I Love Grant Cardone, But I Don’t Agree With Him On This.

I just disagreed with one of my favorite speakers on the planet Grant Cardone on something for the first time on Twitter. He posted that REVENGE is not a strategy for success. OK, Tell that to Tom Brady’s face and see his reaction.

downloadRevenge is looked at as a negative emotion in this world and  it can be an emotion that gets in your way of production. I disagree because everyone in life is different. Just imagine if Tom Brady had to believe in his athletic abilities VS what he knew he could do as a Pro QB? being a 6th round draft pick is enough to go into Revenge mode and that is how Tom Brady became “TOM BRADY“.


Drafted in the 6th Round….Time For Revenge!

Revenge is how most athletes keep their fire and drive once they lose, the same can work for business. I lived in Revenge mode most of my life just to prove to my family that me being in foster care was a huge mistake and it should have never happened.
I was not a bad kid, I was ahead of my family by light years when it came to how I thought and my ambitions in life but because no one in my family was willing to take me in as a teen, I had to go into foster care and learn how to grow up over night when I wasn’t ready for it so I adapted a Revenge mindset so I could go carve my own path in life just to show them that they fucked up!

PW_0065_A1713G_REVENGEI attribute most of the things I have accomplished in life to Revenge mindset and that alone is something no Guru or self help speaker will ever teach you because Revenge is negative and its best to just call it that and teach something else to people.

I was driven in life but with family leaving me high and dry as a kid, I took on the most natural emotion a kid would do at that time and that is plan for revenge. I didn’t do this because I was insecure in life but more because I just knew what I could do, I just needed to be around people who allowed me to grow the right way and encourage my passions in life.

You should cling to whatever you can that motivates you, Grant Cardone teaches “Whatever It Takes” right? so if you are new to business and the only thing you have to drive you each day is pent up anger, well guess what? you can channel that rage and turn it into a GRINDERS MENTALITY…because I did it and I am now writing a book about how I did it too because it worked. Imagine me writing a book telling you that I used Revenge to get back at people and then it didn’t work and then I wrote a book about it?….that is stupid! this worked for me and I know I am not alone in how I react to things vs how other people react…WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

My mentor Glen told me this was not healthy but he also said that he is not here to judge me so what he did was this. Glen told me to prove him wrong, he said “Show me how your anger can get you anywhere and I’ll never bring this up again”keep-calm-we-will-take-revenge

That month I sponsored 20 people into my Amway business and was promoted to another level in the business that same month all because of my Revenge Grinder Mindset. Glen then told me “Good Job” but now you better control this, you better make it work, and make it last, because then you can go out and teach people how you did it because a ton of people operate on anger but they don’t let it guide them in a good way most times so you could be onto something here.

Just think at one time there was no strategies for anything, and once a few main ideas came about, all the new ones or not popular ones were looked at as wrong or strange but none of that matters at all because if you can make it work then what? it may not be the best route to go by for sure, but it is a method nonetheless. Grant Cardone teaches sales skills and he is one of the best at it in the world, but what he teaches are time tested methods, and even those methods don’t work for many people and its not because it they don’t work, its because the people learning from him can’t handle the work or responsibility to make those methods work for them but what if they did something else and it worked? then what? there is no one way to stay motivated in life or one set strategy that works for everyone otherwise there would be only one personal growth guru in the world and no others.

I have met way too many successful people in life who did things the unconventional way to ever believe there is one way or one method to do something. I love Grant Cardone and everything he represents but as someone who has used Revenge to get out of bad spots on life, I have no choice but to not agree with him for the first time.

So if you use Revenge to keep you going through hard times and you don’t let it effect you in a nasty way then I say use “Whatever it Takes” to stay motivated because success is hard, and getting there is a pain in the ass. As long as you are working each day to get better and your emotions don’t slow you down but in fact get you off your ass instead…..yeah I say he is wrong on this, maybe Revenge didn’t work for him, but see if someone like Tom Brady thinks revenge is a good thing. When it comes to emotions in life I say its all in how you use them and not get out of control.

If it wasn’t for Revenge mindset, I would be in a position in life to write my book. This is the first time I have not agreed with Grant Cardone on something, and I don’t care if even he thinks I am wrong because I am proof that Revenge is just fine and I think Tom Brady is a pretty good example as well to go by as well.

Revenge might not be the best route for most, but if you can handle that emotion and use it to your advantage then you do it if reaching success means everything to you in life. Use whatever you can!

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