Is Your Real Estate Guru Your Friend?

images (6)Hello everyone, this is a little bit of a long blog post, but after this last month I just had with new people in my program I thought I should point this out because this is what I have noticed recently from new people getting involved with Meet The Mentor.


Is This How You Feel Right Now?

Real Estate Guru’s need to stop posting testimonial videos of “One Hit Wonders” if a brand new student gets lucky and makes $50k on their very first deal, wait before you start posting testimonials to prove your teaching materials actually work because any person can get LUCKY in this business. I got my first deal in less than 30 days, I got a testimonial video done on me and then after that it took 7 months to get my second deal…..but most people will not tell you these things and instead of posting videos on these people just to prove your programs value and then try to get more customers or students because of a testimonial video, try only posting videos of the students who are actually closing multiple deals per month and living off of their income from the business Vs the ones who just got lucky one time, that is setting up people with a false sense of hope and that is how you lose new people to other programs like mine at Meet The Mentor.

imagesI met a brand new guy who made just over $100k on his first 4 deals in 60 days wholesaling, the Guru whose program he was a part of praised this guy up and down saying “You see folks you can do this too” well its been 2 years since I saw that video and we haven’t heard a word from the student who made that $100k, come to find out that they actually quit and spent the money on a brand new car, clothes, and a few trips for vacation and then stopped wholesaling all together….why not show a testimonial of that guy? new people need to see more of what happens to people once they get a deal done…do they keep going or do they flake out? if they plan to flake out will you step in and help them get straight? or will you just take credit and post videos about when they do well all because they stumbled upon your course and put it to work for a little while?…people deserve better than that in my opinion.

2170636I actually quit a Guru’s program because I had real serious problems going on and the Guru told me that I should listen to Joel Osteen for my answers……..and that is when I went out on my own, Joel Osteen?…REALLY?… is that guy going to help me sell more real estate?…..nice Guru I had huh? and that was the day I set out to create a program for people just like me, I wanted answers, I wanted help but better help than what I was getting and all I got was “Listen to the videos” or “Go through the modules” I hate to say it folks but not all of you can make it on just that system alone and because I’m just like many of you in that regard, I needed more one on one help and then I found it.

Do you need more help than just getting answers on Facebook from strange people?

Brand new wholesalers, trust me when I tell you this……once you get your first deal closed…..put it to work, don’t spend the money on stupid shit, put that money to work for you. I keep getting people to sign up for my mentor program that are from other Guru’s programs and the #1 complaint I keep seeing is that there is no real interaction with the Guru, they will sell you stuff and want you to be at the meetings and seminars, but they will hardly ever reach out to you one on one and help you and for most brand new people who are not good at sales yet…..that is what they need. I understand the platform, I myself use to have my own seminars back in my Amway days and I sold books and tapes and videos to all of my down line, but telling people that they can just do this business is wrong, its a hard business, a smart business, a mental testing business, and if you are not getting the kind of teaching you need well then chances are you will quit once you make some money like most of these other people and then what? you are back to square one all over again.

Sales is hard….real estate is hard….getting leads is a science, closing deals is a skill, you need to develop into the type of person who can live this life (does that make sense) if you play around with this thing, you will get burned, lose money, and then hate it. So one last time Guru’s…pay more attention to your people, because I just signed up 24 people into my mentor program last month from other Guru’s programs all because the students are not getting the education they deserve especially for what some of you Guru’s are charging them to learn it from your courses, most of the stuff they get charged for they can learn for free and they didn’t believe me until I showed them in person that this was indeed the case…selling free info is for suckers!….don’t be a sucker!

People Learn differently and does your Guru know what method works best for you?

