How Good is Your Marketing Ability?

The thing that is going to decide what gets talked about today in a person’s life is the thing that gets their attention. Is what you have to say remarkable? or just more of the same old stuff people are used to seeing except you added your own little twist to it? How are you innovative? You stand out because of your…..What?

Mass marketing also known as (Gorilla Marketing) is all about getting an average idea out to a bunch of average people, and expecting greater than average results. Saturating people with your content is one thing, but making a true impact on a person is what gets them coming back time and time again.19b18de

Some people I know personally mass market and its not that method that allows them to succeed, its how they relate or effect someone in their presentations. How many of you have watched a video of a speaker and after a few minutes you were not really into them? you stumbled upon this person by chance because you couldn’t avoid their material on the web so you decided “Why Not” and you clicked on it just to be a critic and then you either like it or not.

Marketing isn’t about how many times you say something, or spread it around, the dynamic of marketing as a whole has changed so much that people want to like you or at least relate to you in some way in order to follow you or do business with you. How unique are you Vs everyone else doing what it is that you do? why are you so great? why do you deserve special attention? what type of effort do you put in each day, and how much do you work at getting better all the time?

A-typical-Craps-table-300x201The idea of mass marketing is to kick start some growth in your business, you are taking a “Crap Shoot” approach to your business and have decided to play the dreaded “Numbers Game” which not only takes a chunk of money to get that going , but it is very frustrating to rely on those methods because of the low rate of return you normally see on them.

This sounds nuts but think of this for a minute, let’s talk about Google Ad Words otherwise known as (PPC Ads). The idea behind that method is to pay for certain keywords that are the most searched on Google’s search engine, from there you hope to get people to find you much easier on the ever so crowded world wide web.

Once you set up your ad campaign you now sit back and have money extracted anytime someone clicks on your stuff or counts as a conversion, this can get expensive really fast. I myself have tried this and I blew through $1000 in less than 2 weeks and got nothing from it, but here is the crazy part of this thing, it does work for a while if you spend a ton of money for the very best keywords. hqdefault

The scary part most people never think of, let alone even know about is that Google’s criteria and guidelines for posting ads and posting videos changes….a lot! Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times so this is what that means. If you pay tons of money for keywords, you could be doing better if you also checked on the guidelines and rule changes that happen often. If you blanket your ad campaigns you are spending a ton of money Vs being very targeted and understanding what Google is asking from you “Right Now“.

I know some people have success with google ad words but its not the ad word campaigns that are making them successful, its them having the skills and knowledge to do their job well and that is it! If a new person did the same amount of leads as some of these people in business, they would screw up so many potential deals so No….ad words don’t close you deals, your skills do!

If you think about this long term, the fight to get #1 spot on google search engines will always be a constant battle that never ends unless the people in your area are not changing too many of their approaches. If you are trying to get ranked on google better, then you really should know how fast things move on that platform. In my book “Embrace The Grind” I talk about this and combine it with the speed and understanding of Social Media platforms as well.Fotor1122220939

I know many people struggle with getting attention or getting leads for their business, we live in a different era now folks, things operate in strange ways sometimes and it is better to understand it and use it to your advantage, or you can ignore it and let tons of business go to other people who exert a little bit more drive and tenacity than you do on a daily basis.
Get good at Social Media, and be smart about how you market.3059555

This could be something that changes your course of direction and the rate of speed in which you achieve your personal goals. If you can deliver a better message to your prospects then you can win more often than not Vs trying to capture people’s attention by being in so many places that they eventually get sick of your face and want nothing to do with you. They will eventually hate seeing your ads popping up especially on Youtube when they are trying to just relax at home and watch baby monkeys flip off school children who are on a field trip that day!

Get good at the game of speed when it comes to marketing, what is hip and cool right now will be dull or boring in less than 6 months, time to keep up or become a statistic to the ever changing times we now live in. #SocialMedia, #Marketing.


CPL = Cost Per Lead – Email & Social Media Are The Most Cost Effective Methods.


*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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One thought on “How Good is Your Marketing Ability?

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one Michael., You also have to keep up with the times,.I agree totally!! Thanks for sharing!!


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