(Attention Haters) This is What it Looks Like To Go After Your Dreams.

Most people do not go after their dreams in life. The fear of the unknown is too much for some. The idea of taking on new things all the time and never being 100% comfortable again is just something people do not want to engage in, but they will tell you a much different story if the Powerball gets huge again won’t they?

If there is an easy way out in life they will take it, never mind putting in the hours and learning how to better yourself because that is just too much effort isn’t it? I recently had an online Hater come at me and they said that I do not value hard work, They said “Real Hard Work” meaning that if I do not lift heavy things, or get dirty during the day then my job isn’t shit and neither is my work ethic. This person told me that its easy to sit behind a keyboard and talk about goals, but its another thing to actually get up off your ass and go work for them and achieve them, so he was calling me out!government-haters-hate-flow-through-you

I work from home ladies and gentlemen, I own  four businesses that I control from my office desk and my typical day is not very typical at all, in fact my normal days are enough to drive someone insane. I think people would rather jump out of a window Vs living a day in my life but you can be the judge of that here today in this blog.

I am going to show you what my day was like yesterday. All my days are filled with activities to keep me busy. Trust me when I say this, what you are about to read is real. Most of the people who work with me in business know that I never sleep and I have weird hours I operate in so just keep that in mind as you go through this insane list of things on my daily schedule.

(Disclaimer) This life pattern or routine is not for everyone! Do not hate on me if I seem to be over worked because this is how I like things to be and because in my mind if I do not have things going on constantly, then that means I have stopped dreaming. I repeat..This is not going to be lifelong pattern for me, I work hard now because I choose to. The following schedule may seem a bit insane but for some of you Haters out there, at least now you know what Embracing The Grind looks like so here ya go!Haters-gonna-hate-chrissystyles1-37246822-1600-1700

Daily Calender: Sunday February 28th, 2016

Time Block One:
4:30 am – Create Ads for Competition Sports, post ads to websites, get daily blog written, upload gaming video for the day. Change out pics on Website, add new video, create a new message or event posting.

5:00 am – Grab Dr. Pepper from Circle K, Work on Meet The Mentor Blog and post it to websites, Jump on Twitter and check messages, check inbox on Linkedin, check emails on all email accounts.

6:00 am – Reply to Facebook private messages and friend invites, if no one texted you then send out 10 PM to people and get the ball rolling today.

6:30 am – Go over today’s list of new leads to contact, count up names, if there is time go after some follow up leads afterwards. Check whats trending online, decide what the theme of the day will be.

7:00 am – Redo Craigslist ads and Backpage ads (they are due). Post to Twitter, send out 5 messages to new people. Look for influencers, authors, best sellers, SEO experts, Content marketing savvy people, real estate experts.

8:00 am – Start Making Calls!, Do In Depth Follow Up if there is time to get it in.

Time Block Two:

9:30 am – Catch up on Gary V, Grant Cardone and daily education circles. Take calls as they come in, grab some food before you start.

11:00 am – Reach out to people in Facebook circle, get a feed going, comment on a trending feed, comment on 5 people’s profiles, Contact 5 new Twitter people, reach out to 5 new people on Linkedin, get new pics onto Tumblr feed, Ad video’s to Youtube Channels.

1:00 pm – 30 minutes on Skype with Mentor Student James. No lead generation going on, hates the phone, scacred of getting No’s.

1:30 pm – 30 minutes on Skype with Mentor Student Eric. Hates his job, very ambitous, low self steem, needs to read more, family is not on his side, wife left him due to lack of income, needs to learn how to rebuild.

2:00 pm – Play NCAA College Football on Twitch.TV, chat with followers, update stats, add new pics to websites from capture card. Create new Competition Sports Event for this summer, look into trophy making, engraving, shipping. Talk to ASU about Promoting NCAA event locally.

Time Block Three:

3:00 pm – Work on music for upcoming summer album. Redo Track #7, no intro for track #8, Do not like the drum kick on track #2 anymore, work on remixes. Create album art promo’s, post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube.

