What Are You Addicted To?

Some of us have certain things in life that we call “Guilty Pleasures” These are things we like to do that we know can be a waste of time or money but we go ahead and do them anyway. For some people it has a much different meaning such as the person whose guilty pleasure in life is having a bowl of ice cream after dinner or a person who likes to sit and watch a certain TV show on a set night and time once they get home from work.FN-ShowChip-GuiltyPleasures

The problem with a guilty pleasure can be that is slowly becomes a Habit and not a good one either. I know of many people who schedule time out of their day to sit and watch a TV show because it brings them some kind of joy. When I see people choosing to do this type of thing VS working on the problems they have in life, it tells me that they are addicted to mediocre results in life because if that wasn’t the case, they would be spending every waking hour they had on trying to find solutions to the problems they are facing today.

When I see people complain about how expensive something is my first response to those people would be to simply say “Cut The Cord“, That’s right get rid of your cable TV that you admire so much because then maybe you can save more money and afford the things you think are expensive. You can either get better in life and raise your standard of living and afford things that were once considered expensive or you can sit and watch TV because that brings you more joy in life than having the ability to afford something that you may actually need.

I saw a lady on Facebook post about how she couldn’t afford to get her car fixed after her engine died, then I see her posting this…. “Who wants to go to the bar with me”? 

You see this is what I am talking about. This lady is addicted to self pity and anytime something bad happens to her out of nowhere in life she feels that the answer to her problems is in some bar somewhere and she is asking for people who are weak just like her to come and join her for some cocktails so that life will be ignored for a few hours and then you can some what feel better about running away once again from your problems in life.


When You Don’t Deal With Your Problems, They Never Go Away.

This is not uncommon ladies and gentlemen, some of you out there are not operating at full strength in life because you have distractions that keep pulling away from making advancements in life. Here is a great question, If you are not where you want to be in life, why are you taking time off and just relaxing when the only thing you can’t buy in life is time? When you wait just one more day, that could be the different between you having a breakthrough vs not and you will never know how that one day could have turned out for you all because you chose to do something else besides fix your problems that you have.

For those of you who are in business for yourself keep in mind that you don’t have a day off. You can schedule a day off for family time but depending on what you do for a living and your current financial situation, you may have to leave family and friends from time to time to go and get business things done. Your progress in life will only happen if you are dedicated to the not-so-fun stuff. The not-so-fun stuff is the stuff you don’t like to do. The next time you are BORED at home instead of watching Duck Dynasty or some other crap, why not go learn something new to increase results in your business?


TV Addiction At Its Finest

Everyday people choose to either “Check Out” in life and run from their problems, or they “Deal With It” and learn to just live with them. Don’t be an addict to things that do not help you in anyway to improve your life or business, instead take a moment to realize that you do have a choice and if you choose to do nothing about your problems then you have given up on life but you live in denial and are too scared to admit that you fear learning new things and going beyond your comfort zone.

The Question Now Becomes…..”Are You Addicted To Your Potential and Success?, or Are You Addicted To Holding Yourself back In Life With Excuses And Wasted Activities?

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Numbers Never Lie!…..Or Do They?

Today is January 29th, I am doing this a few days early but I thought that this blog should be written today because of the amount of traffic I see on social media right now and the number of complaints I keep reading from people who are not getting good results from their marketing efforts.

I have been telling people over and over again that “The Times Are Changing” and they are changing fast. What you think is great and effective right now could become a waste of your time in almost an instant because something new or better came out that people are gravitating to so it lessens the impact of the current marketing methods you are using right now otherwise……you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.


Is This How You Feel About Your Marketing Efforts?

If you are reading this blog chances are you are looking for an edge or a better way to reach more people and to be more effective at it as well with your marketing efforts. I would like to share with you all a couple of pictures. The pictures represent my stats for this very blog you are reading right now.

