The Mike Rowe Letter

The Mike Rowe Letter (Meet The Mentor Blog)

I’m not sure if anyone has even read the Mike Rowe Letter that he wrote to a guy who accused him of “Right Wing Propaganda” well in that response letter Mike Rowe made it very clear that there are jobs out there in the market place, but they are jobs no one seems to want! Mike Rowe also states that the opportunity for people to go out there and work hard and make a life for yourself still exists which it does but……

The real problem is that people do not have skills for today’s economy, anyone can go out and learn a labor job and expect a paycheck. What Mike Rowe fails to mention is that the rules of employment and money have changed in our country but no one told any of you! Here’s the thing, you now need to be able to create your own income and your own opportunities more so than ever. JOBS!….yeah those are a thing of the past, electronics started replacing people decades ago and the real issue now is people today lack real world skills, not “Soft Skills” people want a raise to $15 an hour in a fast food place, but can’t explain why they deserve it other than “Its not a livable wage” Mike Rowe also said that “We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expectations of what it means to go to work”….yup that is the middle class Mr Rowe and its dying.

What is it that is so valuable that only you can bring to the table?.. chances are Nothing, labor is always going to be replaceable in any field, and it will always have a price attached to it. the issue here is that we are taught how to depend on getting a job our whole life and depend on someone else to pay us and take care of us, once again the rules have changed! you are more responsible now for your income than ever before, you need to know how to sell, interview, take charge, develop new skills, how to invest and yet……no one bothered to tell the working class people that this is how its going to be so you better adapt! If you can’t create and offer the market place something better than 8 hours of labor a day, then you have expired in today’s economy, you have become industrial aged in mindset and your approach to working hasn’t changed since 1900.

In the old days you would go to school, get a degree, and then work for 45 years and then retire, get a gold watch and maybe a plaque with your name on it for years of service, well that is no longer the plan that works anymore but yet some people still think that you have to work hard or have a degree to get a good paying job…..Nope! you need to have skills, remember when I said interview skills? how many of you can say that you have walked into a job and asked to see a hiring manager! have you ever demanded that someone see you and have a sense of urgency? or are you the type of person who asks “Are you Hiring? and then drops off a resume and leaves? Listen folks if you can’t offer the market place some value then employers will see you only as cheap labor, they have to otherwise they fail! and their cost to operate gets to high.

This is a message from a guy who works with people daily in this area. I have found that many people today do not want to work any harder than they do not have to. Stop thinking that someone owes you a job or a raise or that life isn’t fair, or that your wage isn’t livable, instead here’s the better question to ask…..

What have you done in the last 30 days to improve yourself and grow, to increase your value? can you answer that on the spot right now? because that is a question I ask people when I hire for my company. I want to know that you are valuable in some way to me and my goals for my company. How many of you are still stuck on the question? what books have you read in the last 30 days to make you better so that I would consider you a good hire? You see folks this is where we are at, if you can’t separate yourself from all the other people out there needing work, then you are just as lost in the shuffle as they are now and your resume will go onto a giant stack with a bunch of others where it will sit, instead of you making an impression and opening a doorway for yourself because your skills and confidence opened it for you. Anyone can do well enough in an interview to get a job, but why stop there? why do people limit themselves to “Good Enough” mentality and stop reaching for potential?

Best advice I can give anyone in this world is “Learn to Create”, go start a business, learn to create your own money flow, the problem today is that most people only have one income source, one source of replenishment, in today’s economy, you need more than one revenue source, its about time someone showed you that things are different now and working for a living is only great for a small percentage of the people in this country and its not because they labor all day either, its because they add value to what they do! and are not just a carbon copy of another persons average skill set.
The american dream is not to labor your whole life, the american dream is to work hard enough to have a life full of options, for many of you if you get fired tomorrow you will freak out because your pool of replenishment dried up and died and now your drowning in the choices you have made, you better learn how to create your own water supply because working a job can only take you so far, your wages can’t go any further unless you get better.

Don’t become a statistic, the middle class is getting the squeeze and the only solution for that particular income classes problem is, “To Rise above it”

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