4:30 pm – Dinner Time, Whole Foods and Follow Up calls.

5:00 pm – 30 minutes with mentor student Ray. Needs to set goals, all over the place, buys too many courses and never applies himself 100%. Commitment issues from Fear of failure, dad lost everything and owned business as well, doesn’t want to do the same thing in life.

5:30 pm – Take calls as they come in, Have all 3 blogs written by now and posted. Post music in groups on Facebook, Reach out to 5 people on Twitter, and Linked in, reply to people from earlier if there are any.

6:30 pm – Get scenes set up for WWE Event on Competition Sports, Create fight card, PPV name, intro video, theme music, color scheme.

7:00 pm – make a run to Chipotle for chips and salsa

7:30 pm – Catch up on calls and emails if any came in, check all social media for messages or invites.

8:00 pm – Education time, take calls if any come in, 2 webinars back to back.

Time Block Four:
9:30 pm – 30 minutes with mentor student Allen, tons of confidence, lacks the know how! cart before the horse type, needs to be organized, easily thrown off track, emotional.

10:00 pm – Check all emails and messages, take time to say hi to friends on social media, reach out to 5 people on Twitter, Linkedin, go to Circle K for a late night Dr. Pepper.

11:00 pm – Reading time and more education. Get leads together for calls tomorrow, set up list of followups.

Midnight 12:00pm – Check stats and all numbers for the day on everything. Record numbers and then sleep.

I normally do (3) Five hour time blocks in a day, some days are different from others because I have to make time for students and make time for business calls when they come in. Sometimes a business call can eat up 15-20 minute of my day, but no matter what, I stick to my schedule and I cross off everything on my list each day no matter how long it takes me to get it all done. If it takes me 12 hours or 17 hours, I don’t let up until it is all done.

I don’t expect anyone to live like this, I have a lot going on right now and my personal time is something I have chosen to give up in order to accomplish the things I want to do. I sacrifice a lot, more than what most people are willing to sacrifice so I just cringe at the idea that a hater could ever say to me that I do not value hard work. Try keeping pace with me every day Biotch and let’s see how you do!….(Biotch is slang for the word BITCH).

Don’t worry about me! I have had lots of fun in life, maybe too much! but right now this is what it looks like behind the scenes at my house pretty much everyday until I hit certain numbers in my businesses and once that happens, then I will make all kinds of time for more fun stuff like what most normal people do every weekend.haters

I don’t know about you ladies and gentlemen but when I want something in life, I sell out 100% to the work involved with getting those things done. I am lucky in the fact that I can do so much right from my home, the internet is an amazing thing.

*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Do You Kill Your Own Potential?

imagesIf you take away the existence of the Lotto or Powerball, most people would have nothing to hope and dream about when it comes to improving their financial status in life.
Never mind learning new things or gaining confidence by growing your income through skill development and increased knowledge, just continue to bet your future on a game of chance and see how it works out for you.images
People today lack confidence plain and simple, they let FEAR control what they can or can not do, they rely on the opinions of others when making life decisions Vs just going with their gut instinct.
I find it very sad that I searched on the comments section of this post earlier today and I made it all the way through up till comment 279. Once I got there I figured I would never find what I was looking for. I was hoping someone would say something positive like “I will have this one day
Some people said it looked pretty but no one said anything about making that a reality. A ton of people said “I Wish“…..or they said “If I ever win the Lotto“, but I after 279 comments I guess no one has the confidence to go out and earn enough income to make this backyard actually happen.
Do you see the problem here? People are already giving up on the possibility that this backyard pool area (Pic Below) could ever be one that they own. Why do people say “I Wish” or rely on the Lotto to have financial gains in life? How come people do not have a plan? Having your money in order is kind of important in life but go ahead and ask your friends and neighbors what their plan is for their financial future.
 Mentor Ad #44
It’s not rude to ask, simply say “Hey Bob
do you invest in anything? if they do then ask what they invest in and what kind of returns do they get. I will say this ladies and gentlemen, anytime I ask questions like that to people who are successful, they never have a problem telling me about their experiences with different types of investments.
belief-barricadeI am interested in making the money I have on me right now grow! I want to take $5k and double it if I can so how do I go about doing that? Who do you talk to? Do you know anyone who is successful and could you maybe ask this stuff to?
Watching people put ceilings on themselves makes me wonder what they are afraid of? Do they only wish to make a certain amount of money in life and then just stop?
Don’t they realize that as years go by, things get more expensive and you have to keep up with that and if not, well then you end up like most people struggling to keep up and leveraging your lifestyle on credit cards and bank loans. Everyone would like to earn more money but most people are not willing to grow as a person to make that idea become real.Self-limiting-beliefs-4-www_guaranteedfitness_co__uk_
And to think some of these people have children and will pass these habits onto their kids so they too will one day sell themselves short in life when it comes to reaching for the stars.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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Do You Ever Think About Making More Money?