Times are changing people, new wholesalers want the same success we all seem to enjoy and yet not many people are willing to actually help them, instead you tell them to follow you on Twitter, or watch your videos, or sign up for your materials to learn from, then if they get a deal done you jump all over them and get a video testimonial going to prove that your system is so great! Try talking to these people one on one more often, it boosts their confidence and makes them feel more secure about trying to make this business work for themselves otherwise you are only doing what everyone else is and that is just trying to make money off of people who you know already will not make it and you don’t care because the memberships and sign ups costs for a Guru’s program are so high that in the end as long as money is coming in you are happy….I get it, I understand it, but I don’t have to agree with it either because I did the same shit years ago and decided that I could do better in my approach to help people Hence the name Meet The Mentor…students get to actually meet me and we hang out and we talk about business and problems they have, I like it this way much better.

d62a63bfb2d981ef79985a79a973372e7a24a0114b8e53e1e0b6ea22d98c9167I personally like what Karl Krentzel​ has been doing in the realm of real estate sales training, he does “LIVE” sales on Periscope for new people, then he invites you in once again “Live” to talk with him personally and discuss things you may have questions on, and I know this because I have been a part of these “LIVE” sessions and to me Karl is way ahead of all the Guru’s simply because he is not ignoring his followers but instead including them into his lessons and he teaches them on the spot Vs just having them sign up for stuff and hoping for the best.

Oh and if you read this blog and you feel stuck in your wholesaling business….I’m not hard to find…let’s get to work and see how we can make you some money in the world of real estate Vs you being frustrated about Yellow Letters, PPC Ads, and whatever else is pissing you off right now because its not working like the Guru’s said it would…..Oh and I am not charging money for this program either, if I want money I’ll go make some on my own Vs charging people to learn free info from me like most are doing.

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Would You Hire You If Your Business Depended on It?

My mentor Glen always told me that in order to build a large and stable Amway business I needed to sponsor people at “My Level or Above” meaning that I needed to bring people into my organization who were better than me at a lot of things, better at talking to people, better at showing the marketing plan, and people who had way more product knowledge than I did.

What I didn’t know was that this was Glen’s way of showing me what it looks like to operate at the level that was more realistic to achieve success rather than what I was currently doing. In network marketing some of the first people you talk to are your friends and coworkers, what I didn’t know was that most times those are your “Practice People” meaning that you can mess up on hodownload (2)w you contact them for a meeting and it will be ok because chances are they wouldn’t have done it anyway.
One of the things I noticed was that I surrounded myself with go-getter type people, I had several groups growing and most of the people in my group were older than me and they were always grinding, always working, always had new things to talk about in their business which meant my business was growing without me doing anything really, I thought that was cool but then I had a one on one with Glen one night and it changed my mindset forever.

images (3)The night I went to Glen’s house for this life changing one on one session I had no idea that I was about to be told something that would make me never take a day off ever again just because I felt like being lazy that day. Glen sat me down at his kitchen table and told me he had cancer and that our time together was going to be short so now it’s time to get to work and fast. I said “What do you mean”? Glen told me that I was depending on my group to do all the work and that is not how you build longevity in this business he said.

Once Glen told me he had cancer I started to find ways to keep him happy and I did that by showing him progress in my daily routine and the habits I adapted. Glen knew I was going to lead by example from that point on and always be accountable but I knew that once he was gone that I would have to keep up this level of work and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do that after he passed away. I would first have to deal with the sadness, then the period of time it takes to heal somewhat, then get back to work like I was before this even happened but I knew I could do it because I was doing it (1)

Maybe some of you struggle with being accountable and staying on top of your game every day, maybe you don’t read as much as you should, maybe you don’t contact as many people as you should to make a sale, but no matter what it is you are lacking right now, it can be fixed if you really want it to be. I had some bad habits much like many of you, and I had to decide where my time was better off spent, should I watch TV or should I read and work on myself a bit more so I can be prepared for success…..just in case I actually make something of myself someday.

download (3)The truth is this folks, if you are not on top of your game if you are not reading the right materials and books you are not preparing yourself to handle the responsibility it takes to manage money at the higher levels in life. If you only make about $30k a year right now and you all of the sudden make $100k in a year….can you honestly say you know what to do with it? This is why people who are not prepared for a life upgrade always fail, they go from a $10 an hour job to a $15 an hour job but yet they are still broke because they have terrible money habits. Glen always told me that it doesn’t matter what you make, it means that those people are still broke….just at a different level than some others.

images (4)Once Glen passed away I dedicated my life to being accountable and being a hard worker who leads by example “always” and never clings to any excuses because if Glen can teach me and mentor me as he was slowly dying in front of me, then I can’t have an excuse that will ever be accepted in my mind, I have to do what is right and keep plugging away every day to make things happen in my business because that is how it really works in the real world folks, you have to be the hardest working person you know and also be the best student you know as well.

