Donald Trump for President!


I see people laughing at the idea of Donald J. Trump​ running for office, saying this is a side show or a joke, not sure why there is humor there, what are you really laughing at?……his hair, really? that’s all you got?

Why don’t we call a spade a spade OK! and let’s talk credibility, real honest to goodness facts, here we go. This guy is a Billionaire, do you now what that means? it means he knows how to create wealth, and jobs, and in order to have anything like that in life you need a mindset of leadership.

That’s right you need a person with a backbone who can’t be swayed by money. Special interest groups and big time lobbyists control the puppets that we call our president at least Donald Trump can’t be bought and isn’t that what most people bitch about anyway?…we fight on Facebook and other social media outlets complaining that our leaders are on rental and we all know it but we don’t do anything about, then in comes this guy who wants to do something about that and people mock his hair?

If Donald Trump wants to run for president I say Awsome! I also say wait for the debates, because you can’t hold people’s hands and say things like “Yes We Can” and make people feel all warm and cozy but then continue to see our national debt grow and grow. I watched Donald Trump​’s speech, and I do agree with him on the “Real” unemployment numbers and the jobs, and the Obamacare costs. This isn’t a popularity contest folks, its about electing the person best suited person to lead by example, to take us from debt to surplus (The right way).

We are bleeding money people, that is not good for any country not even the U.S. We are not invincible from the impacts of debt. I fully expect the poor and middle class to hate Donald Trump, mainly because he will tell you all that hard work and education will be how we make it out of this mess and frankly too many people are really digging the idea of free stuff, and entitlement mindset has grown out of control in this country and the idea of having a work ethic is something I see as a lost way of life.dtrump

I work in the real estate field and as a part of that world I work with people who have ego’s, some are asshole’s quite frankly, and then there are the rest. I think you need a bit of an ego if you want to be a great negotiator, most of the top level guys in my realm are all leaders in some way, either they are the best skilled person, or the best marketer, or the best whatever, either way you slice it they are great at something that produces results over and over….Hmmm kind of like Donald Trump, he’s overcome bankruptcy on a personal level and never once didn’t fight to pay it all back and overcome that, that takes guts folks because he owed Billions to the banks and it wasn’t because he was a shady business man, when the economy tanks so do rich people’s assets many times so you can’t attack him because his huge portfolio took a hit.

I never vote for president because I have zero faith in what they say. I like Obama as a person, I think he’s cool as hell, but even though I like the guy he is still a pawn to the money guys who really run our country and protect their interests.

I know that Donald Trump likes publicity, and people say he’s arrogant because of that, listen he’s promoting his brand all the time (wouldn’t you) but if you stop for a second and just look at what he really is as a whole….He’s A Winner!, He’s a producer both of income and jobs, he’s also one of the best negotiators I have even read about. I have read all of his books and “The Art of the Deal” is a kickass read for anyone who goes into sales.


I post this blog because as a mentor to other people, I see value in what Donald Trump says, whether you like him or not just know that I believe about 50% of what I read or hear, but as a person who has gone through personal growth from a mentor myself, I see Donald Trump as the only guy who can show by example of how to work your butt off and get the results you seek and all the other candidates are just there because someone is paying for them to be there, its a mismatch when it comes to the debates because we are in debt as a nation and Donald Trump is the only candidate that I know of that isn’t a senator or even in politics at all so he had no part in the way things have been so far in our country so you can’t blame him….its almost too perfect of a segway for the debates.

I’m a fan of Donald Trump, and I am open enough to the idea of him running for president. Does he have my vote? not sure yet, I am not in favor of either party Democrat or Republican, but I can overlook some of that when a guy who can’t be bought enters the race. Remember Ross Perot? he was leading the polls at one time but never gained the confidence of the american people, Trump can gain that confidence over time I think because great negotiators know how to speak and his track record speaks for itself.

Maybe its time America got its Mojo back and the only way that can happen is if the american people have an example of leadership to go by. Many of you reading my blog right now watch guru’s or listen to motivational speakers so that you can feel empowered and then turn around and take action so that you can better your lives right? imagine if Donald Trump can do that for the insecure person out there who never takes a chance in their life because they have no one to pattern themselves after……Your thoughts?

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