This is Why Many Entrepreneur’s “Do Not” Succeed.

businesswoman-617127_640How is it that some people can make something into themselves and others can’t? is it Confidence for the most part? is it someone’s upbringing? or is it pure Will Power? I think I have a really good idea as to why most people in this country do not take action when it comes to becoming successful in life and I invite all of you readers to comment your thoughts on this matter. I would like to now state why I feel that only a small number of people actually can achieve the success they desire in life….so here we go!


Don’t Lose Focus Because of Doubt

People are afraid of the Work involved, the Responsibility, the Criticism. The value of their dream diminishes every time something negative happens and affects them to where they start to question their ability or how far they can actually go in life. Most people have those thoughts as they are just starting out in business for themselves and when they haven’t had much success in life up to this point, they have a mindset of only going so far….that has to change!

The real “Work” I speak of is the day to day education you have to give yourself. Think of it like this, as human beings we need food and water to survive, well in order to survive in the business world and make progressions in life, especially financial ones, you will have to feed your head, your brain, your noggin, everyday.

When you skip days, and you fall back into old habits of just kicking back and not doing too much, you erase the progress you gained and are now going backwards instead of forwards. When you do this, this is when the doubt creeps in, the fear gets the better of you, and what other people say to you or about you now starts to matter again to you and then you start to doubt yourself all because you haven’t built yourself up strong enough yet to keep those thoughts at a distance.

When you read, study, go to seminars, etc, you gain “deflector knowledge” this is your Power in the business world. With this power you gain confidence and you can stop a problem dead in its tracks. Let me show you one example I came up, its a bit funny but hey, it does work because I have seen it done in bars so here it is. If you are at a bar (Ladies) and a guy asks you “Whats your sign”? and you get the creeper vibe from him, well then you simply say My Sign?….”Stop Sign” and Boom, your problem goes away!stop-sign-37020_640

I joke in my example only to get you to pay attention to this next paragraph a bit closer. When you become a full time, life long committed student of personal growth and skills education, you then step into the shoes of those who have made it! folks listen, making a ton of money in any field takes a ton of hours, and lots of sleepless nights.


This Will Be You……

Why sleepless nights? well for one not being where I want to be in life, that’s enough to keep me up most nights, another thing could be that you are putting in your time, when most people are sleeping because they have to be on that 9 to 5 clock pattern or else they freak out, it tells you that they programmed themselves to believe that without 8 solid hours of sleep, they will not function.

Hey Newsflash everyone! you are going to lose sleep on many nights as you build any business from the ground up and not too mention, if you are 100% honest with your efforts then you will lose some sleep and exchange that loss for education, you will either get up an hour earlier or stay up a little later each night getting your knowledge.

This is the honest truth, you wanna be a someone? be making more money? then become the master of your time, and how you take care of business meaning, get a routine, set up time to be productive (no excuses) if you have to drag ass everyday to do something in your business, then you are in it for the money only and that will burn you out especially for you folks  entering the world of real estate. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to be an agent, broker, flipper, or whatever, if you do not commit to your education and develop a steady work ethic and systems to go along with that then…..You’ll be crushed!

You will be crushed by people who much like me stay up all night long most nights, and I enjoy the fact that I can take extra time to learn more about many different things. I never hate the idea of just sitting down and reading chapters in a book, going to a seminar for a weekend, watching a video, attending a webinar, or whatever else I can get my hands on.

If ytraffic-sign-808760_640ou take your craft seriously, then you already know that what I say here is true, but for the rest of you, I hate that you have to read this blog and see that the secret’s out of the bag now! You will have to have Red eyes some nights, have bad hair days, wear the same clothes for 2 days in a row and they have wrinkles…..(SIGH) This is what success looks like off camera and behind the scenes for most successful people. Its a work ethic most will not adapt to and that ladies and gentlemen is the real reason why we have income inequality in our country.

