(Audio Version) of Embrace The Grind Coming Soon!

I will be working on the audio version of my book soon. Sitting down and recording all of that will take some time but I want to get that done.

I have contacted my publisher and I am working on a list already for people who want signed copies of the book once it comes out. If you want a signed copy, let me know because I will set up a time to get all of that done once they tell me my book is ready for print.

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If You Pay For Subscribers, Followers, or Views (You Will Be Punished by Google).

I love the internet but at the same time there are some things I hate. One of the things I hate the most is “FAKE PEOPLE” let me explain. There are websites you can go to that will offer you more subscribers or more views on your websites or content wherever it my be located.

This is something that has been a real problem and Google is taking action without you even knowing it. You can be paying $5.00 or $10.00 to gain a few thousand instant followers for your website or Youtube Channel but what you don’t know is that you are doing more harm than good to your online score and that will eventually put you out of business.AudienceGain-YouTubeSubscribers1-1024x418

Something I found out a while back kind of disturbed me so I wanted to share it all with the readers of my blog. I admire hard work and people who pay the price in life. I love hearing about how people overcame adversity and eventually got their goals achieved. What I don’t like is what I am about to tell you.

I found out that a business guru who teaches other people about how to make it in business is also an owner of a business that is very shady. The business I am talking about is the business of paid follower website services. Whether you go onto Fiverr.com or some other place, when you buy instant followers or subscribers, you are slowly burying your business because search engines will come after you.

I guess people today want all the short cuts in life huh? I couldn’t believe when I found out that a business guru who teaches entrepreneurship is involved with some of these type of websites. Basically you have people send you money and if they send you a certain dollar amount, then you send them a certain number of instant “Likes” or “Followers“. You can add instant views to your content in seconds if you understand how to do it right. I have seen this tested and how it all works and I can tell you that it’s very easy to do!maxresdefault

The problem with this is they will tell you that these are “Real Human Followers” but think this for a second ok…….who in their right mind would sign up to have their personal account automatically follow someone who they don’t know? The answers is….”They Wouldn’t” so when these companies tell you that “These Are Real People” just turn around and run for safety because no one can promise you thousands of followers at the flip of a switch.

I own a Twitch.TV Channel and it is called Competition Sports. On Twitch.TV some people have been buying subscribers from those websites I was just telling you about. Twitch.TV has now banned those people, taken their sites down and told them that they can’t be a part of Sponsorship. Sponsorship is where you can make money with Twitch.TV so to have them take that away from you is kind of a big deal. I first found out about this stuff on Twitch and so I investigated it a bit more and found out that a lot of companies offer this type of “Garbage” service to people.Buy-youtube-Subscribers(7)

I was in shock when I found out a business Guru was into this type of thing. Doesn’t he know that these people could lose their business and have Google kill off their Affinity Score? I guess he doesn’t care as long as the money is pouring in huh? That to me is not the sign of a credible business person, that is a person who is taking advantage of people’s insecurities for a quick buck. Instead of selling people dead leads, why not teach them how to build their business up the right way?

I read a great article recently and the following is a small snippet of that. You can read the whole blog by clicking on this link here: http://www.markitwrite.stfi.re/top-3-social-media-mistakes-to-avoid-at-all-costs/?sf=aaaljga#aa

Paying For Likes And Followers

This is an absolute cardinal sin that really gets my goat. Brands who have to pay for likes and followers in order to make themselves feel successful are simply kidding themselves and the few real followers that they’ve actually managed to organically accumulate.

Regardless of what you might think, padding out your Twitter following with 5,000 fake followers is not a harmless thing at all. For one thing, your real fans will notice, and all of a sudden your credibility will plummet and you’ll actually end up losing the only people who were ever really taking an interest in you in the first place, and the same goes for Facebook too. Entrepreneur.com offers the following warning: PAY ATTENTION

“Did you know that buying Facebook fans can actually hurt your brand by decreasing your overall reach?

“Fake fans will never interact or engage with your page, signaling to Facebook that your content isn’t interesting or valuable to your audience. This leads to an overall algorithmic decrease in your post reach and visibility. You could also find your account being closed, banned or deleted should Facebook find out about your schemes.”

Buying fake followers is no better than spamming real ones. Don’t do it….EVER!

Buy-100-YouTube-SubscribersThink about this. If you have to pay for subscribers or views, then you are not building a true base of people or customers. If people didn’t actively seek you out or stumble upon your content by surfing the web then chances are they could care less about what it is you have to offer. Would you sign up for a service that allowed your name to be assigned to random people’s accounts as a follower?

Think people……Think! Don’t try to buy your way to instant fame, you need to go out and earn it the hard way because that is the only way that your following will even last.