I started to test something last year to see if it was bullshit or to see if there was some truth behind some of the things I had recently stumbled upon. I want everyone to know that there is no one single best marketing method, if you look at just stats then Video ads are the best thing out there right now but some of you are doing videos and yet you are not getting any real results so are those stats a lie?, or are you just not effective enough to get that angle to start working for you?

To the masses the numbers are not a lie, but to you individually they are so let’s see what is the reasons are behind that because if 80% of people online like Videos then its no wonder why my blog or other marketing methods would suck right?…..WRONG! Numbers are not a Lie! but what they need to add to that phrase is this…..”Numbers Never Lie, But Those Numbers Only Happen For You If You Know The Science Behind The Algorithms“.64489122

If you don’t know the in’s and the out’s of how to work social media then it won’t matter what for of marketing you do because you have to understand how to post, when to post, and who to post to in order to get maximum gains from your efforts and as you can see from my examples, I am on pace to blow my 2015 numbers out of the water.

Let me show you two examples from my personal life experience. The first example is the results of me starting my blog out brand new in 2015. I started the blog in early 2015 with the idea to create valuable real time content for followers of the Meet The Mentor program and let me show you how well I did my first year writing blogs.

2015 Blog Stats

This Represents My Entire Years Worth Of Blogs From 2015. This was year #1 for me writing this blog so it went from 0 to 974 views in a year….Not Very Good!

Now let’s stop for a second, after Christmas of 2015 I was pissed, I spent a lot of time trying to write good blogs that I thought people would like and that could help them in some way. I got a total of 974 views for the year which is total crap. I started to think that blog writing was stupid and a waste of my time even though I really like doing them. This is the part where I now separate myself from the rest of the people out there who continue to struggle.

I got obsessed with finding out why my blogs sucked. How come nobody visits my blog? Is my material shit? I started to think as an outsider for a minute and I looked at my blogs from a very un-bias approach. I looked at them and thought Ok, I like some of the pics I used, those are good. I do like some of the funny stuff I throw in there from time to time but what is it that I need to gain more of a following?……I NEED MORE PEOPLE!

I took the last few days of 2015 and all I did was dedicate myself to sitting in on webinars, Youtube instructional videos, and more. I did not leave my desk until I started to find some new ways to be more effective with my damn blog because I worked hard on it and it just wasn’t getting me anywhere Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I Guess My Approach in 2015 Sucked!

Ok, fast forward to right now and you will now see my results for the very same blog but this time I am only showing you one month’s worth of results because well…..it’s only January LOL. So here ya go ladies and gentlemen. Take a look at what I was able to achieve by switching up a few things and adding a few new approaches to how I market online and do my blogs now. I tried a ton of things folks, believe me there is real work involved. I know some of you out there like Template based blogs and those make it very easy for you to get stuff out daily but even with template base systems you can only do so much because there is so much to know about getting attention on the web than you can even imagine.

2016 Blog Stats

This Represents My Stats For The Month of January For This Blog. Do You See a Major Difference At All Between This Picture And The One Above?

Forget about SEO, or PPC Ads, or Google Ad Words, or anything you think you know about getting mass amounts of attention right now because algorithm change all the time and what was once badass and effective today will be old news and a pain in the ass down the road. I want you all to know that there are a ton of good material out there to use that will help you gain more viewers but you have to be willing to put in the work to see faster results. Oh and by the way, I spend no money on marketing for Meet The Mentor. Everything I generate in terms of viewers or followers I gain from just putting in some work and now I have those new results which are much better because I stay on top of what matters in terms of how to gain attention.

Marketing and strategy

Always Be Looking For Ways To Be Better With Your Strategies.

I go into a ton of in-depth detail on how I did all this in my new book that will be coming out soon and I will make sure you all have a link for that book once it is finally ready for print. I continue to gain more and more viewers daily because of my new found knowledge of this attention game we all know as “Hey Come Look At My Stuff“.

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You Are Not Qualified To Have An Opinion.