You can’t say its education, because that is all around us, and very much free. I learned how to buy a house without any money or credit from watching youtube video’s, so you can’t say that the access to information is what is lacking, its the individual person’s choice everyday to make as to whether or not they want to move ahead in life, or work just hard enough to struggle and barely get by in this lifetime.

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This is Why “Most” Only Earn So Much Income.

Here is the mindset of most middle class american’s today when it comes to the housing market. I just read an article and a person commented by saying that if rates go up at all, they will be priced out of their area and won’t be able to get a home.2216c12411a16dcb435c9ce53334472e15caa5e407993fe047a2a89ab83fe8dd

Does anyone else see a huge problem with that statement? Why are we programmed to only believe we can make so much money? this guy was talking about getting a loan on a $350k house, well if you can’t get a loan due to rate increases then you can either say, “You are being priced out of the market” or….you could find more than one way to make income in your life to offset the price increase that the monthly mortgage would have.

Why are peoafford-itple today not talking like that? so let me get this right, what you make right now for income…..that is it?, that is all you will ever make in your life? minus cost of living raises and crap that doesn’t matter. Does anyone sit down, look at their annual income and say….you know I can do better, but how? instead we talk ourselves down, say we can’t have this, we can do that, where did this all come from? You can’t use the excuse that you grew up in poverty and that is all you know because poverty is a mindset not an income, to live in poverty means you live with “going without” meaning you choose to not take any action at all for your situation, if you are flat broke and do not change anything about how you operate as a human being, then you can’t expect different results in life, you will never achieve much of anything because you fail to take action where it hurts the most….your pocket book!

Failing to grow your financial I.Q in today’s world is a death sentence, depending on a job alone will put you in a position  to be only as good as your boss will ever pay you. Why not explore a few other options in life? turn a hobby into a part time income. I remember when I was 20 years old, I would work 40 hours a week in a factory job and take home about $300.00 a week (this was back in 1997) then on weekends I would DJ a wedding for 4 hours and make $500. I almost doubled my job income by doing 4 hours worth of work. I added an extra $2000 a month to my life just because I took action and found another revenue stream to create. I can’t complain about the work, it was only 4 hours of labor time, 6 hours total if you 5789908005_feebfba940_b1count the setup, the tear down, and the driving to the events, but for 6 hours….that is a pretty good wage to give yourself,

I don’t know about any of you, but having one income source (A Job) would scare the crap out of me in today’s economy. Middle class mindset is just that, a mindset, just because you don’t make $100k a year right now, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to build up to that number over time. The problem is once people get a job, pay some bills, move into a house or apartment, they get comfortable in life, they stop striving for more and when that happens, you hit a ceiling in terms of income and then you get priced out of the market all because you choose to let your money situation stay stagnant, no growth, nothing new to add, just the same old paycheck week after week, until you get too old to work and then need assistance from the government because you chose to become a statistic rather than create true security.


*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him, here are some links to do so.


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Everyone Has an Opinion….What’s Yours?

I have been involved with sales, mentoring, and personal development since I was 19 years old. My very first mentor Glen would have me read books and then after the books were complete, he had an assignment ready for me based on the lessons in the book I had just finished.

One thing I noticed after a few months was, eGet-Rich-Quick-Imagevery Guru, or Expert in making money, growing a business, or increasing your results in some way, they all had their own take or opinion on how you should go about doing what you are about to do.

It wasn’t very long before I realized that after trying different things and making them work, my mentor Glen was getting me groomed to be well rounded in the art of Conversation, Sales, and just being a machine when it comes to Prospecting. I learned pretty quick that there is no one way to build a business, sure you can pattern yourself after someone else and try that, but most times that doesn’t work and how come?

