The Election is Being Watched By More People Than Ever Before.

More than 200k people have switched to another party in Pennsylvania. I am willing to bet that at least half of those people are voting for Trump. I don’t see millions of people flocking to the polls for anyone but him so it looks like Trump could crush it in Pennsylvania.
Wisconsin will be close, but I think Trump wins New Jersey, New York, and California on top of Pennsylvania. By then he should have enough delegates to plead his case if they take it to an open convention.
If it goes to a convention, there is a few celebrities and podcasts joining together to get 5 million Trump supporters to Cleveland Ohio for the convention. If the GOP tries to take away the nomination from Trump and they actually do it……say goodbye to politics in this country, especially for the Republican party.
We all know the systems rigged with special interests and big money but keep in mind, it doesn’t have to stay that way and nothing will change unless the people do something about it. The reps we vote in to represent us suck for the most part and they are in those jobs for their own personal gain and for the ones who are good people and just want to serve the people of this county….
They get shit on because all the money people sway the majority so when it comes time to for for real change, only a small percentage of politicians actually vote for the benefit of the people. They are outnumbered and they stand no chance at making real change until we change the entire system and how it functions.
This will most likely be the biggest election of our generation. The entire system could change if the right person is nominated. In my opinion we need to start over and develop a system that works for 2016’s problems. All the politicians running for president have already been in politics for many years, why isn’t anything really fixed? because they are part of the problem and want you to think that things will change if they get even more power?…..yeah right!
I think Trump will get the Republican nomination. If he doesn’t then I see all hell breaking loose and a law suit and more. Trump can still go independent if he wants and take all his delegates with him. If the GOP sabotage him, then I could see the independents supporting Trump in a big way, just so they could get someone from the establishment out of office.
I believe this crazy thing is just getting started actually. I really hope that if the GOP plans to take this away from Trump, that they are ready to be labeled as the people who changed the whole system for good, because corruption can only last as long as the uninformed don’t know about it.
With social media, nothing is secret anymore so good luck to the GOP on trying to steal this election, you are being watched by everyone in the country, and if you pull this off…..then on that day the country will never look the same and who knows what will happen after that? maybe riots, maybe an uprising from millions of people to storm Washington? I don’t know, but all I do know is that America is ready for real change and we need it.
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I Hate The Sarah Silverman Video…(Must See)

I watched a video today that has comedian Sarah Silverman in it and she is talking about her support for Bernie Sanders which is nice, no problems with that BUT, she is doing what most Bernie Sanders people are doing and that is represent the class of people in this country who bitch and whine about how unfair life is.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Meet The Mentor audience, let me shine some light on this subject because it really angers me that Rich people are made out to be the bad people in this country when in fact they are the ones who Bernie Sander Supporters are trying to impress with their abilities and knowledge so that they can go and work for one of those Rich people that they seem to hate so much.AmericaLandOfOpportunity6x24

You can become a rich asshole in America ONLY if you make your workers eat cat food and stay at a low wage?… that is the rich person’s fault if the person who eats cat food stays there eating it?….explain to me how that works exactly. What if that rich asshole once worked at the same job as the current cat food eating employee? and then after years of hard work and self development, that one time employee is now a rich asshole running the company.

They created their own opportunity by living in America. This is very Bias of Sarah Silverman to think all rich people had to treat people badly in life in order to make their millions or billions. Hey Sarah here is some advice, why not tell American’s to get a fucking back bone in life and go out and become something because they have the brains  or tenacity to pull it off, and not because someone will just give it to them.

I love how rich people are hated in this country but yet most people are dying to win the go damn Powerball once it hits record levels. Get smarter, work harder, America was once called the “Land of Opportunity“…..not the “Land Where you can get free stuff because otherwise you wouldn’t qualify for it.” Hey everyone if that’s the case, I would like to have a brand new Bughatti Veyron, and I would like to be on the same waiting list as all the rich and powerful people out there because…..that is only fair.Bughatti

Never mind that I cant afford one or QUALIFY for the loan, but I deserve one right? only because they got one, so that means I must be able to have one too. See how dumb that sounds. I haven’t earned the right to that kind of car yet so NO, I don’t deserve it. In terms of education, what ever happened to Pell Grants? don’t we have programs for poor students to get an education? I’m pretty sure we do but….it may not be at the institution you want to attend but oh well, its the education you wanted right?

