Direct Mail Vs Direct Contact

I want to talk about this marketing method I use and I hope people pay attention to it so let’s dive in.
Real estate wholesalers when you do direct mail here is the process. You go to a website and you buy leads, then you write letters to every one of those leads and then you mail them out.
The next phase is when you get very low return rate because your solution to that is to do what?….send out more letters and in fact, send the same letter over and over again and that costs money so I have a better idea that you may like try this……
Go buy your list, but instead of writing letters, call them, or social media contact them. Its very easy to find people because social media is everywhere. Now in certain cases people are crafty and are very tough to find, that is solved by either skip tracing or you can even knock on neighbors doors and ask if they knew the owner or if they know of someone who they can contact to get a hold of the actual owner….NO ONE DOES THIS!
Every now and again you’ll see people use skip trace and that’s fine, but when you can contact someone in person on social media you can get real time answers vs sitting around for weeks or months waiting for a call to come in from mail you keep sending out.
You can ask to follow up with the home owner but what I do to not make it so weird for them is this. I say “You don’t have to friend me on Facebook, but I would like to send you a private message every couple of weeks to see if you are ready to sell then is that a fair thing to do Mr seller? Many times they will say yes if they are some what motivated but guess what????
Its a hell of a lot better to do follow up that way Vs spending money again and again on letters no one hardly opens. Direct contact with people is 10X better than hoping people someday open your mail you sent them. Its free to follow up online with people and it blows my mind that people don’t use technology for what its good for…Convenience
Think about this, if you send out 100 letters and get no calls whats next? do you send out another 100? or do you try to contact people for free because you can find them online?
Free follow up is possible, I do it everyday, I have a deal right now going on that all happened because of this method. You just have to be good at talking to people and have some phone skills to go with it.
I have methods like this and more in my book that’s coming out soon., this is just one thing I do to keep my overhead costs low each month! there is a lot more so if that interests you, then my book will be a must read for you.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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One thought on “Direct Mail Vs Direct Contact

  1. I use and to skip trace. What are your thoughts about hese two sites? And what others would you recommend to call leads vs direct mail?


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