In order for you to follow in the footsteps of someone else’s example you will have to become that person who set the example for you meaning….you need to have their habits, their mindset, and their level of commitment to education so that you can become as good as they are in all areas.tumblr_lrwbdhDK8w1qe0s4u

I see so many people sign up for real estate programs and then after a short while they start to figure it out, there is way more to this gig than people said there was. It becomes overwhelming to most who are not prepared. My mentor Glen prepared me for World War 17, I was ready to go broke way before I even made my first call the day I started my real estate career. I was willing to except that I may have to downsize my life for a while just so I can give this thing my all. I was 100% all in from day one, and that is not the normal thing you see in this field folks. I had 17 years of prior prep work done before real estate was something I acted on so I was over prepared to take my hits.get-rich-quick

So here’s the deal folks, not one way is the correct way, we all have different habits, personalities, family commitments, and many other things that contribute to whether or not we can do what a Guru says we can, just because they did it, doesn’t mean you can.

You can get lucky once in a while by sticking with it, but to make a living selling real estate, buying properties, rehabbing, that takes skills to live in that world. If you are not self motivated you have a serious problem Vs the rest of the playing field, that right there alone could make or break your chances of ever making it big in sales period.

My final messageMillionaire on training programs, seminars, and all that other stuff that is out there you know what I say?……study it all, take the time to learn from everyone, there is so many ways to make money in real estate or any sales business that it’s insane. Take a little info from one person, and then take what you like from another, piece stuff together, try it out, and then keep track of your progress and that ladies and gentlemen is what happens behind the scenes at the big players house. They are always working on gathering new skills, or new tools to keep their dream machine alive.

Just think of your business like this for a minute, If you have to walk a mile everyday just to stay alive you would do it wouldn’t you? you either walk and get it over with and live…..or you skip a day and die! well the same mindset needs to happen when you are in business or in sales for yourself, everyday that you do not work on getting better is another day you will not see what your best could have become, instead you killed it.ameee

I can tell you from my personal life that I never thought I could talk the way I do on the phone with people, I’m a trained assassin on the phone, it is all I know how to do and for most of you reading this blog today, I want you to become an assassin at your skill set, be the best contacting & prospecting person you know because trust me… will find deals out there that most cannot find, all because you know how to look with bigger eyes than most people.

Do what is best for you right now after reading this blog, and that is to apply the things you are learning right now and realize that being uncomfortable or even scared is just part of the process.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him, here are some links to do so.


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The Facebook Wannabe Go-Getter

Why do people post desires on Facebook?, What’s the point? everyday I see pictures of houses, cars, clothes, from people and yet they are just pictures to most people but for others it represents a personal goal or achievement that they want complete…Right?

Oh sure they will post over and over and say thing3D-Facebook-Logo-Wallpapers4s like “I Wish” or “My Dream Home” and then never do anything to actually obtain the Dream Home or whatever it was they posted.

Why do people do this? “I want that ” or “I want this” and the work never gets put in to make that dream a reality. Do people think they are not worth those things they look at? are they too scared to make an attempt?

This is why I mentor people folks! I hate seeing people with ideas, or dreams and they have no skills to make it actually happen for them, so in the end all you are really doing is showing your self over and over what you will never have all because the work involved or the money it would take to make it real, is just too much for the dreamer to take action.dreamhome_hero_summer

So what do we call these people? they are not dreamers for real because true dreamers go after what they want in life, the rest are wannabe’s who eventually will go without their goals being achieved for so long that eventually they will feel worthless as a person, and then eventually stop trying to improve their life in anyway.Kit Car

From now on when I see pics of things that people post on Facebook, I will call you out and ask you…“What’s the plan to get that done? posting things you will never have is not healthy for you mentally because in today’s world, people do a really good job at beating themselves up especially when they haven’t achieved anything in their life that they set out to do and posting things you know you will never get is depressing, you are setting yourself up for more failure by beating yourself over the head with pictures of nice things that you will never work towards.

When the work involved becomes tough, that is when most people quit and start labeling themselves as only “So Good” in this life, they sell themselves short, my favorite pity party phrase of all time is this one “I’ll never find a good man or woman”….Nice keep telling yourself that!

