How Good is Your Marketing Ability?

The thing that is going to decide what gets talked about today in a person’s life is the thing that gets their attention. Is what you have to say remarkable? or just more of the same old stuff people are used to seeing except you added your own little twist to it? How are you innovative? You stand out because of your…..What?

Mass marketing also known as (Gorilla Marketing) is all about getting an average idea out to a bunch of average people, and expecting greater than average results. Saturating people with your content is one thing, but making a true impact on a person is what gets them coming back time and time again.19b18de

Some people I know personally mass market and its not that method that allows them to succeed, its how they relate or effect someone in their presentations. How many of you have watched a video of a speaker and after a few minutes you were not really into them? you stumbled upon this person by chance because you couldn’t avoid their material on the web so you decided “Why Not” and you clicked on it just to be a critic and then you either like it or not.

Marketing isn’t about how many times you say something, or spread it around, the dynamic of marketing as a whole has changed so much that people want to like you or at least relate to you in some way in order to follow you or do business with you. How unique are you Vs everyone else doing what it is that you do? why are you so great? why do you deserve special attention? what type of effort do you put in each day, and how much do you work at getting better all the time?

A-typical-Craps-table-300x201The idea of mass marketing is to kick start some growth in your business, you are taking a “Crap Shoot” approach to your business and have decided to play the dreaded “Numbers Game” which not only takes a chunk of money to get that going , but it is very frustrating to rely on those methods because of the low rate of return you normally see on them.

This sounds nuts but think of this for a minute, let’s talk about Google Ad Words otherwise known as (PPC Ads). The idea behind that method is to pay for certain keywords that are the most searched on Google’s search engine, from there you hope to get people to find you much easier on the ever so crowded world wide web.

Once you set up your ad campaign you now sit back and have money extracted anytime someone clicks on your stuff or counts as a conversion, this can get expensive really fast. I myself have tried this and I blew through $1000 in less than 2 weeks and got nothing from it, but here is the crazy part of this thing, it does work for a while if you spend a ton of money for the very best keywords. hqdefault

The scary part most people never think of, let alone even know about is that Google’s criteria and guidelines for posting ads and posting videos changes….a lot! Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times so this is what that means. If you pay tons of money for keywords, you could be doing better if you also checked on the guidelines and rule changes that happen often. If you blanket your ad campaigns you are spending a ton of money Vs being very targeted and understanding what Google is asking from you “Right Now“.

I know some people have success with google ad words but its not the ad word campaigns that are making them successful, its them having the skills and knowledge to do their job well and that is it! If a new person did the same amount of leads as some of these people in business, they would screw up so many potential deals so No….ad words don’t close you deals, your skills do!

If you think about this long term, the fight to get #1 spot on google search engines will always be a constant battle that never ends unless the people in your area are not changing too many of their approaches. If you are trying to get ranked on google better, then you really should know how fast things move on that platform. In my book “Embrace The Grind” I talk about this and combine it with the speed and understanding of Social Media platforms as well.Fotor1122220939

I know many people struggle with getting attention or getting leads for their business, we live in a different era now folks, things operate in strange ways sometimes and it is better to understand it and use it to your advantage, or you can ignore it and let tons of business go to other people who exert a little bit more drive and tenacity than you do on a daily basis.
Get good at Social Media, and be smart about how you market.3059555

This could be something that changes your course of direction and the rate of speed in which you achieve your personal goals. If you can deliver a better message to your prospects then you can win more often than not Vs trying to capture people’s attention by being in so many places that they eventually get sick of your face and want nothing to do with you. They will eventually hate seeing your ads popping up especially on Youtube when they are trying to just relax at home and watch baby monkeys flip off school children who are on a field trip that day!

Get good at the game of speed when it comes to marketing, what is hip and cool right now will be dull or boring in less than 6 months, time to keep up or become a statistic to the ever changing times we now live in. #SocialMedia, #Marketing.


CPL = Cost Per Lead – Email & Social Media Are The Most Cost Effective Methods.


*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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Grant Cardone Emailed Me Back!

When my book is finally published I will be looking to do some speaking gigs to promote it and talk about what the books purpose is.

I have never written a book before and once you do a project like this, along with it comes some responsibility and that falls on me.

It is my job to market the book, and make sure I reach enough people who could could use the material in it. I know there is a lot of people who struggle in different areas of their business and I truly believe that sections in this book will help some people.

I emailed Grant Cardone the other day and this is the email he sent me.

I asked Grant for some tips on how to promote my book and he sent me that email. I can’t wait for my book to be published and I hope you all grab a copy for yourself and a friend. It will be a great read to add to your collection in 2016.


