What Does Retirement Mean To You?

When people think of the word “Retirement” they think of people who are aged 65+, and who have worked all their life and saved a bunch of money and put it into savings and can now stop working and just enjoy the rest of their life spending time doing whatever they want because they now have enough money to live on till they die…..or so they think!

Keep in mind folks that retiring is not the same anymore as it use to be back in the good old days. In the early days if you put in 45 years at a company you retired at 65, maybe got a watch or a plaque with your name on it and then off you go into freedom for the rest of your days.


You Don’t Have To Be Old To Retire!

The times have changed, companies no longer take care of you in the same way as they did way back then, back then you have a retirement package waiting for you the day after you retired from work, in today’s world you get a “Defined Benefits” package which is not even the same thing, not even close.

It became too expensive you pay for workers retirements so instead companies got smart and passed the retirement investing onto the employee by way of 401K’s. The rules of money are different now, and the company/employee relationship is now different which makes retiring a topic worth talking about.retirement-only-means-that-it-is-time-for-a-new-adventure

I know people in their 30’s who are retired so let’s stop thinking for a minute that you have to be old or over the age of 65 to retire because that isn’t true. How come we see people older than 65 and they are still working? what happened to their plan? did they not plan for retirement? did they expect someone else to pay for it?

Retirement could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I tell people that I retired from being a full time employee back in my 20’s, I had part time jobs I would get from time to time usually in nightclubs as a DJ but for the most part, I was able to create enough income in my businesses to take care of anything my job income would have so I then had the option to keep the job (which I hated) or quit and go find other things in life to go and be good at?

4a6f80261ba01de616da05afede634bdI don’t think retirement is about sitting on your ass and doing nothing all day except wasting time, I believe if people actually had the chance to have a solid retirement they would be out enjoying life in ways they never thought possible. If you had little to no money coming to you each month for retirement what do you think your mindset and attitude towards retiring will look like?

It will look pretty bad because after years and years of living on planet earth, you had every opportunity to learn how to plan for this time in your life and the reason most people say they will never retire is because they don’t think they can ever make enough money to buy back their time away from a job.

Retiring is a personal thing, go ask a poor person how retirement is and you will hear things like “Same Shit Different Day“….or you will hear them say “I’m Bored, Being Retired Isn’t All That you Know“…..why do they say these things? because they are lacking options in life. If you ask a person who has a huge retirement account and ask them how retirement is going you will get a different mindset and a different set of answers like “Oh I love it“…or you will hear them say “I’m having the best time traveling and doing things” Ok do you see the difference?

What we are talking about here ladies and gentlemen is money! Yup that dirty word no one like to discuss but instead ignore. Retirement should mean security to live a quality life after you no longer choose to work anymore. Notice what I wrote…I wrote “after you no longer choose to work anymore” what does that mean? It means that if you have a plan to beat the game of life with income then guess what? you can retire early.retirement-community-marketing-events

Think of this, if you make $50k a year, after 20 years that is one million dollars in total income earned. Now if you can go out and find a way to replace that time line and grow an income much faster then you can have the option to leave the work force early.

If you can make a million dollars faster than 20 years, wouldn’t open up options for you to have more free time in life? Retirement is what you make of it folks, you either work to have one, or you work to depend on others to support you because you never bothered to learn how to set yourself up over the course of decades. I started a DJ business when I was in my 20’s, I made more money in one night than I did at my 40+ hour a week job which was great!Depositphotos_64913821_original-1940x1199

It took me about 6 months before I decided that a job wasn’t for me anymore. If I had more than enough money coming in from my business then I can retire from 9 to 5 life young and then go out and seek more ways to make more money, or I can at least spend time learning new stuff, I could take classes if I wanted to just for fun, basically I gave myself options in life only because that is what I worked for.ae044a59e332c0c766c80fd31a27491c

If you work to retire when you are old and 65+, then you will only work hard enough to try and get to that point in life and many times you will fail because that 40+ year plan of saving money doesn’t work. In this day and age you need to have more than one income source and learn to develop “Passive Income” if you plan to have more freedom in life when your golden years have arrived.

Retire in style folks, and for you to be able to do that, you need to plan for that. What if I said you could retire from your current job in 5 years or less if you changed how you think about money and yourself?…..would you want to listen and hear more? or do you honestly think that you are only set up in life to go so far and only retire with so much?michaelopolski_3D_rev

Change the way you think and learn, and you can change how fast you see progress in your life, especially financially! You can retire from a crappy job much faster if you plan for it, trust me I did it in my 20’s. It comes down to how bad you want the results and what you are willing to put yourself through in order to make those goals happen for yourself.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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