Are You Accountable in Life?

Whats nice about Donald Trump whether you like him or not is the fact that now, no matter who wins the election, that person will have to deliver BIG TIME on the promises they made because one thing I know about Trump…..
He always follow through on his promises. I’ve read all his books and I know several projects he planned to fix that were not even his projects but because he felt something needed to be done, he fixed it. For those of you who are Trump haters and you refuse to learn anything about him let me inform you that he has done way more good than any other candidate on that stage, but you will never hear about any of it.
So now if anyone other than Trump wins, it won’t take long for people to start flooding social media and start bashing whoever the president is because shit isn’t being done fast enough or at all
This idea of Bernie Sanders changing everything is not realistic, it doesn’t even fit into our culture as a country. You want to tax the living shit out of me so that I can then have nice things such as healthcare and affordable education?
No thanks, I’ll pay my own way in life on those things like healthcare or schooling because it is not above me or my abilities to provide those things especially in America the land of opportunity.
If I lack income right now in my life, I can go out and make more in many different ways. When you run out of solutions for your life problems you can do one of two things. Get up and go make something more of yourself so you can provide more in life than you do now, or… sit around and wait for people to just give you things in life because you lack the self confidence to go out and earn your way in this country.
If you are Poor – Learn about money, study it and understand how it works and how you can make more of it with some new money knowledge to add to your life.
If you lack a good job – it means your skills suck for the 2016 market place. If you bring real value in life, trust me, people have no problem paying you what you are worth, the problem is most people can’t even list 5 things that they are really good at so selling yourself to the world means you have to have talent, skills, knowledge and more.
Notice in these last two examples I never once said….wait around for this shit to happen to you? I laid out a small blue print for you to make real change in life and if you hate WORK or the idea of having to grow outside of your comfort zone then let me be the first person to congratulate you on ending your life early. NO!, I don’t mean you will go and kill yourself, what I mean is that if you choose to not become better in 2016, or any year after that, then your life is as good as it will ever be and to me, not having anything NEW to ever look forward to is a death sentence to you.
Be accountable to the scary stuff, and to the things that challenge you. If you never face challenges then you are not growing at all. Your income will stay the same, your life will stay the same and no one is to blame for those results except you.
Do you believe in yourself and your skills enough to go out and make a better life? If not then why do you wake up everyday? What’s the point? Why are you working to just pay bills and then die? Is your goal in life to live broke, stressed out and bored? if so, then good luck to you! Be accountable in life folks., its a rare quality to find in people these days.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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