*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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Don’t Make New Years Resolutions.

News Years Resolutions are for people who can’t make goals and stick to them during the course of an entire year. When people tell you their resolutions that is nothing more than a last chance effort to make themselves sound like they are going to achieve more in life…don’t buy into it!

Goal setting is a daily thing, if you don’t do that already and have that as a habit you live by, then your new years resolutions are just a desperate grab at trying to achieve something because you went another year filled with regret and this time when you do make a new years resolution you will say “I mean it this time”.New-Years-resolutions-suck-280x300

Diets, new jobs, more wealth, all of those things come from hard work, and good productive habits, not resolutions. Real goal setters already have their list set up for things they PLAN to accomplish way before new years is even close.

Anytime someone tells you about their new years resolution, ask them what their plan is to get that achieved? most people will not have a plan at all, they are just winging it and will fail for example most people say they want to get in shape or workout more and all you ever see is them coming up with excuses as to why they failed.

The #1 thing to look out for when it comes to people making resolutions is their track record. If they haven’t achieved goals a lot in the past year they will tell you that the reason why is because they didn’t have enough time to make them happen which is 100% a lie!


How I see people who say working out is their resolution.

The people who are the most scared of change and going outside their comfort zone are the ones with this excuse, it is an oldie but a goodie….”I just don’t have time for that right now” is what you will hear them say.

You don’t have time for what? the really important goal you promised the world right before new years that you were going to achieve?…..that is what you don’t have time for? the one thing you said you would make time for because it is very important to you is now the very same thing you ignore because you are AFRAID.

Don’t become one of those people who gets “all of the sudden” motivated because it is the end of the year again and it is a chance for you to have a clean slate starting next year because you didn’t so much this

If you need a clean slate it means you were not accountable to any goals last year so what makes you think this next year will be any different? what success habits have you developed recently to make sure you follow through on your new years resolution promise.

Habits people! you need productive habits and confidence to set goals and achieve them otherwise you look and sound like a person desperate for attention because you haven’t achieved anything in so long you want to try and see what that feels like again by pulling this annual crap.180-new-year-resolutions-mbox

Don’t wait till new years day to start on your goals or dreams in life that is stupid. If your goals and dreams actually matter to you, do you know what accountable people would do?

They would start today, right now, without any excuses to fall back on, and because people do not do that, they make resolutions they never intend to keep. If anything these resolution people are looking for “Likes” on Facebook or some kind of encouragement from family and friends who will also not hold them accountable to their goals.

It is that time of the year again folks!….so be on the look out for this and when people say out loud what their new years resolutions are to you, ask them why they can’t start today and watch them freeze because you called them out. It makes zero sense to wait on dreams or goals EVER!

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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Merry Christmas & Thank You From (Meet The Mentor).


The end of the year is pretty much here. I am sure many of you are planning for the next year already and setting up some new goals for yourself. One thing to think about as you look back on this past year is, “Do you feel you can do better?”

I started Meet The Mentor this past year. My hopes were to get the platform launched to the point where I could be busy enough with putting out content everyday because the demand would be there and it has become to that point now. I can honestly say that the first year has been incredible and if you feel like you can do better than this previous year but you are not sure how to move forward, then I welcome you to the Meet The Mentor Group.

This group is dedicated to building up people by way of lessons on video, audio’s, webinar’s, and more. The idea of getting better all the time can feel scary. It seems like even when you do your best, there is always more that can be done. The material I planned out for next year I think will really help people who are stuck with this problem and can’t seem to gain new progress in their business.

My new book “Embrace The Grind” will be available in early January 2016. I invite all of you to grab a copy for yourself and keep it with you anytime you feel stuck or feel like “today is not your best day“.FotorCreated26

I would like for all of you who currently follow my blog and my other sites to stay with me this next year as I plan to launch a lot of new things for Meet The Mentor. I am excited to offer up material that can benefit you and help you grow in some way. The life of an entrepreneur is a tough one and I want to have a lot more “Live” material for 2016.

In 2016 I will be looking at setting up more video series and VLOG’s. The Vlog’s will be something new and so will some Audio versions of my written blogs as well. There will be a ton of new content coming out all next year for Meet The Mentor and I am happy for those of you who have chosen to use this space as an information portal for your life and business.

  • Thanks again for you all your support in 2015.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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76 Personal Goals for 2016


Goal setting is something a lot of people don’t do. Many times they will automatically think that they won’t stick with work involved, then they figure they will get bored with the discipline process and then flake out eventually just so they can have a repeat of what they did last year which was “Not Much”.Goals2









If you don’t set goals, then you are not telling yourself to go anywhere in life. I don’t understand why someone would have goals? Have you already achieved everything in life that you have set your mind to? or have you given up on trying to be your best and now you just take whatever life gives you?