In my Meet The Mentor program, I work with a lot of people who tell me that they do not have the time for some of the work that I assign them each week. Once a student tells me this, I start to monitor them. I do this simply because I want to see if they are trying to further develop their “Excuses” or if they are just really bad at managing their time each day. I am writing today’s blog on the topic of the presidential election because that topic alone has caused people to become emotional and it has caused people to stray off the path of success for themselves by taking time out of their day to bash or have an opinion about a certain candidate.2016election
I am here to tell you that if you are trying to be somebody in life, and you have big goals you want to achieve then you shouldn’t have the time to waste on things such as voicing your opinions on social media about something you have zero control over. I see people do this everyday, and instead of working hard on themselves and their future, they waste time being unproductive because they have to let the world know just how they feel about a particular candidate and that matters in life?
I’m not political but I sit back and I watch all this stuff unfold online and I watch Trump haters, and Clinton haters, Sanders haters and more. No matter who runs for president there will always be opinionated people who get emotional and make stupid claims like they will leave the country if a certain person is elected.
Listen folks, it really doesn’t matter who wins…..it doesn’t. What are you going to do? go hang out with your favor candidate after they win? these people don’t even know you exist and yet you bash them as if you know them all like your next door neighbor.
I stay out of politics on purpose because its dumb to even voice an opinion on these matters because we have no idea how any of the candidates will even do until the day they take the job.635860558745828559-677581446_Presidential-Campaign
For those of you wanting to leave the country if Hillary wins or if Trump wins, you need to get your emotions in check and chances are that you act this way and say those things because you really have no control over your life and you feel that if a certain person wins then your life will be even worse off?…..nope your life sucks because you allow it too plain and simple.
No reason to attack any candidate at all really, they are doing what they have to right now to get attention and votes, they are playing the politics game and some of you think way too much into this process. I agree that the debates are dumb and some of the things being said are not popular to most but guess what?
You are talking about the candidate which is what they want you to be doing right now so they win! and you lose when you bash them on social media. All you are doing is feeding the beast and every single candidate thanks you for being an emotionally driven human being because that is who they depend on to get elected.
2016-presidential-raceThe more emotion you show, the more they know they have you right where they want you. I would love to see any one of you bashing the candidates right now to go out and apply for the job as president of the U.S
I want to see how smart and talented these haters really are, I mean if you hate someone so much to talk about them on social media everyday then you must have way better ideas and smarts than all of those people up for the job right now right?
I’m all ears people, if I see you online bashing a candidate, I will ask you how you are even qualified to have an opinion on any matter they discuss because unless you have served as a politician somewhere before, then you are simply being judgemental and emotional over something you can’t even control.
If this is what you spend your time on, its not wonder you are a ball of emotion. If you have nothing better to do than to hate on presidential candidates, then you need to find a new way ti live your life because you are wasting time and energy trying ti sabotage someone’s chances at their goal of becoming president when in fact YOU should be the one working on your goals in life.
I would love to interview all the people who said they will leave the country if the person they hate gets elected. I want to find you and then ask you why you are not actually leaving the country even after you said you were going to. This is a problem America, we have way too many emotional people with baggage in life and they allow that baggage to dictate how they progress in life and by the examples some of these haters are showing me.

Unqualified to qualified

I Want To See The Haters Runs For Office.

I can tell that most all of them are going to have a very rough life no matter who gets elected because they are not the type of people to chase their dreams but rather waste their time trying to bring other people down simply because they do not understand them, or they do not click with them on a personal level so that just means you have to hate them.
I’m willing to bet if any of the haters met some of these candidates in person they would act differently in front of them out due to intimidation. You only bash something in life if it is better than you, smarter than you, better looking than you, or simply you bash something because it is something you wish you could do but you can’t because your drive to succeed has been replaced with a drive to bring others down in life and that is a habit you have developed and it will be that very same habit that will keep you unhappy and bashing people for many years to come.dont-let-your-emotions-outweigh-your-intelligence-quote-1
Be aware of how you spend your time and what you focus in on the most each day. You, Me, and anyone else not running for president are not qualified to say anything about the candidates because we are not politicians and we are on the outside looking in so what we say has no impact on anything so its best to just switch gears and get back to your goals in life, the very same ones you are neglecting while spending time on social media bashing presidential candidates.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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What Social Media Weapons Are Working For You?

social-media-imageIf you are in business for yourself chances are you have been using some social media to get the word out about you and your business but are you using the right ones in the right way? Better yet, are you using enough platforms to become more visible to the world?