How much time to you spend a day on self improvement? How many books do you read a month? How many times a week do you do check ups on yourself and your business to see if you are on track still or have fallen off a bit? Do you set targets and goals to reach? Or do you just expect things to happen eventually?images (5)

Don’t let it get to where someone close to you has to die in order for you to make drastic changes in your personal life or business. I thought I was doing pretty well before Glen had that meeting with me when in fact I was getting a bit lazy because I had fast results and I just expected the rest of my team to build itself and then I lost it all after Glen died because I didn’t do as much as the people around me were and that caused them to quit and not respect me as a leader so this just goes to show that if you want a long lasting and stable business each and every year.

I suggest that you lead by example every day to gain credibility among your peers and potential customers, if you are not doing the things you know you should be to become your best then what is it going to take to get you off your butt to make the changes? Don’t let my personal life example happen to you, read this blog and realize that if you are not doing what you know you should be then what is happening is you lack a dream worth chasing combined with the fear and the lack of confidence to step out on blind faith and learn new things to become better.

“You can’t leave your old way of life behind unless you become who you need to be in order to handle the upgrades”.

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1-800 Numbers Are A Waste of Money for Newbie Wholesalers.

images (2)So you are in business for yourself now and now you have to reach out to as many people as you can and look professional while doing it. If you are brand spanking new to the business world you are not established yet, you don’t have customers, or a following of any kind so what do you do?

Some people will turn to a branding method called “Vanity Numbers”, that is where you buy into a program and have access to a 1-800 number for your business. How this gets sold to you as a new person who is likely struggling in your business is the presenter will tell you that simply put a customer will choose a brand name over some regular John Doe type of marketing because people identify with prestige and accountability, well nothing could be further from the truth even though I know of people who make money using this method as of right now but, they are not a new person and they are not new to sales either so this blog is intended for the newbies just starting out who have no skills, no money and no sales experience at all when they get started.

I have been in real estate sales for a little over 6 years, been in sales my whole life and in that time I have seen gimmicks and all kinds of marketing things pop up that promise to over deliver for you. I can tell you all this much right now, today is September 11th, 2015 and I can honestly say that I do not have a Vanity Number, I don’t need one and here’s why.

When you buy into a program that offers you a vanity number, you are buying into someone else’s program, and someone else’s marketing. At first this seems like a really good idea I mean you get to be associated with whoever is selling the product to you right? you get to be labeled as one of them….don’t be a sucker folks let me tell you some truths about those vanity number subscriptions you are being offered that sound like easier money for you.11209353_10153583516369320_8236876357217487190_n

First off you don’t own anything, when you get your Vanity Number you also get a zip code or area that belongs to you…..Ummm it doesn’t belong to you because those leads can come into anyone else’s home at anytime so then it becomes a matter of skill to get the deal under contract. Secondly you are depending on someone else’s name and logo to get you success so does that mean you have no identity of your own? or are you just a representative of the 1-800 Brand just like all the other people who signed up for that gimmick that has long past due and then you sit back and cross your fingers and hope and maybe even pray for something to happen don’t

You see folks, 1-800 numbers are a thing of the past, in most people’s minds they feel that they should have one in case a broke person who has no long distance on their phone happens to call them for business. The truth is no matter what you think or are being told, the truth is always this….it doesn’t matter what kind of phone number you have, if someone has a problem or has a need for a product or service and they are choosing you, chances are you did your work in terms of showing real value in what you do.

Last month I ventured into the Real Estate market of Texas. I was told Texas is super competitive and to just go elsewhere to find real estate deals to buy. Well because I don’t listen to most people on that stuff I went ahead and started calling home owners right from my desk, no mailing letters, no postcards, no nothing….just little ole me making some calls and seeing whats out there. I made calls for an entire week, 33 calls later I locked up 6 deals and closed on 3 of them the same month, the other 3 deals are rehabs but I am being paid on those once the homes resell on the retail market. I literally spent a week on the phone and found $20k worth of revenue to make all because I did one thing……I WORKED! and it was all done for free.