Money is nothing more than a resource in life just like water. If you are thirsty what do you do? Do you wish for water to come to you, or do you find a way to go and get it?
The same goes for your income. If you do not make enough money to satisfy your life’s needs then guess what you can do? Yup! you can go out and find more money in many ways but if you just stick with your jobs income and you don’t look any further than that, well then your odds of ever seeing more income are pretty awful actually.


If You Lack Ideas, Then You Lack The Ability To Create More Income.

The problem is that people do not want to develop a new skill, or learn to sell or teach something, they just want to keep things the same but make more income. Every once in a while you’ll see someone finish college or get a trade skills certificate and then once they get that…..they stop learning how to do more.
I think for the most part people operate on the idea that once you get a degree from a college well then that is it. You are as smart as you will ever be so now you head out looking for a job to fit your intelligence and then when you can’t find a job what do those people do? NOTHING! they rest way too much on the idea that they just paid a shit load for school and they feel as if they deserve better than what they are getting out of life so instead of moving forward and learning even more things, they settle for what they just know now and rely on it forever.


How Do You Attract More Money To You in Life?

Most college graduates never continue to study or develop any skills after they finish college. Unless their job offers paid training every year, most people never grow outside of what they know right now. Its almost as if these people feel like they have reached the mountain top, their life is as good as its going to ever be so why even bother trying to learn new skills right?
You only get what you deserve, if you can’t find a job with your degree, then your degree is not in high demand and neither are your skills or the knowledge you possess.
If you lack money as a resource then you can fix that. I know you can get tap water for free if you are super thirsty but keep in mind that if you lack money and you hate the thought of being broke, the next time you post that you are Bored on Social Media realize that you not having any money is your fault and because you refuse to learn anything new or adapt to changes you will always suffer or have an excuse as to why nothing ever get better for you!
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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I Just Love Donald Trump Haters, They Are (The Poorly Educated)

Our Media is really hell bent on making people angry anyway they can and so far it hasn’t worked and it really makes you look bad as a news network or even as a grown adult when you attack a guy who can do something you can’t RUN FOR PRESIDENT.
Last night Trump won in Nevada and it wasn’t even close, and in his speech he said that he did well with evangelicals, highly educated people, poorly educated people, fat people, skinny people, and LATINO’s.Trump latino
So what does Fox news and Trump haters do all day today 2/24/2016?  They focus on the negative that they can just trample all over and that part was the “Poorly Educated People” part of Trumps speech. I know most people who vote are clueless about anything political and they vote based only on personal beliefs or by what they hear from other people like Fox News Pundits. Focusing just on Trump’s Poorly Educated statement shows just how bad people are willing to go and reach for something that will try to get people to hate Trump just as much as they do…..Makes sense to act like that right? and yet these people bash Trump daily but yet here they are posting things about him only because of what they see on TV.
Let me get this straight, You attack Trump because he said he loved “Poorly Educated People” right? but then YOU as a Trump hater go out in the world telling people things about Trump only based on what you see on TV so who is the Poorly Educated person here? You are! because you like to attack Trump for saying things that are not even meant to be mean but you will do your best to twist it into something that makes him look like the bad guy simply because you hate him? That is really a dumb move on your part people, and this is the exact same kind of behavior we saw when Obama was running for president. People hated on Obama but they knew nothing about him so good job on that! You can hate someone all you want, but when you make claims that are not true or post meme’s that are false, then you are acting like one of those Uneducated People.
This causes people who have no clue about Trump to start posting meme’s about him that are not even real LOL, and yet these people are serious voters? WOW. Watching people get bent out of shape over this tells me how emotional people are over an election and still they don’t have a clue about Trump or his plans and the worst part is these people are so emotionally driven that they never attempt to seek out any truths so that means they are set in their ways, they are closed minded and very much opinionated.