I see people post on Facebook and maybe one or two other platforms but all they ever do is post generic ads. For example when you are in real estate and you post “We Buy Houses“….We Get It! I know and everyone else on your friends list knows that you are in real estate trying to buy some homes right now but we don’t care do we? This is why many times we do not click “Like” or even comment on many of these posts because its nothing new, its the same old thing over and over and it bores people to death seeing it all the time.

The biggest problem is that people do not understand how Social Media can really help you if you just embrace putting in the work everyday like you should be doing. How many of you reading this are guilty of posting half-assed posts on social media? You know the ones, the ones where you post just barely enough info to call it an actual post but you send it out anyway because you feel like you did something at least and that takes away some of the guilt.

where-are-youIf you find yourself not getting results like you think you should be then what is happening is that you are lost, you are lost in the shuffle of people trying to do what you exactly what you are doing so what is the solution for you? The main thing to look at is to see if you are staying on top of putting out DAILY……Yes DAILY content folks. If you try to get by with posting something once a week or doing a video once a week, then don’t even bother. If you do not put out content on a daily basis then you limit your exposure to brand new people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to see you and here is what I mean by that.

Let’s say one day you do a blog and you get 5 views on it, then you write another one the very next day and it gets even less views so what’s the deal here? The problem with people today is that they are at war! That’s right, You, Me, and anyone else out there using Social Media to get attention, we are all in a battle for people’s eyeballs and for some of their time as well if we can capture it.model

What if you wrote a blog and posted a video along side that blog and you just so happened to be wearing a yellow shirt in your video. You post your blog and video on Facebook like you normally would but because you have something that stands out (Yellow Shirt) then what happens is many times when people are just scrolling down on their Facebook News Feeds they will slow or or even stop when your bright Yellow video post shows up. When you post videos it can give you an edge because you can get a quick message out Vs having to hope someone actually reads your blog.

Using the Yellow Shirt idea is something I call “Colorful Warfare” what this means is that I will stand out today Vs most people because my video post will show a bright color and get people’s attention more so than if I just posted links to my blogs and other stuff. If I want a chance to get someone to click on my stuff today then I need to have an arsenal of weapons to get the job done. You don’t take a knife to a gun fight, its just not a fair fight.


Do You Get Any Engagement From Your Content?

The same goes for how you market with Social Media. How many weapons do you unleash a day onto the world? How many different types of options are you giving people? Do you post the exact same way all the time? Do you post one picture and then type up a bunch of words to go along with it and then not many people respond to it?

Ask yourself this right now, did you do any marketing today and if so did any of it bring you results? Now if the answer is NO then think about your results like this. Your weapon was not strong enough to get the job done so you have to increase the amount of ammo you have for your weapons. Ammo can be a blog, pictures, a Snapchat video, an Instagram post, things like that. The problem is that most people only really use one or two weapons in life and those two are Facebook and Twitter.social_media_exposure-300x214

In this day and age you really need to be on all the major Social Media platforms if you stand any chance at all of being seen by new people on a daily business otherwise you will post till your face falls off because you only keep posting your material to the exact same people every 24 hrs.

*Michael Opolski is a Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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Fear is The Ultimate Killer!

I really want to talk about Fear today because I keep seeing bad things happen to people and these people are only having bad things happen to them because of the Fear that they have. What is Fear? is it simply a lack of knowing what to do or say? or is it something worse?