I don’t want to scare anyone off but once you have extra money to blow on paid marketing, that is when you should branch out a bit more if you choose to and then try putting your money into new marketing channels, but the best leads can come from nothing and who doesn’t like free leads right? If you are one of those people in real estate who suffers from the lack of leads coming in, then you are simply not working hard enough. I hate to say it but welcome to one of the hardest industries to break into…Real Estate (2)

Let’s say you buy your Vanity Number and you get a Zip Code to work in your area and then you get no leads then what? what happens if you get calls and still no deals? I can honestly say that last month I ran into a problem. A home owner came right out and asked me…”Are you one of those We Buy Houses People”?…..I said no maam, I’m just a guy looking to buy a rental home or two in the area and so I guess that makes me the….”I buy houses guy” LOL

The lady laughed and said “Good” because all those people do is send me mail that I do not open and all they do is hound you until you either say stop or do what I do which is to let them keep spending money on that crap and then maybe they will stop after they go broke from sending too much of (3)

Once the seller talked to me like that I realized that this whole 1-800 crap is just that, its crap. Do not be convinced that you need a website, or a Vanity Number, or even Branding or a Zip code because if you can contact people, talk like a normal person, and follow up every once in a while, then you can make it in Real Estate Sales. Do not be Razzle Dazzeled into thinking you need this stuff to make it in the real world because you don’t. I like to work with new people and show them how to close a few deals for free first and then after they have made some income, then they can decide to spend on paid methods if they want to. Keep in mind folks, if you have skills then you can always depend on those to get you leads and closings Vs all this crap floating around that promises to make your life easier or give you over night status.images (3)

You want to know how you gain status for real in real estate?.….close deals, and help people. you don’t gain status by buying into someone else’s brand. On the outside looking in,real estate investors/wholesalers see who is buying these products and they think to themselves….can’t these people do it on their own? why are these people attaching themselves to a brand that was just made up less than year ago as a gimmick to sell to the struggling wholesalers of america? that’s right folks 1-800 whatever and Vanity numbers sold like this haven’t been around very long, so when you think about branding don’t you think about longevity and time tested success Vs someone trying to sell you something that looks flashy and then convinces you that you can be just like them in real estate if you just pay for their (5)

Gimmicks are all around us folks and many will work only if you do, but what if you are new to this realm? then what? so here is the deal, If you are not doing well in your real estate business then reach out to me at Meet The Mentor and let’s chat on Skype or even over the phone. I will help you out for free and show you some ways to get deals without spending money at all each month on marketing, and yes it can be done but it takes skills and I can teach you how I do this for a living from home. If this sounds to good to be true then simply end the curiosity and contact me, I am not hard to find and I love to help people especially if it means they won’t be taken advantage of by the next Snake Oil Salesmen who tries to convince you that you need their product to make it.

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No Confidence & Wrong Methods Are Toxic to Your Business…Let’s Fix That!

This is What Confidence Looks Like!

Have you ever seen the movie “The Color of Money” with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman? well in that movie Tom Cruise’s character “Vincent” challenges everyone in a local pool hall to a game of 9 ball, he even spots them a few balls to entice them to play him because he is really good. After a few attempts he finds a guy who says yes but he will only play him if they bet $100 a game. At this point Vincent freaks out and so does his girlfriend because they don’t have that kind of money to bet with so now the hunter has become the hunted all because Vincent’s confidence is now in question.

There is no question that Vincent is a top level pool player, but when he is challenged by something unknown and he is unprepared…..he freezes! and now everything he knows and can do on a pool table is now being called out and what if this other guy (Paul Newman) really is better than Vincent? what happens then? Much like Vincent, If you feel that you lack a certain skill such as “How to make contacts” then chances are you try to listen to people who are really good at what you want to learn, you study them, read their books and so on, but what happens if you can’t be that person and pull that technique off? What if your personality is a bit different and you just can’t “Fake it till you make it”? These questions happen in a lot of people’s minds as they start out in business and what happens to them when they feel that they can’t pull that idea or method off? what do they normally do? They check out mentally and start to slack off, they develop bad habits and then make a ton of excuses all because of fear and lack of confidence so instead of that happening, take some time to visit us at Meet The Mentor and lets brainstorm a bit on what your issues are, and what you are currently doing to fix them. Don’t be afraid of being challenged because it will happen a lot on your way to success.

download (3)

What if You Don’t Know The Best Method That Works For You?

When you are challenged by things in life you either have the Confidence to take them head on, or you find an excuse as to why you can’t get past the challenges you face. If you were good at solving problems then you would gladly take on new challenges or perhaps scary things a lot more often and find more breakthroughs.