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Google Ad Words Just Got More Expensive!

Hey Google Ad Words and PPC Ad people Listen Up! Have you heard of something called a “BOT“?
They are Automatic “Clicking Robots” that continuously “Click” on other peoples Ads to deplete the other persons advertising funds! I’m willing to bet that your Guru’s never tell you this but most of them spend well over $100k or more a year on ad words just to make it work consistently….but they will never tell you that!
Don’t think that the world of real estate is full of fair an honest people. All it takes is for one person to set up a BOT and your page is getting hit all the time but yet not converting as you would think it should be.
You can send in BOTS from any location so that you will think that your ad is getting exposure all over the place when in fact its being hit over and over from the same source which kills your online ranking. You can still end up #1 spot on Google for you area but your overall score will keep going down and the only way you know how to offset that is to what?…..Spend more money! YAY
There is more to this real estate game than most of you could ever imagine. I offered to tell people how I was able to bypass all this crap and still get leads without spending money each month but no one wanted to show up for that!
Have fun with Google Ad words people because now people are setting up BOT accounts for cheap and targeting your ads. Have fun! Your Ad Words campaigns just got more expensive without you even knowing it.

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No One Showed Up For My Accountability Program. (Should I Be Surprised?)

I am pretty burned out from people right now. I spent 4 hours putting together content for this week’s Accountability Class and only one person sent in their weekly progress.
Here is the break down. I posted 3 video on Youtube and in less than a week they combined for over 400 views. Out of those 400 views I had 31 people texting me on Facebook almost everyday asking about “How to talk to a seller” and “How to set up social media” and I took time to work with people “In Real Time” and I did this for FREE and yet after 3 weeks I can only get one person to do the work that is asked.25951999724732064479IAoeVMc
Accountability is one of the biggest things you can have if you want to be successful at anything in life. Showing up for the work is half the battle folks. The idea of putting together a program like this all came from me sitting back and watching people struggle.
Over the years I figured somethings out and a big part of what I teach is how to build your real estate business for FREE. I get leads, I close deals and I never pay for my leads and I had no problem sharing those things with people but ……
In the end the work involved with keeping up is just too much for 98% of the people who reached out to me. I was honest and very open about every detail. I explained how to get leads coming in as a new person and not having to spend any money to do that but the work involved I guess is too much.
So now I guess people can just go back to buying expensive Guru programs that offer them no individual attention and no real time answers for their problems unless of course they are paying for private mentoring.cf6771921bb0f00c04037ad22ea1fb60
There is a huge part of me that wants to just shut the whole thing down because with numbers like this it tells me that my information is not effective enough to put people into action so because of that I will no longer put out content for people for FREE.
This is what happens when you try to help people for all the right reasons….it comes back to bite you in the ass and I wasted a shit load of personal time putting together 12 weeks worth of content just to get this thing started and now I have no desire to do this anymore. I can’t offer any more than FREE! All people had to do was show up and participate in the program and that was it.no-freebies-480-resized-600-gif
If you can’t be accountable to a FREE program then you will never commit yourself to the work when you have to actually pay for the content. I never said this was going to be easy, but I did not expect to have a 99% fail rate in 3 weeks. With all the interest in the content I put out you would think that I would have at least a 50% show up rate.
This week I am going back to my normal routine, I will post blogs still but I’m not doing the videos anymore! not after what just happened these past 3 weeks.
Final Breakdown – The last 3 weeks
*3 Video’s Posted = 429 views in the last 6 days alone
*107 members in the group = 55 new people in the last 3 weeks
*44 blogs posted = hundreds of views weekly
*4 hours of personal time spent video editing and recording for Week #3 Class.
Accountability Class Homework Turned In = 1 Person.
That is a 99% fail rate, this is why I am pulling the plug on the FREE weekly content. This just proved to me that even when material is FREE people will still not take the action needed to see results in their life. Those people have ZERO chance in life to see any changes coming at all and they have nothing to look forward to except struggle and regret because they can’t get past their fears in life.
This program was designed to get you past all of that for no cost! I did all this stuff back when I was 19, I got over my fears, I had exercises I had to do in order to build up confidence. In my program I tell you what those exercises are and I tell you how to go out and do them so you can get better and see progress.il_fullxfull.379480038_liw6
No Guru is going to take the time to sit you down and talk to you one on one and give you this information for FREE. I hold myself accountable to the work involved and I also post results of my work and all of you know that I “Walk The Walk” and that was what I thought would bring people into the program. I guess when you offer FREE content to people they take it for granted, but the people in the Meet The Mentor group are the same ones who say that they want real answers and real change in their business but then they turn around and not do any of the work? That’s not how real life works folks.