The people who I see struggle in life are the ones who are very much filled with Fear but its a next level type of fear that they suffer from. “The Fear of Progress” I know it sounds strange that people would fear advancing in life or doing better but the truth is they do. I want to share a real life story with you and maybe you can identify with this person or maybe you know of someone just like the person I am about to tell you about.risks-and-dangers-are-real-but-fear-is-a-choice-4

I recently bought a car. I bought a BMW 325i Series and I love it. The person who sold me the car seemed like a really nice person so we started talking more and more and I asked him. “Where do you see yourself in the next few years”? He told me “Doing what I am doing now” I then asked him if this was his dream job and he said No!

The guy told me that he works a lot , but he has a time share he enjoys and takes his kids down to it twice a year and he told me that he really enjoys that because “You Can’t Put A Price On Time“……these were his words folks ok so just remember that.

I asked the guy what his plan was for fix that, he said he didn’t understand what I meant. I said that if you have a timeshare then you must not mind being a landlord? He said no its great actually! I then said ok well how about this, I am in real estate, I work with investors and all kinds of people and I could hook you up. If you buy more rentals then you can buy back more of your time so you can spend it with family a lot more. The sales guy then told me “I Don’t Know About That“…I said what do you mean? he said I like where I am now and some of my rentals are about to be paid off so I will finally have extra money to do somethings I want to do.


Don’t Live Your Life All Bottled Up With Fear.

I said wait a minute, you are about to payoff the mortgages on some of your rentals? he said yes I have a couple of them and they are both almost paid off. I said ok so once those get paid off why not go get 2 more rentals and double your monthly cashflow because then you will have even more “Extra Money” at the end of the month than you do now and from what you told me…..you need money right now right?

The guy told me that he didn’t think that could happen….I said you are already doing it. You have 2 rentals now and when you get the 2 loans paid off on the houses, then you can go out and do the same thing again and pick up 2 more properties but instead this time you will have twice the monthly income coming in as you do now, and by multiplying your assets in life, that is how you buy back your time.

The guy told me No!…straight up No! he said he likes where he is at now and that buying more rentals will just make things harder and he will have to keep track of more stuff and that doesn’t appeal to him even though he is dying to find a way to increase his income so he can “Buy Back His Precious Time” the guy told me that he “Doesn’t Know” about my idea and thinks its too much and besides after I said all this to him and looked right at me mid sentence and cut me off and then said “I have a good life, I am Comfortable where I am at”! No…..you are too afraid to move forward so this whole “I’m Comfortable” story you keep telling yourself is the very story holding you back from seeing greater results in your life.

Think of the logic here folks do you wake up and tell yourself this…You know I wanna work hard in life but only until I hit about $40k a year and then once I hit that number I will stop learning new stuff and then I will just say I am comfortable to convince myself that this is a good stopping point to be at in life because my bills are paid, I have some food, I have a car, so what more do I really need in life? This is the mindset of 90% of the people who work for a living in the United States. This is why the middle class is so big and so broke. If you fail to grow and adapt with our fast paced society then you are losing everyday and you will become stuck with no place to go but backwards.


You Can Climb Out of Your Fear Mindset.

Now in terms of this sales guy first off he is lying to himself and secondly, saying that you are comfortable in life is a death sentence word ladies and gentlemen, never ever say you are comfortable in life because that means you have no desire to move on, to get better, or to improve any situation in your life so basically this guy is telling me that life is as good as it will ever be all because he has no desire to learn anything new or expand his income more which is what he keeps complaining about. Listen if you lack money, and someone offers you a way to fix that and you say No!….I can’t take you seriously anymore as a human being.

I hate hearing that reply from people, especially guys who are in sales like I am. I then asked the guy what books do you read or seminars do you attend for car sales growth? He told me he liked Grant Cardone…..now for those of you who don’t know, I know who Grant Cardone is, I have talked to him on the phone and even emailed back and forth a few times so I have had real life contact with Grant Cardone so once he threw Grant’s name out I started asking him questions about Cardone University and Grant’s program he has set up for auto dealerships…..the guy knew nothing about what I was saying. He through out Grant’s name and then Robert Kiyosaki’s name right after so I asked him about Robert Kiyosaki’s material.fear (1)

I was onto this guy really fast, anytime someone tells me a name of a famous financial teacher and then they have nothing they can quote or recall that they have read by those people?…..Hmmmm I call Bullshit folks.

