 4 Follow“. How I do this is I will quickly say “Let’s do a quick follow for follow” and I do this quickly because it creates a bit of urgency, plus I want to be done ASAP and move onto the next person. I set a goal of 10 people a day to meet this way.


#3 – Facebook Groups – The problem with Facebook groups is that you can post your blog and have millions of people have access to it BUT not many actually engage in it so how do I go about fixing that problem? Here is what I do.

I will post my blog on a bunch of Facebook groups and then I will add a HEADLINE that seems catchy. This is called “Baiting“. What this is really is you going out and capturing people’s eyes with just a title. Here is an example of one that I used and it worked really well. I wrote a blog about how a home owner can sell their house with a reverse mortgage attached to it. That seems pretty lame for a blog if you are not in the world of real estate sales but to a home owner who needs to sell their home and they can’t because of a reverse mortgage…..well then this info will be of some use to them.facebook-group-join

Here is my title for that blog…..

“I Can’t Believe This Is True About Reverse Mortgages (Must READ)”……..That’s it. That is all I wrote. The reason I did that is because I know most people out there in the world are “Headline Readers” so to me all I want is to capture their attention fast enough to draw curiosity. If I can get 1 out of 10 to click on my post just because of that Headline Grab then so be it. There are other catchy phrases and quotes to use, but get really good at grabbing people’s attention with your opening title.

The picture below is the stats for my blog for the month of June. I post daily content and I make sure I am consistent. Learning how to get attention to your blog for FREE is something I really think is vital to a business owner. In this day and age where everyone thinks you need to pay for leads or pay to get followers, that’s not true. All you have to be good at is making sure that brand new people are being exposed to your content daily and if you are not…..then someone else will, someone like me!JUNE stats

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Do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

Being accountable is hard for a lot of people, but why? When you get up everyday aren’t you excited that you get to go out and kick some butt and get a little bit closer to what it is you want out of life?……NO!…..Oh you don’t think like that? Well no wonder you are reading this blog.


Welcome in everyone! today we are diving into Accountability. This is a very hard topic to get into because people know they have this problem, but they still do nothing to fix it. Why do we only work so hard in our day to day lives? I am a rare breed of person, I require very little sleep which in return has turned me into a “Grinder” in the business world. I work long days, and even longer nights. This is what I like, I love the chaos I am involved in and I manage it well.

For some people they don’t have the luxury that I do, they actually need to go to bed and sleep for a while so because of that does it mean they can’t GRIND like I do?…..the answer is NO! they can but it will take “Time Management” to pull that off and that only happens when you have Accountability.

Do yourself a favor and look back on what you accomplished last week, what stands out to you? what thing did you overcome? this is what people never do….they never check how well they are progressing. Are you ahead of schedule this week or are you behind compared to last week in terms of production for your business? Do you even know?

fall class

Being Accountable takes discipline. A lot of people struggle with this and if they didn’t they know that they could have some serious breakthroughs in their life and start to see real change happen for themselves.

If that is something you struggle with and you want to become more accountable then visit me at Meet The Mentor and we’ll see about getting you registered for our Fall Class for Accountability. It won’t be easy so if you register, plan to follow through with the work involved each week.

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Chasing Your Dreams Has A Heavy Price To Pay (Have You Quit On Your Dreams Yet?)

Outside of friends and family, how far is your reach when it comes to attracting people to you? My mentor asked me this when I was 19, I had no clue how to answer, here it what it means.
If you start a business and you invite people to come check it out and no one shows any interest, outside of your inner circle, who do you know? Can you get anyone to even care about what it is you are trying to do? can you sell that idea? if not then when your inner circle tells you “NO“, you will quit on your dreams and blame it one many things because that blow to your mind is too much to handle so you crumble.269be2efbd15f060de4d9fc7481c8fc1
I was starting out in network marketing and I found out real quick that friends and family will not be joining me in my business and they had no interest in buying products from me either so what do I do next?…..does this sound familiar to anyone?
My mentor told me that you will blame lack of money, you will blame lack of fame, you will blame your horrible childhood and more to justify why you are giving up on your goals. Just because you have to work hard for them doesn’t mean you quit on them. Your lack of resourcefulness is what stopped you. If you run out of people to talk to, then go out and find new people! If you don’t extend your efforts beyond what your normal capacity is, you will never have a breakthrough and will be convinced that your dreams are not meant to be achieved.
I have watched more than 40 people I went to high school with try to get into business and either do network marketing or sell something from home and out of those 40 people only one person did anything with it and she is a superstar today because of her efforts, the rest of them quit in less the 3 years. So their dream was worth chasing for 36 months and then that’s it?….Awsome!, that’s hard work and dedication alright!download
NEWSFLASH.…your friends and family will most likely not get involved in whatever it is you are trying to do for income and they will not support you either so if you can’t see past that, then you are already defeated. The reality of this is you will have to actively go out and find people who are actually interested in what it is you are trying to sell.
Sales is hard work, it is also skillful work. I invited over 300 people to an Amway meeting once in one month, and not one person showed up so I had to find ways to get new people into my circle. Learning to extend your reach to people is vital to finding new opportunities. Whether its social media friendships, business relationships, or looking for new clients. When you add more people to your life, you can impact a larger number of people in a much faster way and achieve your goals a lot quicker.
The problem is, no one reaches out to anyone unless they have something to sell or they have something to gain from the encounter in some way.
If you can’t get attention to your brand or business daily, then you don’t have a brand or a business, you have a hobby! 