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Accountability Class Week #3 Cancelled

I have one person’s homework for Week #3’s Accountability Class. If this becomes a normal thing week after week, I will discontinue the Course and go back to my normal Sunday’s.

99 people watched the Week #1 Class Replay but no one has turned in any homework?. I guess Accountability is something that is really hard to find in people who say they are dedicated to change. Homework was due last night at Midnight.

For some people this is back to back weeks of no progress for a lot of people. Right out of the gate people are not taking the lessons seriously and the one one one work they are receiving is more than they would ever get from a paid course but they still don’t follow through.superthumb

I am 100% convinced that Entrepreneurship is something that can’t be taught. You can read all the books and listen to all the best speakers but if you don’t have the drive inside you to win and achieve things in life, then no amount of teaching will ever motivate you to pursue change for the long term.

I might end up cancelling tonight’s Google Hangout because I personally feel that people took the weekend off for the holiday and that tells me all I need to know about their level of commitment to their growth.

Being a dedicated business owner is a lifestyle, its not pretty, its not trendy, its simply “Who You Are”. Some people are starting to find out that they are not meant for a business owner life, its too much responsibility and the Accountability part is just too much for some people to stick with week after week.

After 3 weeks of putting this info out, I am starting to see a trend already. The trend is this. I have close to 30 people who text me daily on Facebook, not one of them is turning in Accountability home work to me. My content is not getting through to them enough to cause them to take any action because it shows.


The Class Was FREE!…And They Still Didn’t Show Up!

I play for keeps folks. I don’t play games and I take this life very serious. Chances are I change this entire thing up to where I only work with a select few people now because even when you offer FREE content and lessons to people, they just don’t show up!


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Trump University Lawsuit (Must Read)

The Trump University court case is being extended because the judge personally hates Trump. Never mind the evidence the judge has, just drag this out because you personally don’t like Donald J. Trump. It should be no surprise that the judge is Latino.

Listen folks here is the problem, students from Trump University are suing trump because they said his real estate courses are shit, and you really can’t get rich from what they teach you BUT, here is the problem. When you sign up for those type of things, after it is all over and your finished with the classes the University gives you a survey asking you to rate the school. Do you want to see one of their report cards about the University?


Question #4 is talking about “Maximum Allowable Offer”

The Maximum Allowable Offer is a rule of thumb framework that provides the beginner real estate investor with a formula to determine a ceiling when making offers to sellers of distressed property. It’s the simplest form of property investment analysis there is.


The MAO Formula for Pricing:

ARV = After Repair Value
RE = Repair Estimate
WP = Wholesale Profit
The MAO Formula is expressed as follows:

Maximum Allowable Offer = .7(ARV)- RE – WP 
All the students in the lawsuit said in their reports that they loved the material and they couldn’t wait to go become successful. When you give a category a score of (5) that means a perfect score. Notice how some categories have 5++ on them? the students must have really loved that part of the course for sure. This all looks nice BUT then all of the sudden reality hit these people in the face.
Much like most people who attend a real estate course, they all think they will be rich really fast. When I was starting out with mentor training at the age of 19, my mentor Glen told me that I need to give it “My All” for 7 straight years non stop to whatever I am dedicating myself too and then after that, you will know if you are good at something or not. Any less time than that and you never had your head in the game to begin with because this type of skill building is hard.
I work in real estate ladies and gentlemen and it is very hard to make big money especially if you are brand new looking to become an over night success. Trump University is no different than a weekend seminar that teaches you how to flip houses with no money down. Trump University has testimonials from students who are doing very well in real estate so this lawsuit is complete bullshit.
Trump refuses to settle and just hand money over because he knows he is not wrong about this. The students all gave the University excellent comments. It wasn’t until they didn’t become rich over night is when they decided to pull this stunt.
If you pay money to learn a new skills set, especially sales skills, you need to expect to struggle a lot right out of the gate because those skills are not yet a part of your normal everyday life so it takes a long time to adapt and grow into those new skills. The problem is that people have zero patience for anything so if they can’t be rich in a few weeks, well then the shit they just learned must not work right?
This lawsuit is a joke and the judge in charge of this case should be removed for a bias towards Trump. The evidence is so overwhelmingly in his favor that this is just a big waste of time now.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Meet The Mentor Accountability Class Week #3

Meet The Mentor Accountability Class Week #3

  • What was your breakthrough this past week?
  • What new marketing method did you try out?
  • How many phone calls did you make/appointments set

Class will begin @8:00 EST, The link will be available @7:45

If you missed last week’s video you can watch the replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IM0mu92pWo

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