Go and get it any way you can. Stop playing the victim in life. The rich are not holding you back from anything otherwise could you please explain to me the birth of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? That guy came out of nowhere and why? because he has talent and skills that matter in 2016 and because of that, he is rich, and no one held him back that sits at the top 1% in this world. I just can’t see Warren Buffet trying to sabotage Mark Zuckerberg because he feels that Mark is taking money or opportunity away from him.That is what people like Sarah Silverman think. They are convinced that someone out there is taking opportunities from them when in fact that isn’t true.

No one at Facebook eats cat food I can tell you that much. Maybe Sarah Silverman should read some rich people books and read about their stories of how they made themselves into something because this country allowed them certain FREEDOMS that other places don’t and because of that, America is still the land of opportunity……BUT, only if you make it that way for yourself and not blame others for why you can’t advance in life.


According to Sarah Silverman, This is The Only Way a Person Can Become Rich in This Country….Yay For Cat Food!


If You Lack Money – Start a business from home, sell shit on Ebay, get a part time job, work for tips to make extra cash. Find ways to bring money to you because there are plenty of them. Stop living in the past, you don’t have to always look for a job to earn income unless you are programmed in life to only be an employee then I would say that your fucked because in 2016, way more is demanded of you and if you work your whole life to spend it at just one job……your life is going to suck because that is how you become old news really fast in today’s age. Adapt or Die!

Life itself has become more expensive and jobs are being replaced everyday by new technology and innovation so what’s next? Are you going to start blaming companies and inventors for making your life unfair if they create something that replaces the job you went to school for? That is stupid!, that means you are against progress and innovation. Just because your old school methods and way of thinking are set in stone doesn’t mean that the world stops just for you. Life moves on and if you don’t, you have a price to pay…its called “Being Left Behind


If You Lack Education – You’re an idiot…literally! The internet is everywhere, start searching for things to learn from each day and stay accountable to always learning new things from new sources. If you suck at math, go and find a math training course on Youtube thats free to better prepare you for that class if need be. Go beyond your comfort zone in life, that is how you find out what you are made VS what you are supposed to be given. Youtube videos alone could keep you learning until the day you die, Start There!

Can’t Afford College? Go to a cheaper one. Take a year off and earn some money then go pay for some classes. It’s called being a responsible adult. If you really want something in life, you will move heaven and earth to obtain it won’t you? This should be no different. Don’t make excuses for not having access to a good education because you lack money, that is insane! Money is a resource and if you lack a certain resource then your skill set at gathering that resource is terrible. Don’t be one dimensional in how you think about earning money, it will be the death of you in this economy.

This is no longer the year 1900 people. When the farmers gave up their land to the big steel companies for a safe and secure job. That is when the American spirit started to officially die because we stopped fighting for our spot in this world. Today we have a country who prides itself on being people who no longer want to work hard for things or feel the need to prove their worth to the world. If you can’t hack it at something then you either lack the talent, the know how, or maybe you are not meant for that life at all? Will blaming others and not looking for solutions help your cause? Will you get any further by doing that? It is very sad that you live in America and you complain that there isn’t opportunity for you like everyone else gets.

You have the same rights as me and all 300 Million+ people in this country. What you do with your rights is up to you. You can either use your freedom to search for ways to get smarter or more skilled so that maybe then you can compete in the market place and offer your skills and knowledge to the world. Listen folks, I know of some rich kids who had trust funds set up for them and they had law school paid for before they were 18. They got out of law school and couldn’t hack it as a lawyer so what did they do? some of them started doing drugs and partying because they had trust fund money to burn.

One of the guys actually took classes on marketing and learned that just because he was a lawyer with a degree, that didn’t mean people wanted to hire him. He had to learn how to get his name out there, how to run ads on websites and more. He took the time to adapt to the world that we now live in and because of that, he increased his chances of making it in life as a lawyer because he constantly works at it what matters in 2016 and not 1916. There are no free rides in life folks, you have to earn your way in life even if you start out with disadvantages such as “You come from a poor family

I could never be an NBA basketball player. I am pretty good for my height, but no matter how smart about the game I got, I lack the skills to compete so I do not deserve the opportunity to attend a NBA camp. I am not mad that my NBA career will never happen but guess what? I didn’t blame all the other people in the NBA for holding me back in life or making me eat cat food so that they could make it and I couldn’t.


If We Are Going To Be Fair Like Bernie Sanders Wants, Then Me And 100k of My Social Media Friends Are Going To Try Out For The NBA Next Year.

