Facebook (Fan Pages)

You are going to start seeing Guru’s and influencers on Facebook switch over to a FAN PAGE. This will allow them to advertise and be seen more often because of the way that those pages will rank inside Facebook’s algorithm. Its set up to run ad campaigns on it much better than your personal profile is so that is why they encourage business people to do this.
No longer will it be good enough to follow somebody just because you are pals with them. From now on you will have to be a pal and now a FAN.
Facebook is basically forcing business people into this move because those FAN pages will get more attention than just our personal profile pages do so do not be shocked if you start seeing Guru’s or influencers start switching over and then they will ask you to come follow them on the new FAN page.
I have 22 Facebook pages that I run and operate. I am also in 152 Facebook groups as well so to me if I want Followers or FANS then it is my job to put out more content to make that happen VS me trying to get my pals onto my business pages. If my friends do not want to follow me on a FAN page….I don’t blame them!
People are getting way too caught up in their FOLLOWING. If you can’t get people to “Like” your content or to follow you, then you haven’t reached out to enough of the right people, stop bugging your friends to come “Follow You
Most all of my friends on Facebook could careless about my business, my blogs, and my content. They are my friends, not my admirers. If you are in business and you get one of these FAN Pages, go out and get followers, don’t ask your friends to join it or “Like” it because frankly they don’t care and the only reason you ask them to do that is so you get more “Likes” and have a page that looks like a lot of people follow.
Don’t do that! If you lack followers….get your ass to work and start cranking out more content!
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Motivational Speakers Need To Be Honest…(Seriously).

I don’t follow Eric Thomas, I don’t read his material, and I never look him up online but because I am a male who is in real estate or business….I get his shit sent to me all the time on Facebook.
I just now blocked all his content because I know he is on tour right now which means he and many other self help people are doing seminars which means that are spending money on ads on Facebook to target people who are in business because those are the people who sign up to go to those type of events.
I lost all faith in Eric Thomas recently when he tried to be slick and lie about a book he recommended and yet…..he never read it. Eric went on Grant Cardone’s show and he tried to plug one of Grant’s books and he fucked it up because he said “On Camera” that people should check out Grant’s new book when in fact it was the very first book Grant wrote many years ago so to me, Eric was not prepared and he tried to peddle a book onto people that he had no idea what it was about and he got caught.
Some of you love Eric Thomas and that’s fine but once I see someone LIE during a promo….that’s it for me! I will lose all interest in you simply because you LIED and were not prepared. Imagine if that was YOU and you screwed up “LIVE” on camera, don’t you think that dents your credibility some? I do because when you teach people for a living at seminars you are held to a much higher standard because people are looking up to you for wisdom and strength so when you lie…..what does that say about you?
For a guy who preaches to people about hard work and being prepared, he really dropped the ball on this one. I’m guessing the only reason he went on Grant’s show was to plug his seminar and that to me shows a lack of intent on his part to actually read Grant’s book.
If Grant invited me onto his show I would make sure I not only read his books, but I also knew the order they were written because I respect Grant and his work. If you think I am lying about this?….good thing there is video proof right? well here it is. Eric Thomas gets caught in his lie at about 30 seconds into the video.