When you are great at something you have no problem doing it, but when you lack skills and confidence, that is when you stop yourself from moving forward and becoming your best, so when it comes to earning income or becoming financially and moving ahead in life, or in your business (Which is what most of you who read blogs like this are trying to do) most people do not have a money problem….they have a “Method Problem” combined with a “Lack of Confidence”.

images (4)

You Only Know One Way To Do Something!

The Method Problem: here’s the problem, you need money in life to operate, to eat, to live, and to do anything pretty much so it is important to make sure you have enough money to provide a quality of life that you feel you deserve, and not what your income says you deserve and that is where 95% of people in the U.S stop dead in their tracks.

What you make at your job is all you have, so you base your standard of living off of what you bring home every week from your paycheck and once that money runs out….you have to wait till next week to be given some more, that sounds like a real shitty plan if you ask me and here’s why. You have decided that the only method you want to attempt in life for creating income for yourself is the ONE PAYCHECK PLAN. This plan allows you to do very little because you operate in the earned income bracket and in this country that is the highest taxed bracket you can be in but yet you stay there because… is all you know!

This is How You Smile After You Learn From a Mentor.

What if you could learn a few other methods? Or does your Confidence prevent that from happening? Vincent learned some new methods of how to play pool and it not only increased his income, but it also increased his confidence, he found his Niche! If you choose to learn how to make money in more than one way in life, you are setting yourself up for future success by having access to more than one income source to provide your household, now if you are in sales then you have the opportunity to duplicate your efforts over and over again which could mean multiple paychecks Vs the standard one paycheck method you would get from a regular 9 to 5 job. The more education and effort you do is one thing, but what if those things that you are studying simply don’t click with you? Maybe its time to learn some new methods in what it is you do for income.

Many of you are in business for yourself and for most of you that means you are working around a fulltime job while trying to start out this new business you are in. Whether you are in Network Marketing, Real Estate, or some other business where your talents and your connections will decide your fate, it is important to have Confidence and that comes from simply “Getting Better”. I do not agree with most Real Estate Guru Programs many times because you are forcing mass amounts of people to learn a complex business as a set package, you will be told things like….”You have to market to these people” or “You have to build a buyers list” basically what most of these programs do is get you hooked for years on the training, and to keep you as a loyal paying customer or monthly subscriber Vs actually helping you in your own way that will work better for you just in case whatever it is you are trying get working for you doesn’t seem to be working (4)

I’m not saying these programs do not work because they do, but only for a small group of select people who are self starters and who don’t have any hang ups in life to stop them from doing the scary or new things and chances are that is not you! If you are really wanting to become great at something and you are being told to only learn it one way and then you suck at that method then what? You lose confidence and you start thinking “Maybe I’m in over my head” this is why I believe in one on one mentors. Mentors are people who get to know you on a personal level and understand how you work, how you learn, how you operate as a person from day to day.

images (5)

The job of a mentor is to keep you accountable to the things that you find scary or hard to do. Most all Guru programs can’t offer that, so instead they make multiple copies of their training systems and then box them up and sell that one Method to you the consumer. If you have a niche that works for you and you haven’t found it yet, wouldn’t you like to find it a hell of a lot faster than going through trial and error through a guru’s program and then find out years later that you could have been doing the same stuff, but in a different way that fits your persona more and…..and, it might even be cheaper, or even free compared to the methods you are being taught right now.

A Mentor will be able to find out what your niche is based on your current comfort levels in sales, and talking to people, if you lack certain skills, the mentor will know what to do in order to get you stronger in those areas because they have been there and got through it.

If you are reading this blog and you actually got this far….Congrats! You may very well be one of those people stuck right now trying to figure out why things are not working for you in your business and that can affect your Confidence levels and then it trickles down into your daily performance which usually suffers due to lack of will power and self inflicted self doubt from things just not going well for a while or it could simply mean that the methods you are using are not clicking with you just yet or maybe there can be a few things changed to make that method work better for you somehow, trust me I’ve been there, but I got past all those hurdles and I can show you how to get out of that funk as well. Don’t be handcuffed in life due to learning just one way to build your business or brand, You have to find what works for you and NOW is as good of time as any to get that process started.images (3)

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