You want to know what gets rewarded in this world now? Results! people who can produce results will always have a seat at the table and why? because they make the world move. They contribute to society and job creation and investments and more. What do people get when they stop trying and only think that they can do so much in life and blame others for their misfortunes?……they get nothing!

You get what you deserve in this life. I have seen way too many feel good stories n my life about a kid from the ghetto who has no dad and a mom who worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Let’s say the kid is from the ghetto and he worked hard, got good grades, got some scholarship money and got a degree. The kid made something of himself because he never once believed that he couldn’t pull it off.

Let’s also say that this kid was also an african american kid, he never blamed a rich white guy for his problems, he simply worked hard and became what he set out to be in life. Not once did he ask for a hand out or for free anything. If that kid and millions of others can do it…..why can’t anyone else? I have seen so many sports stars and job career people come from this very same back ground and still make it. Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks is one I can think of right off the top of my head. The guy had no chance to become anything and he will now be known as one of the greatest to ever play in the NFL.121413-nfl-marshawn-lynch-pi-jn

The rich are not holding you back in life people. You are holding yourself back by not growing and adapting to the ever changing world. Your ideas about money and job security are old and not valid anymore. Maybe you should time travel back a bit and go wake up your old self and tell it to pay attention to how society is changing and how technology makes the world and everything else more competitive or in your words (Unfair).

You are either moving up in the world and improving as a person, or you are staying the same which means your way of life will no longer be useful to the masses in the next few years because when you operate on limited ideas and limited beliefs, then you will only go so far in life anyway. Don’t blame the rich, blame yourself for not being mentally strong enough to take on the challenges of the world to becoming successful.

If it was easy, everyone would be rich and successful! Don’t hate on others because you can’t find it within yourself to solve the issues you face Vs blaming others for why you can’t get past them.

“You get to where you want to be in life because talent gets you there”


Here is the Sarah Silverman video talking about RICH PEOPLE having to make people eat cat food in order to climb the ladder of success in life…..ENJOY.

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Why Socialism is Dumb For America.

Do you want to know why Socialism is a dumb idea for the United States? Because Socialism means that the Government controls the product flow of good and services.
Lets say you wanted to do an end of the year sale for your business and you wanted to sell 1000 more items in the month of December to beat last years numbers because the point of a business is to make money or else there is no more business.
If you restrict people from creating more sales because you limit the amount of product they can actually sell, then you stunt growth. Sorry but that idea sucks and its just plain stupid for our country.
Stop comparing the United States to Sweden, they are not even close to comparison when it comes to population size so thinking that Socialism will work in the United States is crazy because we have way too many people who depend on selling goods and services in our country to start punishing people for being excellent at whatever it is they do. Life is not fair and neither should the economy. If you can only contribute so much to the economy then you should only receive so much in return.
Have you ever been at a job where you worked hard but the person next to you was lazy and did hardly anything but they still got paid the same as you no matter what?…Well I have, I worked in a Union factory once and I hated it. My job was very labor intensive and some people in my work area stood around for the most part and just watched things go down a conveyor belt so the amount of work being done wasn’t equal at all, but in the end all our pay checks were the same and that didn’t seem fair.
Businesses here depend on sustained growth because it not only means they are running a strong and profitable business, but they are also impacting the economy in a positive way.
Let me ask you this….would you invest in stocks that had a company showing a 10% growth every year? or would you rather invest into a company that has limited growth potential and because of that limited potential you see that business going under in a few years due to the inability to compete with the global market that is growing?
If a company can only go so far because it can only buy or sell so much, then why would investors buy stocks or invest in American businesses? If you want to see a stock market crash quickly, start limiting how far a business can go in this country and watch the chaos unfold.
the United States thrives on commerce. Businesses need to make profits so they can improve or even expand and that creates a more solid economy, and it also creates jobs. If you take away the ability to thrive and grow, then you killed the very reason for even getting into business.text3
No business owner ever says “I want to sell shoes” but I will only sell enough shoes to cover my monthly expenses and pay my bills because the government will eventually give me everything I need.
Listen we live in America, business growth is what we are. We had the innovation of the steel industry and railroads that helped shape us as a nation. If you take away the ability to be excellent or to thrive at something then you limit innovation and you put a cap on many people’s potential in life.
Socialism is not what we need in America. What we need is to simply pass new laws that don’t allow big money into politics and you don’t need Socialism to do that either. We have Social Media now, you can stream debates for free. Politics is all about money, you take that out of the equation and maybe then we can see a more fair country.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Young Bernie Sanders Supporters Need To Take Control.