People are very good at telling themselves they are not good enough all the time, but where are the people who post things on Facebook and then tell all of us that this is a goal, and then tell us how they plan to go about getting it done?
downloadWhere are those type of people, because wishing for things, wanting more in life, well that takes guts folks, you want a better car, or a nicer house, or whatever?    

Don’t Dream and Wish for it!…..bust your ass and grow as a person, because who are you right now in today’s world…..You are not prepared or even close to ready when it comes to taking down goals in life like a new car or house. Those dreams folks, yeah those take the most work and dedication.

This is the work ethic that kids get to grow up in today, looking up to and watching their parents who Wish or Hope for things to get better, but never show the habits or work ethic to make it real.stresssed-man2

Listen everybody, Dreaming is great only when you have a plan to work off of to obtain your goal and then by doing it that way you feel much better about your chances and are more likely to stick with it Vs you quitting on yourself over and over in life.

*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him, here are some links to do so.


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Why You Should “Stand Out” at Your Job.

I live in Phoenix Arizona and like most people I am a regular at some eating places. I like Taco Bell, Del Taco, Filiberto’s, and Chipotle as my go to places for quick food when I am working during the day. Sorry Michigan people but we don’t have a Big John’s Steak & Onion out here.Taco #1

I just got back from Taco Bell, the manager on duty Robin knows me by name, and today I got two soft shell taco’s with extra lettuce and extra cheese on them because that’s how I like it.Taco#4

Well I get my order and the manager Robin hands me a large drink cup for free and says “we’ll see you next time alright Micheal”…….I like Robin, he’s a good manager and when I walk into that location the whole staff knows my name, and instead of “Hello Welcome to Taco Bell, What can I get you today?….they make it personal, they say “Hey Michael”….you want your usual? and when I say YES, they always say, we’ll get that going for you right now.

This right there folks is an example of high quality service, most fast food places you get shitty service and most of the time shitty food…..but we like it and we go back time and time again as a guilty pleasure in life I guess.

Let this be a lesson to anyone in food service or customer service, people like me always frequent places I feel wanted at, when it comes to sit down places to eat…..I tip 25% to start, and if you are a Rockstar server, I’ll give you 30-40% no matter what the tab is. You want to get ahead in life? do your job everyday like these people at Taco Bell and you will have better results, because people like me are always looking out for people like that. If I think you are sharp as hell, then I will offer you ways to make more money in the ways that I know how and so will other strangers who enter your store who take notice of your abilities to stand out. I don’t care about where you work, or whTaco#2at you make per hour right now!

All I care about when I first meet you is if you have goals and dreams bigger than where you are at in life now, and if you are serious about going through the depths of hell to get them to come true. Never judge someone by what they do for a living right now, judge them by the actions they take on the dreams they have, if they have no desire to chase after anything in life…..simply move on and let them be, you can’t offer expertise to someone who really won’t accept it.

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*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him, here are some links to do so.


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Is The Real Estate Market Good Right Now?

How is the Market?…is it good, is it bad? This is a dumb question to ask because it depends 100% on who you ask that to,

If you ask the everyday average person they will say what the majority say and that will be whatever the news aIs The Real Estate Market Good or Bad?nd media tells them to think, then you have a pocket of people who read, and gather stats online, check websites, look at number of closed sales so they base an opinion on those criteria, then you have those who say It’s great no matter what. What’s with these people? Are these people full of it? are they just saying that it is good so they can seem invincible to others?

After several years of educating myself in the world of real estate trends and sales, I have noticed that the savy people, the workers, are the ones who can make money in an up market or a down one. They have ideas and strategies that work for when each market is present. In a down market they find ways to make quick cash, and in a booming market they find even more ways to make quick cash. I guess now the question would be, “Why even ask the question to begin with?

If you ask “How’s the Market” or “How’s Your Market” and you are in the business of Real Estate, then you have failed. One of the biggest things I have found in my personal business is this.Is The Real Estate Market Good or Bad?

