Don’t Be a Trendy Business Person.

There is a trend going on in our world right now and that trend is people wanting to start their own business or work from home and have a business. One of the most searched phrases in all of google is “How to Make Money From Home” this tells us that a ton of people have searched for that and continue to do so as of today.

The idea of working from home or owning your own business is appealing to a lot of people. The idea that you can control your own hours, make more money, and spend time at home, that sounds fantastic but here is what people are not talking about.

It may seem trendy to go out and start a business in 2016, but do you have to talent to compete in today’s world? Let me explain. There are way too many people out there who think they can be trained and over time they can become so much better in life that they will make a ton of money and become successful just because the belief is somewhat there.

Here is the problem, for a small percentage of people who have blind faith in life and they just try really hard at things and over time they eventually get it and become successful. Those are special people. They possess organization skills, they handle failure better than most, and they are usually in a more positive setting in life, meaning that they surround themselves with people who won’t try to steal their dream away so they have less road blocks to deal with in their personal life and that actually matters. Is that You?

I see people who say they want a big business, but then their feelings get hurt when things don’t work out like they thought they would. I recently talked to a guy who sent out 2000 mail pieces to home owners. That mail piece is designed to get people to call him. It’s scripted with all the right words, and its scientifically designed to capture the human eye with boxed in text, and outlined numbers, its something you can’t miss that is for sure but here is the problem.

It costs money to send those out. If he sent out 2000 mail pieces then he spent at least $2000 just for the chance at someone out there calling him for business. After a couple of weeks no one called so the guy called me and asked “Why isn’t this working“? I said because you are not doing enough of it and being consistent enough to say you gave it a fair shot. This guy is complaining about ONE marketing method that let him down, and now because of bad results he is thinking in the back of his mind that “This isn’t going to work” Here is a solution….Why not have 10 or 20 marketing methods working for you so when once fails, you still have 19 or so backups VS the ZERO that you have going on now? Why not do that? When you limit your beliefs, you limit your talents reach!

Now for some of you reading this you think that maybe the answer is to just keep going and keep sending out mailers until you get some business right? What if you are really new and really scared and this stuff is all new to you? If you send out 2000 mail pieces and then think its the end of the world then you have limited thinking and capabilities. Your world is only so big and what most people do is this…

Go read books, go to seminars, watch videos, take notes, learn from those who have done what you want to do. Ok so these are all great things BUT, they don’t mean that you are meant to be in business for yourself. You have to have talent already or you have to have ENOUGH talent after you have been developing your skills to be considered competitive. People think that if they read a few books and go to seminars that they will suddenly transform into a whole new person. Only a select few can do that folks, the numbers are small and this is why we have such a massive middle class in this country and only a small percentage of people who are really well off.

Frustrated Woman

If You Give 100%, Sometimes it’s Just Not Good Enough.

You have to think and act differently about life and its problems if you stand any chance of running a business that actually makes you money that you can live off of. You can read every self help book in the world and still not become good enough to make a huge difference in your life especially financially. Let me show you some big differences that separate the ones who “HAVE IT” and the one “WHO DON’T

You Have the natural raw talent if you do the following:
1. You will stay up late because you have so much going on in your head and you want to not forget them all so you stay up writing things down and going over ideas to solve your business problems you have right now.

2. You will skip going out on weekends because you have to hit your numbers this month.

3. You will read a new book, but actually apply something that you read from it.

4. You don’t tell people what you are doing to get “props” or recognition, you tell them to show everyone how productive you are. The more you post….the more you are getting done.

5. When you lose, you will instantly look for something to replace what you just lost, for example, if I have a real estate deal going on and after we close on that deal I stand to make $10k on it. I am thinking “This is awsome” BUT! at the end of the week let’s say the deal falls through and it has to be cancelled so now I have no deal and no money….Now What? You run as fast as you can to find another $10k because in my mind I had that money, it was a signature away and now Poof….its gone?….Ah Hell No! I want my $10k. What I do is I call all my follow up clients and I hammer the phones until I get appointments set.

When You Don’t Have Raw Talent And Your Learning Ability is Still Limited You Will Show Signs of Your Short Comings. This Happens Even After You Have Spent Time And Money on Books and Other Teaching Tools.

Be Very Observant of This List Because The Real Champions in Life Don’t Do This Stuff.
1. You Question if something works! If one person has done well on any program or system….It works, maybe not for you, but it works.

2. You compare yourself to what others have done.

3. You will not put in extra time on weekends! I know this because I see your Instagram account and your Facebook feeds. You know who you are!

4. You will buy one person’s teaching system and then go out and buy another person’s system and then go out and do it again. The problem isn’t these programs, the problem here is that you might only have “just enough” talent to only go so far in life and you spending money on program after program is a sure sign that you just don’t have what it takes and you may have to come to terms with that conclusion.

I want to dunk a basketball, but because I can’t jump that high my ability only can carry me so far no matter how hard I train, I just can’t get the job done and the same goes for business ladies and gentlemen. Some of you are trying super hard to become something you are not meant to be.

5. You will ask if something is good. Don’t rely on others opinions. What if you were told a particular book was awful so you skipped on buying it and got something else instead. Then years later you actually buy it because its on sale and old but then come to find out the information in that book is what you needed to hear years ago and now you are not happy because you let someone else sway your decision. Leaders Just Do Things!, if you are curious about something….go freaking buy it! try it out! See how it goes for you.

Go figure stuff out on your own, its called “Being Resourceful” and that is something GREAT business owners do. I have bought shitty books and video’s before. You don’t know until you try things. So what if you spent $30 on a book you hate, its those things right there that separate the winners and the excuse makers.

Don’t fall for the hype folks, being in business for yourself is hard. You have to adapt to changing markets and new trends. You also have to work very hard at staying on top of things that are going on in your industry and you also have to stay on top of reinventing yourself and for most people that is where they fail.


You Need To Be Realistic. My Lack of Physical Ability Will Not Allow Me To Dunk a Basketball No Matter How Much I Believe In Myself or My Potential. 

People do this in business too, they are not realistic at all. They truly believe that if they just keep working hard they will eventually make it someday when in fact they won’t because they don’t have the skills or ability to stand out or make a difference in a clouded world full of business people just like them. Talent alone will help you, developed talent is also good. But some people just have this thing inside them that doesn’t allow them to fail or except failure and if that is not you, then you are wasting money on programs and teaching tools to try and become something you are not.

Over the last two months, Google and Facebook have changed their algorithms and not many people even knew about it. This tells me that certain business owners are just relying on what they already know but the problem is, what they know right now is going to be obsolete soon so they might want to read up on how to market effectively in the near future. This is how you can tell who has the skills to keep moving forward and who doesn’t. Who has the business owner DNA and who is pretending to have it. If you depend on only the stuff you have already learned, then you are going to get passed by real quick.

*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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