Do You Have Haters on Social Media?

There is a huge gap between achievers in this world and people who sit on the sidelines wishing for success. The ones on the sidelines always seem to find time to attack the people who are actually working towards getting their goals accomplished.tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

I have to bring this up because I myself just went through this experience recently and I got shit for it from people who are now no longer on my friends list on Facebook.

Anytime you see a person in business or in sales post things like a nice new car, or a home, or even a vacation spot that they want visit, that is not them being egotistical, or trying to show off, not even close!a4990ff383fe32c11c8749e66afd07af

This is how people in sales or in business stay motivated moving forward. If you do not have big things in life you are chasing after then what the hell do you go to work for?…to just pay bills?

If you don’t get up tomorrow with a sense of purpose or a goal to chase after then you have nothing! chances are you will wake up tomorrow to just get to work, put in your hours and then come home……then what?…..whats after that? Are you planning ahead at all on future stuff or are you going to just sit and watch Netflix instead because that is all you have going on tonight?

Don’t hate on people who are more motivated than you, it shows that you have given up on life!

I had to drop people from Facebook this year already because they attacked me saying that buying a BMW was stupid, little did they know that was actually my big Christmas present for my girlfriend so it wasn’t even for myself but yet people still attacked me saying that MONEY isn’t everything in life, when in fact I busted my ass last year to even get this car as a goal to even come true.


This is BMW I bought my girlfriend for Christmas.

So the next time you see a person posting their dreams or goals on Facebook, instead of attacking them, why not ask them what their plan is to get those goals accomplished? If I see people post a dream kitchen and they say “I want this“….I go right for them and I ask them “How will you get that“? The real winners in life will have no problem telling you exactly how they will get it done because they will have a plan.The posers will be the ones who get defensive and say “Oh I was just saying that I liked this that’s all” and then get mad that you even asked them how they will get that goal accomplished.

HATERS-HATEI wrote a blog not to long ago about this stuff. When I see people post things they want on Facebook, I actually believe these people and I think they are setting up a plan to make enough money to go out and get it for themselves so it shocks me that when I ask questions about the post, people get mad because they have no intention of ever going after the things they post, they just wish and hope for things Vs getting out and making them real and you can find out who those people are really fast.

All you have to do is ask to hear their plans for achieving what it is they posted and then sit back and wait because it will either be an excited person who can’t wait to tell you about their goals and dreams or it will be a person who gets mad at you only because you called them out on their post.

It makes no sense to post dreams on social media platforms unless those are dreams you are going after, that is how people at home make themselves depressed all the time. They put themselves in front of things they know they will never had so they sit at home, and post on social media platforms and many times they will be out looking for inspiration so they can have enough guts one day to actually try and get one of those dreams to become a reality.

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