How to do “Bandit Signs” for Less Than $24.00 a Year. (No Joke).

I have used bandit signs for my real estate business and the fact is, I hate them. in the early days of my career I was told to buy them and put them out on weekends and then after 2 years of losing over 1000 signs and getting no business from them, I thought it was time to rethink my strategy so I did and I want to share with you all what it is that I did that saved me thousands of dollars on this stupid marketing method that offers you a really low ROI so if that is the case, you might as well learn to do them for as cheap.

If you get produce boxes from grocery stores you can make your own bandit signs for zero dollars every month. Take two pieces of cardboard and make a “T” shape so that it can sit on the ground and not tip over. You can put them together with duct or electrical tape. Get a giant Sharpie for about $2.00 and you can write up around 1400 bandit signs before it dries out so that’s 1400 signs for $2.00 grand total….not too shabby!

This is what I do and its way better than thinking that a sign purchased online will bring you any more business. It’s a sign, might as well make them for free. If you have kids….It’s now arts & crafts time at the house once a month for mommy or daddy’s business.

What I do is I sit in my backroom, I put on music and I cut up as many boxes as I can in 3 hours. Once I cut them all to size, I then write “We buy houses” on them and start putting them out. If you do the math with my method and you do 1400 signs per marker, you can get out 16,800 signs for $24.00. If my signs get stolen…Oh well they were Free anyway!….minus the $2.00 sharpie!.

(Hint Hint) I also don’t just do my signs on a Friday and pick them up on a Sunday. The city of Phoenix Arizona hires weekend work crews to take down signs and clean up freeway off ramps and on ramps so to avoid my signs being lost every weekend. I started to do this and stopped caring if they take them. I also use my brain. Anytime a major event like a concert or a sporting event comes to town, I put out signs the night before the event all along the path where traffic will have to slow down coming in and out of the venue. I learned a long time ago that what you get taught isn’t always what works out in the field.

I put my signs out the night of the super bowl and got tons of calls, same goes for when WWE hold events downtown and when the Suns play a home game, I find time to get my signs out for the world to see. To me….I don’t have time to wait for the weekend for people to see my sign, I want a lead tonight, not this weekend! Just don’t put out a crap load of signs in one night, that’s how you get busted. I do no more than 15 in a single night but I also do it on nights where there is tons of people all gathering in one spot.

People are convinced that you have to put your signs out on the busiest intersections of the city you live in, this is not true. You need to put your signs where people will see them….PERIOD! Bandit sign success is very much hit or miss and it almost always is a “MISS“. If you rely on bandit signs as a form of marketing, Be smart about it and keep your costs down by making your own at home. If you can afford to piss away a few hundred dollars on signs…..knock yourself out! but for those of you on a limited budget, do it this way until you make money first.

If you do everything the exact same as everyone else it will be much harder for you to have a breakthrough. If you venture out and try new things such as this, you may surprise yourself with how much of your overhead you can kill off quickly.

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