I am posting some of my goals list for 2016. I hope you find time to comment on this blog and instead of commenting with your opinion on the blog’s content, I would like to see your list of goals for 2016 instead.











*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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NEW BOOK COMING TO AMAZON & KINDLE 2016 Embrace The Grind: By Michael Opolski

Dec 21, 2015

This New Book will be available in 2016 and should be picked up as a “Must Have” to add to your personal development library. If you struggle with being motivated, staying on track, being accountable, better at sales, and become better at using your time better then this book is for you.

I spent 19 years in private mentoring and I would like to share some of the lessons and stories I experienced during that time.
There is no theory in this book.BeFunky Design2

Everything written down in this book actually happened in real life and I am sure once you get to the rough parts of the book where I fell on hard times, maybe some of you out there can relate to my personal story.

Chances are you need some new and fresh knowledge to help you move forward in your life and your business, it is one thing to tell people in a book that they should do “This” or “That” but this book goes much deeper than that, it goes into detail on things you can do to break bad habits and become more productive and eventually gain enough confidence to do the things you think are scary and are holding you back.

BeFunky DesignGet behind the scenes information on the lessons and daily exercises my mentor had me do. You will read about stories that will make you laugh, some stories I hope will inspire you just enough to get you to excited again about wanting to take action on your goals in life and your business.



**Dr. Pepper was used during the making of this book. it helped me get through many long nights of writing and it goes great with taco’s.

*Michael Opolski is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Twitch.TV Channel Owner, Music Producer, Former Radio Host, Blogger, and Author.


Embrace The Grind: By Michael Opolski
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Star Wars “The Force Awakens” Has Defeated My Mentor Student.


I Tell You All The Truth! I like being transparent. I believe in telling people the behind the scenes stuff from time to time so that they can get an idea of what real life mentor training is actually like so here we go.

here is a conversation I had today with a student who wants financial freedom and says they are serious about getting rich so you ready for this?… we go!

ME: How is your financial studies going this week (It is Friday)?
Student: Oh!…I haven’t had time this week to work on much of it.

ME: What got in the way?
Student: I had to work a lot and watch the kids and had stuff to do around the house, the last few weeks have been insane around here so that is what happened.

ME: Well then what are your plans for the weekend to catch up on all of that?
Student: This weekend we are going to see Star Wars with the family, we pre-ordered tickets online and even got the kids all dressed up for it, then for the second showing we are driving out to my nephews and picking him up so he can see the later show with us then after we plan on making a stop for food and then heading home.

ME:……Why are you my student?
Student: Huh”….What do you mean.

ME: You planned weeks in advance for a movie night to spend MONEY vs learning how to Invest it, you never once thought of your homework during that time but instead planned your life and your money around a movie that will cost you more money than it make you and yet you want me to believe that you will be rich and successful someday?……what do you expect me to think right now? you pre-ordered tickets way in advance and that tells me that this movie is so much more important to you right now than anything else so that is what you acted on Vs your home work this week and past month huh?


Thanks For Your Money! But You Should Have Invested it.


My Student said nothing…..NO ANSWER! Just Excuses! I started working with this guy on December 2nd, he blasted all over social media about his pre order tickets for the movie and not once ever mentioned anything about the book he is supposed to be reading I assigned him earlier this month. If you take time out of your day to seek help from someone and you don’t do your work, expect people to drop you really fast because you just proved what your ambitions in life truly are. You would rather settle for one night of childhood nostalgia than to plan ahead for your future in anyway, and this is why I will never feel sorry for people who complain about where they are at in life but do nothing to ever fix it.if-its-important

Ladies and Gentlemen please understand something real quick, being a mentor does not mean I am your pal, I am not your tree fort buddy, my job is to be the guy who helps turn you into the person you are too afraid to become on your own and hold you accountable to doing the scary stuff, this is why you reached out to me for help right? so let me freaking help you or else I have to cut you loose. No one said moving forward in life was fun or easy, you have to take challenges head on or else you fall right back into old failing habits of being lazy and unproductive and living in the past.

If you have a mentor or a private coach that you work with, do me a favor and go thank them right now for their time, their energy, and the unselfish lifestyle they live so that they can help others who want to get more out of life. Its a tough job to work with people everyday, it really is, you are taking on all their problems and trying to work with them on how to get past them but people many times get in their own way of progress mainly do to FEAR and Living in the PAST!

“If you make time for movies and fun but you never seem to ever get around to your financial studies, then the force will never be with you”.FotorCreated32

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*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor,Blogger, Author and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.

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