The Look You Have When You Are Caught Lying. (Grant Doesn’t Look Happy)
Video is right here, the lie happens at about the :30 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls6…
People don’t need to listen to motivational speakers, they need to listen to people who will not lie to them and tell them the truth about things. If you never read Grant’s book then just say so, don’t try to “fake it till you make it” because when you get caught, it makes people like me wonder how hard you actually work Vs what you teach people.
Once you make some really good money in any industry folks the easiest thing to do is create a system or program to sell to others on how to do it because people respect strength in this world and confidence and they will pay big money for access to people or programs that offer those things hence why motivational speakers even exist.
You don’t need motivation, you need knowledge and skills, if you lack confidence, chances are it is because you lack a certain skill or you lack the know how. All of that can be over come with practice. You can listen to motivation all you want but that all wears off over time and then you will once again have to rely on your knowledge and your skill to win the day.
I created Meet The Mentor and I base it off of things I actually do. I will never teach anybody anything that I myself have not done or at least have gone through both the good and the bad. I don’t lie to my students and that to me matters. People come to me for straight forward answers on things, not to get the run around.
Sorry if you love Eric Thomas and hang onto every word he says for advice, but to me a mentor or educator of people especially a motivator must be held to a higher standard and when your whole pitch in life is selling people on the idea of becoming better, and being accountable to hard work, that will be a tough message to sell now at seminars from now on because of what happened on Grant’s show.
This was an insult to Grant and his followers. Don’t lie on camera folks especially if you are an influencer in anyway because this made me not want to ever look into Eric Thomas material….he tried to lie and get away with it until Grant cut him off. I lost respect for Eric Thomas after seeing this. He tried to pull a fast one. BE HONEST DAMMIT.
It would have been way better if Eric Thomas got with Grant first to ask which book he would like to promote and then get some details first before you go on camera to plug a product.
Eric Thomas was unprepared and it showed, so how in the world can you learn now from someone who doesn’t practice what they preach? If I did that, no one would follow Meet The Mentor anymore and I wouldn’t blame them BUT, I don’t have to ever worry about that because I don’t have a problem with being honest with people……EVER!
If you go to Eric Thomas’ events anytime soon ask him why he tried to lie and get away with it on camera? see what he says because not being prepared is something all motivational speakers teach about and this lack of effort on Eric Thomas’ part shows that he doesn’t always do what he teaches others to do so maybe he should stop charging people because he himself doesn’t follow his own lessons.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Facebook is Stalking You!

I hope all of you who take those stupid ass quizzes on Facebook realize that those are ads for marketers to seek out what you have interests in.
They can slide ads onto your feed after yo fill those things out because now they know how you think about certain things just by you answering questions from a quiz that you think is fun or cute.
The more of those you do the more shit Facebook collects from you and sends you. Its part of the game folks and some of you are wasting time on those things actually thinking that the results mean something. YOU ARE BEING TARGETED! and the more you keep filling those things out, the more info advertisers will collect from you so they they can later on send you shit they they know will impulse you because they have figured out your tendencies and weaknesses.
Don’t think that its fun or innocent when you re-post a pic from a DREAM HOMES link. Facebook then realizes that you want a DREAM HOME or maybe something close to it so from now on anytime a DREAM HOME pics comes up or anything related to that….Facebook will make sure it heads your way because there is a chance you will click on it and if they are right, then they keep piling on more stuff to get all the info they can out of you.
Sorry! but when you take a Facebook quiz and it tells you that you should be a certain profession in life, its a lie! The goal is to find out how you would react to certain questions and once you answer these stupid things, they got you!
I told some people a few months back about this and I told them to go check their ad settings on Facebook. Out of all the people I told this to, not one of them was able to figure out why Facebook had them down as liking so many things for topics.
The truth is they didn’t like those topics but because they kept filling out survey’s and quizzes. Facebook assumed that you would like to receive this stuff from all these people….and you didn’t even have a clue that this was going on.
Go ahead…..check your ad settings today and go look at the laundry list of shit that Facebook now thinks you love and want more of. If you have no idea how to check on this….let me know, I will show you!
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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(Real Estate) It’s Not Always Fun and Pretty