You notice what I see in young Bernie Sanders supporters who bitch about the high cost of college?
Not one of them is talking about starting a business to create new income to pay for school, Its almost like Bernie or Bust for these younger people.bernie-free-sht-575x603-470x493
If you can’t pay for college with the income you have now…..have you ever thought of maybe adding a new revenue stream to your life? In this day and age, having multiple streams of income is a very smart thing to have. I’m not sure why people only believe that life is all about college, then job life or its nothing at all.
Watching adults complain about the cost of anything makes me wonder how they solve their money problems? I will never once see anybody ever say the following…….
“Hello Facebook world” I am going to start a home based business and once I make $1000 a month in my business, I will then set out to begin my next set of classes in college without any debt. The road is long but very rewarding, adding a new income stream to my life will be helpful because it will still be there after I graduate in case I can’t find a job right away so its not only smart, but its future retirement planning as well. Wish me luck as I set out to carve out my own path in life and take myself places that I know I can go.
You should not let the lack of money stop you from advancing in life. Money is only a resource. If you were thirsty and you needed water, then you would find a way to get some wouldn’t you? You would either get some from your faucet or you would go and buy some at the store right? well the same goes for money.
If you don’t have much of it, you can find ways to get more but that actually takes effort and most people do not believe in themselves enough to follow through with something like this and that is sad because that means they are totally dependent on a job for the rest of their life and that’s it.
They want more money, but they will not go above and beyond a job to make that happen, but they love the idea of having things just simply provided for them without having to actually earn it. Everyone wants something for nothing, but life doesn’t work that way.
What happens if you graduate, then build up a ton of school debt, and the the worst thing ever happens to you……You can’t find a job to save your life so now it seems like everything is crashing down around you so what do you do to solve this mess?1435033794651627
You rely on people like Bernie Sanders to come and bail you out. Never mind stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone in life, just rely on only one thing your entire life to give you the life you feel you deserve.
Do you live the life you deserve? or are you living your life at your full potential? How to do you go about solving your money problems? Do you actually find ways to create new income to offset the lack of money you have, or do you just keep trucking along day after day doing the exact same thing, hoping to maybe someday catch a break in life that will get you out of your rut? Take control of your life, don’t sit around waiting for anyone to someday come and solve your money problems. Get educated more about money and learn how you can make more of it away from your job.Funny-Money-Quotes-Money-cant-solve-all-problems
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Do You Mean What You Say?

There will be people today who gather around family and friends because it is Easter. Sometime during the day a conversation may come up where you are telling your family and friends that “Starting April 1st, I’m going to be doing THIS differently in my life”
The THIS you may be talking about could be, you want to read more books, or that you want to be more confident when you reach out to customers for your business, or maybe you want to get into shape? and after Easter you plan to do that.
The problem with people who TALK about these type of things is that they are usually not the ones who actually follow through. Do you know who the real people are? The ones who don’t have to tell you that they are getting ready to make changes in their life, they just go out and do it. They don’t seek anyone’s approval, and they attack what it is they want because it actually matters to them.dont-be-upset
If being in great health is a really important thing to you, don’t program yourself to say things like “I’m starting on April 1st”
People seem to think that if you start something on day one of a month that it makes it symbolic and it makes you stay true to your promise. This is not different than making shitty new years resolutions that you will not stick with after 90 days and why?
Because it just isn’t that important to you and your words and actions prove that. Winners go out and do things they say they are going to do, they don’t wait for the sun to set or the stars to align, they simply take action that very second they make a decision and that is where almost everyone else fails
The minute you want to do something different with your life, but you put no action behind it, well then it now has become a WISH. You will never see results in life on anything you talk about, you actually have to put in the work.
This year so far I have seen friends who want to lose weight, get a better job, start a business, and even move to a new state but not one of them took any action on anything and as of right now today, not one of them is doing anything at all to follow through with what they were telling friends and family just a few weeks ago.empty-promises
Today is Easter, So what that its a holiday. The economy doesn’t care what day it is and neither do I so for me, I stay true to my promises by staying on track everyday and that includes holidays as well. If you are serious about creating better results for yourself in life then you better understand that the work involved with making those become a reality is more than likely a lot harder than the work you are putting in right now today!
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Blog Update (Meet The Mentor)