Trump Lines

Look At All The Trump Supporters in New Hampshire! Lines of Them!

Those are all real shitty qualities to have folks because they get in your way of finding answers that actually matter in life for example those crazy religion freaks out there who believe the earth is 6000 years old, since they are close minded by their belief system all they will ever believe in life is what they are told. Never mind actually exploring for facts to find out that the earth is way older than 6000 years, never mind learning something new outside of your comfort zone, just stay in your little box of ideas and beliefs and just stick with that because that makes total sense.
NEWSFLASH….it doesn’t matter who wins the election, it really doesn’t. You can go out and create any life you want but what most people do is, they depend on other people or the government to help them out in life and that is why most people vote the way they do. Never do you hear people talking about paving their own way and achieving success. Gone are the days of people announcing what their dreams are but instead what are we left with in today’s society? People who know nothing but run their mouths because they are emotional and just want to get their two cents worth in.Trump winnn
We have people in this country who always look for negatives in people and they never bother to find a single positive about the person at all. They only zero in on the negative every time. I know most people don’t care about politics but watching people get bent out of shape just because they do not like how Donald Trump is on stage makes me realize that they are clueless about him. Yup I said it, you don’t know jack shit about Donald Trump and watching people post mean shit about him online makes me laugh at you! It really does because I know what Trump is like in real life because I have educated myself over 15 years about the guy.
How many of you know the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher? Well Bill Maher hates Donald Trump so let’s get that out in the open, a while back ESPN News Anchor Keith Olberman was on his show and they talked about Trump.Bill Maher.PNG
Watch The Keith Olberman Interview about Trump Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flyn9qI4VWY
Olberman said he lives in one of the Trump buildings in New York and said he has met Trump many times and thinks the world of the guy. Olberman said he is so nice, and everything is about you and how well you enjoy your apartment in his building. Trump is very hands on Olberman said. Even Bill Maher said that he likes Trump when he is not on TV. Bill Maher said that he is the nicest and most polite guy you will ever want to meet but this is where Trump haters get lost because they only can see whats on the TV.
If you ever read any of Trumps books you would know he is putting on a show for votes….thats it! What you see from him is not how he will act if he wins president. This is why I laugh at people who hate Trump because unless you have met him in person or have read his books, then you don’t know anything about the guy and that is dangerous because people are voting against him just because they think he is racist or sexist or whatever without ever looking into real facts Vs just old bad news the media keep bringing up.
The Republicans are spending money to try and stop their own parties front runner! What does that say about that group of people? It means they will fight until the end to keep their corruption systems in place and keep control of things but with Trump around none of that will happen and they know it and this is why Fix news and even regular everyday people are after Trump.Trump wins Yaya
You can’t say “Screw Trump” he’s a Republican, when in fact he is only running as one because he has too. Trump is not a full blown Republican at all, but being a Republican nominee is better than being an independent simply because the voter rules work in your favor and that is why Trump chose to stay as a Republican but because most Trump haters don’t ever read anything, they have no idea that Trump is not your typical Republican so whatever ideas you have about him or that political party……get rid of those ideas because if he wins, things will not be the same as they are on the political stage.
I hate to be the guy who says this but what you are seeing from Trump right now is nothing but a show, its to get attention and get votes. If he ends up winning you know what will happen? He will calm the Hell down and start working like a mad man because that is how he is and if you ever read any of his books (Which you haven’t) you all would know exactly what Trump is doing right now Vs being all emotional and bent out of shape.
This game plan of his was set in stone a very long time ago and his personal vendetta is against the Republican party as a whole. Voters out there know what he is doing and that is why people are voting for him. People want real change in this country and not the same politician lies and corruption we have had oh the last 150+ years.
You can hate Trump all you want, just remember people Hated Obama and said if he wins then our country will go to shit, well sorry Obama haters but the country is still in one piece and Obama wasn’t the worst president we ever had so once again the haters of the world were wrong about a candidate simply because they live off of their emotions Vs actual facts.
Get smart people, and read some books every now and again. Trump has the haters fooled for sure because in real life he is not like his TV persona at all! Most of you haters do not see that right now and its too bad most Trump haters can’t see past his showmanship.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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I Am Faster Than “Investor Carrot” and I Have Proof.

