Can You Handle the “Real World”

You-Cant-Handle-The-TruthYou know what I like about Social Media? I like the fact that its wide open. I like that fact that it shows everyone how the REAL WORLD is. I think it opens up a lot of things for people. We all can agree nasty shit on the web is here to stay, but seeing different people’s lives, and different cultures is so new for people its scares them. having to deal with so many differences in opinions is too much for some people, they run from it and say its not worth their time to engage in that.

I was commenting on a post and it turned into a war on who was right. Now I love stuff like this because it shows you one thing. It shows you how someone was raised and how they were influenced and that was the lifestyle choice that they chose for themselves.

asshole memeI’m from a small town in Michigan, once I moved out of state, I couldn’t imagine what else was out there. I found better paying jobs, I met some amazing people, and I changed my life’s direction simply because I had enough exposure to new things all the time and I was always learning new things from new people. I embraced change and I always looked forward to what was next in my life that I could discover and learn.

As I got older I started to be even more selective as to who I listen to, or even hangout with because I was fully aware that some people don’t want what I want in life and I get that but what I also get is the fact that most people who have no goals or no drive to do anything in life is simply because they lack exposure to their dream and this only happens when people can’t deal with the real world. Its too hard or too scary for them to deal with so they keep their world and their dreams small or they lose them all together over time from living this way.

Go take some little boy who wants to play in the NBA, take that kid to go see his favorite basketball team anytime he feels like not learning anything new or practicing, imagine if the kids idol was Michael Jordan and Michael walked up and told the kid “Hey, get your butt in gear, you need to come play with me“. Now imagine a little kid having that type of experience in life where his dreams in life were fueled by exposure to them more often? Wow! just imagine what people would convince themselves that they could do Vs settling.

I have seen with my own two eyes people change the course of direction where they were headed in life simply because they had exposure to a new way of life and it was so shocking to them that they were so excited that something like this even existed and it changed their life.

I was in Amway many years ago and I saw people who hated business, and said money was evil, change their story after one weekend. I know seminars and rally’s are designed to motivate people to do well and pump people up because a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business model depends on constant product flow so you need ways quarterly to motivate your top sales leaders and their groups but what I am talking about is the effect one of those events has on a person’s

I have watched people cry at seminars before, people in my own group because they felt that their parents held them back in life and raised them to think the way they do because that is how you are and that is how  you get taught by family. I watched over night young adults call their parents and ask them why they settled in life? I have also met some people where the parents exposed their kids to a ton of stuff as they were growing up and those kids thrived in life

The real world is not fair and its tough, and most people can’t handle it and that is why they limit themselves to participating in it. For some it means that they will just go to a job, and then be around people they only know now! and that is it, small little circle of friends and that is all. These are the people on Facebook who post that they are BORED….so look for this crap!BhOto-DCUAAHXN0

If you have typed you are BORED on your Facebook feed, you might want to go take it down because I am searching for screen shots to get for my notes….don’t make my examples be your post! Realize that you only say you are bored is because you are not chasing any dream, you are settling for a life where you have nothing else to look forward to except maybe work being over, and the weekend is coming up.

Ask yourself this, “are you happy doing what you do right now? if the answer is YES, then here is the follow up to that, “Are you living your dream“? if the answer is YES, then I need to interview you for Meet The Mentor​, and if your answer is NO!

Ask yourself how come? is it because the real world is too scary for you?

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