I told this sales guy that I wanted to interview him for my Meet The Mentor program and he said Ok, I can do that no problem. Now ladies and gentlemen let me ask all of you something. Do you honestly think I am going to interview someone who has limited thinking and lives in a bubble? The interview would be a waste of time because this guy can only teach you to make so much money in life and then…..he can teach you how to make the same amount of money every year and then settle in life with no chances to grow any bugger all because you are too scared to what?……Fail?……dude you are in sales, you get No’s daily!

Here is a suggestion, instead of talking about rich and successful sales people like Grant Cardone, why not actually learn from them and use their information to rocket launch you into a place where you could spend even more time with the kids? I hate to say it folks but I see this all the damn time in people. I see people reach a certain level in life and then they just STOP.

downloadIt feels like once these people hit a certain number of income per year then there is no growing beyond those numbers for some people. I had a ton of questions about the car and you know what he told me?…..”Mike, I don’t know about that“…Ummmm you are the car sales guy, I came to you, you are supposed to be able to close me or sell me a car because you have skills. What happened ladies and gentlemen was I called the dealership and I told them I have cash in my hand and I was ready to buy. I wanted the white BMW they had on their lot, I told them I will be there in 15 minutes to pay all cash for the car if…….if the test drive goes well and the car is in excellent condition when I look at it.

I loved the car the second I sat in it, BMW’s ride really nice! I basically gave this guy a free sale, he didn’t have to do any work but because I gave him an easy sale, I wanted to test him anyway to see how good he was and he failed big time. If he had to actually sell me that car it never would have happened. I couldn’t get simple answers out of this guy and yet he calls himself a sales professional? I think not!stop

Don’t be afraid to advance in life folks, I know new stuff is scary and new things are tough to learn sometimes but if you never experience that scary stuff, then you never stimulate your life to the point where you actually wake up each day excited because you are going somewhere in life rather than waking up, dreading your workday and then looking forward to going back home so you can sit and watch TV or do whatever it is that you do at home because whatever it is you are doing….its not geared towards progress.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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How Will You Spend Your Tax Return in 2016?

What percentage of people do you think getting a tax return back this year will spend it on financial growth and retirement planning? It is an interesting thing to think about because if most american’s use their tax returns to pay down debt or to buy material things like Big screen TV’s so where do they ever find the time to plan ahead for “Down The Road” living?20150203_104949_

If you are a person who loves getting your tax return because it provides you with “Extra Money” to use so that you can pay down some debt then you have a big problem. Think about this for a minute. What is it you do all year long to make income? Now do you use any od that income to live on? how about pay some bills or maybe eat once in a while?

If you think about it, all you ever do is make income and then spend it, then you run out of income so what happens? Yup, you go back to work on Monday morning and on Friday afternoon you get another paycheck and then with that check you pay down some debt aka “Bills”.

Then you spend money on other things like gas in the car or groceries.
When you get your debt paid down some and your groceries put away then what happens? Are you saving your left over money and putting it into the bank? Are you using that extra money to pay off debt even faster? Better yet, here’s really great question…..you ready? Are you using that extra money to INVEST?

2a28006011c5f6d3e91714ff43f7a6ffThat is a scary word huh?…..INVEST. What does that mean? does that mean I put money into something and then hope to god I make money back someday? I know people do not like talking about investing because they have no clue about it so to them they would rather not learn it and stay fearful of their future outcomes in life Vs them learning how to leverage their money and buy back some more time in their life by creating new money all the time.