On February 19th, I blogged about changes Google will be making to their searches. I got 9 views on that blog for that day just so you know and I sent it to 40 people.
Today 2/23/2016 Investor Carrot comes out with an email stating the exact same thing I did in my blog and now people are losing their minds over the changes and are asking questions. Here is the email below.

I was trying to warn people days before this and I got ignored!

This just goes to show you that way too many people take for granted the information that people put out on a day to day basis that you send them. I send my blog to 40 people a day and I know that most all of them never read it but because I see the numbers. Investor Carrot comes out with an email and now says the exact same thing that I did days ago and Now it Matters?
Sorry folks but I was a week ahead of Investor Carrot on this one and if you plan to get attention from Google doing it “Organically” well basically you are fucked!
Google is making a ton of changes and it will affect you if you use Paid Ads. I expect pricing to got up, I see competition going up, and I see organic results being pushed so far down that they won’t even matter much.
If you want to read the blog I wrote about this topic (2 Days before Google even announced it) then I will leave the link here: https://meetthementor.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/top-secret-google-adwords-is-changing-right-now-slowly-quietly/

Trump University is a Scam?

Quick Announcement: The Media is really pushing on this one so let me tell all of you the truth so you can be saved some time.
Trump University…ever heard of it? well here is the deal, Trump’s business school is being sued by a few of the students and will be appearing in court this upcoming May and do you know why?
The students did not become RICH right after they finished the classes. They were able to learn some new stuff but when it came time to applying the skills needed to make that knowledge work……they failed! so now they are going after Trump saying he runs a fraud University. The courts for the past few years have said that no wrong doing was committed but the defendants lawyers seem to think this is a good time to press on this issue because Trump is all over the news right now so why not capitalize on his fame for a bit right?
How many of you have ever been to a Real Estate Seminar? I have been to a shit load of them and I can tell you this much, no one promises you that you can be rich, if you operate in the real world like crap.fail
You can have all the brains in the world, but when it comes down to wheeling and dealing or negotiating in Real Estate, some people really lack skill and it shows in their performance and their bank accounts.
This court case is very similar to the ones that Network Marketing get all the time when new people get in to their business model and then months later they try and sue the company saying it doesn’t work.failure
I have read every Donald Trump book ever written and I have used some of his lessons in real estate and applied them to my business. I have been able to close some deals because of negotiating ideas that I learned from Trump so I can say that his stuff works if you don’t suck at practicing it in the real world.
I saw this coming, as Trump’s numbers in the voting keep going up, the media will find things to attack him on and this University thing is just another waste of time.
Some of you went to college right? and some of you can’t find a job or at least one that you want so you should turn around and sue the university or school that you attended because it is their fault. That sounds dumb doesn’t it? well that is what these wannabe rich kids are doing, they thought that they would make millions in a few months and because they didn’t, this is how they retaliate.
You have to sit back and just laugh at these type of people. They blame others for their failures. The students said that Trump told them that they will be RICH because of these courses and because they are not Rich yet, they are going to court over it.