I do a lot of Virtual Wholesaling and in order for me to be great at that I have to make a ton of contacts outside my state. I am able to build relationships faster and develop a team in every state all because I can call someone up let’s say in Texas, and I can ask them about the damage they are seeing to homes recently because I see that tropical storms and flooding are an issue in that state right now.

When I talk like that on the phone, when I sound educated about their market vs me asking “is it good” that makes me look or sound like someone who has things going for themselves, I sound professional, I am aware of their current market situations and that shows effort and class.

If I plan on making money in a state I have never even been to, then I need to know everything I can about their area so that when I talk to top level agents and investors, they will take me more seriously because I have value to bring to the table, they will hear from me on the phone that I at least have some clue about their local market. I am very much a spark plug in life folks, I am Go-Go-Go from the second I get up everyday. I have a tendency to be so energetic on the phone that people will want to work with me just because they feel that I will never quit when things get tough, or if we lose a deal such as a seller backs out or buyer can’t come up with funds, then we all take the hit and we move on from there and I won’t get too upset over it….(it happens).

I want to say this and you can mark it down as a quote or whatever but I found this to be true in my personal life….here it goes! “If you become a master of daily education, You will attract the people you need to get the job done faster”….does that make sense? when I talk to people on the phone for the first time and I want to work with them or JV a deal with them, I come to the conversation over prepared….once again OVER PREPARED!

What do I have of value to offer them? most times when I call an out of state person for the first time I make sure I have a deal first, then I offer them FREE MONEY, I’ll say “Hello, my name is Michael and I am from Phoenix Arizona and I need someone on the ground in your area who can get this wholesale deal closed with me ASAP and I heard you were the guy/girl to get that done, so and so told me to contact you and well….here I am and here is the deal if you are interested? I now operate in 12 states because of that one approach alone on the phone. Attention everybody! that’s it, that is all I say in the opening of the conversation.Is The Market Up or Down?

Notice what I just did? I took less than 30 seconds to explain who I was and what my intent was, and I offered something for them right from the start. That right there boys and girls is how you really get great people on your team. You will know by how they answer you as to whether or not you will work with them, they also will be prepared and have options for the deal as well, these people will also respect your quick delivery and that you cut right to the chase because “Time is Money” in Real Estate.

Stop depending on what others say when talking about the market, start depending a lot more on what others do! particularly the successful ones. When people ask me “Is the market good” I will more than likely say “It depends on who you ask” for me…..its always good as long as I am working and not getting lazy.

Why is it that when I am in a real estate forums online I see people asking “Where it is good” or “Where should I start marketing”…here is my favorite one “Where are all the deals at?

The Real Estate professionals I am closest to also happen to be the most skilled and the hardest working. I think most new people in the real estate profession believe that you work hard, make a ton of money in just a few years, then you out source most of your business and then party a whole lot and spend money because you can……Umm not the case if you plan on being around longer than a year.

Don’t be a one hit wonder, educate yourself, put yourself in a position to win a lot more in this game by being a go-to person in the industry. For all you readers out there reading this blog right now please understand that I have had deals in real estate brought to me for free all because someone who I don’t know out there in the world saw a post I wrote or a blog I had written and they thought Hmmm, this guy seems like a person who can get things done, I’ll contact him and see if I can do a deal with him and maybe learn something along the way, and of course none of that would have happened if I wouldn’t have educated myself…it really does matter!How's The Market?

Get educated, become valuable to the market place and to others, and you will see different results in your business combined with the new found knowledge of knowing “How The Market Is”

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The Day I Was Told I Sucked! And My Ego Died.

I had my first mentor right out of high school, getting a mentor was the single most difficult thing I had ever decided to do and here’s why.