Think about this, do you ever get excited about buying something on sale? did you like saving money? Ok good!, Now what did you do with the rest of the savings you now have after you made that purchase? That’s right, you spent it on things. You are a professional consumer, you have no problem spending money, but you have a really big problem Investing money?

People just love a sale don’t they? They love that 25% off sale or they love a 2 For 1 Sale but it still doesn’t matter. When you save money by spending money, be happy that you have left overs to invest with. Don’t waste your extra money on stupid things just because they are on sale and you feel good about “Getting A Good Deal” on a particular item. That is a mindset of consumption and not creation. Imagine if your first thought each time you got a paycheck was to look for ways to double that paycheck amount Vs “I Gotta Pay Bills“. Imagine if your approach was completely opposite of what you do now.

Do you want to know why people do not live like that? Because they fail to educate themselves in life on something that could determine how they end up later on in their golden years. Not too many people think beyond next week’s paycheck. Most people do not set weekly goals.download

You have to wonder if the fear of money and learning about it is really strong enough to convince someone to take a chance in life and just avoid the subject and see how things work out in life with ZERO financial common sense. The fear in those type of people is so strong, that they would rather take a chance at getting help from the government someday or they will take a chance at being poor or homeless down the road all because they had no idea what to do with their money as they grew older year by year in life.

I am not telling any of you to go out and become a professional in the world of finance, but what I am saying is this. Think about all the times you have received a tax return and then think about what you did with that money. Do you have anything to show for it today? The problem most people face in the real world is that they never seem to have enough money to ever invest after bills and the rest of living life sucks them dry.


Where Does All Your Money Go Each Year?

This is a problem in thinking and how you were conditioned as a person. If all you know how to operate as is a person who spends money on things Vs learning how to create new money with the money you already have coming to you, then where and when do you ever plan to retire or even have money for when you are older? What’s the plan here people? Year after year goes by and still people are relying on their 401’s to maybe be there for them in the end.6b433a7a6a6222ce6a47b921f22c451e

Hey did you know you can invest with your 401k? Vs just adding the Rinky Dink amount each year that they allow you to contribute?  This blog is being written today to create awareness. I want people to look at their next paycheck or their next tax return check and think long and hard about where is all this money going?

Do you have a mindset to spend and waste?….or do you have a mindset to invest and grow?

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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Are You Angry With Your Marketing Results?

Uq2Wp3gKThis is Susan Bennett, she is the voice of Siri on your iPhone. She has over 800k Twitter followers and has millions around the world listen to her voice and pay attention to her everyday and do you want to know why?

Because she is everywhere all at once are you? When I see people complain about marketing for their business it tells me they are whiny little kids. How many of you in real estate have seen your guru bitch and whine on Facebook about how their marketing isn’t doing well?……You Don’t! and you know why?

Because they are too busy expanding, branching out, and building their networks while you complain that the 3-5 lead sources you are trying to be good at are failing you.

Marketing is not a numbers game, it’s an effectiveness game, otherwise how come some people make more money than others wholesaling real estate each year and yet they spend hardly any money on advertising? This only happens because they are more effective in what they do Vs thinking that spreading mass amounts of your content everywhere will sway things in your favor because you spend a lot of money so emotionally you feel that a return on investment is justified in your opinion. Listen!..you don’t want to be that guy or girl who takes a risk and blows $10k on postcards or letters and then not see a solid return. Marketing gets a lot easier folks if you are in a ton of places all at once and making an impact on people with your content.

Most people who work with me in Meet The Mentor​ don’t even use video ads for their business which tells me that they are behind the times right now and are missing out everyday on new business. Hey!… If your content sucks then no one will respond to it. Quick question?….does your content get attention at all? Find out if your content is even responsive to people before you get angry about results because if you just throw out mail pieces and Facebook or Twitter ads and then hope and pray for millions….Good Luck to you!

There is a lot more to this marketing game than you know and if you think it will get easier if you just do more in volume, then you will get crushed by those who understand how to do more with less effort and less expense.#DoMoreIfYourResultsSuck.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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