The Students Going To Court “Gave Up” Which Meant They Stopped Learning. That is Not How You Get Rich!

The problem with these students is this…..Testimonials. Trump University has pumped out a ton of success stories from their University (Funny How No One Mentions Those) and they will flood the court room with them all, making the defendants look stupid because they were able to get results from the Trump University and they all had the same classes.

If you suck at something but you still think you are smart, well then you have a problem because shit ain’t working for you so what do you do? well first off you don’t sue and try to make your failure someone else’s fault and the second thing you should do is have a mentor who holds you accountable to your skill development and execution.
Some of you out there have gone to college or a school of some kind to get a better job, but what happens when your schooling is over and now it is time to show the world what you learned and how well you execute it. this is where failure happens in life folks. Not everyone right out of the classroom is going to be a superstar.images
When you have high hopes for yourself and you are not reaching those goals, you need to find out where in your monthly routine are you going wrong. Are you wasting your time? Do you have a FEAR problem and never take enough action and you know it?
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner.
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I Like Trump, So I Must Be Stupid And A Racist?

I love this…. The media’s firewall against Donald Trump is this: “His voters must be dummies or racists“..LOL, so if you vote for Trump you are a racist or an idiot? If I register to vote this year and I vote for someone who you don’t like then that means I am all of these things by default? What if I told you I don’t even vote and that I think about my own future more so than who our next president will be. I don’t care who wins, none of them are helping me in my business so I really don’t care and neither should you.images
Are you worried about the cost of healthcare? get a better paying job.
If your job sucks, learn new skills and get a new one that pays better.
If taxes are a pain in the ass for you, then take a tax class or build a business and get tax breaks in your advantage.
It shouldn’t matter who the president is to you, they don’t control what you do everyday so you have all the freedom in the world to choose which direction your life goes.
What if you vote this year? What does that say about you? Should we make up stuff and label people as well for other candidates followers? I think so, here we go.
If you Vote for Sanders you like Communism just because I said so because that makes as much sense as saying Trump voters are Racist. Quick question here…If I decided to vote for Trump this year, you wanna know a secret?
I am not a racist and I am not stupid either so it would be very interesting to see what would happen if I registered this year and voted for Trump. I wonder how many Facebook people would unfriend me because I have my very own opinions in life. If you know me at all in the real world then you know I am not stupid or a racist so because of that, what else do I get to be instead? Are you working on new things that you can make up?you_are_an_idiot_by_kittykakes1997-d6b5eo3
If you vote for Rubio or Cruz, then you are voting for a person who is bought and paid for by their donors which means you are a little bitch in life and you fear change because with those two in charge no changes will happen because the elite are pulling the strings on those two.
If you vote for Clinton you like people who use their fame and power to cover up scandals.
If you like Ben Carson then you just love Jesus and have no clue about politics. You people are not stupid or racist, you just like the innocent, smart guy who stands no chance.
If you like John Kasich then you like people who are involved with doing corrupt real estate deals for charter schools in Ohio. Yeah this shit goes deep with Kasich, Charter schools are a problem in Ohio and Kasich and his business pals are making money left and right from their corruption so that means Kasich voters like Satan and evil things in life because corruption is the devil.
Do you see how stupid all this stuff sounds? Don’t judge people based on who they are voting for. Some of you out there have no clue about anything in life but yet you are posting things daily that try to sway people’s opinions about candidates mostly against Trump because you just don’t like the guy, because that makes total sense. Most Trump haters know nothing about him except for what they see on TV.
Go Read A BOOK! and learn something useful before you start labeling people based on who they are voting for this election year.
*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch.TV Broadcaster/Owner. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.
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