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Do You Want To Create “FREE” Attention For Your Business?

Don’t think that your “Follower” numbers have to be super huge for you to get results in your business because they don’t. If you are effective at getting attention, then you can win more times than not in the marketing game with or without a following.
Let everyone else buy into the myth that marketing is a numbers game when in fact its an effectiveness game. Keep in mind if one person in real estate starts going on a hot streak, everyone in the Facebook groups starts getting their panties in a bunch and they start asking….”How are you doing this“? then if they say they bought a program, then out of nowhere people will believe that the product will do the same for them because if this person is on fire right now well then I want to be as well so I will copy them.
This is what I see all the time in business, not just real estate but business all together. People care way too much about what their numbers look like….WHO CARES!
If you are effective what does that mean? It means you don’t have to spend as much as the next person who wants to spend money getting more attention to their business. Here is an example of that. Say you don’t have any leads for your business. You could go spend $1000 on postcards and mail them to home owners to get your phone to ring, or you could post videos and actually meet human beings in person and gather an audience daily which grows your circle.
The difference between the two methods is this. If you get nothing from your postcards, then you pissed away $1000, and if you plan to follow up with the same people on a list you just mailed, that will now cost you more money to do that BUT if you posted videos and met people face to face…You will still have that even if you didn’t find a deal by doing that because no matter what, tomorrow morning your video’s are still there and those new people you added to your inner circle are also still there which allows you access to more people for FREE which means what? It means that your content that you put out, now reaches more eyeballs everyday which in return makes your efforts more EFFECTIVE.
Content Marketing is not about (Hurry Up I”m Desperate For Leads) Content Marketing is for the long haul. This is what you will always have even if you run out of money tomorrow or the next day. If you build this up, it can only help you but the problem is its “NEW“, and people don’t really understand it so they just stay away from it and keep doing what they always have been for lead generation.
If you buy programs that post content for you then you will get eaten alive by the people who can beat the numbers because they know how to get attention for FREE. You don’t need Google Ad words or paid subscriptions to things in order to get people to find you online. You just have to know how to draw attention to yourself in more than one way. Master that, and leads will come find you!
Accountability Students are starting to see for themselves that this is REAL and if you do it right, you can gain a crap load of confidence in what you are doing each day because you are winning small victories day by day and when that happens, you get attention.
I truly believe that people only think so much about Social Media. They don’t look at it as a tool. I look at it as a weapon of destruction. It’s a lot of work to do this stuff, but if you do it right, it lasts forever and that is something you can’t put on a price on.
Think of it this way, a DH (Designated Hitter) in baseball is usually the best hitter on the team. That person doesn’t have to swing as much as the next person because they can crush the ball out of the park like nothing so with just one solid swing, their turn up to bat is now over. DH batters are effective hitters right? they have more hits and more home runs than most people because they are effective at what they do.
When you are talented at getting attention, you don’t have to spend as much money as the next person who is not willing to post content daily or go out and meet new people and make a real impression that could someday turn into a lead for them.
I will be doing a video series most likely at the start of the Fall Class. That video series will show you on camera how I meet people, How I find followers for social media and more. I will do all the scary stuff on video and show you how a person with no money at all can get attention for their business by actually acting like a business person with a mission in mind.
Meet The Mentor is just getting started with this material and these lessons. You have’t seen anything yet! So much more to come! Stay Tuned…..
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