No More Guru’s PLEASE!….

HEY the next time a Guru tells you that “They do this for you, and not because they need the money” go ask them why they are charging you to sell you FREE information? If you care and don’t really need the extra money then offer your expertise for free like a lot of people.
How come you charge people for FREE content but people like Gary Vaynerchuk who make way more than the guru’s do, why is it Gary does FREE content and the Guru’s do paid?There is nothing worse than telling someone you are helping them out because you have a big heart but then turn around and ignore people unless they pay for your content???
Real Estate courses are FREE online all over. If you pay for a guru’s program it means you like them and their pitch Vs anything else. You got romanced into Real Estate…Don’t do that!
Seriously go ask them why they charge and see what they say! Gary V’s company is worth $100 million and he offers free content daily for what he does. A Guru who makes just over a million a year or maybe a little bit less will charge you anywhere between $500-$1000 to sell you free info that you can look up on Google or Youtube so what’s the deal here? The guy who is more valuable on paper is doing free content but the guy who makes less is going to nickel and dime you?…..Nice Guru!
Guru programs all over are being exposed for selling you FREE content. If you got romanced into Real Estate and you paid a shit ton of money for a course, please understand that one of the best attributes you can have as a smart business owner is control your spending and overhead early on.
Nothing worse than watching people spend ass loads of money on marketing for real estate and they only did it because some well off guru told them that is how its done. If you can learn the exact same stuff online for free but you chose to spend close to $1000 on the same info….what does that say about your efforts as a resourceful business person?
It says that you are looking for the quick and easiest way to find fortune so you gravitate to pitchmen who sell you on the ideas that their personal struggles are just like yours and because of that, you too can have big success in real estate just like them.
Seriously if you paid for a Guru’s program go ask them why you are being charged if they care so much about your financial future. Did they give you their personal home number?…..if not then you are not a student, you are a customer!
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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