I called an attorney office recently and told the gate keeper lady that their office is terrible and they are not organized. I have asked several times for this specific attorney to contact me about a property that is in Probate because the soon to be owner doesn’t want the property so I now have to deal with their attorney but the problem is……they never call me back and now it has been 9 days.
I want all newbie real estate wholesalers to know that this is not uncommon. I go through this every freaking week. I roughly do 500 calls a week and out of those 500 I get about 80% no call backs….sounds fun huh? This is reality folks.
Do not plan on everyone to be accountable once you get started in this business. You will bang your head against the wall wondering why people are so lazy or just so full of shit.
I told one attorney that I will now be writing a blog about my experience with his firm and it will not be a happy blog. The attorney then out of the blue calls me and says “What the deal?
I said “You tell meremember you said that you will be calling me back?…..well what happened to that call?….he had no answer at all, he tried to fumble his way past me with some bullshit excuse like “I’m super busy“….OK so you are too busy to do your job and be efficient?…..OK
Either you hire more staff to take all these calls or quit doing what you do because you are leaving people hanging and that is reason enough for someone like me to not be satisfied with the quality service that YOU said your firm provides. So what is the deal here?…are we still moving forward on this property or am I going to have to call this one a loss because I have to know now.
Guru’s will never tell you that maybe someday you will have to talk like that to someone in order to get something done for YOUR business. It sounds mean or rude or even like a bully but guess what?…..this is real life folks. When this shit happens to me in my business, I don’t hold back. I tell all my Meet The Mentor followers the truth about what I face out in the real world all the time because someday they too will go through this.
I do this because I know that people appreciate the honesty. Imagine if you had to go through what I do to chase down a lead and make it work and the only way you got that deal to even work was was because you told the attorney to get their act together.
Its not always pretty out in the field ladies and gentlemen. Real estate is hard, its very testing, and it will pull you into so many directions it will make your head spin but to me this is what I love. I love the game and the challenge and when I lose out on a deal or get out bid for a property, it just makes me even more obsessed with finding a new lead to work.


Sometimes when you are working a deal you are in a hurry. Many times the seller or “Executor” wants nothing to do with the property so that means you will be dealing with their attorney more so than you will be dealing with them. I go through this bullshit of having to call people back because they never call me every week and it never gets old because now I just expect it from people.


{QUESTION} – If you had $10k on the line, would you call the attorney back or would you sit around and wait?

*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Meet The Mentor – Some Hard Truths


In this video I talk about some truths when it comes to marketing. Even if you use Paid ads for Facebook you still have to abide by their rules for posting your content and if not…..you get “Ghosted” which means your ads exposure is limited.

*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.

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Are You Being Told The Whole Truth About Google Ad Words?

Real Estate Guru’s need to start telling people how much they spend on google ad words and what their conversion rates are and how much it is costing them.
I tell people all the time that google ad words is a waste of money to do if you are on a limited marketing budget. Listen to me folks, it is super expensive to really dominate keywords. And unless you have thousands of dollars you can throw away each month for it, you stand no chance.
For those of you in smaller areas who rank #1 on Google right now, count your blessings. All it takes is for one more person to start putting out content in your area and then you ranking will get effected.
In Arizona I have seen some guru’s spending over $300k annually on google ad words or more. They tell you its an amazing tool to have but at the same time they never tell you that you have no chance to catch them because they will out spend you every month.
If you understand google algorithm’s and how this stuff works you will know that unless you are a kick ass content marketer, you will never have massive growth on google ad words unless you plan to spend out your ass each month.
You need thousands of dollars to capture the best key words and phrases. in those “HOT MARKETS” they teach you to go into. If you live in a small country town, you might be able to get away with google ad words cheaper but its only a matter of time before someone else comes into your area and starts a google ad campaign.
I know that most Guru’s are showing you all this stuff because its the fastest way to see results. I didn’t say it was the fastest way to get a deal or the cheapest way either but you will get traffic from your efforts. I virtual wholesale all over the country. I don’t look at hot market areas ONLY because when I know that Guru’s are sending people in droves to these HOT SPOTS. I now know that hundreds of new people will be marketing that area (All with the same material and techniques) which to me is dumb and I want to talk about that in my video in detail.
You need to market in a way that suits your strengths and your budget. Don’t just attack the highest traffic areas because (That is where all the pro’s are) Only a small percentage of people can sign up for a course, do the work, and see results but how come? Because we all learn differently from each other and some of us don’t start out in real estate with any money to our name so if you lack funds to do google ad word campaigns……what the hell do you do?
You do “Content Marketing” and you do things that you probably never thought you would do. I am doing a video soon on this topic and I will talk about how I started out getting deals for FREE because I didn’t have the money to go out and do any of this stuff and I know some of you don’t either so I wanted to cover this stuff in a video and I hope you all tune in for the content.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Meet The Mentor – Struggling Wholesalers

This video is meant for Real Estate Wholesalers who are struggling in their business right now. If you like the material on this video then comment on it and reach out to me on Facebook. Let’s see if you can get better results with some different information.



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