Last week’s blog numbers were solid. I screen grabbed a picture of the results from last week to show you that I was 100% serious when I said that you can create organic traffic to your business if you just put in the work.
I know people love the idea of Paid for or automated services and systems that post for you or even ghost write blogs for you but here is the problem with that. You can post 1000 times a day and if the world thinks your material sucks, they will ignore it no matter who is posting it so how do you counter act that?
You should be posting daily based on what is happening in “Real Time” whether it is in your personal life or whats going on in your business. Those are the things you should be posting daily, on top of your blogs or ads that you may be writing. This is how you begin to drive the right kind of traffic to you and your brand.
I write and manage 3 different blogs. I write differently for them all because I have to. Even though I am still Michael Opolski the person, I operate in different ways depending on what business I am in. because I own 4 businesses, I do not act the same way in life when I am working in those individually. I am Twitch TV Channel Owner Michael, I am Real Estate Michael, Meet The Mentor Michael, and Music Producer Michael.
What I have done over the last 2 years is develop a solid following from multiple groups of people. I can appeal to the educated people who make millions of dollars in real estate, and I can appeal to the 19 year kid who wants to play video games the rest of his life. I am easy to find on the internet and I want it that way. I have nothing to hide. All the stupid shit I did as a kid was never caught on video so I am glad for that.
This is why I have no problem letting people know whats going on in my life or in my business BUT…..I do all this in real time people so pay attention. How many of you are friends of mine on Facebook? Anytime I have something bad happen to me in real estate, I instantly jump on Facebook to tell the story right after it happens. I do this because to me I wish people did more of this, I like the idea of having a real time answer to a situation.
For example, if you are a real estate investor and your state doesn’t allow you to do certain construction changes, I would think that for anyone out there who is like me and buys houses in any state as investments would want to probably know this information right? Ask yourself, Are you doing any of this stuff? are you becoming a person of value to others because you provide a lot for them?
If you want to gain a ton of exposure online and increase your numbers to your website, your blog, and to you. Then you need to become more SOCIAL on Social Media and stop relying on programs and systems to do everything for you. Get up and reach out to the world, they are waiting for you to shine!
Last weeks numbers – 7 Blog Posts resulted in 675 Views, 528 people visited the blog.Last Week Total
This weeks numbers (so far) – 9 Blog Posts resulted in 499 Views, 401 people visited the blog…..this week is still ongoing. The week for my blog doesn’t end until the 27th at stats 222
I got another out of state lead for my real estate business because of my blogs. If you are not putting yourself in a place where “The People Are” then you will spend money and time trying to get results and when it doesn’t happen the way you think it should, there is a reason why. Be smart about how you market yourself and your business. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make a lot of shit happen.
Just stay active people, Let The World Know Who You Are.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Do You See Only What You Want To See?

Can anyone find me the sound bite where Trump said he will make every person in America Rich?…..can you find that for me?……YOU CAN’T, because it doesn’t exist.
Some Jerkoff writer from Yahoo wrote an article today bashing Trump saying that he promised all of us that we will be rich. I hate when people only hear what they want to hear because that is how fights start.
Trump said he wanted to make the COUNTRY rich again, not you or me or anyone else. For those of you who can’t ever read in between the lines when it comes to how Trump speaks, let me interpret it for you.
When Trump says “We Need The Country to be Rich Again” what that means is, we build our country back up to the point where we have a great job market, a great housing market, the national debt is all but gone, our education systems are thriving, and our country is much safer because our military is now better equipped than ever before.
So for all of you who think he is telling you that if he is president that you will become rich…..STOP IT! if you want to be rich, you have to go out and earn that one on your own.
I wrote a long comment back to the author of that Yahoo article. Trust me I didn’t hold back either. Nothing angers me more than seeing people talk out of their ass and then try to get others to agree with their view points in life when in fact, they never tall you the entire truth as to why they think the way they do.
Most times they are just Bias and they want a HEADLINE which means that they need to write something negative to get more readers each day because those get more attention than most regular posts. In most cases outside of reaching for a negative approach, writers will not fully understand something but they will interpret it in their own way that creates a story to write because…..that is their job right?


You Don’t Get It So You Make Up Lies Anyway to Sell a Story?..How Come?

I get it, I understand the attention game and the social media game but I have a really big problem when people act like an a authority figure in life and they have no clue what they are even talking about.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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