I had an ego! I thought I knew a ton about life and other things, and over the course of 2 years all of that went away. My mentor Glen told me on day one that I have to listen to what he tells me and not second guess his words. What Glen was asking me to do was trust him!Ego

I would show up to his house for one on one training and this guy…..let me tell you folks he was a prison warden with me, he never let me make an excuse for anything, he always told me the truth about myself and what I was lacking and I know most of you out there will say “That is Mean” or “Why belittle someone” when Glen would put me in my place but I have to tell you, Glen calling me out on my homework every week was the single biggest reason why I was able to develop the right habits to make myself successful in life.

Glen would tell me “Go meet 10 people today” and then my job was to go out and find 10 new people for my network marketing business. Now there were days I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I would purposely pre judge people at the mall just so I had an excuse for Glen when I saw him again, I would say “There were no good people at the mall” Glen would say, how many did you actually talk to?……my answer was zero! and let me tell you, his face said it all, he looked mad and sad at the same time, he then closed his note book and sat across his dining room table from me and just sat there….almost 5 solid minutes went by….no words!

lose your Ego

How I lost my Ego

After the 5 minutes had passed I couldn’t take it, I asked Are you mad? Glen said “well that is a dumb question coming from someone who thinks they are smart. I told him I just couldn’t see myself talking to strange people out of the blue and asking them for information, its kind of creepy. Glen then said to me……how did we meet Michael? I told him we were at Amway World Headquarters and I met you in the tool room because I am a knowledge junkie, I read books, I listen to tapes, I watch videos, I do it all! that is where we met.

Glen said right then and there, “you see what you just did”….I said Umm No! he said “All I asked you was Where did we meet? and you go off telling me the tool room and how much of a student you are, but yet you have zero business….why is that, why are you proud of your knowledge, but you just don’t use it for your benefit? it really makes no sense. We met because I came up to you remember? was that creepy? you didn’t know who I was, I could have been prospecting you but because I know how to talk to people, that never crossed your mind and that is what I am trying to teach you….how to be approachable by doing these exercises so you can be effective.

Glen then said to me, Michael do you want to play in the big leagues, do you want to make a lot of money, and more importantly….do you want to help people? now up to this point folks I was only focused on just getting someone in my business, someone who would take me serious and allow me to lead them, but I couldn’t lead myself. I would rather help someone else do well Vs doing it myself for myself….Glen told me listen, you have a problem with accountability because your whole life you have been told you can only do so much and a part of you still believes that because your efforts show me this, after that Glen told me that I can never help anyone unless I pave the way for myself first, it sounds selfish I know but you can’t really impact people unless you have felt the pain they are going through and then found ways to overcome that and then turn around and offer to show others how you did it, for me I just wasn’t putting in the work when I first started out and Glen knew I had potential, but I wanted to help people and doing better myself meant I could do that someday.

When Glen would tell me that my efforts were “Half Assed” he told me that because the truth is what we all need to hear, I know it stings, my ego was crushed, and without that brutal honesty, I would have always found a way to get out of doing the work that Glen assigned me. I don’t want people to think that I was always a go getter, and that I always had that “I have to be first” mindset since day one….I didn’t, but I do now and I now back it up in ways that would make Glen smile if he were alive today.

The message here folks is this, get a mentor who will be honest with you, if you can’t handle being told that your efforts “Suck” then maybe sales or being in business for yourself isn’t what you are meant to do. You will get beat up emotionally on your quest for financial security in life, its just part of the process that you have to go through and if you can’t handle being honest with yourself and your daily efforts, then you are on a path that will only lead to more problems for you later on in life. ego

Accountability is a huge issue for most of you, if you have an issue with it and you want that to change, I want to set up an Accountability Broadcast where I invite people in to chat with me and hang out basically as I work from my desk and maybe from that example some people can see new ways that they could be more productive during their day and in their business.

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*Michael Opolski is a Blogger, Real Estate Buyer, Music Producer, Mentor, and a Twitch TV Broadcaster. If you would like to contact him here are some links to do so.


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